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Friday, April 9, 2010

Aubrey Haynie

By Praguefrank

1997 1103 Studios, Nashville, TN – Aubrey Haynie [guitar, fiddle] (Don Rigsby [ten vcl], Gene Johnson [ten vcl], Ricky Skaggs [bar vcl], Alan O'Bryant [vcl/banjo], Dan Tyminski [vcl], Bryan Sutton [gt], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Scott Vestal/Bela Fleck/Kevin Haynie [banjo], Mike Compton [mandolin], Shannon Forrest [percussion]. Producer: Aubrey Haynie)
001 CHEROKEE SHUFFLE Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
002 DARK HOLLOW Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
003 LEAVIN' ROSINE Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
004 TOBACCO PATCH Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
005 TURKEY IN THE STRAW Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
006 MONTGOMERY BELL Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
007 DOIN' MY TIME Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
008 WHITE BLUFF Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
009 AUSTIN'S DREAM Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
010 CRACKER JACK Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
011 FOOLIN' AROUND Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
013 KENTUCKY HUSTLER Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
014 TROUBLE IN MIND Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870
Fall 1999 Recorded at 1103 Studios, Nashville, TN/Ol' Bunkhouse Studio, Nashville, TN/Doobie Shea Studios, Boones Mill, VA - Aubrey Haynie [mandolin, fiddle] (Ronnie Bowman, Tim O'Brien, Carl Jackson [vocals], Bryan Sutton [gt],Jerry Douglas/Rob Ickes [dobro], Béla Fleck/David Talbot/Kevin Haynie [banjo], Kenny Malone [percussion], Bobby Hicks [fiddle], Joey Miskulin [accordion])
015 CREEK'S A RISIN Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
016 SAM'S CREEK BLUES Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
019 THONOTOSASSA Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
020 CAN I GET AN AMEN Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
021 BUFFALO GALS Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
022 SONG FOR STACY Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
023 LAKELAND Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
024 HAPPY GO LUCKY Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
025 BUTCHER BOY Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
026 YEEHAW JUNCTION Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
027 ETERNAL BLUES Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
028 MAN MUST CARRY ON Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
029 GONE TO FERRUM Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
030 MAGGIE Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3908
29/31 May 2002 Quad Studios, Nashville, TN – Aubre Haynie [fiddle] (Tony Rice [gt], David Talbot [banjo], Sam Bush [mandolin]. Producer: Aubre Haynie)
033 MCHATTIE'S WALTZ Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
035 SMITH'S RAG Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
037 APRIL'S REEL Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
038 MAKE A LITTLE BOAT Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
039 OOKPIK WALTZ Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
040 LONG COLD WINTER Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
041 FIRST DAY IN TOWN Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957
042 BILL CHEATHAM Sugar Hill SUGCD-3957

Sugar Hill SH-CD-3870 Doin' My Time: Cherokee Shuffle; Dark Hollow; Leavin' Rosine; Tobacco Patch; Turkey In The Straw; Montgomery Bell; Doin' My Time; White Bluff; Austin's Dream; Cracker Jack; Foolin' Around; Forty Years Of Trouble; Kentucky Hustler; Trouble In Mind – 16-09-97
Sugar Hill SHCD-3908 A Man Must Carry On: Creek's A Risin; Sam's Creek Blues; Homesick And Lonesome; Tennessee Hardwood;Thonotosassa; Can I Get An Amen; Buffalo Gals; Song For Stacy; Lakeland; Happy Go Lucky; Butcher Boy; Yeehaw Junction; Eternal Blues; Man Must Carry On; Gone To Ferrum; Maggie – 21-03-00
Sugar Hill SHCD-3957 Bluegrass Fiddle Album: Buckner's Breakdown;Hamilton Special; McHattie's Waltz; Ducks on the Millpond; Smith's Rag; Bluegrass in the Backwoods; April's Reel; Make a Little Boat; Ookpik Waltz; Long Cold Winter;First Day in Town; Bill Cheatham – 11-03-03

Jeanette Hicks

by Praguefrank, Phil Watson, Richard Weize, Rick

February 1953 poss. Dallas, TX - Jeanette Hicks
001 CO 48952/ZSP-13209 I THINK OF YOU AND ME OKeh 4-18008
002 CO 48953?/ZSP-13210? HE KNOWS WHY OKeh 4-18021
003 CO 48954/ZSP-13211 STILL I LOST YOU OKeh 4-18008
004 CO 48955?/ZSP-13212? ALL I CARE ABOUT OKeh 4-18021
September 1953 poss. Jim Beck Studio, 1101 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX - Johnny Hicks, *Jeanette Hicks
005 CO 49984/JB 78? YOU ALL COME* Columbia 4-21177
006 CO 49985/JB 79? SIPPIN‘ CIDER 4-21177
July 1954 poss. Jim Beck Studio, 1914 Forest Ave., Dallas, TX - Jeanette Hicks
007 CO 51810/JB 212? JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES 4-21374
008 CO 51812/JB 214?/ZSP-32723 SUCH A WONDERFUL FEELING 4-21374
009 LIPSTICK ON A GLASS OKeh 4-18055
010 RINGLESS HAND OKeh 4-18055
22 March 1955 [11:00-14:00] Jim Beck Studio, 1914 Forest Ave., Dallas, TX - Billy Walker & Jeanette Hicks (Paul Buskirk [lead gt], Bobby Williamson [rh gt], Jimmy Kelley [steel], Harold Giersdorf [bass], Johnny Gimble [fiddle]. Producer: Don Law)
011 CO 53163/JB 278/ZSP-35996 WHICH ONE OF US IS TO BLAME* 4-21392
012 CO 53164/JB 279/ZSP-35997 LET'S MAKE MEMORIES TONIGHT* 4-21392
18 October 1955 [19:00-23:00] Jim Beck Studio, 1914 Forest Ave., Dallas, TX - Billy Walker & Jeanette Hicks (Paul Niswanger [gt], Bobby Penton [steel], Francis Mounce [bass], Bill Mounce [drums], Buddy Brady [fiddle], Carroll Hubbard [fiddle]. Producer: Don Law)
013 CO 54127/JB 329/JZSP-37260? BLUE MOUNTAIN WALTZ 4-21471
014 CO 54128/JB 330/JZSP-37261? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE 4-21471
ca. July 1956 Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock St., Houston, TX - George Jones, & Jeanette Hicks (Hal Harris [gt], Benny Barnes [rh gt], Herb Remington [steel], Buck Henson [bass], Link Davis [fiddle], ? [fiddle], Doc Lewis [piano].. Producer: Pappy Daily)
015 ST-2470/YW-14725* YEARNING 45-279/SLP-101 *71061 MG-20282
016 I'LL TAKE THE CHANCE Tops 288/SLP-102 SLP-151
September 1956 Gold Star Recording Studio, 5628 Brock St., Houston, TX- Jeanette Hicks
018 ST-2492 EXTRA-EXTRA 45-271
019 ST-2493/YW-14725* CRY CRY (IT’S GOOD FOR YOU) 45-271 71061X45*
020 ST-2494 SO NEAR (YET SO FAR AWAY) 45-279
possibly from this session:
022 REPENTING Dixie 518*
*on Dixie 518 uncredited
December 1957 Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock St., Houston, TX - George Jones & Jeanette Hicks (Producer: Pappy Daily)
023 YW-15039/PBE 1420 I’M WITH THE WRONG ONE* 71339x45/MG-20360 MG-20477 SR-60990 [alt.] CDCH 912


4-18008* I Think Of You / Still I Lost You – 05-53  (rev. May 16)
4-18021* He Knows Why / All I Care About - 53
4-21177 You All Come / (Johnny Hicks:) Sippin' Cider - 11-53
4-18055* Lipstick On A Glass (And A Half-Smoked Cigarette) / Ringless Hand - 54 (released on OKeh)
4-21374 Just Like In The Movies / Such A Wonderful Feeling - ca. 11-02-55 (
4-21392 Which One Of Us Is To Blame / Let's Make Memories Tonight - ca. 02-05-55 w. Billy Walker (rev. May 14)
4-21471 Blue Mountain Waltz / Why Does It Have To Be - 11-55 w. Billy Walker
Starday (1956)
45-271 Extra, Extra / Cry, Cry (It's Good For You) - 10-56 (rev. Oct. 20)
45-279 Yearning (w. George Jones) / So Near (Yet So Far Away) – 12-56 (rev. Dec. 8)
71061X45 Yearning (w. George Jones) / Cry, Cry (It's Good For You) - 57 (reissue, released on Starday-Mercury)


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