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Friday, June 26, 2009

Daisy Mae

Ethel Arnett
by Michel Ruppli, Bill Daniels, Praguefrank

ca. September 1948 unknown - Daisy Mae and Old Brother Charlie (Producer: Murray Nash)
001 1874/MN-9 SWEETER THAN THE FLOWERS Mercury 6125/Cattle Compact CCD-274
002 1875/MN-10 UNLOVED AND UNCLAIMED 6125/Cattle Compact CCD-274
003 1876/MN-11 OUR BABY’S GONE TO BE WITH JESUS 6138 /Cattle Compact CCD-274
004 1877/MN-12 SWEETER THAN THE FLOWERS NO.2 6138/ Cattle Compact CCD-274
January 1949 unknown - Daisy Mae (Ethell Arnett) , * and Old Brother Charlie (Producer: Murray Nash)
005 2200/MN-42 DOGWOOD BLOSSOM TIME* 6160/Cattle Compact CCD-274
006 2201/MN-43 I’M HUNGRY* 6160/Cattle Compact CCD-274
007 2202/MN-44 TOO LATE TO START ALL OVER unissued
008 2203/MN-45 SIN WILL CAUSE A BROKEN HEART unissued
ca. February 1949 unknown - Daisy Mae Arnett * and Brother Charlie
009 2358 SPARKLING BROWN EYES* 6187/Cattle Compact CCD-274
010 2359 DARLING DON’T GO 6222-x45
011 2360 SHADOWS OF THE SUNSET 6222-x45
012 2361 IT'S TOO LATE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN 6180/Cattle Compact CCD-274
013 2362 YOU'LL HAVE TO TALK IT OVER WITH MY HEART 6180/Cattle Compact CCD-274
014 2363 TWO OLD PALS* 6206-x45/Cattle Compact CCD-274
015 2364 YOU GOT STUCK* 6187/Cattle Compact CCD-274
8 June 1951 Castle Studio, The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Daisy Mae and Brother Charles
017 CO 46361/NASH 1250? I DREAMED OF AN OLD LOVE AFFAIR 4-20897/CCD-274
018 CO 46362/NASH 1251? FINGERPRINTS UPON MY HEART 4-20897
019 CO 46363/NASH 1252? I HAD A VISIT FROM HEAVEN 4-20857
020 CO 46364/NASH 1253? unknown title
021 CO 46365/NASH 1254? TALKING HANDS 4-20857
022 CO 46366/NASH 1255? unknown title
13 March 1952 Castle Studio, The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Daisy Mae, * and Brother Charlie
023 CO 47737/NASH-1435? I’D RATHER BE AN OLD MAN’S DARLING 4-21059/Cattle Compact CD-274
025 CO 47739/NASH-1437? THE BOY ACROSS THE STREET* 4-20935/Cattle Compact CD-274
025 CO 47740/NASH-1438? THAT’S WHY YOU’RE MY SWEETHEART 4-21059/Cattle Compact CD-274
026 CO 47741/NASH-1439? THANK GOD I’LL BE NO STRANGER 4-20981/Cattle Compact CD-274
027 CO 47742/NASH-1440? GOD LAID HIS HAND ON MY HEART 4-20981/Cattle Compact CD-274
028 CO 47743/NASH-1441? LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDOW OF HEAVEN 4-21019/Cattle Compact CD-274
029 CO 47744/NASH-1442? GRACE FOR EVERY NEED 4-21019/Cattle Compact CD-274

Cattle Compact [GER] CCD-274 The Pure Hillbilly Sound Of Daisy Mae and Old Brother Charlie:
Cotton Lisle Stockings And A Two Dollar Dress; The Boy Across The Street; I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair; Fingerprints Upon My Heart; Dogwood Blossom Time; I'm Hongry; You Got Stuck; Sparkling Brown Eyes; You'll Have To Talk It Over With My Heart; Too Late To Start All Over; Unloved And Unclaimed; New River Train; Our Baby's Gone To Jesus; Talking Hands; I Had A Visit From Heaven; I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' (Than To Be A Young Man's Slave); That's Why You're My Sweetheart; Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven; Grace For Every Need; God Laid His Hand On My Heart; Thank God I'll Be No Stranger; Two Old Pals; Sweeter Than The Flower; Sweeter Than The Flowers No. 2. - 02
Bronco Buster [GER] CD 9059 The Friendly Voice From The Hills: Keep On The Sunny Side (Theme); You Gave My Wedding Rings Away; Kwik Pep Eastern Gasoline (Jingle); The Boy Across The Street; Hold On, Little Dogies, Hold On; Let The Spirit Decend; Don't Let Me Cross Over; Stop Kicking God's Children Around; There's A Light Guiding Me; No Tears In Heaven; Coming To Carry Me Home; You Gotta Pray; It's Your World; Across The Bridge; I Don't Love You Anymore; The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile; Where Could I Go But To The Lord; Turn Around My Darling; Did You Tell Her About Me; Meanwhile Down At Joe's; The Last Letter; Pretty Words; Rock All The Babies To Sleep; One More Time; Precious Memories; Satan's Jeweled Crown; Don't Look Back – 02 (WHBO Tampa, Florida radio shows, mid 60s)

Mercury (1948-49)
6125 Unloved And Unclaimed / Sweeter Than The Flowers – 01-08-48 w. Old Brother Charlie
6138 Sweeter Than The Flowers No. 2 / Our Baby's Gone To Be With Jesus – 15-10-48 w. Old Brother Charlie
6160 Dowgwood Blossom / I'm Hungry – ca. 15-01-49 w. Old Brother Charlie
6180 It's Too Late To Start All Over Again / You'll Have To Talk It Over My Heart – 04-49 as by Daisy Arnett
6187 Sparkling Brown Eyes / You Got Stuck - 04-49 w. Old Brother Charlie
6206 Two Old Pals / New River Train - 07-49 w. Old Brother Charlie
6222 Darling, Don't Go / Shadows Of The Sunset - 11-49
Columbia (1951-52)
4-20857 I Had A Visit From Heaven / Talking Hands – 31-08-51 w. Old Brother Charlie
4-20897 Fingerprints Upon My Heart / I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair – 15-02-52
4-20935 The Boy Across The Street / Cotton Lisle Stockings And A Two Dollar Dress – 02-05-52 w. Old Brother Charlie
4-20981 God Laid His Hand On My Heart / Thank God I'll Be No Stranger – 18-07-52 w. Old Brother Charlie
4-21019 Grace For Every Need / Looking Through The Window Of Heaven – 26-09-52
4-21059 I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' / That's Why You're My Sweetheart – 19-12-52
Gotham and Columbia 4-41539 singles are by different artist

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