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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joyce Paul

By Praguefrank with help of
1953 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul
001 I'VE FORGOTTEN MORE Republic 7053-45
002 CARIBBEAN 7053-45
Ca January 1958 unknown - Joyce Paul
003 MB-10561 BAD NEWS 45-15703
004 MB-10562 BABY, YOU'VE HAD IT Dot 45-15703
ca January 1959 unknown Ronnie Isle & Joyce Paul
005 59-TR-1 THE GIRL WHO DIDN'T NEED LOVE Metro K 20014
ca. November 1960 unknown - Joyce Paul
005 MB-15481 COLD, COLD HEART 45-16246
006 CAPTURED 45-16246
1962 unknown - Joyce Paul
007 BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY Chancellor Country CW-105
008 THE ONE WHO CARRIES THE TORCH Chancellor Country CW-105
Fall 1963 unknown - Joyce Paul (Producer: S.B.Talent & Al Kasha)
009 DON'T SEND FLOWERS Imperial 66008
010 I'LL GIVE YOU ME 66008
ca February 1964 unknown - Joyce Paul (Producer: S.B.Talent & Al Kasha)
011 LASTING LOVE 66024
014 IM-5798 WALK AWAY 66050
ca May 1965 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul
015 I'M THE GIRL ON THE BILLBOARD United Artists UA-902
ca January 1966 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul
017 JUST TO HURT ME UA-50003/UAS-6684
ca January 1967 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul
019 BEEN RAINED ON UA-50149/UAS-6684
020 CALICO DOLL UA-50149
ca September 1967 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul
1968 Nashville, TN - Joyce Paul (Producer: Bob Montgomery)
029 TAKE ME UAS-6684
Joyce Paul recorded after 1968. Some info in albums list

United Artists UAS-6684 Heartaches, Laughter And Tears: The Phone Call To Mama; I've Loved Him Much Longer Than You; A Little Bit Of Love And Sunshine; Mama's Gonna Fix The Baby's Wagon; Another Yesterday; Do Right Woman-Do Right Man; Been Rained On; You Didn't Come Home Last Night; Don't Deep Me Hanging On; Take Me; Kiss Away My Yesterday; Just To Hurt Me - 02-69

Unknown recording and releasing data
Royal Master 7000 Peace Through Love And Song, vol. I:
Joyce Paul: Christmas White; Linda Lane: Why Am I Worried Tonight?; Matt Vincent: Ain't Looking Back; Linda Lane: Maybe I Was Wrong, Maybe I Was Right; Matt Vincent: The Universe Is In My Arms; Joyce Paul: Okay For You; Matt Vincent: Write Me A Country And Western; Linda Lane: Last Beat; Matt Vincent: Don't Be Angry With Me, Jesus; Joyce Paul: Rainbow's End; Joyce Paul: How Can I Ever Forget; Joyce Paul: Where Shall I Go?; Joyce Paul: The One I Love; Linda Lane: Stars; Matt Vincent: Samson The Alligator; Matt Vincent: Running 'Round; Matt Vincent: Add Another Mile To My Time; Linda Lane: You Sold Me Out; Linda Lane: O Come On Back; Matt Vincent: Yes, He Did
Royal Master 7002 Peace Through Love And Song, vol. III: Joyce Paul: The Christmas Star; Joyce Paul: A Plan Fulfilled; Joyce Paul: God Heard Us Pray; Matt Vincent: Since You Left Me Babe; Matt Vincent: I'm Lonely For You; Joyce Paul: Falling Rain; Matt Vincent: Noah Build Yourself An Ark; Joyce Paul: My Happiness; Joyce Paul: Yodelin' My Daddy's Christmas Song; Matt Vincent: Grandpa's Little Man; Matt Vincent: Keep That Eighteen Wheeler Rollin'; Linda Lane: Countin' On Your Love; Joyce Paul: If; Joyce Paul: Tonight's The Night; Matt Vincent: Loving You; Matt Vincent: I Wish I Knew; Joyce Paul: Angel In The Making; Matt Vincent: Morning Glory; Joyce Paul: I'm Dancing; Joyce Paul: Hands
Royal Master 7003 Peace Through Love And Song, vol. IV: Linda Lane: Christmas Cheer; Linda Lane: Chasing Memories; Matt Vincent: My Mother; Matt Vincent: I Want You Back; Matt Vincent: I Saw The Light; Matt Vincent: I Could Never Leave; Joyce Paul: Golden Hours; Joyce Paul: Happy Anniversary, Darling; Joyce Paul: To My Poppa On His Day (Addie Jo Stoudmire); Linda Lane: Tribute To America; Linda Lane: Thank You, Lord; Joyce Paul: The Rose Of Love; Linda Lane: Be Here Always; Linda Lane: You're What's Happening In My Life; Matt Vincent: The Girl From The Sunny Hill Ranch; Matt Vincent: Unkept Promises; Linda Lane: Lonely Hearts; Matt Vincent: Red Rose; Linda Lane: The Unseen Hurt
Royal Master 7005 Peace Through Love And Song, vol. VI: Joyce Paul: The First Christmas; Matt Vincent: Reflections Of A Lost Dream; Matt Vincent: A Chance To Grow; Matt Vincent: Day Of Rest; Joyce Paul: Illusion Of Love; Joyce Paul: You Didn't Care; Linda Lane: Special Daddy; Matt Vincent: The Way I Have Always Done; Matt Vincent: My Life Is Worth Living Once More; Matt Vincent: So In Love With You; Matt Vincent: Letter To Mama; Matt Vincent: My Ship; Joyce Paul: I'm The Girl That Men Forget; Matt Vincent: Born Without A Name; Joyce Paul: Loveless; Matt Vincent: How Do I Ask To Love The Angel; Matt Vincent: It's A Father's World; Matt Vincent: As One; Matt Vincent: There Will Always Be A Place, Dear, In My Heart For You; Matt Vincent: Hobo Cowboy
Royal Master 7010 Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life: Linda Lane: Love Me One More Time; Linda Lane: In My Soul; Matt Vincent: Repent; Matt Vincent: A True Love Song; Matt Vincent: It's Tearing The Heart Out Of Me; Joyce Paul: I Let My Tears Fall With The Snow; Joyce Paul: I'm Walking Out; Matt Vincent: I'll Never Win; Matt Vincent: Sputter Sput; Joyce Paul: Marty; Matt Vincent: The Boozer; Joyce Paul: Tears Shine Like Diamonds; Matt Vincent: I Missed You; Matt Vincent: Sad Story; Joyce Paul: Faded Summer Love; Matt Vincent: Old Folks Home; Linda Lane: Don; Matt Vincent: I Wish; Linda Lane: Nashville Blues; Linda Lane: Ben, Bennie, Benito
Royal Master 7011 Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life: Matt Vincent: Don't Leave Me Singing The Blues; Joyce Paul: Remember; Matt Vincent: Maybe I'm Wrong; Linda Lane: All Mine; Matt Vincent: I'm Teasing You; Linda Lane: An Evening Prayer; Linda Lane: Country Hearts; Matt Vincent: She Was Closer To 90 Than 19 Years Old; Matt Vincent: A Poem Concerning Drug Abuse; Linda Lane: Oh, Butterfly; Matt Vincent: The Plague Of Losin' You; Matt Vincent: Honky Tonk Son Of A Gun; Linda Lane: When You Left; Linda Lane: Lonely Hearts; Linda Lane: This Quiet Place; Linda Lane: Old Memories; Linda Lane: One Last Time; Matt Vincent: You Will Never Love Again; Matt Vincent: The Happy Frog; Linda Lane: I Was Thinking Of You
Royal Master 7017 Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life: Matt Vincent: Memories And Dreams; Linda Lane: Precious Moments; Matt Vincent: Angel By Your Side; Allen Scott: The Fires Of Love; Linda Lane: Not A Thing I Found Called Love; Allen Scott: Steppin' Out Of My Dreams; Matt Vincent: Just A Stranger To Me; Matt Vincent: Blue Times; Allen Scott: A Little Old Man; Linda Lane: A New Love; Allen Scott: These Are A Few Of December's Sweet Blessings; Matt Vincent: Such A Breathtaking Night; Linda Lane: On Our Fantasy; Linda Lane: If God Should Go On Strike; Matt Vincent: April Dawn; Allen Scott: Flashback; Linda Lane: Oath Of A Lover; Matt Vincent: Outer Space Honeymoon; Joyce Paul: A Rainbow Of Tears; Matt Vincent: Have You Met The Master?
Royal Master 8020 Peace Through Love and Song: Linda Lane: Christmas; Allen Scott: Prophecy; Joyce Paul: The Way Of Life Today With Jesus; Matt Vincent: How Happy We Will Be; Allen Scott: The Robin And The Hawks; Allen Scott: Fog In The Clearing; Matt Vincent: Hands Of Time; Allen Scott: Your Aching Heart; Linda Lane: To My Mother; Allen Scott: Smile, Smile, Smile; Allen Scott: I've Got Her In My Heart; Matt Vincent: Get Out In The Sunshine; Allen Scott: I Am The 7th Son Of The 7th Son; Allen Scott: Two Ducks And A Drake; Linda Lane: The Love That We Had; Allen Scott: I Get The Blues; Joyce Paul: A Beautiful Flame; Linda Lane: Death Of A Loved One; Matt Vincent: Ode To My Kidney Stone; Allen Scott: Hand In Hand We Stand

Republic (1953)
7053-45 I've Forgotten More / Caribbean - 53
Dot (1958-61)
45-15703 Baby, You've Had It / Bad News - 03-58
45-16246 Captured / Cold, Cold Heart - 06-61
Metro (1959)
K20014 [Ronnie Isle & Joyce Paul:] The Girl Who Didn't Need Love / [Ronnie Isle:] Heaven Knows - 02-59
Chancellor Country (1962)
CW-105 Big Girls Don't Cry / The One Who Carries The Torch - 62
Imperial (1963-64)
X66008 Don't Send Flowers / I'll Give You Me - 12-63
66024 Lasting Love / Painted Smile - 04-64
66050 Edge Of A Heartbreak / Walk Away - 07-64
United Artists (1965-68)
UA-902 I'm The Girl On The Billboard / Changing World - 07-65
UA-50003 Just To Hurt Me / Kiss Away My Yesterday - 03-66
UA-50149 Been Rained On / Calico Doll - 03-67
UA-50226 I've Loved Him Much Longer Than You / Mama's Gonna Fix The Baby's Wagon - 11-67
UA-50315 Don't Keep Me Hanging On / The Phone Call To Mama - 06-68
UA-50454 You Didn't Come Home Last Night / Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - 10-68

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