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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pam Tillis

by Praguefrank
ca Jun 1981 unknown - Pam Tillis
002 HOLDING ON TO WHAT IS GONE Elektra E 47171
1982 Record One, Hollywood, CA - Pam Tillis (Producer: Jolly Hills & Dixie Gamble)
003 ZCA2280 LOVE IS SNEAKIN¢ UP FOR YOU 7-29517/1-23871
btw 1982/April 1983 Record One, Hollywood, CA/Sound Stage Studio, 10 Music Circle South, Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis Craig Hull [vcl/gt], Josh Leo [gt/vcl], Bryan Garofalo [bass instrument], Craig Kampf [drums/percussion], M. L. Benoit [percussion], Peter Wood/Steve Goldstein [keyboards] + horns: Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Jim Horn + Doug Clement, Donna Rhodes, Harry Stinson, Wendy Waldman, Daniel Moore, Bill Lamb [bck vcl].(Producer: Jolly Hills & Dixie Gamble)
004 MAKE IT FEEL BETTER Warner 1-23871
005 WISH I WAS IN LOVE TONIGHT 7-29517/1-23871
006 YOU DON'T MISS 1-23871
007 NEVER BE THE SAME 1-23871
008 (YOU JUST WANT TO BE) WEIRD 7-29643/1-23871
009 POPULAR GIRL 1-23871
010 IT AIN'T EASY 1-23871
011 LET'S GET CRAZY 1-23871
ca. April 1983 Record One, Hollywood, CA - Pam Tillis (Producer: Jolly Hills & Dixie Gamble)
012 ACA2278 KILLER COMFORT 7-29643/1-23871
ca August 1984 poss. Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis
013 GOODBYE HIGHWAY 7-29155/45355-2
014 SOMEBODY ELSE'S 7-29155
btw 1985/1987 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis
015 ONE OF THOSE THINGS 7-28984/45355-2
016 ONE WAY TICKET 7-28984
017 THOSE MEMORIES OF YOU 7-28806/45355-2
018 DRAWN TO THE FIRE 7-28806 7-28676 7-28444 7-28346
019 I THOUGHT I'D ABOUT HAD IT WITH LOVE 7-28676/45355-2
021 THERE GOES MY LOVE 7-28346/45355-2
025 FIVE MINUTES 45355-2
ca August 1990 Treasure Isle Recorders, 2808 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN/The Money Pit, 622 Hamilton Ave. South, Nashville TN (Carl Jackson [gt], Larry Bryom [gt], John Jorgenson [gt], Steve Gibson [gt], Mark O'Connor [mandolin/fiddle], Bruce Bouton [steel], Glen Worf [bass], Paul Leim/Eddie Bayers [drums], Dennis Burnside/Matt Rollings [piano] + Ashley Cleveland, Tricia Walker, Karen Staley, Vicky Hampton, Harry Stinson [bck vcl]. Producer: Paul Worley, Ed Seay)
026 PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE Arista 12268-7/AR-8642
027 MELANCHOLY CHILD 12129-7/AR-8642
028 MAYBE IT WAS MEMPHIS 12371-7/AR-8642 18836-2 07863-65110-2
029 BLUE ROSE IS 12408-7/AR-8642
030 DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO 12129-7/AR-8642 18836-2 18885-2 07863-65110-2
031 ONE OF THOSE THINGS 12203-7/AR-8642 07863-65110-2
032 DRAGGIN' MY CHAINS 12371 -7/AR-8642
033 ANCIENT HISTORY 12408-7/AR-8642
034 I'VE SEEN ENOUGH TO KNOW 12268-7/AR-8642 18885-2
035 ALREADY FALLEN 12203-7/AR-8642
Spring 1992 The Money Pit, 622 Hamilton Ave. South, Nashville TN/Javelina Recording, 30 Music Sq.West, Nashville 3, TN/The Music Mill, 1710 Roy Acuff Place, Nashville 3, TN - Pam Tillis (Biff Watson [gt], Paul Worley [gt], John Jorgenson [gt],Larry Byrom [gt], Bill Hullett [gt/mandolin], Gary Morse/Sonny Garrish/Bruce Bouton [steel], Joe Chemay/Larry Paxton [bass gt],Paul Leim/Eddie Bayers/Lonnie Wilson [drums],Blaine Sprouce [fiddle], John Hobbs [piano], Anthony Martin [piano/synthesizer/bck vcl],Steve Nathan [piano/organ],Dennis Burnside [organ]+ Ashley Cleveland, Dennis Wilson, Stephanie Bentley, Harry Stinson, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Vicki Hampton [bck vcl]. Producer: Paul Worley, Ed Seay)
036 HOW GONE IS GOODBYE 07822-18649-2
037 SHAKE THE SUGAR TREE 12454/07822-18649-2 18836-2 07863-65110-2
038 DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR MAN IS 12606-7/07822-18649-2
039 CLEOPATRA, QUEEN OF DENIAL 12552-7/07822-18649-2 18836-2 18885-2
040 LOVE IS ONLY HUMAN 07822-18649-2
041 ROUGH AND TUMBLE HEART 07822-18649-2 18885-2
042 LET THAT PONY RUN 12506-7/07822-18649-2 18836-2 07863-65110-2
043 FINE, FINE, VERY FINE LOVE 12506/07822-18649-2 07863-65110-2
044 WE'VE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE 12606-7/07822-18649-2 18885-2
045 HOMEWARD LOOKING ANGEL 12552-7/07822-18649-2
1993 [soundtrack 8 Seconds] Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis
Fall 1993 various studios in Nashville, TN/The Castle Studio, Franklin, TN - Pam Tillis (Dan Dugmore [gt/steel],John Jorgenson [gt/mandolin], Brent Mason [gt], Biff Watson [gt],Bob DiPiero [12-string gt], Bill Monroe [mandolin], Paul Franklin [steel],Greg Leisz [steel guitar, rh gt/Dobro], Mike Brignardello/Willie Weeks [bass gt],Milton Sledge [drums], Lonnie Wilson [drums/percussion],Harry Stinson [percussion], Terry McMillan [percussion/harmonica], Rob Hajacos/Sam Bush [fiddle], John Barlow Jarvis [piano/accordion], Steve Nathan [piano], Bobby Ogdin [synthesizer] + Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kim Richey,Ashley Cleveland, Vicki Hampton, Liana Manis, Vince Gill, Mary Ann Kennedy, Suzy Ragsdale, Harry Stinson, Cindy Tillis Westmoreland, Connie Tillis Howden, Carrie Tillis, Mel Tillis Jr. [bck vcl]. Produced: Pam Tillis, Steve Fishell)
047 MI VIDA LOCA (MY CRAZY LIFE) 12759-7/18758-2 18836-2 07863-65110-2
048 SWEETHEART'S DANCE 18758-2 07863-65110-2
049 CALICO PLAINS 12802-7/18758-2
050 WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM 12726/7/18758-2 18836-2 18885-2 07863-65110-2
051 SPILLED PERFUME 12676/7/18758-2 18836-2 07863-65110-2
052 I WAS BLOWN AWAY 12802-7 18885-2 07863-65110-2
054 IN BETWEEN DANCES 12833-7/18758-2 18836-2
055 BETTER OF BLUE 18758-2
056 TIL ALL THE LONELY'S GONE 12676-7/18758-2
Summer 1995 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis (Producer: Pam Tills)
057 DEEP DAWN 12878-7/07822-18799-2 18885-2
058 MANDOLIN RAIN 13045-7/07822-18799-2 07863-65110-2
060 IT'S LONELY OUT THERE 10505/07822-18799-2 07863-65110-2
061 THE RIVER AND THE HIGHWAY 12958-7/07822-18799-2 18836-2
062 YOU CAN'T HAVE A GOOD TIME WITHOUT ME 10505/07822-18799-2 07863-65110-2
063 BETTY'S GOT A BASS BOAT 13045-7/07822-18799-2 18885-2 07863-65110-2
064 TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD 12878-7/07822-18799-2
065 NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT 07822-18799-2
066 ALL OF THIS LOVE 12958-7/07822-18799-2
ca early 1997 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis (Producer: Pam Tills)
067 LAND OF THE LIVING 13084-7/18836-2 07863-65110-2
068 ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE GONE 13084-7/18836-2
ca early 1998 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis (Producer: Billy Joe Walker, Pam Tills)
069 I SAID A PRAYER 13125-7/07822-18861-2
070 EVERY TIME 13129-7/07822-18861-2
071 YOU PUT THE LONELY ON ME 13129-7/07822-18861-2
072 WHISPER AND A SCREAM 07822-18861-2
073 LAY THE HEARTACHE DOWN 13125-7/07822-18861-2
074 HURT MYSELF 07822-18861-2
075 NOT ME 07822-18861-2
076 WHISKEY ON THE WOUND 07822-18861-2
077 WE MUST BE THINKING ALIKE 07822-18861-2
078 AFTER HOURS 07822-18861-2
079 GREAT DISGUISE 07822-18861-2
1998 unknown - Pam Tillis
081 HAPPIEST GIRL (BEAR) IN THE WHOLE U.S.A. Virginia 2-51975
082 DOWN HOME Virginia 2-51975
083 THE WILD ONE Virginia 2-51975
084 THAT'S JUST ABOUT RIGHT Virginia 2-51975
085 ACHY BREAKY HEART Virginia 2-51975
086 SWEET DREAMS Virginia 2-51975
088 STRANGER IN MY HOUSE Virginia 2-51975
089 THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME Virginia 2-51975
1999 unknown - Pam Tillis
091 AFTER A KISS Arista 3180 [promo]
2000 unknown - Pam Tillis, *& Mel Tillis
092 JAGGED HEART 07863-67000-2
093 SPACE 07863-67000-2
094 IT ISN'T JUST RAINING 07863-67000-2
095 PLEASE 69051-7/07863-67000-2
096 TRYIN' 07863-67000-2
097 THUNDER AND ROSES 69051-7/07863-67000-2
098 WHICH FIVE YEARS 07863-67000-2
099 BE A MAN 07863-67000-2
100 OFF-WHITE 07863-67000-2
101 I SMILE 07863-67000-2
102 IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU 07863-67000-2
103 WAITING ON THE WIND* 07863-67000-2
2002 [sessions for Caught In The Webb: A Tribute To The Legendary Webb Pierce] Curb Studios, Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis
104 NO LOVE HAVE I Audium AUD-CD-8146
2002 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis, * & Ray Benson (Producer: Pam Tillis)
105 BURNING MEMORIES Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
106 SO WRONG Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
107 UNMITIGATED GALL Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
108 A VIOLET AND A ROSE Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
109 I AIN'T NEVER Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
110 NOT LIKE IT WAS WITH YOU Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
111 MENTAL REVENGE Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
112 HEART OVER MIND Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
113 GOODBYE WHEELING Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
114 EMOTIONS Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
115 HONEY (OPEN THAT DOOR)* Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
116 DETROIT CITY Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
117 COME ON AND SING Epic/Lucky Dog EK-86546
ca Fall 2006 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis, * & John Anderson (Bryan Sutton [gt], Steven Sheehan [gt], Pat Buchanon [gt], JT Corenflos [el gt], Russ Pahl [dobro], Dan Dugmore [mandolin], Dan Dubmore [steel], Michael Rhodes/Steve Mackey [bass gt], Eddie Bayers/Steve Brewster [drums], Aubrey Hanie/Jonathan Yudkin [fiddle], Jim Hoke [accordion], John Jarvis/Kevin McKendree [Hammond b-3 organ] + Lona Heins, Carrie April Tillis, Kristen Gartner, Mary Ann Kennedy, Mel Tillis Jr., Pam Rose, Wes Hightower [bck vcl])
118 SOMETHING BURNING OUT Stellar Cat 858299
119 BAND IN THE WINDOW Stellar Cat 858299
120 TRAIN WITHOUT A WHISTLE Stellar Cat 858299
123 DOWN BY THE WATER Stellar Cat 858299
124 CRAZY BY MYSELF Stellar Cat 858299
125 BETTIN' MONEY ON LOVE Stellar Cat 858299
126 THAT WAS A HEARTACHE Stellar Cat 858299
127 THE HARD WAY Stellar Cat 858299
128 OVER MY HEAD Stellar Cat 858299
2006 poss. Nashville, TN - Brenda Lee & Pam Tillis
129 PRECIOUS MEMORIES Provident Music 10845
2007 Nashville, TN - Pam Tillis, *& Mel Tillis (Brent Mason [gt],Biff Watson [gt],Tommy White [steel/dobro], Craig Nelson [bass], Eddie Bayers [drums/percussion], Kent Slucher [percussion], Bob Patin [strings/piano],Stuart Duncan [fiddle], Lona Heins, Jana King Evans, R.J. Jacobs, Susan Burr, Kevin Shorey, Katherine Westmoreland, Tanner Westmoreland, Julie Lee, R.P. Harrell, Rudy Gatlin, Sandra Dudley, Steve Gatlin, Jeff Hall [bck vcl]]
131 BEAUTIFUL NIGHT Stellar Cat 5422
132 LIGHT OF THE WORLD Stellar Cat 5422
133 CHRISTMAS WALTZ Stellar Cat 5422
134 NEW YEAR'S EVE Stellar Cat 5422
136 PRETTY PAPER Stellar Cat 5422
137 SILENT NIGHT MEDLEY Stellar Cat 5422
138 SEASONS Stellar Cat 5422
139 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Stellar Cat 5422
2008 [sessions for Never Forget] unknown -Pam Tillis
140 HOME MISSES YOU Seasong 808

Warner Brothers 1-23871 Above And Beyond The Doll Of Cutey:
Killer Comfort; Love Is Sneakin' Up On You; Make It Feel Better; Wish I Was In Love Tonight; You Don't Miss; Never Be The Same; (You Just Want To Be) Weird; Popular Girl; It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy; Let's Get Crazy - 06-83
Arista AL/ARCD-8642 Put Yourself In My Place: Put Yourself In My Place; Melancholy Child; Maybe It Was Memphis; Blue Rose Is; Don't Tell Me What To Do; One Of Those Things; Draggin' My Chains; Ancient History; I've Seen Enough To Know; Already Fallen - 22-01-91
Arista 07822-18649-2 Homeward Looking Angel: How Gone Is Goodbye; Shake The Sugar Tree; Do You Know Where Your Man Is; Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial; Love Is Only Human (w. Marty Roe); Rough And Tumble Heart; Let That Pony Run; Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love; We've Tried Everything Else; Homeward Looking Angel - 29-09-92
Warner Brothers 9 45355-2 Collection: Maybe It Was Memphis; One Of Those Things; I Thought I'd About Had It With Love; There Goes My Love; Sometimes A Stranger Will Do; Those Memories Of You; I Wish She Wouldn't Treat You That Way; Tennessee Nights; Five Minutes; Goodbye Highway - 11-01-94 (reissued in 2000 as Warner 47789-2 Super Hits)
Arista 07822-18758-2 Sweetheart's Dance: Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life); Sweetheart's Dance; Calico Plains; When You Walk In The Room; Spilled Perfume; I Was Blown Away; They Don't Break 'Em Like They Used To; In Between Dances; Better Off Blue; 'Til All The Lonely's Gone - 26-04-94
Arista 07822-18799-2 All Of This Love: Deep Down; Mandolin Rain; Sunset Red And Pale Moonlight; It's Lonely Out There; The River And The Highway; You Can't Have A Good Time Without Me; Betty's Got A Bass Boat; Tequila Mockingbird; No Two Ways About It; All Of This Love - 07-11-95
Arista 07822-18836-2 Greatest Hits: Land Of The Living*; All The Good Ones Are Gone*; Don't Tell Me What To Do; Maybe It Was Memphis; Shake The Sugar Tree; Let That Pony Run; Cleopatra Queen Of Denial; Spilled Perfume; When You Walk In The Room; In Between Dances; Mi Vida Loca; River And The Highway - 03-06-97 (*previously unissued on album)
Virginia 2-51975 Goldilocks And The Three Bears: Froggy's Country Storybook Theme Song; Happiest Girl (Bear) In The Whole U.S.A.; Down Home; The Wild One; That's Just About Right; Achy Breaky Heart; Sweet Dreams; I Wanna Love Somebody Like I Love You; Stranger In My House;. There's No Place Like Home; Froggy's Country Storybook Theme Song - 98
Arista 07822-18861-2 Every Time: I Said A Prayer; Every Time; You Put The Lonely On Me; Whisper And A Scream; Lay The Heartache Down; Hurt Myself; Not Me; Whiskey On The Wound; We Must Be Thinking Alike; After Hours; Great Disguise - 30-06-98
Arista 07822-18885-2 Super Hits: Don't Tell Me What To Do; Cleopatra Queen Of Denial; When You Walk In The Room; Deep Down; I Was Blown Away; Betty's Got A Bass Boat; We've Tried Everything Else; I've Seen Enough To Know; Rough And Tumble Heart - 23-03-99 (sampler)
Arista 07863-67000-2 Thunder & Roses: Jagged Hearts; Space; It Isn't Just Raining; Please; Tryin'; Thunder And Roses; Which Five Years; Be A Man; Off-White; I Smile; If I Didn't Love You; Bonus Track: Waiting On The Wind (w. Mel Tillis) - 06-03-01
Arista Nashville 07863-65110-2 RCA Country Legends: Arista Nashville 07863-65110-2 RCA Country Legends: Don't Tell Me What To Do; One Of Those Things ; Maybe It Was Memphis; Shake The Sugar Tree; Let That Pony Run; Spilled Perfume; When You Walk In The Room; Mi Vida Loca; I Was Blown Away; Fine Fine Very Fine Love; Sweetheart's Dance; Betty's Got A Bass Boat; Land Of The Living; It's Lonely Out There; You Can't Have A Good Time Without Me; Mandolin Rain- 09-04-02 (sampler)
Lucky Dog EK-86546 It's All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis: Burning Memories; So Wrong; Unmitigated Gall; Violet And A Rose; I Ain't Never; Not Like It Was With You; Mental Revenge; Heart Over Mind; Goodbye Wheeling; Emotions; Honey (Open That Door) / With Ray Benson; Detroit City; Come On And Sing - 03-09-02
Collectables COL-CD-9518 All American Country:Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life);Maybe It Was Memphis; Let That Pony Run; Spilled Perfume; Cleopatra, Queen of Denial; Betty's Got a Bass Boat; I Said a Prayer; The River and the Highway; A Whisper and a Scream;Waiting on the Wind (with Mel Tillis) - 25-05-04 (sampler)
Stellar Cat 858299 Rhinestoned: Something Burning Out; Band In The Window; Train Without A Whistle; Life Has Sure Changed Us Around (With John Anderson); Someone Somewhere Tonight; Down By The Water; Crazy By Myself; Bettin' Money On Love; That Was A Heartache; The Hard Way; Over My Head - 17-04-07
Stellar Cat 5422 Just In Time For Christmas: Have Yourself a Merry Lil' Christmas; Beautiful Night; Light of the World; Christmas Waltz; New Year's Eve; The Rockin' Christmas Medley (with Mel Tillis); Pretty Paper; Silent Night Medley; Seasons; I'll Be Home For Christmas - 21-08-07
Intercontinental 4099 Pam Tillis Live:Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life); Cleopatra Queen of Denial; I Said a Prayer; Shake the Sugar Tree; Calico Plains;Don't Tell Me What to Do; Maybe It Was Memphis; Blue Rose Is; Do You Know Where Your Man Is; Heartache; When You Walk in the Room; Spilled Perfume; Let That Pony Run; All the Good Ones Are Gone; In Between Dances - 07-02-06 (live, unknown recording info)
TGG Direct 10162 Pam Tillis Live: Mi Vida Loca [My Crazylife]; Shake the Sugar Tree;Don't Tell Me What To Do; Cleopatra, Queen of Denial;Walk In the Room;All the Good Ones Are Gone; In Between Dances; I Said a Prayer; Maybe It Was Memphis; River and the Highway - 15-04-08 (recorded in Nashville, 2004)
Allegro 210003 Queen Of Denial: Mi Vida Loca [My Crazy Life];Shake the Sugar Tree; Don't Tell Me What to Do; In Between Dances; Cleopatra, Queen of Denial; When You Walk in the Room; All the Good Ones Are Gone; I Said a Prayer; Do You Know Where Your Man Is; Maybe it Was Memphis - 14-07-09 (sampler, possibly live)

Elektra (1981)
E 47171 Every House Should Have One / Holding On To What Is Gone - 08-81
Warner Brothers (1983-87)
7-29643 Killer Comfort / (You Just Want To Be) Weird - 05-83
7-29517 Love Is Sneakin' Up On You / Wish I Was In Love Tonight - 09-83
7-29155 Goodbye Highway / Somebody Else's - 10-84
7-28984 One Of Those Things / One Way Ticket - 05-85
7-28806 Those Memories Of You / Drawn To The Fire - 12-85
7-28676 I Thought I'd About Had It With Love / Drawn To The Fire - 05-86
7-28444 I Wish She Wouldn't Treat You That Way / Drawn To The Fire - 01-87
7-28346 There Goes My Love / Drawn To The Fire - 04-87
Arista (1990-)
AS1-2129 Don't Tell Me What To Do / Melancholy Child - 10-90
AS-2203 One Of Those Things / Already Fallen - 02-91
12268-7 Put Yourself In My Place / I've Seen Enough To Know - 07-91
12371-7 Maybe It Was Memphis / Draggin' My Chains - 11-91
12408-7 Blues Rose Is / Ancient History - 03-92
12454-7 Shake The Sugar Tree / Maybe It Was Memphis - 07-92
12506-7 Let That Pony Run / Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love - 11-92
12552-7 Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial / Homeward Looking Angel - 16-04-93
12606-7 Do You Know Where Your Man Is / We've Tried Everything Else - 09-08-93
12676-7 Spilled Perfume / 'Til All The Lonely's Gone - 03-94
12726-7 When You Walk In The Room / 'Til All The Lonely's Gone - 18-07-94
12758-7 Silver Wings / The Running Kind - 10-94
12759-7 Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) / Ancient History - 11-94
12802-7 I Was Blown Away / Calico Plains - 02-95
12833-7 In Between Dances / They Don't Brake'em Like They Used To - 05-95
12878-7 Deep Down / Tequila Mockingbird - 09-95
12958-7 The River And The Highway / All Of This Love - 01-96
10505-7 It's Lonely Out There / You Can't Have A Good Time Without Me - 05-96
13045-7 Betty's Got A Boss Beat / Mandolin Rain - 09-96
13084-7 All The Good Ones Are Gone / Land Of The Living - 04-97
13125-7 I Said A Prayer / Lay The Heartache Down - 02-06-98
13129-7 Every Time / You Put The Lonely On Me - 08-98
3180 After A Kiss - 99 (CD promo only)
69052-7 Please / Thunder And Roses - 19-03-01
Lucky Dog (2002)
58292 So Wrong - 02 (CD promo only)

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