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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stu Davis

David Stewart, *01-07-1921 in Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN, +25-03-2007
by Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti
October 1946 unknown - Stu Davis and The Northwesterners (Stu Davis [vcl], Tony Mottola [gt], Vaughn Horton [steel-1], ? [bass], Bertram Hirsch [fiddle], Joe Biviano [accordion], Henry Questa [clarinet])
001 S.R. 1865-1 WHAT A FOOL I WAS -1 H 7029/LP 112
004 S.R. 1868-3 CROSSROADS H 7029/LP-112
007 S.R.-1878-2 LAND, SKY AND WATER Sonora 7027/LP 112
008 S.R.-1877-2 DARLIN', NOW I KNOW THE REASON WHY Sonora 7027/LP 112
October 1947 RCA Victor Studio, 155 E, 24th St., Manhattan, New York City – Stu Davis (Stu Davis [vcl], Tony Mottola [gt], Vaughn Horton [steel], ? /Ray Sims [bass], Bertram Hirsch [fiddle], Joe Biviano [accordion])
010 D7-VB-2606 WELCOME BACK TO MY HEART RCA 20-2750 58-0065/LP 112
011 TOO FAR APART 20-2909 58-0077/LP 112
012 SWEETHEART OF YESTERDAY 20-2909 58-0077/LP 112
013 CRYING FOR YOU 20-3054 58-0087/LP 112
014 THE DUDE IN THE TEN GALLON HAT 20-3054 58-0087/LP 112
016 I'M GONNA LEAVE TOWN 20-3212
June 1949 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN – Stu Davis (Stu Davis [vcl/gt], Pat Gerow [steel], Jim Day [bass])
017 I LOOKED FOR LOVE Aragon AR-203/LP 112
018 IN DADDY’S FOOTSTEPS Aragon AR-203/LP 112
019 20003 DESERTED Aragon AR-207/LP 112
020 20004 WHY SHOULD I SEND YOU FLOWERS? Aragon AR-207/LP 112
July 1949 Edmonton, Albertar, CAN - Stu Davis & His Radio Wranglers (Stu Davis [vcl/gt], Wally McDonald [bass], Ted Preston [fiddle], Doug Goldsmith [accordion])
021 CANADIAN WALTZ Aragon AR-177/LP 112
022 CHILD OF DIVORCE Aragon AR-177/LP-112
1950 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN – Stu Davis (Stu Davis [vcl/gt], Johnny Allen [steel], Curly Gurlock [bass])
1952 Calgary, Alberta, CAN – Stu Davis (Stu Davis [vcl/gt])
024 20071 I WENT TO YOUR WEDDING Aragon AR-224/LP 112
025 unknown title Aragon AR-224
Stu Davis recorded after 1952, incomplete info in albums and singles list

London [CAN] EB. 2 Stu Davis Invites You To Saddle Your Worries To A Song: They're Burnin' Down The House I Was Brung Up In; The Cowboy's Prayer; The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me; Shepherd Of Mine; Diggin' With A Hoe; I Still Do; Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle; I Took It; Carrier Pigeon; The Piggy Back Song - 57 (recorded 1956, Montreal)
London [CAN] EB. 4 Rope Around The Sun: Honey, Baby Mine; The Hangin' Tree; Fort Worth Jail; What A Fool Was I; The Gangster's Warning; The Rose Upon The Bible; Swaller-Tailed Coat; Ripple Rock; Dark As A Dungeon; New Broom Boogie – 5-
London [CAN] EB. 6 Stu Davis Salutes The Western Stars: Let's Say Goodbye (Like We Said Hello); Lilli Marlene; I'm Going Back To Whur I Come From; Wedding Bells; There's A Star-Spangled Banner (Waving Somewhere); Mother, The Queen Of My Heart; You Are My Sunshine; Cool Water; You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven; Mommy, Please Stay Home With Me – 5- (also on Richmond 20090)
London [CAN] EB. 9 Boothill Ballads And Songs Of The Cowboy Troubadour: (tracks unknown) –
London [CAN] EB. 26 Red River Jamboree: Driftwood On The River; Paddle Your Own Canoe; Blue Guitar; Né-Hah-Nee; Dust; It Takes A Heap Of Dreamin' (To Dream Your Blues Away); The Kentuckian Song; Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin'chair); Waltz Of The Roses; Legend Of The White Buffalo – 6- w. Jimmie Pirie
London [CAN] EB. 33 Stu Davis Salutes The Western Stars Volume 2: At Mail Call Today; Four Walls; Cry Of The Wild Goose; In Daddy`s Footsteps; When It`s Springtime In Alaska; Brave Man; What A Fool I Was; Country Boy; May You Never Be Alone; I`ve Got A Woman`s Love – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 35 Stu Davis Presents Jimmie Pirie's Guitar-Ama: (tracks unknown) – ca 63 w. Jimmie Pirie
London [CAN] EB. 39 Boothill Ballads And Songs Of The Cowboy Troubadour: Six Notches; Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie (The Song Of The Dying Cowboy); The Ballad Of Curly Joe; He's Gone Up The Trail; Ride Clear Of This Town; The Streets Of Laredo; No More I Want To Roam Again; Rusty Spurs; The Chase; Five Bullets In My Old Six-Shooter – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 49 Just Plain Folks: Gold Diggers; When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget; Little Crushed Rose; Small Town Girl; I See The Moon; My Nellie's Blue Eyes; (God Gave Us) These Wonderful Things; There's No Colour Bar In Heaven; The Ballad Of The Minstrel Boy; Just Plain Folks – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 58 Stu Davis Souvenirs: Dear Mr. Disc Jockey; Wild Weed; Parking MeterBlues; I'd Be Glad To Forget You; Old And In The Way; Broken Love; The Legend Of The Jeebi; Honky Tonk Serenade; Queen Of The Twilight; A Wedding For Mary – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 69 Stu Davis meets The Pathfinders and The Colonials in a Nashville Hootenanny: In The Stilly Night; The Song Of The Violet; Green Grow The Lilacs (w. The Colonials); Get Away Old Man Get Away; Between two Trees; The Spinning Wheel; In The Pines (w. The Colonials); Smoky mountain Bill; The Ballad Of A Black Sheep; The Girl That I Merry – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 91 Have Another Helping Of Stu: (tracks unknown) – 6-
London [CAN] EB. 96 The Stu Davis Show: Roll Along Kentucky Moon; Oklahoma Sal; Abilene; Blindman River Break-Up; When The Work's All Done This Fall; When It's Lamplightin' Time (In The Valley); The Ballad Of Cowboy Jack; The Song Of The Swallow; One More Ride; The Woodsman's Prayer – 6-
London [CAN] EB.103 The Sound Of Country Music: Anita, You're Dreamin'; Devoted To You; Silent Trails; Stepping Stone; Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You); You'll Come Walkin' Back; The Everlasting Hills; Cryin' Time; Teardrops In My Heart; Maple Sugar Sweetheart – 6- w. Duane Davis
London [CAN] EB. 107 The Stu Davis Centennial Album: A Place Called Newfoundland; This Is My Land; On An Old Covered Bridge; My Home In Nova Scotia; The Legend Of The Lonesome Tree; The Legend Of The Jeebi; That Old Red River Run; In The Valley Of Qu'appelle; Yonder On The Rollin' Plain; The Mountains Of Home; The Homesteader's Lament - 67
Dominion [CAN] LSP 48510 The Songs And Music Of Stu Davis, Trail Ridin' Troubadour: All My Life; I Don't Think She Even Misses Me; You've Worn Out Your Welcome; My Special Book Of Memories (Featuring Duane Davis, Banjo); Homestead Fever; Outcast; A Garden Spot On The Moon; The Ballad Of Banjo Bill; The Mountains Of Home; Travelin' On; I Wonder When My Baby's Comin' Home; The Legend Of The Lonesome Tree – 71
Birchmount [CAN] BM 575 Songs From The Heart of Johnny Canuck: I'm Gonna Change Everything; May You Never Be Alone; I've Got a Woman's Love; The Old Country Church; At Mail Call Today; Paddle Your Own Canoe; Love Song of the Winds; The Touch of God's Hand; Have You Forgotten; In Daddy's Footsteps - 75
Cattle [GER] LP-112 Let's Go Back To The Country With Canada's Cowboy Troubadour Stu Davis: Deserted; Child Of Divorce; I Looked For Love; In Daddy's Footsteps; Canadian Waltz; I Went To Your Wedding; Why Should I Send You Flowers?; The Dude In The Ten Gallon Hat; When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies; Fate Of The Flying Enterprise; Crossroads; What A Fool I Was (#1); Land, Sky And Water; Welcome Back To My Heart; Crying For You; Sweetheart Of Yesterday; Too Far Apart; Darlin', Now I Know The Reason Why - 90
BACM [UK] CD D 237 Canada’s Cowboy Troubadour: Old And In The Way; They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In; Always Keep Your Promise; Diggin' With A Hoe; Welcome Back To My Heart; Fort Worth Jail; The Gangster's Warning; I Took It; I'm Gonna Leave Town; The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me; New Broom Boogie; Swaller Tail Coat; Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle; When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies; The Cowboy's Prayer; The Dude In The Ten Gallon Hat; A Wedding For Mary; Crying For You; Shepherd Of Mine; I Still Do; Sweetheart Of Yesterday; Carrier Pigeon; What A Fool I Was; The Piggy Bank Song; Dark As A Dungeon - 08

Sonora (1946)
H 7021 Rainbow At Midnight / The Bottom Fell Out Of The Sky – 46
H 7024 I Tipped My Hat And Slowly Rode Away / I Can Beat You Doin‘ (What You’re Doin‘ To Me) - 46
H 7027 Land, Sky and Water / Darlin', Now I Know The Reason Why – 46
H 7029 What A Fool I Was / Crossroads - 46
Bluebird [CAN]/*RCA Victor (1947)
58-0065/*20-2750 When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies / Welcome Back To My Heart – 03-48
58-0077*20-2909 Too Far Apart / Sweetheart Of Yesterday – 06-48
58-0088/*20-3054 Crying For You / The Dude In The Ten Gallon Hat – 08-48
*20-3212 Always Keep Your Promise / I'm Gonna Leave Town – 11-48
Aragon [CAN]
AR-177 Candaian Waltz / Child Of Divorce - 49
AR-203 I Looked For Love / In Daddy's Footsteps -49
AR-207 Deserted Aragon / Why Should I Send You Flowers?
AR-224 I Went To Your Wedding /? - 52
London [CAN]
M.17080 Broken Love / Queen Of Twilight – ca 60
M.17320 Get Away Old Man, Get Away / Girl That I Marry - 63

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