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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Betty Jean Robinson

*Hyden, KY
by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank

ca early 1969 unknown – Betty Jean Robisnson
001 LONELY FIGURE Metromedia MM-114
002 BLUE LITTLE GIRL Metromedia MM-114
ca late 1969 unknown – Betty Jean Robisnson
7 January 1971 Sunset Sound and Sound Factory, 6357 Selma Ave., Hollywood, CA - Carl Belew & Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
005 1568/L 15534 ALL I NEEED IS YOU Challenge unissued Decca 32802/DL-75337
006 1569/L 15535 FUNNY WHAT A PAIR OF FOOLS WILL DO Challenge unissued Decca 32802/DL-75337
22 July 1971 Sunset Sound and Sound Factory, 6357 Selma Ave., Hollywood, CA - Carl Belew & Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
007 1582/L 15798 LIVING UNDER PRESSUSRE Challenge unissued Decca 32871/DL-75337
008 1583/L 15799 HUNG UP ON LOVIN' YOU Challenge unissued Decca 32871/DL-75337
009 1584/L 15950 LUCKY OL' ME Challenge unissued Decca 32970/DL-75337
21 October 1971 Sunset Sound and Sound Factory, 6357 Selma Ave., Hollywood, CA - Carl Belew & Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
010 1597/L 15889 WHEN MY BABY SINGS HIS SONG Challenge unissued Decca 32916/DL-75337
011 1598/L 15890 DON'T LET THOSE HAPPEN TO US Challenge unissued Decca 32916/DL-75337
012 1599/L 15952 YOU'RE THE ONE Challenge unissued Decca 32970/DL-75337
013 1600/L 15953 ALL BECAUSE OF YOU Challenge unissued Decca DL-75337
ca. September 1972 Hollywood, CA - Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
015 L-16189 JOHNNY‘S SECRET 33017
January 1973 Hollywood, CA - Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
017 MC 1201 LOVIN‘ YOU MCA 40088
ca September 1973 Hollywood, CA - Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
021 JERSEY 33 MCA-40166
July 1974 Hollywood, CA - Betty Jean Robinson (Orchestra arranged and conducted by Bill Justis. Producer: Joe Johnson)
022 MC-3319 ON THE WAY HOME MCA-40300 5-1013/75-001
023 MC-3320 tracks unknown
024 MC-3321 I‛VE GOT YOU MCA-40300
Spring 1975 Hollywood – Betty Jean Robinson (Producer: Joe Johnson)
025 JJ020 ON SILVER WINGS 5-1004 5-1008 5-1013/75-001
026 GOD IS GOOD 5-1004/75-001
028 LIVIN' UPON THE MOUNTAIN 4 Star 75-001
031 A CUP OF SILENCE 4 Star 75-001
032 HOW GREAT THOU ART 4 Star 75-001
033 THANK YOU LORD 4 Star 75-001
034 SILVER WINGS 4 Star 75-001
035 GOD AND OTHERS FIRST 4 Star 75-001
036 MY BECOMING ONE 4 Star 75-001
1976 unknown – Betty Jean Robinson
038 AMAZING GRACE Melody Mountain MM 133
039 BLESSED ASSURANCE Melody Mountain MM 133
040 JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS Melody Mountain MM 133
041 WHAT A DAY THAT WILL BE Melody Mountain MM 133
042 TAKE MY HAND PRECIOUS LORD Melody Mountain MM 133
043 WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN Melody Mountain MM 133
044 MANSION OVER THE HILLTOP Melody Mountain MM 133
045 PSALMS OF VICTORY Melody Mountain MM 133
046 WHERE THE SOUL NEVER DIES Melody Mountain MM 133
047 SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER Melody Mountain MM 133
048 I WILL ARISE AND GO TO JESUS Melody Mountain MM 133
1977 Hollywood – Betty Jean Robinson
049 JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL Lamb and Lion LL 1034
050 HE'S COMING TO TAKE ME HOME Lamb and Lion LL 1034
051 JESUS IS HIS NAME Lamb and Lion LL 1034
052 YOU MUST BELIEVE Lamb and Lion LL 1034
054 JESUS IS COMING Lamb and Lion LL 1034
055 THERE'S GONNA BE A SINGING Lamb and Lion LL 1034
056 MELODY MOUNTAIN Lamb and Lion LL 1034
057 SOMETIME SOMEPLACE Lamb and Lion LL 1034
058 HEAVEN IS A FAMILY REUNION Lamb and Lion LL 1034
059 HE WENT ALL THE WAY Lamb and Lion LL 1034
Betty Jean Robinson recorded after 1977, some info in albums and singles list

Decca DL-75337 When My Baby Sings His Song: When My Baby Sings His Song; Lucky Ol' Me; Hung Up On Lovin' You; Living Under Pressure; Wishful Thinking; You're The One; All Because Of You; Don't Let That Happen To Us; Funny What A Pair Of Fools Will Do; All I Need Is You – 03-72 w. Carl Belew
4 Star 75-001 On Silver Wings: Livin' Upon The Mountain; On The Way Home; The Shepherd Of My Valley; Happy Days Are Just Ahead; A Cup Of Silence; How Great Thou Art; Thank You Lord; On Silver Wings; God Is Good; God And Others First; My Becoming One; Until You've Walked With God - 75
Melody Mountain MM 133 Songs I Grew Up On: Amazing Grace; Blessed Assurance; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; What A Day That Will Be; Take My Hand Precious Lord; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Mansion Over The Hilltop; Psalms Of Victory; Where The Soul Never Dies; Shall We Gather At The River; I Will Arise And Go To Jesus - 76
Lamb and Lion LL-1034 Just Betty Jean Robinson: Jesus Is Alive And Well; He's Coming To Take Me Home; Jesus Is His Name; You Must Believe; I Should Have Been Crucified; Jesus Is Coming; There's Gonna Be A Singing; Melody Mountain; Sometime Someplace; Heaven Is A Family Reunion; He Went All The Way – 77
Melody Mountain MM-35 Totally Free: He Comforter Is Come; Jewels; Messiah; Lo The New Jerusalem; Anything That Brings You Closer To Jesus; Angel Voices; He Made Me To Sing A New Song; One Of The King's Children; His Hand In Mine - 79
Melody Mountain MM-737 For You With Love: Ain't No Grave; On The Way Home; There's Coming A Day; Tears; Before The Roses Bloom Again; I Dreamed I Was Home With Jesus; On Silver Wings; This Old World Can Never Hurt Me Again; I Turned It Over To Jesus; There Is No Other Fountain – 81
Melody Mountain MM 77 Ride Out Your Storm: Ride Out Your Storm; He Careth For Me; God's Got Everything Under Control; He Will Put You Back Together Again; Tears; Keep Workin' On Me; Little Children Rest Awhile; Little Pilgrim; He'll Be There
CMH CMH-6257 There's Gonna Be A Singing!: There's Gonna Be A Singing; He Went All The Way (And He Did It All For Me); Back To The Cross; My Best For Jesus; The Unclouded Day; Wicked Man; Tramp On The Street; I'll Fly Away; Palms Of Victory; He Took Your Place; Kentucky Born – 81 Curly Seckler and The Nashville Grass with Betty Jean Robinson
Melody Mountain MM-838 To The Glory Of My Father: God's Infallible Word; He Is Jehovah; Praise Him; Sing Jerusalem Sing; To The Glory Of My Father; Lord God Omnipotent; Comforter Is Come; My Spirit Song - 82
Melody Mountain MM 889 Singin' For Daddy: Wayfarin' Stranger; No Not One; Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown; Daddy's Song; Shade At The End Of The Row; Goin' Home; Life's Railway To Heaven; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
Melody Mountain MM-939 Have Yourself A Benefit: Living Up On The Mountain; Jesus Is Alive And Well; We're Gonna Have A Time; Stand By Me; When You Go Down; No God Like Our God; Let Down Your Net; I'm A Child Of The King - 83
Melody Mountain MM 1040 More Than Life: He Went All The Way; Jesus You're All To Me; I See God; He Careth For Me; More Than Life; I Fell In Love With Him; He Made Me To Sing A New Song; Free; Shepherd Of My Valley; Come Into The Ark - 84
Melody Mountain MM 1141 Christmas On Melody Mountain: Wonder As I Wander; What Child Is This?; Sweet Little Jesus Boy; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear; Away In A Manger; Praise Him; Animals First Christmas; Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem - 84
Melody Mountain MM 1192 Bluegrass Gospel: There's Gonna Be A Singing; Psalms Of Victory; Kentucky Born; Wicked Man; Tramp On The Street; Hold Fast To The Right; My Best For Jesus; He Went All The Way; Precious Memories
Melody Mountain MM 1242 My Saviour's Precious Blood: My Saviour's Precious Blood; Snow White Wings; Keep Workin On Me; He'll Be There; Little David Play On Your Harp; On The Battlefield; Wicked Man; Keep On The Firin Line; Workin On A Building - 85
Melody Mountain ? Look Up And Rejoice: Fifteen Hundred Miles Long; Bless That Wonderful Name; Livin' The Right Life Now; Look Up And Rejoice; I Thank You Lord/Goin' On With Jesus; He Rides On The Wings Of The Wind; Are All The Children In; Our God Is A Merciful God; Nothing But The Blood - 93
Melody Mountain MM-1495 Touch Of Heaven: Wonderful Peace; My Becoming One; City Limits Of Heaven; What A Healing Jesus; Gone; Touch Of Heaven; Haven Of Rest; Some Golden Daybreak; He Abides; Heaven Is A Family Reunion - 94
Melody Mountain MM-1596? Christmas Anointing: Little Baby In A Manger (I Love You); O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Mary's Boy Child; Silent Night; Cradle In Bethlehem; O Holy Night; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Joy To The World; Jesus Is Lord - 94
Melody Mountain ? Oh How I Love Jesus: One Day At A Time; We'll Shine Like The Stars; Dry Bones; I'm Going To A Country; Good Man Of The House; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Calvary Road; Oh What A Savior Is Mine; There's Nothing Greater; Oh How I Love Jesus - 94
Melody Mountain MM-1899 Appalachian Pure: Tell Me His Name Again; One Way To The Pearly Gates; Jacob's Ladder; Satisfied; Nothing Can Hold Me Here; Just Another Child Gone Home; I Am The Man Thomas; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; Shake Hands With Mother Again; My Sweet Kentucky Home/I'll Be A Friend To Jesus - 95
Melody Mountain MM-2001-CD Sweet Peace: There Is A River; Face To Face; When I Come To The End Of The Way; He's All To Me; My Jesus I Love Thee; He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me; Jesus Wonderful Lord; In The Garden; One With Him; Holy Spirit Flow Through Me - 97
Melody Mountain ? Over In Zion: Over In Zion; You've Got To Move; He'll Take Me Through/Calvary's Stream Is Flowing; Hunt The Souls Of My People; Let Us Pray For Our Children; Have I Done My Best For Jesus; Glory Land Way; I Will Praise Him - 98
Melody Mountan MM-2304 Walk On: Man I Work For; He Keeps Me Singing; When Jesus Passed By; Jesus Is His Name; Heaven On My Mind; Walk On; Sanctifying Power In The Blood; Glad Reunion Day; God Leads Us Along; Door Of Mercy; God Is Still On The Throne; Jesus The Son Of God - 00
Melody Mountain MM 2405 This Good Way: It's Not The First Mile; This Good Way; Free At Last; Lord Will Make A Way; You Must Believe; Nailed To The Cross; Nothing Between; It All Began At Calvary; King Jesus; Jesus Loves Me
Melody Mountain MM-2506 Back Home America: The Day The Eagle Cried; I have Returned; Father We Come; Jesus Is Calling You Home; Sweet Wind; Tell Mother I'll Be There; The Unknown Solder; The Weapon of Prayer; When Momma's Oldest Son Went To War; Psalms 91 & 95 (There is a River playing while Betty Jean reads the Psalms) - 03
Melody Mountain ? A Resting Place: (tracks unknown) – 0-
Melody Mountain ? Singing A New Song: Singing a New Song; He is Mine (Medley); Too Late to Tell Me It Ain't Real; Live the Life I Sing About; Saved Through Jesus Blood; When Praises Go Up; Blessings Come Down; A Follower of the Lamb; Be Strong; What Is This; To Be His Child; Everything He Paid For – 0-
unknown issue info, probably all on Melody Mountain
Melody Mountain ? I Will Praise Him: To The Glory Of My Father; How Great Thou Art; Holy Jesus; Praise Him; My Jesus I Love Thee; Tis' So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; One With Him; Oh What A Savior Is Mine; There's Nothing Greater; Oh How I Love Jesus; He's All To Me; Face To Face; Hallelujah It's Jesus; I Will Praise Him; Blessed Assurance; Wonderful Peace –
To Bless You: Heaven Will Be Worth The Journey; I Want To Thank Him For What He Has Done; Keep Your Hand On The Plow Hold On; Place Your Hand In The Nail Scared Hand; I Want To Know More About My Lord; Family Who Prays; There's Somebody Out There; Kingdom Is Coming; Step On In; Heaven Sweet Heaven My Home; I Need No Mansion Here Below; His Blood Is On My Soul
Up On Melody Mountain For Children: Melody Mountain; Higher And Higher; Come On And Smile/Say Amen; God Is Good; Blessed Is The Name Of Jesus; Animals Praise Jesus; Two Little Fishes; Lowly Beast; Jesus Is Lord
Double Blessing: When I See His Face; Sweet Is His Name; Precious Jesus; Lily Of The Valley; My Father Knows What I Need; Resting In The Lord; He's Coming To Take Me Home; Jesus Lord Of My Life; Holy Jesus; Hallelujah It's Jesus; Through It All; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; My Grace Is Sufficient For You; How Great Thou Art; I See A Crimson Stream; Until You've Walked With God; God Will Take Care Of You
Only Jesus: Only Jesus; What A Lovely Name; Covered By Calvary; I Know It Was The Blood; Splendor Of The Cross; My Heavenly Home; Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross/It Is No Secret
A Made Up Mind: A Made Up Mind; Babies Don't Keep; Someone Will Make It; Raptured Or Resurrected; I Will Trust In The Lord; When God Dips His Love In My Heart; Matthew 24; We Sure Do Need Him Now; Over The Next Hill; We'll Be Home; So Close To My Blessed Lord
Hallelujah It's Jesus: Hallelujah It's Jesus/Through It All; Love Will Roll The Clouds Away; My Grace Is Sufficient For You; How Great Thou Art; I See A Crimson Stream; Until You've Walked With God; God Will Take Care Of You;
Goin' Back Home: Meeting In The Air; Somebody Loves Me; I Shall Know Him/Blessed Redeemer; Oh What A Savior; At Calvary; Since Jesus Came Into My Heart; When He Reached Down His Hand For Me; Just A Little While To Stay Here
When I See His Face: When I See His Face; Sweet Is His Name; Precious Jesus/Lily Of The Valley; My Father Knows What I Need; Resting In The Lord Today; He's Coming To Take Me Home; Jesus' Lord Of My Life; Holy Jesus
Thank You Lord: I Just Want To Thank You Lord; God On The Mountain; That's All I Need To Know; I'll Take The Road; I Know; Move Me Into The Mainstream; After While It'll All Be Over; Jesus Is Coming Soon; Wonder What They're Doing In Heaven Today; Two Coats; Time's Winding Down
Flight Of A Dove: There's Gonna Be A Singing; I've Got A Key To The Kingdom; When Jesus Breaks The Morning; Glory Of The Lord Came Down; Jesus Is Precious; Happy Hills Of Rest; It's Gonna Rain Again/Flight Of The Dove; Can't Wait 'Till I Get Home;
Just For Mamma: Rock Of Ages; Hold Fast To The Right; Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; Babies Don't Keep; Where He Leads Me I Will Follow; Children Keep Your Eyes Upon The Lord; Morning Has Broken; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Precious Memories; Babies Don't Keep

Metromedia (1969)
MM-114 Lonely Figure / Blue Little Girl - 03-69
MM-163 Bobby Mc Namara / After Tonight - 01-70
Four Star (1971-75)
32802 All I Need Is You / Funny What A Pair Of Fools Will Do - 03-71 w. Carl Belew
32871 Living Under Pressure / Hung Up On Lovin‘ You – 72 w. Carl Belew
32912 Boy You're Getting Closer To Home / Daddy Can I Make It On My Own - 12-71 32916 Don't Let Those Happen To Us / When My Baby Sings His Song -11-71 w. Carl Belew (released on Decca)
32970 You're The One / Lucky Ol' Me - 05-72 w. Carl Belew
33017 Another Football Year / Johnny's Secret - 09-72
MCA-40022 Love Is All Over Me / Baby, Make The Sun Go Down - 02-73
MCA-40088 Lovin' You / The Woman In Your Life - 06-73
MCA-40166 All I Need Is You / Jersey 33 - 11-73
MCA-40300 On The Way Home / I've Got You - 11-74
4 Star
5-1004 God Is Good / On Silver Wings - 03-75
5-1008 On Silver Wings / Boy, You're Getting Closer To Home – 06-75
5-1013 On The Way Home / On Silver Wings – ca. 09-75
Melody Mountain
MM 3771 Ain't No Grave / There Is No Other Fountain

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  1. Beautiful songs and beautiful music
    Wish there were more of them on I tunes for purchasing



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