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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Art Pettibone

2nd version
by Dick Grant, Praguefrank


Ca 1964 unknown – Art T-Bone with Jimmie Luttrell’s Band-1/Art T-Bone and his spoons with Jimmie Luttrell’s Band (Arthur Allen “Art” Pettibone [vcl/ ] James “Jimmie” Luttrell [] + unknown musicians)
001 TB-10-A CLOUDS IN THE SKY -1 T-Bone TB-10
002 TB-10-B RED WING –instr.-  TB-10
February 1965 poss. Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone
003 ST-7313/ZTSB-100356 FOOTSTEPS  Nashville 5207 
004 ST-7314/ZTSB-100357 MOONLIGHT Nashville 5207
May 1965 Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
005 ST-7534/ZTSB-101125 PLUG ME    Nashville  5225
006 ST-7535 MOON ROCKET  Nashville 5252
007 ST-7536 FIRE FIRE FIRE  Nashville 5252
008 ST-7537/ZTSB-101126 CUMBERLAND MOUNTAIN  Nashville  5225
February 1966 Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
009 RL-6-7/SSL-17919 T-BONE SPOONS  NV 5278 Armed Forces Radio and Television Servive W-1853
010 RL-6-7/SSL-17919 CLOUDS IN THE SKY NV 5278 Armed Forces Radio and Television Servive W-1853
May 1967 Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
011 TRAVELLING SPOON MAN Nashville NV 5345
012 DON‘T WRITE ME A LETTER Nashville NV 5345
013 N-8541 KEY IN THE DOOR Nashville NV 5464
014 N-8542 FULL MOON Nashville NV 5464
ca late 1960s Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone
015 WORLD PLANETS Tiger TG 104
late 1960s Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
017 VOC 204 TIRED OF YOU Voice Of Country VOC 159
late 1960s Nashville, TN - Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
019 VOC-210 TEANEY: TINY BABY Voice Of The Country 150
020 VOC-211 IF I LOVED YOU WOULD YOU LOVE ME Voice Of The Country 150
1971 Nashville, TN – Art Pettibone (Producer: Tommy Hill)
021 ST-6367/SoN-101911 STILLNESS OF THE NIGHT Stop ST 1653 
022 ST-7368/SoN-101912 TAKE A LITTLE CHANCE ST 1653 

T-Bone (ca 1964) Art T-Bone
TB-10 Clouds In The Sky / Red Wing
Nashville (1965)
5207 Footsteps / Moonlight – 03-65
5225 Plug Me / Cumberland Mountain – 06-65
5252 Moon Rocket / Fire Fire Fire – 10-65
5278 T-Bone Spoons / Clouds In The Sky – 04-66
NV 5345 Travelling Spoon Man / Don’t Write Me A Letter – 08-67
NV 5464 Key In The Door / Full Moon – 11-67
TG 104 World Planets / Stillness Of The Night
Voice Of Country
VOC 150 If I Loved You Would You Love Me / Teaney: Tiny Baby
VOC 159 Tired Of You / The Day You Walked Away
Stop (1971)
ST-1653 Stillness Of the Night / Take A Little Chance - 71

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