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Friday, February 17, 2012

Robert Mizzell

*21-07-1971 Shreveport, LA
by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
There is not enough info for creating sessionography
Most of Mizzell albums were reorded in Ireland


Ceol Music [IRL] CDC 080 Louisiana Man:  Louisiana Man; Walk The Line Revisited; Stand By Your Woman Man; All You Really Need Is Love; Don't Wake Me Up (Till We Touch Down In Shannon); The One That Got Away; Hurtin' Me; What's Forever For; Baby Don't Go; Remember Me; Old Rugged Cross; The Greatest Gift Of All - 03
Country Discovery  1057 Place Beyond The Sun: Hard Working Hands; Lookin' Lucky;  When You Let Go Of Me; Some Things I Want To Sing About; You Had Me By The Heart; Mamma's Rockin' Chair; Ten Out Of Ten; Jones Clones; My Dreams Just Came True; You Really Hit The Spot; Place Beyond The Sun; Arms Of Fate; Mamma Did Raise One Fool; This Woman Of Mine; Them Old Hank Williams Songs; Words; Never Tell Me It's For My Sake – 03 (recorded in Nashville)
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 083 Lookin' Lucky: Lookin' Lucky; When You Let Go Of Me; Mama's Rocking Chair; This Woman Of Mine; Some Things I Want To Sing About; My Dreams Just Came True; Them Old Hank Williams Songs; Ten Out Of Ten; Hard Workin' Hands; You Had Me By The Heart; You Really Hit The Spot; Mama Did Raise One Fool – 07-04
Ceol Music [IRL] CDC 084  Hello Mr DJ: Hello Mr D.J; I'm No Stranger To The Rain; Mansion On The Hill; Kick Ass Country; I'm Hoping It's A Lie; Last Curtain Falls; Say You Love Me; Hey God; Are You Wastin' My Time; Big Tom Tribute – 05 (live)
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 098 Waltzing With Me:  Who's Gonna Dance With Sally Ann; Alcohol Of Fame; You're Waltzing With Me (Duet With Philomena Begley); You're Why God Made Me; Our Bed Of Roses; Louisiana Saturday Night; Granpa's Fiddle; You Look So Good In Love; Home; Dance With My Father; Stand Up - 06
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 114 Thanks A Lot: Thanks A Lot; Folsom Prison Blues; Rose Of My Heart; Next To You, Next To Me; If It's Gonna Rain; The Race Is On; Must You Throw Dirt In My Face; Friend In Need; Today I Started Loving You Again (Feat Lorraine McDonald); Long Black Train;  White Lightnin'; Love Me; Nine To Five - 08
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 117 Louisiana Man – Hits: Thanks A Lot; Louisiana Man; Alcohol Of Fame; Walk The Line Revisited (Feat Richard Mizzell); If It's Gonna Rain; Kick Ass Country; Must You Throw Dirt In My Face; Next To You, Next To Me; Home; Friend In Need; Rose Of My Heart; Who's Gonna Dance With Sally Ann; Louisiana Saturday Night; Say You Love Me; White Lightnin' - 09
Ceol Music [IRL] CDC 119 Redneck Man: Blue Blooded Woman; Mama Courtney; More Behind The Picture Than The Wall; Ol' Frank;  I'm Gonna Love You;  I Told You So (Feat Lisa McHugh); Someone To Hold Me When I Cry; Love Is Everywhere; I Swear; Ain't Love A Lot Like That; Murder On Music Row (Feat Collin Raye); She's All Lady; Two Ways To Fall; The Wind Beneath My Wings; Tennessee River Run – 03-10
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 123 The Three Amigos: (The Three Amigos:) Rock 'n' Roll Medley: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen/ The Twist/  Great Balls Of Fire; (Jimmy Buckley:)  Your Wedding Day; (Three Amigos:) Johnny Cash Medley: I Got Stripes /Folsom Prison Blues/ Walk The Line; Charlie Pride Medley: Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' / Is Anybody Going To San Antone / Crystal Chandeliers; (Robert Mizzell:) Say You Love Me; (Patrick Feeney:)   Isle Of Innisfree; (Three Amigos:) Hank Locklin Medley: Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On / Fraulein/  Please Help Me I'm Falling; Glen Campbell Medley: Rhinestone Cowboy / Try A Little Kindness / Gentle On My Mind; (Jimmy Buckley:) Noreen Bawn;    (Robert Mizzell:) Mama Courtney; (Patrick Feeney:) Wait Till The Clouds Roll By Jenny; (Three Amigos:) Hank Williams Medley: Jambalaya / Hey Good Lookin' / Kaw-Liga; Merle Haggard Medley: Mama Tried / Daddy Frank / Fightin' Side Of Me;Mull Of Kintyre; The Three Amigos – 10 Three Amigos + others
Ceol Music [IRL]  CDC 124 Mama's Rocking Chair:  Cajun Dance;Mama's Rocking Chair;Will You Visit Me On Sundays?;Paddy; Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight;The Orphan Train; Sick, Sober and Sorry (With Martin Cleary);Things Have Gone To Pieces;Rosie Bokay; Grandpa Was A Carpenter; What We Don't Have; Can You Hear Me Now?; I Ain't Fallin' For That – 10-11

Ceol Music [IRL] CDC 125 Robert Mizzell Sings Garth Brooks: Standing Outside The Fire; If Tomorrow Never Comes; Papa Loved Mama; The Dance; Friends In Low Places; She's Every Woman;  Not Counting You; The River; Thunder Rolls; You May Be Right – 10-12
Cajun Sound [IRL] CAJCD 01 Don’t Want To Say Goodbye: Louisiana Red Dirt Highway;  Little White Line; The Colour Of Your Dreams;  Wham Bam!; Your Man; The Whiskey Ain't Workin' (W. Chuck Owens); Loving You Could Never Be Better; I Love A Rainy Night; Wild Irish Rose; One More Last Chance;  I Don't Want To Say Goodbye; Sweet Home Louisiana; Down On The Bayou - 12-13

Cajun Music [IRL] CDVD 114 The Louisiana Man: Thanks A Lot; Louisiana Man; Alcohol Of Fame; Walk The Line Revisited; If It's Gonna Rain; Kick Ass Country; Must You Throw Dirt In My Face; Next To You, Next To Me; Home; Friend In Need; Rose Of My Heart; Who's Gonna Dance With Sally Anne; Louisianna Saturday Night; Say You Love Me; White Lightnin‘ + bonus features - from Nashville 2008 tour, outtakes) - 08

various singles:
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
Country Music Christmas
Christmas In Your Arms

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