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Sunday, February 10, 2013

High Noon

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Vaclav Zpatecka

23 July 1989 [live Radio Broadcast] KUT-FM Radio Station, Austin, TX – High Noon
00001 RATTLESNAKE MAN  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00002 BRANDED OUTLAW  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00003 I'M NOT BLUE  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074  
00004 WHEN SHE'S GOOD  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00005 TEARS KEEP FALLING  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00006 ROCKIN' WILDCAT  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074 
00007 MY EX IS WHY  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074 
00008 DEVIL WOMAN  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00009 MY HEART CRIES YES  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00010 FLATLAND SATURDAY NIGHT  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00011 BAND INTRODUCTIONS   Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
00012 ROCK TOO SLOW  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074

1990 Sound Recorders Studio, 4117 Guadalude, Austin, TX – High Noon (Shaun Young [ld vcl/rh gt], Sean Mencher [ld gt/hmny vcl], Kevin Smith [bass/hmny vcl]. Producer: Janne Haavisto)
001 RATTLE SNAKE MAN   Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6073
002 FLATLAND SATURDAY NIGHT   Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6073            
003 I'M NOT BLUE   Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6073
004 ROCK TOO SLOW   Dojo DOJLP-5013  Goofin GRCD-6073
005 MY EX IS WHY  Dojo DOJLP-5013  Goofin GRCD-6073
006 ROCKIN' WILDCAT  Dojo DOJLP-5013  Goofin GRCD-6073  [alt.] Goofin GRCD-6039                         
007 GLORY BOUND    Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6039 GRCD-6073
008 TEARS KEEP ON FALLIN'   Dojo DOJLP-5013  Goofin GRCD-6073            
009 WHEN SHE'S GOOD  Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6073
010 DEVIL WOMAN   Dojo DOJLP-5013  Goofin GRCD-6073
011 JUST BECAUSE   Dojo DOJLP-5013 Goofin GRCD-6073
1991 [live] Helsinki, FIN – High Noon
01101 BABY LET'S PLAY HOUSE     Goofin GRCD-6073                
01102 TOO MUCH TROUBLE     Goofin GRCD-6073                         
01103 MIDNIGHT SHIFT  Goofin GRCD-6073                
01104 WHEN SHE'S GOOD  Goofin GRCD-6073                                                    
01105 ROCK TOO SLOW  Goofin GRCD-6073                                                      

1990/1992 Quickhands Studio, Austin, TX - High Noon (Shaun Young [ld vcl/rh gt], Sean Mencher [ld gt/hmny vcl], Kevin Smith [bass/hmny vcl])
012 LATE TRAIN Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP Goofin GRCD-6039                                                        
013 MONA LISA  Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP   Goofin GRCD-6039                       
014 YOUR NEW FLAME (IS BURNING ME) Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP Goofin GRCD-6039
015 WHO WAS THAT CAT?  Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP Goofin GRCD-6039
016 CRAZY FEVER   Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP  Goofin GRCD-6039 [alt.] Goofin GRCD-6039
017 DON'T HAVE A HEART LEFT TO BREAK   Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP   Goofin GRCD-6039 [alt.] Goofin GRCD-6039
018 ROCKS ME RIGHT  Rock-a-Billy R-114/R-1002-LP Goofin GRCD-6039
019 FEELING NO PAIN    Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP  Goofin GRCD-6039
020 BRANDED OUTLAW   Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP   Goofin GRCD-6039
021 HANNAH LEE  Rock-a-Billy R-1002-LP  Goofin GRCD-6039
022 MIDNIGHT SHIFT  Rock-a-Billy R-114/Goofin GRCD-6039
023 HOLD ME BABY Rock-a-Billy R-107/ Goofin GRCD-6039
024 BABY LET’S PLAYHOUSE  Rock-a-Billy R-107/ Goofin GRCD-6039
025 TOO MUCH TROUBLE  Goofin GRCD-6039                                                  
026 ALL NIGHT LONG Goofin GRCD-6039                                                     
028 AIN'T IT WRONG    Goofin GRCD-6039

November 1993 Austin, TX – High Noon (Sean Mencher [vcl/el ld gt], Shaun Young [vcl/ac rh gt], Kevin Smith [vcl/bass] + Alvin crow [fiddle-1],  John Ely [steel-2], Danny Barnes [banjo-3], Mike Maddux [accordion-4], Brent Wilson [hmny vcl-5]. Producer: High Noon)
030 CRAZY MIXED UP WORLD -1-2  Exile EP-09                                               
031 HE WON, I LOST, SHE'S FOUND -1-2-5  Exile EP-09                             
032 ACROSS THE RIVER  -4  Exile EP-09         
033 MY HEART CRIES YES  -3 Exile EP-09                                
034 MOVIE MAGG Exile EP-09                     
035 RED BARN BOOGIE -1-2   Exile EP-09                                           
1994 Hitsville IV, Helsinki, FIN – High Noon (Producer: Janne Haavisto)
036 STRANGER THINGS  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
037 SLOW DOWN BABY  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
038 CALL OF THE HONKY-TONK  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
039 HIGH ON A HILL (DOWN IN TENNESSEE)  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
040 FISHIN' HOLE BOOGIE  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057 
041 I'M DONE, I'M THROUGH  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
042 MY LITTLE THRILL  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
043 LON EMPTY STRETCH OF HIGHWAY  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
044 NOW YOU'RE GONNA BE LOVED  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057 
045 ROCKIN' BEAUTY  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057 
046 BLUEBONNET BOOGIE  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
047 SHE FORGOT HER MEMORY  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
048 MIXED SIGNAL MAMA  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057 
049 I DONE CAUGHT ON  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057 
050 DOGGONE THAT CAT  Goofin GRCD-6060 Watermelon CD-1057
14 April 1996 [live] unknown, JAP – High Noon
05001 INTRO JAPAN  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
05002 STRANGER THINGS  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
05003 HOW COME IT  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074                                                  
05004 MONA LISA  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074 
14 June 1996 [live] The Diamond Hall, Nagoya, JAP – High Noon (Shaun Young [vcl/gt], Sean Mencher [gt], Kevin Smith [bass])
05005 GLORY BOUND  Vampirella 20058
05006 BEAUMONT BOOGIE  Vampirella 20058                                      
05007 MONA LISA  Vampirella 20058                                   
05008 HOW COME IT  Vampirella 20058                                          
05009 STRANGER THINGS  Vampirella 20058
05010 CALL OF THE HONKY TONK  Vampirella 20058
05011 FISHIN HOLE BOOGIE  Vampirella 20058
05012 SLOW DOWN BABY  Vampirella 20058 
05013 JUST BECAUSE  Vampirella 20058 
05014 HAVING A WHOLE LOT OF FUN  Vampirella 20058
05015 NOW YOU'RE GONNA BE LOVED  Vampirella 20058
05016 ROCKIN' BEAUTY  Vampirella 20058
05017 I DONE CAUGHT ON  Vampirella 20058
05018 FLATLAND SATURDAY NIGHT  Vampirella 20058
05019 SHE FORGOT HER MEMORY  Vampirella 20058 
26 October 1996 [live] The Continental Club, Austin, TX – High Noon
05020 INTRO CONTINENTAL CLUB    Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
05021 AIN'T IT WRONG  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074                                       
05022 GLORY BOUND  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074
05023 WHO WAS THAT CAT?  Watermelon CD-1063 Goofin GRCD-6074 
January 2002 unknown – High Noon (Producer: Billy Horton)
051 LET'S GO DADDY-O  Goofin GRCD-6116 
053 OLD HABITS  Goofin GRCD-6116 
055 BAYOU BEAUTY  Goofin GRCD-6116 
056 NOT FOR NOTHIN'  Goofin GRCD-6116 
058 BEAUTIFUL  Goofin GRCD-6116  
059 YARD DOG  Goofin GRCD-6116 
061 KISS AND TELL BABY  Goofin GRCD-6116 
062 COMANCHE MOON  Goofin GRCD-6116 
063 GOTTA LOTTA THAT  Goofin GRCD-6116 
064 MISUNDERSTOOD  Goofin GRCD-6116 
065 IT'S THE BEAT  Goofin GRCD-6116

Dojo DOJLP-5013 Show And Dance: Rattle Snake Man;  Flatland Saturday Night; I'm Not Blue; Rock Too Slow; My Ex Is Why; Rockin' Wildcat; Glorybound; Tears Keep On Fallin'; When She's Good;  Devil Woman; Just Because  - 90   
(10“ LP)                                                      

Rock-A-Billy R-1002-LP Rocks Me Righ: Late Train; Mona Lisa; Your New Flame (Is Burning Me); Who Was That Cat?;  Crazy Fever; Don't Have A Heart Left To Break; Rocks Me Right; Feeling No Pain; Branded Outlaw;  Hannah Lee – 93 (10“ LP)                                                         

Goofin [FIN] GRCD-6039 Glory Bound:  Train Of Misery; Midnight Shift; Rockin' Wildcat; Glory Bound; Too Much Trouble; Baby Let's Play House; Hold Me Baby; All Night Long; Late Train; Mona Lisa; Your New Flame;  Who Was That Cat?; Crazy Fever;  Don't Have A Heart Left To Break; Rocks Me Right;  Feelin' No Pain; Branded Outlaw; Don't Have A Heart Left To Break [Alt.]; Beaumont Boogie; Ain't It Wrong;  Havin' A Whole Lotta Fun; Crazy Fever  [Alt.] - 93     

Goofin [FIN] GRCD-6060 Stranger Things:  Stranger Things; Slow Down Baby; Call Of The Honky-Tonk; High On A Hill (Down In Tennessee); Fishin' Hole Boogie; I'm Done, I'm Through; My Little Thrill; Lon Empty Stretch Of Highway; Now You're Gonna Be Loved; Rockin' Beauty; Bluebonnet Boogie;  She Forgot Her Memory; Mixed Signal Mama;  I Done Caught On; Doggone That Cat – 95 (U.S. issued on Watermelon CD-1057)

Goofin [FIN] GRCD-6073 Show And Dance Plus: Rattle Snake Man; Flatland Saturday Night;  I'm Not Blue; Rock Too Slow; My Ex Is Why; Rockin' Wildcat; Glorybound; Tears Keep On Fallin'; When She's Good;  Devil Woman; Just Because; Baby Let's Play House; Too Much Trouble; Midnight Shift; When She's Good; Rock Too Slow  - 97              

Watermelon CD-1063 Live In Texas And Japan:  Rattlesnake Man; Branded Outlaw; I'm Not Blue; When She's Good; Tears Keep Falling; Rockin' Wildcat; My Ex Is Why; Devil Woman; My Heart Cries Yes; Flatland Saturday Night;  Band Introductions; Rock Too Slow;  Intro Continental Club; Ain't It Wrong; Glory Bound; Who Was That Cat?;  Intro Japan; Stranger Things; How Come It; Mona Lisa – 25-02-97  (also on Goofin GRCD-1074 in Finland)                                      

Vampirella 20058 Live At Diamond Hall: Glory Bound; Beaumont Boogie; Mona Lisa; How Come It; Stranger Things; Call Of The Honky Tonk; Fishin Hole Boogie; Slow Down Baby; Just Because; Having A Whole Lot Of Fun; Now You're Gonna Be Loved; Rockin' Beauty; I Done Caught On;  Flatland Saturday Night; She Forgot Her Memory – 14-09-99

Goofin [FIN] GRCD-6116 What Are You Waitin‘ For: Let's Go Daddy-o; Hanging (from The Old Oak Tree); Old Habits; Prelude To The Blues; Bayou Beauty; Not For Nothin'; Railroad Crossing; Beautiful; Yard Dog; I've Never Felt As Lucky; Kiss And Tell Baby; Comanche Moon; Gotta Lotta That; Misunderstood; It's The Beat – 03-09-02

R-107 Hold Me Baby / Baby Let's Play House
R-114 Midnight Shift / Rocks Me Right
Exile (EP)
EP-09 Texas Style:  Crazy Mixed Up World;  He Won I Lost She's Found; Across The River / My Heart Cries Yes; Movie Magg; Red Barn Boogie – 02-94 (10“, 45 RPM)                                                     

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