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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(Big) Bill Johnson

William J. Johnson
2nd version

by Dick Grant, Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Mario Manciotti

1956 Louisville, KY – Bill Johnson and The Kentucky Drifters with Buddy Meredith band and String Band accmp. (Bill Johnson [vcl/rh gt], Wayne Johnson [ld gt], Eddie Yokley [steel], Lonnie Pierce [bass], Bobby Meredith [fiddle])
001 45-1350A THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE YOU THE BEST ACME 1112 1275/Collector CLCD-2858
002 45-1350B IT'S ALL UP TO YOU ACME 1112 1275
ca February 1958 Leo Catholic School, Highland Park, Louisville, KY - Bill Johnson and The Dabblers (Bill Johnson [vcl/rh gt], Wayne Johnson [ld gt], Eddie Yokley [steel], Lonnie Pierce [bass], Bobby Meredith [fiddle])
003 *ST-6452 UMM BOY, YOU'RE MY BABY Starday Custom 45-699 *Nashville NV 5139/Ace CH-44 CDCHD-311
004 *45699 LONESOME DADDY BLUES Starday Custom 45-699 Nashville NV 5150*/Dixie CD-5555
1959 unknown – Bill Johnson
005 JUDAS BETRAYED JESUS Everglade 45-798
March 1963 Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Bill Johnson (Bill Johnson [vcl/rh gt], Kelso Herston [ld gt], Pete Drake [steel], Junior Huskey [bass], ? [drums], Hargus Robbins [piano]. Producer: Tommy Hill)
007 ST-6156 WASTED LIVES Nashville NV 5139
008 ST-6157 BIG BILL JOHNSON 5117
009 ST-6158 PITCHIN' WOO NV 5117/Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55189
010 ST-6159/ZTSB-83424 ALIMONY NV 5150
1964 King Recording Studio, 1540 Brewster Ave., Cincinnati, OH - "Big" Bill Johnson
011 SoN 4081 HOT ROD CAR Blue Angel BA 2004/Buffalo bop Bb-CD 55044 Collector CLCD 4469 Folkline 274-424-CD True Blue Rockabilly TBR002
012 SoN 4082 BIG BURLEY Blue Angel BA 2004/CLCD-4469
BLUE ANGEL RECORDS was based at Route 2, Smith Grove, Kentucky

1965 Louisville, KY- "Big" Bill Johnson
013 1218-45-2008-A I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU Blue Angel BA 2008
014 1218-45-2008-B BLAME LONELINESS Blue Angel BA 2008
1965 Lexington, KY - Big Bill Johnson with The Haycraft Sisters
015 SoN-17221WE CAN'T SAY HELLO REM 45-363
016 SoN 17222 SILVER QUEEN REM 45-363
1966 Lexington, KY - Big Bill Johnson (Producer: Bob Mooney)
1967 Louisville, KY - "Big" Bill Johnson
019 SN-017-1 JEFFERSON COUNTRY JAIL Snap 017 Blue Angel BA 1011
020 SN-017-2 THE HOUSE WHERE I USED TO LIVE Snap 017 Blue Angel BA 1011
1967 Spar Recording Studio, Baker Building. 110 21st Ave. South, Nashville, TN - "Big" Bill Johnson (Bill Johnson [vcl/rh gt], Joseph “Joe“ Edwards [ld gt], ? [steel], ? [bass], D. J. Fontana [drums])
021 BA-1014-A BEER BELLY BLUES Blue Angel BA 1014
022 BA-1014-B I KISSED MY GAL LAST NIGHT Blue Angel BA 1014
1969 Lexington, KY - "Big" Bill Johnson  (Producer: Bob Mooney)
023 9116 SET LT. CALLEY FREE REM 45-467
024 9117 PITCHIN' WOO 450467
1969 Lexington, KY - "Big" Bill Johnson
026 9439 BIG BILL JOHNSON 45-469
1970 Louisville, KY– Big Bill Johnson
027 PRP 22011 GOODBYE Marigold MG 004
028 PRP 22012 ALIMONY Marigold MG 004
MARIGOLD RECORDS based at P.O.Box 7192, Louisville, Kentucky

1981 Fuiltz Recording Studio, Fairdale, KY – Big Bill Johnson
029 AVON LADY Billy 100
there is also album The Leader Of The Band – details unknown


Sabine River UC0073 The Leader Of The Band: (details unknown) - cassette

ACME (1956)
1112 That's The Way I Like You The Best / It's All Up To You – 56 (reissued on ACME 1275)
Starday Custom (1958)
45-699 Umm Boy You're My Baby / Lonesome Daddy Blues – 05-58
Everglade (1959-Starday Custom)
45-798 Judas Betrayed Jesus / My Daddy Is A Drunkyard – 09-58
Nashville (1963)NV 5117 Big Bill Johnson / Pitchin’ Woo – 05-63
NV 5139 Umm, Boy, You're My Baby / Wasted Lives – 08-63
NV 5150 Alimony / Lonesome Daddy – 11-63
Blue Angel
BA-2004 Hot Rod Car / Big Burley – 64
BA-2008 I'm In Love With You / Blame Loneliness – 65
363 We Can't Say Hello / Silver Queen - 65
406 Cops And Robbers / For Just A Little While - 66
Snap (1967)
017 Jefferson Country Jail / The House Where I Used To Live – 67 (reissued on Blue Angel BA-1011)
Blue Angel (1967)
BA-1014 Beer Belly Blues / I Kissed My Gal Last Night - 67
Marigold (1970)
004 Goodbye / Alimony - 70

Billy (1981)
100 Avon Lady / Avon Lady (instrumental) - 81

Lee Kernaghan

Lee Raymond Kernaghan *15-04-1964 Corryong, Victoria, AUS
by Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Thieu Va De Vorst


1969 [radio show] unknown – Lee Kernaghan
1978 [demo sessions]
Unknown demos
1983 Kanangra Studios, Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan (Producer: Doug Trevor)
001 CHEATERS  Country Man CMS 892/Collection
002 ADVANCE AUSTRALIA AGAIN Country Man CMS 892/Collection
1985 unknown, AUS – Lee Kernaghan
004 WE’RE GONNA BE LOVERS Collection
1985 unknown, AUS – Lee Kernaghan and Ray Kernaghan
005 FAMILY TRADITION   ?/ABC  8002988
1986 [demo sessions] Nashville, TN – Lee Kernaghan (Producer: Bob Montgomery)
00602 HOTTER THAN HOT Collection
00604 ALMOST IN LOVE Collection
1986 [demo sessions] unknown – Lee Kernaghan (Producer: Garth Porter)
Ca 1986 unknown, AUS – Lee Kernaghan
1991 [demo sessions] unknown – Lee Kernaghan (Producer: Garth Porter)
Early 1992 Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan (Producer: Garth Porter)
013 BOYS FROM THE BUSH ABC 512 336-2  14042 8800919
014 HIGH COUNTRY ABC 512 336-2  14042 8800919
016 WALKIN' OUT WEST ABC 512 336-2  
017 COUNTRY GIRLS ABC 512 336-2  
020 REJECTED ABC 512 336-2  
April/July 1993 unknown, AUS – Lee Kernaghan, w. Slim Dusty [-1], Trisha Yearwood [-2] (Lee Kernaghan [vcl], Mark Punch [el gt/bck vcl], Rod McCormack [ac gt/el gt/mandolin/banjo], Colin Watson [el/ac gt], Lawrie Minson [el slide gt/dobro/harmonica/piano/accordion], Michael Rose [steel],  James Gillar [bass/bck vcl], Ian Lees/Jeff McCormack [bass], Merk Meyer [drums], Mick Albert [fiddle], Garth Porter [keyboards]. Producer: Garth Porter)
024 THE OUTBACK CLUB ABC 518 304-2  14042 8800919
025 THREE CHAIN ROAD ABC 518 304-2  14042 8800919
026 SHE'S MY UTE ABC 518 304-2  14042 8800919
027 DUST ON MY BOOTS ABC 518 304-2  
028 THE BURNING HEART ABC 518 304-2  
029 'CAUSE I'M COUNTRY ABC 518 304-2  
031 LEAVE HIM IN THE LONGYARD -1 ABC 518 304-2  14042 5144222192 8800919
032 SOUTHERN SON ABC 518 304-2  
033 BACK TO THE SHACK ABC 518 304-2  
034 COBAR LINE ABC 518 304-2  
035 WESTERN STARS ABC 518 304-2 
036 SAVE THE LAND -2 bonus disc
037 COPPERHEAD ROAD bonus disc
038 COMIN’ DOWN WITH YOU bonus disc
039 BOYS FROM BATHURST bonus disc
040 SADDLE BOY bonus disc
1995 Studios 301, Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan
041 SCRUBBASHIN ABC 4798092  8800919
042 JANINE ABC 4798092  
043 SHAKE ON IT ABC 4798092  8800919
044 COUNTRY CROWD ABC 4798092  8800919
045 DOCTOR ABC 4798092  
046 RACHEL'S BED ABC 4798092  
047 WHERE COUNTRY ABC 70382/4798092  
048 FREEDOM ROAD ABC 4798092  
049 SKINNY DIPPIN ABC 4798092  14042 8800919
050 THIS COWBOYS HAT ABC 4798092  8800919
052 1959 ABC 4798092 14042
Ca 1995 poss. Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan, w. Troy Cassar-Daley [-1], Marc Hunter [-2], Tania Kernaghan [-3],  Smoky Dawson [-4], Anne Kirkpatrick [-5]
053 WORKING FOR THE MAN -1 bonus disc
054 YOUNG YEARS -2 bonus disc
055 A BUSHMAN CAN'T SURVIVE -3 bonus disc
056 THE DAYS OF OLD KHANCOBAN -4 bonus disc
057 BOYS FROM BATHURST bonus disc
058 EMBERS OF THE FIRE bonus disc
059 COME BACK AGAIN -5 bonus disc
060 MARY'S BOY CHILD bonus disc
062 C'MON THE COWBOYS bonus disc

1997 Festival Studios, Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan, * w. Trisha Yearwood (Lee Kernaghan [vcl/Wurlitzer/], Rex Goh [ld gt],  Mark Punch [gt/bck vcl], Rod McCormack [ac gt/lap steel/banjo], Michel Rose [steel],  Ian Lees/Jeff McCormack [bass], James Gillard [bass/ac gt/bck vcl], John Watson/ Mark Meyer [drums], Mack Albeck [fiddle], Anthony Morgan [cello],   Lawrie Minson [harmonica/dobro], David Pritchard [piano], Robby McVee [bck vcl]+ Larry Muhoberac [strings arr.*]. Producer: Gart Porter) [overdubs at Paradise Studios, Melbourne, AUS]
063 HAT TOWN ABC 93846-2   14042
065 GOONDIWINDI MOON* ABC 93846-2  14042 8800919
066 A FEW OF US LEFT ABC 93846-2  
067 WHEN THE SNOW FALLS ON THE ALICE ABC 93846-2  14042 8800919
068 CHANGI BANJO ABC 93846-2  8800919
069 COWGIRLS DO ABC 93846-2  8800919
070 GETTIN' GONE ABC 93846-2  14042 8800919
072 THE WESTERN BEAT ABC 93846-2  
073 LONGREACH ABC 93846-2  
074 LONELYVILLE ABC 93846-2 
1998 Paradise, ?/Garth’s Studio, ?/ Studios 301, Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan, w. Gina Jeffreys, Tanya Kernaghan, Troy Dann [-1], Robbie McKelvie [-2] (Lee Kernaghan [vcl/piano], Rod McCormack [gt/banjo/mandolin], Mark Punch [el gt/mandocello/bck vcl], Lawrie Minson [dobro], Michel Rose [steel], James Gillard [bass/bck vcl], Jeff McCormack/Ian Less [bass], Mitch Farmer [drums], Mark Meyer [drums], David Armstrong [percussion/glockenspiel], Mick Albeck [fiddle], Rachel Valentine/Peter Morrison [cello], David Pritchard [keyboards], Andy Bickerts [sax]. Producer: Garth Porter)
075 SANTA CLAUS IS BACK IN TOWN ABC 98040-2  3798306
077 MARY'S BOY CHILD ABC 98040-2  3798306
078 MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS -1 ABC 98040-2  3798306
079 CHRISTMAS WALTZ ABC 98040-2  3798306
081 BLUE CHRISTMAS ABC 98040-2  
083 O' LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM -2 ABC 98040-2  3798306
084 SILENT NIGHT ABC 98040-2  
085 WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS ABC 98040-2  3798306
086 AWAY IN A MANGER ABC 98040-2
2001 unknown – Vanessa Smorosi and Lee Kernaghan
2001 unknown – Lee Kernaghan
091 CUNNAMULLA FELLER EMI 24618-2 8800919
095 WINTER WINDS EMI 24618-2
099 CAMOOWEAL EMI 24618-2
2002 Rancom Street Studios, ?/The Castle Studios, Franklin, TN/Studios 301, Sydney AUS/ The Vault, ? – Lee Kernaghan (Lee Kernaghan [vcl], Larry Byrom [gt], Rod McCormack [gt/mandolin], Brendan Radford [ac gt], J.T Corenflos [gt], Jack Jones [el gt], John Jorgansen [el gt], Stewart French [el gt], Lawrie Minson [slide gt], Dan Dugmore [dobro], Mike Johnson [steel/pedabro], Michel Rose [steel], Joe Creighton [bass gt], James Gillard [bass gt/bck vcl], John Watson/ Mitch Farmer/ Rudy Miranda [drums], Sam Bacco/ Garth Porter [percussion], Adrian Wallis [cello], Mick Albeck [fiddle], Glenn Duncan [fiddle/mandolin],  Jim Hoke [harmonica],  Tony Harrel [piano/organ/synthesizer], Curtis Wright, Glen Hannah, John Wesley Ryles, Mark Punch, Robyn McKelvie [bck vcl]. Producer: Garth Porter)
104 THE WAY IT IS  Universal 12432  14042 8800919
105 ELECTRIC RODEO  Universal 12432  14042 8800919
106 SOMETHING IN THE WATER  Universal 12432  14042 8800919
107 AN ORDINARY BLOKE  Universal 12432  
108 BAPTISE THE UTE  Universal 12432  8800919
109 LONG NIGHT  Universal 12432  
110 ROCK MY WORLD  Universal 12432  8800919
111 A HANDFUL OF DUST  Universal 12432  
112 THAT OLD CARAVAN  Universal 12432  
113 WILD SIDE OF LIFE  Universal 12432  
114 SING YOU BACK HOME  Universal 12432  
115 TEXAS, QLD  Universal 12432  14042
116 THE ODYSSEY  Universal 12432   8800919
Ca 2002 unknown – Lee Kernaghan, w. Travis Sinclair [-1], Catherine Britt [-2]
117 I’M FROM THE COUNTRY -1 bonus multimedia disc ABC 14042
118 THIS IS THE OUTBACK bonus multimedia disc
119 SPIRIT OF THE HIGH COUNTRY bonus multimedia disc
120 MATE bonus multimedia disc Universal 8800919
121 LOVE HURTS -2 bonus multimedia disc
122 DIAMANTINA DROVER bonus multimedia disc
123 CONARGO CHICAGO bonus multimedia disc
124 BOYS FROM BATHURST bonus multimedia disc
125 IN MY NEXT LIFE bonus multimedia disc
ca 2002 [live] Gymple Muster, ? – Lee Kernaghan
12501 GREAT BALLS OF FIRE  bonus multimedia disc
2004 or sooner – unknown – Lee Kernaghan, w. Colin Buchanan [-1],
126 MISSIN‘ SLIM -1 ABC 70382/14042 8800919
127 DOWN UNDER  ABC 14042
2006 Sydney, AUS/Nashville, TN – Lee Kernaghan, w. Daryl Braithwaite [-1],  Robyn McKelvie [-2], Trisha Yearwood [-3] (Lee Kernaghan [vcl], Bryan Sutton [gt], Steve Sheehan [gt], Rod McCormack [gt], Jimmy Carter/ James Gillard [bass], John Watson/ Steve Brewster [drums] + more unknown musicians. Producer: Garth Porter)
128 WHERE I COME FROM Warner 5101131042  
129 LISTEN TO THE RADIO Warner 5101131042   8800919
130 THE NEW BUSH -1 Warner 5101131042  8800919
131 DIAMANTINA DREAM -3 Warner 5101131042  8800919
132 LOVE SHACK Warner 5101131042  [radio edit:] 8800919
133 WESTERN WORLD Warner 5101131042  
134 I'LL REMEMBER YOU Warner 5101131042  
135 LIVIN' IN AUSTRALIA Warner 5101131042  
136 LITTLE MAN -2 Warner 5101131042  
137 LIKE ANGELS Warner 5101131042  
138 ON THE BEACH Warner 5101131042  
139 WHEN COUNTRY COMES Warner 5101131042  
140 CLOSE AS A WHISPER (THE GIFT) Warner 5101131042  8800919
2007 Sydney, AUS/Nashville, TN – Lee Kernaghan, w. Adam Brand [-1], Steve Forde [-2], (Lee Kernaghan [vcl], Bryan Sutton [gt], Steve Sheehan [gt], Rod McCormack [gt], Jimmy Carter/ James Gillard [bass], John Watson/ Steve Brewster [drums] + more unknown musicians. Producer: Garth Porter)
141 SPIRIT OF THE BUSH -1-2 ABC 5144222192 8800919
142 LIFE WILL BRING YOU HOME -1 ABC 5144222192
143 AUSSIE PHILOSOPHY -2 ABC 5144222192
145 SPIRIT OF THE BUSH ABC 5144222192 
2009 Sydney, AUS/Nashville, TN – Lee Kernaghan, w. Dierks Bentley [-1] (Lee Kernaghan [vcl], Bryan Sutton [gt], Steve Sheehan [gt], Rod McCormack [gt], Jimmy Carter/ James Gillard [bass], John Watson/ Steve Brewster [drums] + more unknown musicians. Producer: Garth Porter)
146 PLANET COUNTRY ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
147 LOVE IN THE TIME OF DROUGHT ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
148 PEOPLE LIKE US ABC 8000288 8002988
149 DIRT ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
150 GOLD ABC 8000288 8002988
151 SCARS -1 ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
152 SOMETHING RIGHT ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
153 COWGIRL ABC 8000288 8002988
154 THE OLD BLOCK ABC 8000288 8002988
155 AUSTRALIAN BOY ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
156 GIRLS GONE WILD ABC 8000288 8002988
158 I MILK COWS ABC 8000288 8002988 8800919
2009 or 2010 unknown – Lee Kernaghan, w. Robyn McKelvie [-1]
160 FIRE -1 ABC  8002988 8800919
162 KEROSENE LANE ABC  8002988 
164 TALK OF THE TOWN ABC  8002988
2009-2010 [live-CMC Rocks The Snowy] unknown – Lee Kernghan
16404 GREAT BALLS OF FIRE ABC  8002988 8800919
16402 SPIRIT OF THE BUSH  ABC  8002988
16403 TEXAS QLD 4385 ABC  8002988  8800919
2011-2012 Sydney, AUS/Nashville, TN – Lee Kernaghan
165 BEAUTIFUL NOISE ABC  8800973  
166 DIRT MUSIC ABC  8800973
168 KEEPING ON ABC  8800973
169 UTE ME ABC  8800973
170 SPLASH ABC  8800973
172 IT'S ONLY COUNTRY ABC  8800973
173 NEW KIND OF HIGH ABC  8800973
174 PARTY TOWN ABC  8800973
2014 unknown, AUS – Lee Kernaghan
176 JINGLE BELL ROCK ABC 3798306  
178 O' CHRISTMAS BUSH ABC 3798306  
181 THREE DROVERS ABC 3798306  

2014 Rancom Street Studio, Sydney, AUS – Lee Kernaghan [-1], George Sheppard [-2], Sara Storer [-3], John Schuman [-4], Teddy Sheehan [-5], Lisa McCune [-6], Fred Smith [-7], Ben Roberts-Smith [-8], Guy Sbeastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll, Megan Washington [-9]

000 FOR KING AND COUNTRY -2 ABC 364630 364638
182 TO THE TOP OF THE HILL -1 ABC 364630 364638
000 SONG FOR GRACE -3 ABC 364630 364638
183 WE'LL TAKE BEERSHEBA -1 ABC 364630 364638
184 OH PASSCHENDAELE -1 ABC 364630 364638
185 WHEN THE FIRST BOMBS FELL -1 ABC 364630 364638
186 BEING YOUR SONS -1 ABC 364630 364638
187 ONLY THE BRAVE ONES -1-4 ABC 364630 364638
188 FOREVER EIGHTEEN -1-5 ABC 364630 364638
189 WE HEARD A BUGLE PLAY -1 ABC 364630 364638
190 TELL CARMELITA -1 ABC 364630 364638    
191 THE UNBEARABLE PRICE OF WAR -1-6 ABC 364630 364638
192 THE DUST OF URUZGAN -1-7 ABC 364630 364638
193 I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU -1 ABC 364630 364638
194 LEST WE FORGET -1-8 ABC 364630 364638
195 SPIRIT OF THE ANZACS -1-9 ABC 364630 364638
196 AS IF HE KNOWS ABC 364638
199 THE LAST POST ABC 364638



? Lee Kernaghan Collection: Back to Strangers; Almost in Love; Some Hearts Learn the Hard Way;  We’re Gonna be Lovers; I Still Dream About You;  Cheaters; Hotter than Hot;  It’s Almost Like I’m Loving You Again; It Never Rains, it Pours; Advance Australia Again (tracks unknown) – 86 (cassette)

ABC Music [AUS] 512 336-2 The Outback Club: Boys From The Bush; High Country; She Waits By The Sliprails (The Bush Girl); Walkin' Out West; Country Girls; Country's Really Big These Days; You're The Reason I Never Saw Hank Jnr Play; Rejected; Scots Of The Riverina; You Don't Have To Go To Memphis; Searchin' For Another You – 92

ABC Music [AUS] 518 304-2 Three Chain Road: The Outback Club; Three Chain Road; She's My Ute; Dust On My Boots; The Burning Heart; 'Cause I'm Country; Collingullie Station; Leave Him In The Longyard; Southern Son; Back To The Shack; Cobar Line; Western Stars – 93 (also as double CD woth bonus tracks:  Save the Land (with Trisha Yearwood); Copperhead Road; Comin’ Down with You; Boys from Bathurst; Saddle Boy)

ABC Music [AUS] 4798092  1959: Scrubbashin; Janine; Shake On It; Country Crowd; Doctor; Rachel's Bed; Where Country; Freedom Road; Skinny Dippin; This Cowboys Hat; The Rope That Pulls The Wind; 1959 – 95 (also as double CD with bonus disc: Working for the man (with Troy Cassar-Daley); Young years (with Marc Hunter); A bushman can't survive (with Tania Kernaghan); The days of old Khancoban (with Smoky Dawson); Boys from Bathurst; Embers of the fire; Come back again (with Anne Kirkpatrick); Mary's boy child; Will the circle be unbroken?; C'mon the cowboys)

ABC  [AUS] 7243 4 93846 2 0 Hat Town: Hat Town; Bare Essentials; Goondiwindi Moon; A Few Of Us Left; When The Snow Falls On The Alice; Changi Banjo; Cowgirls Do; Gettin' Gone; Pass The Bottle 'Round; The Western Beat; Longreach; Lonelyville – 05-01-98

ABC Country [AUS] 7243-4-98040-2-9 The Christmas Album: Santa Claus Is Back In Town; It Must Be Christmas; Mary's Boy Child; Merry Merry Christmas (with Gina Jeffreys; Tania Kernaghan and Troy Dann); Christmas Waltz; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Blue Christmas; It Still Feels Like Christmas To Me; O' Little Town Of Bethlehem (with Robbie McKelvie); Silent Night; We Wish You A Merry Christmas; Away In A Manger – 23-11-98

EMI [AUS] 7243-5-24618-2-0 Rules Of The Road: Losin' My Blues Tonight; Darwin Jailhouse Window; Rules Of The Road; Cunnamulla Feller; That's The Kind Of Life I Live; Where The White Faced Cattle Roam; The Glass On The Bar; Winter Winds; Aussie Doghouse Blues; By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal; Overlander Trail; Camooweal; Following The Light; A Bushman Can't Survive; Days Of Old Khancoban; Leave Him In The Longyard – 07-05-01

Universal [AUS] 12432 Electric Rodeo: Way It Is; Electric Rodeo; Something In The Water; An Ordinary Bloke; Baptiste The Ute; Long Night; Rock My World; A Handful Of Dust; That Old Caravan; Wild Side Of Life; Sing You Back Home; Texas, Qld; The Odyssey  – 02 (also with bonus multimdia disc:  I’m from the Country (with Travis Sinclair);  This is the Outback;  Spirit of the High Country; Mate;  Love Hurts (with Catherine Britt);  Diamantina Drover;  Conargo Chicago;  Boys from Bathurst;  In My Next Life;  Great Balls of Fire (live from Gympie Muster); Electric Rodeo Documentary)

ABC [AUS] 14042 Big Ones - Greatest Hits Volume 1: Hat Town; Boys From The Bush; Something In The Water; Goondiwindi Moon; The Way It Is; Him In The Longyard; She's My Ute; When The Snow Falls On The Alice; High Country; Skinny Dippin'; 1959; Gettin' Gone; I'm From The Country (With Travis Sinclair); Three Chain Road; She Waits By The Sliprails (The Bush Girl); Texas Qld 4385; Electric Rodeo; The Outback Club; Missin' Slim (With Colin Buchanan); Down Under – 04

Warner Music Australia [AUS] 5101131042 The New Bush: Where I Come From; Listen To The Radio;  The New Bush (With Daryl Braithwaite); Diamantina Dream; Love Shack; Western World; I'll Remember You; Livin' In Australia; Little Man (With Robyn Mckelvie); Like Angels; On The Beach; When Country Comes; Close As A Whisper (The Gift) – 29-04-06

ABC [AUS] 5144222192 Spirit Of The Bush: Spirit Of The Bush (With Adam Brand and Steve Forde); Leave Him In The Longyard (With Slim Dusty)  Life Will Bring You Home (With Adam Brand); Aussie Philosophy (With Steve Forde); Down To Earth Documentary; Spirit Of The Bush – 14-07-07

ABC [AUS] 8000288 Planet Country: Planet Country; Love In The Time Of Drought; People Like Us; Dirt; Gold; Scars (w. Dierks Bentley); Something Right; Cowgirl; The Old Block; Australian Boy; Girls Gone Wild; A Place For Me (Planet Country Reprise); I Milk Cows (Bonus track) – 06-11-09 (recorded at Sydney and Nashville. Reissued as ABC 8002988 Planet Country De Luxe Edition in 2011 with bonus CD: Bringing The Music Home (Pubs, Clubs and Carparks Tour Theme); Fire (With Robyn McKelvie); Feeling Pretty Naked; Kerosene Lane;  My Outback World (Opening Theme: RM Williams Outback Spectacular); Great Balls Of Fire (Live At CMC Rocks The Snowys); Spirit Of The Bush (Live At CMC Rocks The Snowys); Talk Of The Town; Family Tradition (With Ray Kernaghan); Texas QLD 4385 (Live At CMC Rocks The Snowys))

Universal [AUS] 8800919 Ultimate Hits: Boys From The Bush;  Dirt; Goondiwindi Moon (with Trisha Yearwood); She's My Ute; The Way It Is; High Country;  Love In The Time Of Drought;  Cunnamulla Fella;  Scars;  Listen To The Radio;  Changi Banjo;  Getting' Gone;  Leave Him In The Longyard (with Slim Dusty);  You Rock My World;  Three Chain Road; Scrubbashin';  Mate; Country Crowd;  Skinny Dippin';  This Cowboy's Hat;  Australian Boy; Planet Country;  Fire (Lee and Robby);  Spirit of the Bush (with Adam Brand and Steve Forde);  Baptise The Ute; When The Snow Falls On The Alice; Something In The Water; I Milk Cows; Shake On It; Hat Town;  Something Right;  The New Bush;  Close As A Whisper (The Gift);  Love Shack (Groove Mix - Radio Edit);  Cowgirls Do;  Diamantina Dream (with Trisha Yearwood);  Great Balls Of Fire (Live at CMC Rocks);  Electric Rodeo;  Missin' Slim (with Colin Buchanan);  Texas QLD 4385; The Outback Club;  The Odyssey - 30-09-11 (double)

ABC [AUS] 8800973 Beautiful Noise: Beautiful Noise;  Dirt Music; Bang Bang (Shooting From The Heart); Keeping On; Ute Me; Splash; Flying With The King; It's Only Country; New Kind Of High; Party Town; Peace Love and Country – 19-10-12

ABC [AUS]  3798306 Driving Home For Christmas:  Jingle Bell Rock; Driving Home for Christmas; Santa Claus Is Back in Town; O' Christmas Bush; I'll Be Home for Christmas; Merry Merry Christmas; Mary's Boy Child; It Still Feels Like Christmas Time to Me; Cunnamulla Santa; O' Little Town of Bethlehem; Christmas Waltz; We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Three Drovers – 31-10-14

ABC [AUS] 364630 Spirit Of The Anzacs: For King And Country (George Sheppard); To The Top Of The Hill; Song For Grace (Sara Storer); We'll Take Beersheba;Oh Passchendaele; When The First Bombs Fell; Being Your Sons; Only The Brave Ones (w. John Schumann and Kokoda);  Forever Eighteen (w. Teddy Sheehan); We Heard A Bugle Play; Tell Carmelita;    The Unbearable Price Of War (w. Lisa McCune); The Dust Of Uruzgan (w. Fred Smith); I Will Always Be With You; Lest We Forget (w. Ben Roberts-Smith, VC, MG); Spirit Of The Anzacs (Lee Kernaghan, Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll and Megan Washington) – 13-03-15 (also deluxe double CD version on ABC 364638 with bonus tracks: As If He Knows; Changi Banjo; I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Green Light); The Last Post )


Country Man
CMS 892 Cheaters / Advance Australia Again - 83
Back to Strangers / We’re Gonna be Lovers - 85
70382 Missin‘ Slim (w. Colin Buchanan); Where Country Is;  Still Here To Give It My Best [Colin Buchanan]; Losin' My Blues Tonight – 04

Beach Boys - part 2

Capitol T/DT-1808 Surfin’ Safari: Surfin’ Safari; County Fair; Ten Little Indians; Chug-A-Lug; Little Miss America (Little Girl You’re My Miss America); 409; ; Surfin’; Heads You Win-Tails I Lose; Summertime Blues; Cuckoo Clock; Moon Dawg; The Shift – 29-10-62
Capitol T/ST-1890 Surfin’ U.S.A.: Surfin’ U.S.A.; Farmer’s Daughter; Misirlou; Stoked; Lonely Sea; Shut Down; Noble Surfer; Honky Tonk; Lana; Surf Jam; Let’s Go Trippin’; Finders Keepers – 25-03-63
Capitol T/ST-1981 Surfer Girl: Surfer Girl; Catch A Wave; The Surfer Moon; South Bay Surfer; The Rocking Surfer; The Little Deuce Coupe; ; In My Room; Hawaii; Surfer’s Rule; Our Car Club; Your Summer Dream; Boogie Woodie – 23-09-63
Capitol T/ST-1998 Little Deuce Coupe: Little Deuce Coupe; Ballad Of Ole’ Betsy; Be True To Your School; Car Crazy Cutie; Cherry Cherry Coupe; 409; ; Shut Down; Spirit Of America; Our Car Club; No-Go Showboat; A Young Man Is Gone; Custom Machine – 21-10-63
Capitol T/ST-2027 Shut Down-Volume 2: Fun, Fun, Fun; Don’t Worry Baby; In The Parkin’ Lot; Cassius Jones Vs. Sonny Wilson; The Warmth Of The Sun; This Car Of Mine; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Pom, Pom Play Girl; Keep An Eye On Summer; Shut Down (Part II); Louie, Louie; Denny’s Drums – 16-03-64
Capitol T/ST-2110 All Summer Long: I Get Around; All Summer Long; Hushabye; Little Honda; We’ll Run Away; Carl’s Big Chance; ; Wendy; Do You Remember?; Girls On The Beach; Drive-In; Our Favorite Recording Sessions; Don’t Back Down – 13-07-64
Capitol TAO/STAO-2198 Beach Boys Concert: Fun, Fun, Fun; The Little Old Lady From
Pasadena; Little Deuce Coupe; Long, Tall Texan; In My Room; The Monster Mash; Let’s Go Trippin’; Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow; The Wanderer; Hawaii; Graduation Day; I Get Around; Johnny B. Goode – 19-10-64
Capitol T/ST-2164 The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album: The Little Saint Nick; The Man With All The Toys; Santa’s Beard; Merry Christmas, Baby; Christmas Day; Frosty The Snowman; We Three Kings Of Orient Are; Blue Christmas; Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town; White Christmas; I’ll Be Home For Christmas; Auld Lang Syne – 16-11-64 (reissued in 1998 as part of Ultimate Christmas album)
Capitol T/DT-2269 The Beach Boys Today!: Do You Wanna Dance?; Good To My Baby; Don’t Hurt My Little Sister; When I Grow Up; Help Me, Rhonda; Dance, Dance, Dance; ; Please Let Me Wonder; I’m So Young; Kiss Me, Baby; She Knows Me Too Well; In The Back Of My Mind; Bull Session With The Big Daddy – 08-03-65
Capitol T/DT-2354 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!): The Girl From New York City; Amusement Parks U.S.A.; Then I Kissed Her; Salt Lake City; Girl Don’t Tell Me; Help Me, Rhonda (Single Record Version); California Girls; Let Him Run Wild; You’re So Good To Me; Summer Means New Love (Instrumental); I’m Bugged At My Ol’ Man; And Your Dream Comes True – 28-06-65
Capitol MAS/DMAS-2398 Beach Boys’ Party!: (Baby) Hully Gully; I Should Have Known Better; Tell Me Why; Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow; Mountain Of Love; You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away; Devoted To You; ; Alley Oop; There’s No Other (Like My Baby); Medley: I Get Around; Little Deuce Coupe; The Times They Are AChangin’; Barbara Ann – 08-11-65
Capitol T/DT-2458 Pet Sounds: Wouldn’t It Be Nice; You Still Believe In Me; That’s Not Me; Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder); I’m Waiting For The Day; Let’s Go Away For Awhile; Sloop John B.; God Only Knows; I Know There’s An Answer; Here Today; I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times; Pet Sounds; Caroline, No – 16-05-66
Capitol T/DT-2545 Best Of The Beach Boys: Surfin’ U.S.A.; Catch A Wave; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; In My Room; Little Honda; ; Fun, Fun, Fun; The Warmth Of The Sun; Louie, Louie; Kiss Me, Baby; You’re So Good To Me; Wendy – 05-07-66
Capitol T/DT-2580 Smile: Do You Like Worms?; Wind Chimes; Heroes And Villains; Surfs Up; Good Vibrations; Cabin Essence; Wonderful; I’m In Great Shape; The Elements; Vega-Tables; The Old Master Painter – 66 (unissued, only covers printed)
Capitol T/DT-2706 Best Of The Beach Boys Volume 2: Barbara Ann; When I Grow Up; Long, Tall Texan; Please Let Me Wonder; 409; Let Him Run Wild; ; Don’t Worry Baby; Surfin’ Safari; Little Saint Nick; California Girls; Help Me, Rhonda; I Get Around – 31-07-67
Capitol DTCL 2813 The Beach Boys Deluxe Set 1967: (The Beach Boys Today! (1965), Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965), Pet Sounds) - 10-67 (3 LP, sampler)
Brother T/ST-9001 Smiley Smile: Heroes And Villains; Vegetables; Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony) (Instrumental); She’s Goin’ Bald; Little Pad; Good Vibrations; With Me Tonight; Wind Chimes; Gettin’ Hungry; Wonderful; Whistle In – 11-09-67 (reissued on Capitol T/ST 2891 in 1968)
Capitol T/ST-2859 Wild Honey: Wild Honey; Aren’t You Glad; I Was Made To Love Her; Country Air; A Thing Or Two; ; Darlin’; I’d Love Just Once To See You; Here Comes The Night; Let The Wind Blow; How She Boogalooed It; Mama Says – 18-12-67
Capitol DKAO 2893 Stack-O-Tracks: Darlin'; Salt Lake City; Sloop John B; In My Room; Catch A Wave; Wild Honey; Little Saint Nick; ; Do It Again; Wouldn't It Be Nice; God Only Knows; Surfer Girl; Little Honda; Here Today; You're So Good To Me; Let Him Run Wild - 08-68 (tracks only)
Capitol ST 2895 Friends: Meant For You; Friends; Wake The World; Be Here In The Mornin’; When A Man Needs A Woman; Passing By; Anna Lee, The Healer; Little Bird; Be Still; Busy Doin’ Nothin’; Diamond Head; Transcendental Meditation – 10-06-68
Capitol DKAO 2945 Best Of The Beach Boys Volume 3: God Only Knows; Dance, Dance,
Dance; 409; The Little Girl I Once Knew; Frosty the Snowman; Girl Don’t Tell Me; Surfin’; Heroes And Villains; She Knows Me Too Well; Darlin’; Good Vibrations – 05-08-68
Capitol SKAO-133 20/20: Do It Again; I Can Hear Music; Bluebirds Over The Mountains; Be With Me; All I Want To Do; The Nearest Faraway Place; Cotton Fields; I Went To Sleep; Time To Get Alone; Never Learn Not To Love; Our Prayer; Cabinessence - 27-01-69
Capitol SWBB-253 Close Up: Surfin' USA and All Summer Long – 21-07-69 (double, sampler)
Capitol [UK] ST-21715 Live In London: Darlin'; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Sloop John B; California Girls; Do It Again; Wake The World; Aren't You Glad; Bluebirds Over The Mountain; Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring; Good Vibrations; God Only Knows; Barbara Ann - 05-70 (US issue in 1976 as ST 11584 The Beach Boys ’69)
Pickwick SPC-3221 Summertime Blues: Finder's Keepers; Farmer's Daughter; Moon Dawg; Ten Little Indians; Lana; Misirlou; Summertime Blues; The Coo Coo Clock; Chug-A-Lug; Honky Tonk; Heads You Win-Tails I Lose – 07-70 (sampler)
Capitol ST-442 Good Vibrations: Good Vibrations; I Can Hear Music; In My Room; Sloop John B; The Girl From New York City; Heroes And Villains; Surfer Girl; I Get Around; California Girls; Barbara Ann – 08-70
Brother/Reprise RS-6382 Sunflower: Slip On Through; This Whole World; Add Some Music To Your Day; Got To Know The Woman; Deirdre; It's About Time; Tears In The Morning; All I Wanna Do; Forever; Our Sweet Love; At My Window; Cool, Cool Water – 08-70 (UK issue on Stateside SSL 8251)
Supraphon [CS] 1 13 0675 The Beach Boys: Barbara Ann; Girls On The Beach; Fun, Fun, Fun; In My Room; California Girls; Do It Again; Help Me Rhonda; Sloop John B.; God Only Knows; You Still Believe In Me; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Bluebirds Over The Mountain; Heroes And Villains; I'm Waiting For The Day; Good Vibrations - 70 (sampler)
Pickwick SPC 3269 Good Vibrations: Good Vibrations; Dance, Dance, Dance; 409; The Little Girl I Once Knew; Girl Don't Tell Me; God Only Knows; Heroes And Villains; She Knows Me Too Well; Darlin' – 70 (reissued in 1973 as part of PTP-2059)
Capitol STBB-701 Fun, Fun, Fun/Dance, Dance, Dance: Fun, Fun, Fun; Don't Worry Baby; The Warmth Of The Sun; This Car Of Mine; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Pom, Pom Play Girl; Keep An Eye On Summer; Shut Down, Part II; Louie, Louie; Denny's Drums; Do You Wanna Dance?; Good To My Baby; Don't Hurt My Little Sister; When I Grow Up; Help Me, Rhonda; Dance, Dance, Dance; Please Let Me Wonder; I'm So Young; Kiss Me, Baby; She Knows Me Too Well – 71 (double, sampler)
Brother/Reprise RS-6453 Surf’s Up: Don't Go Near The Water; Long Promised Road; Take A Load Off Your Feet; Student Demonstration Time; Disney Girls (1957) ; Feel Flows; Lookin' At Tomorrow; A Day In The Life Of A Tree; Til I Die; Surf's Up - 08-71 (UK issue on Stateside SSL 10313)
Pickwick SPC-3309 Wow! Great Concert! "High Water": Fun, Fun, Fun; Little Deuce Coupe; Long, Tall Texan; In My Room; The Monster Mash; Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow; The Little Old Lady From Pasedena; Graduation Day; I Get Around – 72 (all tracks from STAO 2198, reissued in 1973 as part of PTP-2059))
Brother/Reprise 2MS-2083 Carl And The Passions - So Tough: You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone Here She Comes He Come Down Marcella Hold On Dear Brother Make It Good All This Is That Cuddle Up + reissue of Pet Sounds – 15-05-72 (double. UK issue as single album (without Pet Sounds) on Reprise K 44184, Australian on Reprise MS 2090)
Brother/Reprise MS 2118 Holland: Sail On, Sailor; Steamboat; California Saga: Big Sur; California Saga: The Beaks Of Eagles; California Saga: California; The Trader; Leaving This Town; Only With You; Funky Pretty – 08-01-73 (initial issue contained also EP MS 2118 with tracks: Mt Vernon And Fairway – Theme; I'm The Pied Piper; Better Get Back In Bed; Magic Transistor Radio; I'm The Pied Piper; Radio King Dom. UK issue on Reprise K54008)
Pickwick SPC 3351 Surfer Girl: Surfer Girl; Alley Oop; Your Summer Dream; Spirit Of America; Hawaii; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; All Summer Long; Wendy; Be True To Your School – 73 (sampler)
Capitol SVBB-11307 Endless Summer: Surfin' Safari; Surfer Girl; Catch A Wave; The Warmth Of The Sun; Surfin' U.S.A.; Be True To Your School; Little Deuce Coupe; In My Room; Shut Down; Fun, Fun, Fun; I Get Around; The Girls On The Beach; Wendy; Let Him Run Wild; Don't Worry Baby; California Girls; Girl Don't Tell Me; Help Me, Rhonda; You're So Good To Me ; All Summer Long – 73 (double)
Brother/Reprise 2MS 6484 In Concert: Sail On, Sailor; Sloop John B; The Trader; You Still Believe In Me; California Girls; Darlin'; Marcella; Caroline, No; Leaving This Town; Heroes And Villains; Funky Pretty; Let The Wind Blow; Help Me, Rhonda; Surfer Girl; Wouldn't It Be Nice; We Got Love; Don't Worry, Baby; Surfin' USA; Good Vibrations; Fun, Fun, Fun – 19-11-73 (double. UK issue on Reprise K84001)
Capitol SVBB-11384 Spirit Of America: Dance, Dance, Dance; Break Away; A Young Man Is Gone; 409;The Little Girl I Once Knew; Spirit Of America; Little Honda; Hushabye; Hawaii; Drive-In; Good To My Baby; Tell Me Why; Do You Remember?; This Car Of Mine; Please Let Me Wonder; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Custom Machine; Barbara Ann; Salt Lake City; Don't Back Down; When I Grow Up (To Be A Man); Do You Wanna Dance?; Graduation Day – 75
Pickwick SPC 3562 Little Deuce Coupe: Little Deuce Coupe; Don't Back Down; Little Honda; Drive-In; Cherry, Cherry Coupe; 409; This Car Of Mine; Car Crazy Cutie; Our Car Club; Custom Machine – 76 (sampler)
Brother/Reprise MS 2251 15 Big Ones: Rock And Roll Music; It's OK; Had To Phone Ya; Chapel Of Love; Everyone's In Love With You; Talk To Me / Tallahassee Lassie; That Same Song; TM Song; Palisades Park; Susie Cincinnati (different mix to the single version); A Casual Look; Blueberry Hill; Back Home; In The Still Of The Night; Just Once In My Life – 05-07-76 (UK issue on Reprise K54079)
Brother/Reprise MSK 2258 Love You: Let Us Go On This Way; Roller Skating Child; Mona; Johnny Carson; Good Time; Honkin' Down The Highway; Ding Dang; Solar Systém; Night Was So Young; I'll Bet He's Nice; Let's Put Our Hearts Together; I Wanna Pick You Up; Airplane; Love Is A Woman; Honkin' Down The Highway; Solar System – 11-04-77 (UK issue on Brother/Reprise K54087)
Capitol SL 8114 Ronco Presents Beach Boys Super Hits: Surfin' USA; California Girls; Little Deuce Coupe; Dance, Dance, Dance; Help Me, Rhonda; Don't Worry Baby; Surfin' Safari; When I Grow Up; I Get Around; Fun, Fun, Fun; Surfer Girl; Barbara Ann; In My Room; Catch A Wave; Do You Wanna Dance; Little Honda; 409; Be True To Your School – 78 (sampler)
Brother/Reprise MSK 2268 M.I.U. Album: She's Got Rhythm; Come Go With Me; Hey, Little Tomboy; Kona Coast; Peggy Sue; Wontcha Come Out Tonight; Sweet Sunday Kinda Love; Belles Of Paris; Pitter Patter; My Diane; Match Point Of Our Love; Winds Of Change – 02-10-78 (UK issue on Reprise K54102)
Caribou JZ-35752 L.A. (Light Album): Good Timin'; Lady Lynda;Full Sail‘; Angel Come Home; Love Surrounds Me; Sumahama; Here Comes The Night (Disco Version); Baby Blue; Goin' South; Shortenin' Bread – 19-03-79 (UK issue on Caribou S CRB 86081)
Tee Vee Records TA3-2021/Capitol Special Markets SLB-8241 Summer Fun: Fun, Fun, Fun; I Get Around; Little Deuce Coupe; Little Honda; Long Tall Texan; Then I Kissed Her; When I Grow Up; Shut Down; California Girls; Help Me Rhonda; Barbara Ann; The Little Girl I Once Knew; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; Don't Worry Baby; Wendy; Dance, Dance, Dance; 409; Hushabye; Be True To Your School; In My Room; Papa - Oom - Mow – Mow; Graduation Day; Do You Wanna Dance; Surfin' U.S.A.; Summertime Blues; Louie, Louie; Surfer Girl; Tell Me Why; Catch A Wave; Surfin' Safari – 79 (double, sampler)
Caribou FZ-36293 Keepin' The Summer Alive: Keepin' The Summer Alive; Oh, Darlin'; Some Of Your Love; Livin' With A Heartache; School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell); Goin' On
Sunshine; When Girls Get Together; Santa Ana Winds; Endless Harmony – 24-03-80 (UK issue on Caribou S CRB 86109)
Caribou Z2X-37445 Ten Years Of Harmony: Add Some Music To Your Day; Roller Skating Child; Disney Girls; It´s A Beautiful Day; California Saga/California; Wontcha Come Out Tonight; Marcella; Rock And Roll Music; Goin' On; It's OK; Cool, Cool Water; San Miguel; School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell); Good Timin'; Sail On Sailor; Darlin'; Lady Lynda; Sea Cruise; The Trader; This Whole World; Don't Go Near The Water; Surf's Up; Come Go WIth Me; Deirdre; She's Got Rhythm; River Song; Long Promised Road; Feel Flows; 'Til I Die – 07-12-81
Capitol SVBB-12220 Sunshine Dream: I Can Hear Music; Here Today; Darlin' ; Caroline, No; Aren't You Glad; Good Vibrations; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Friends; God Only Knows; Vegetables; How She Boogalooed It; There's No Other (Like You Baby); Heroes And Villains; All I Want To Do; Wild Honey; I'm Waiting For The Day; Cotton Fields; Then I Kissed Her; Sloop John B; Be Here In The Mornin'; Blue Birds Over The Mountain; Keep An Eye On Summer; Do It Again; The Beach Boys Medley – 82 (double)
Capitol ST 12293 The Beach Boys Rarities: With A Little Help From My Friends; The Letter; I Was Made To Love Her; You're Welcome; The Lord's Prayer; Bluebirds Over The Mountain; Celebrate The News; Good Vibrations; Land Ahoy; In My Room (German Version); Cotton Fields; All I Want To Do; Auld Lang Syne - 83
Caribou FZ-39946/ZK-39946 Beach Boys: Getcha Back; It's Gettin' Late; Crack At Your Love; Maybe I Don't Know; She Believes In Love Again; California Calling; Passing Friend
I'm So Lonely; Where I Belong; I Do Love You; It's Just A Matter Of Time; Male Ego* - 10-06-85 (*on ZK-39946 only. UK issue on Caribou CRB 26378)
Capitol STBK-12396 Made In U.S.A.: Surfin' Safari; 409; Surfin' U.S.A.; Be True To Your School; Surfer Girl; Dance, Dance, Dance; Fun, Fun, Fun; I Get Around; Help Me, Rhonda; Don't Worry Baby; California Girls; When I Grow Up (To Be A Man); Barbara Ann; Good Vibrations; Heroes And Villains; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Sloop John B.; God Only Knows; Caroline, No; Do It Again; Rock And Roll Music; Come Go With Me; Getcha Back; Rock 'N' Roll To The Rescue; California Dreamin' – 86 (double)
Capitol C1-92639/CDP-7-92639-2 Still Cruisin‘: Still Cruisin'; Somewhere Near Japan; Island Girl (I'm Gonna Make Her Mine); In My Car; Kokomo; Wipe Out; Make It Big; I Get Around; Wouldn't It Be Nice; California Girls – 01-08-89
Capitol CDP 7 93691 2 Surfin' Safari / Surfin' USA: reissue of two albums + Cindy, Oh Cindy; The Baker Man; Land Ahoy – 90
Capitol CDP 7 93692 2 Surfer Girl / Shut Down vol. 2: reissue of two albums +Fun, Fun, Fun - Single Version; In My Room - German Version; I Do – 90
Capitol CDP 7 93693 2 Little Deuce Coupe / All Summer Long: reissue of two albums + Be True To Your School (Single Version); All Dressed Up For School; Little Honda (Alternate Take); Don't Back Down (Alternate Take) - 90
Capitol CDP 7 93694 2 Today! / Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!): reissue of two albums + The Little Girl I Once Knew (Single); Dance, Dance, Dance (Alternate Take); I'm So Young (Alternate Take); Let Him Run Wild; (alternate Take); Graduation Day (Studio Version) - 90
Capitol CDP 7 93695 2 Beach Boys Concert / Live In London: reissue of two albums + Don't Worry Baby; Heroes And Villains – 90
Capitol CDP 7 93696 2 Smiley Smile / Wild Honey: reissue of two albums + Heroes And Villains (Alternate Take); Good Vibrations (Various Sessions); Good Vibrations (Early Take); You're Welcome; Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring; Can't Wait Too Long - 90
Capitol CDP 7 93697 2 Friends / 20/20: reissue of two albums + Break Away; Celebrate The News; We're Together Again; Walk On By; Old Folks At Home / Ol' Man River – 90
Capitol CDP 7 93698 2 Beach Boys' Party! / Stack-O-Tracks: reissue of two albums + Help Me Rhonda; California Girls; Our Car Club - 90
DCC DZS-054 The Beach Boys Lost and Found: 1961-1962: Luau; Surfin'; Studio Chatter (0:16); Surfin' (2:29); Studio Chatter (0:07); Surfin' [Master Take 2:21]; Studio Chatter (0:23); Luau (1:50); Luau [Master Take, 1:49]; Barbie; What Is a Young Girl Made Of; Surfin' Safari; Studio Chatter (0:20); Surfin' Safari [Master Take, 2:05]; Studio Chatter (1:00); Surfer Girl [Master, 2:26]; Judy (2:22); Judy [Master Take, 2:21]; Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate); Surfin' Safari (2:09); Lavender [demo version] – 02-91
Brother Entertainment BBR 727-2 Summer In Paradise: Hot Fun In The Summertime; Surfin'; Summer Of Love; Island Fever; Still Surfin'; Slow Summer Dancin' (One Summer Night); Strange Things Happen; Remember "Walking In The Sand"; Lahaina Aloha; Under The Boardwalk; Summer In Paradise; Forever (w. John Stamos) – 08-92 (UK issue on EMI 0777 7 81036 2 with following tracks remixed: Island Fever, Strange Things Happen, Under The Boardwalk, Summer In Paradise; Forever)
Capitol C2 0777 7 81294 2 4 Good Vibrations – Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys: Surfin' U.S.A. (Demo Version); Little Surfer Girl; Surfin' (Rehearsal); Surfin' 2:29; Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Demo); Surfin' Safari; 409; Punchline (Instrumental); Surfin' U.S.A.; Shut Down; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; In My Room; Catch A Wave; The Surfer Moon; Be True To Your School; Spirit Of America; Little Saint Nick (45 RPM); Things We Did Last Summer; Fun, Fun, Fun; Don't Worry Baby; Why Do Fools Fall In Love; The Warmth Of The Sun; I Get Around; All Summer Long; Little Honda; Wendy; Don't Back Down; Do You Wanna Dance; When I Grow Up (To Be A Man); Dance, Dance, Dance; Please Let Me Wonder; She Knows Me Too Well; Radio Station Jingle; Concert Promo / Hushabye (Live); California Girls; Help Me, Rhonda; Then I Kissed Her; And Your Dream Comes True; The Little Girl I Once Knew (45 Version); Barbara Ann (45 Version); Ruby Baby; KOMA (Radio Promo Spot); Sloop John B; Wouldn't It Be Nice; You Still Believe In Me; God Only Knows; Hang On To Your Ego; I Just Wasn't Made For These Times; Pet Sounds; Caroline, No; Good Vibrations (45 Version); Our Prayer; Heroes And Villains (Alternate Version); Heroes And Villains (Sections); Wonderful; Cabinessence; Wind Chimes; Heroes And Villains (Intro); Do You Like Worms; Vegetables; I Love To Say Da Da; Surf's Up; With Me Tonight; Heroes And Villains (45 Version); Darlin'; Wild Honey; Let The Wind Blow; Can't Wait Too Long; Cool Cool Water; Meant For You; Friends; Little Bird; Busy Doin' Nothin'; Do It Again; I Can Hear Music; I Went To Sleep; Time To Get Alone; Breakaway; Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song); San Miguel; Games Two Can Play; I Just Got My Pay; This Whole World; Add Some Music; Forever; Our Sweet Love; H.E.L.P. Is On The Way; 4th Of July; Long Promised Road; Disney Girls; Surf's Up; Till I Die; Sail On Sailor; California; Trader; Funky Pretty; Fairy Tale Music; You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone; Marcella; All This Is That; Rock And Roll Music; It's OK; Had To Phone Ya; That Same Song; It's Over Now; Still I Dream Of It; Let Us Go On This Way; The Night Was So Young; I'll Bet He's Nice; Airplane; Come Go With Me; Our Team; Baby Blue; Good Timin' ; Goin' On; Getcha Back; Kokomo; [Bonus Disc:] In My Room (Demo); Radio Spot #1; I Get Around (Track Only); Radio Spot #2; Dance, Dance, Dance (Tracking Session); Hang On To Your Ego (Sessions); God Only Knows (Tracking Session); Good Vibrations (Sessions); Heroes And Villains (Track Only); Cabinessence (Track Only); Surf's Up (Track Only); Radio Spot #3; All Summer Long (Vocals); Wendy (Vocals); Hushabye (Vocals); When I Grow Up To Be A Man (Vocals); Wouldn't It Be Nice (Vocals); California Girls (Vocals); Radio Spot #4; Concert Intro / Surfin' U.S.A. - Live 1964; Surfer Girl - Live 1964; Be True To Your School - Live 1964; Good Vibrations - Live 1966; Surfer Girl - Live In Hawaii Rehearsals – 1967 – 29-06-93 (4 CD box + bonus CD)
River North 51416-1205-2 Stars And Stripes, vol. 1: Don't Worry, Baby (by Lorrie Morgan); Little Deuce Coupe (by James House); 409 (by Junior Brown); Long Tall Texan (by Doug Supernaw); I get Around (by Sawyer Brown); Be True To Your School (by Toby Keith); Fun, Fun, Fun (by Ricky Van Shelton); Help Me, Rhonda (by T Graham Brown); Warmth Of The Sun, The (by Willie Nelson); Sloop John B (by Collin Raye); I can Hear Music (by Kathy Troccoli); Caroline, No (by Timothy B Schmit) – 19-08-96
Capitol 7243 8 37662 2 The Pet Sounds Sessions: [CD 1] Wouldn't It Be Nice (Stereo Mix) 2:33; You Still Believe in Me (Stereo Mix) 2:36; That's Not Me (Stereo Mix) 2:31; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (Stereo Mix) 2:58; I'm Waiting for the Day (Stereo Mix) 3:06; Let's Go Away For Awhile (Stereo Mix) 2:24; Sloop John B (Stereo Mix) 2:59; God Only Knows (Stereo Mix) 2:54; I Know There's an Answer (Stereo Mix) 3:18; Here Today (Stereo Mix) 3:07; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Stereo Mix) 3:21; Pet Sounds (Stereo Mix) 2:37; Caroline, No (Stereo Mix) 2:53; Sloop John B (Highlights from tracking date) 1:04; Sloop John B (Stereo backing track) 3:18; Trombone Dixie (Highlights from tracking date) 1:26; Trombone Dixie (Stereo backing track) 2:50; Pet Sounds (Highlights from tracking date) 0:57; Pet Sounds (Stereo backing track) 2:48; Let's Go Away For Awhile (Highlights from tracking date) 2:20; Let's Go Away For Awhile (Stereo backing track) 2:51; Wouldn't It Be Nice (Highlights from tracking date) 7:20; Wouldn't It Be Nice (Stereo backing track) 2:34; Wouldn't It Be Nice (Stereo track with background vocals) 2:34;You Still Believe in Me (Intro - session) 1:39; You Still Believe in Me (Intro - master take) 0:15; You Still Believe in Me (Highlights from tracking date) 1:11; You Still Believe in Me (Stereo backing track) 2:37; [CD 2] Caroline, No (Highlights from tracking date) 4:16; Caroline, No (Stereo backing track) 2:53; Hang on to Your Ego (Highlights from tracking date) 4:47; Hang on to Your Ego (Stereo backing track) 3:23; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (Brian's instrumental demo) 2:20; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (Stereo backing track) 3:11; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (String overdub) 1:48; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Highlights from tracking date) 2:59; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Stereo backing track) 3:47; That's Not Me (Highlights from tracking date) 1:52; That's Not Me (Stereo backing track) 2:46;Good Vibrations (Highlights from tracking date) 2:41; Good Vibrations (Stereo backing track) 3:15; I'm Waiting for the Day (Highlights from tracking date) 5:25; I'm Waiting for the Day (Stereo backing track) 3:14;God Only Knows (Highlights from tracking date) 9:25; God Only Knows (Stereo backing track) 3:06; Here Today (Highlights from tracking date) 6:37; Here Today (Stereo backing track) 4:55; [CD 3] Wouldn't It Be Nice (A cappella) 2:37;You Still Believe in Me (A cappella) 2:47; That's Not Me (A cappella) 2:28; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (A cappella) 3:07; I'm Waiting for the Day (A cappella) 3:02; Sloop John B (A cappella) 3:09; God Only Knows (A cappella) 2:49; I Know There's an Answer (A cappella) 2:19; Here Today (A cappella) 3:29; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (A cappella) 3:22; Caroline, No (A cappella) 1:54; Caroline, No (Promotional Spot #1) :32; Wouldn't It Be Nice (Mono alternate mix) 2:29; You Still Believe in Me (Mono alternate mix) 2:23; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (Vocal snippet) 0:56; I'm Waiting for the Day (Mono alternate mix, Mike sings lead) 3:02; Sloop John B (Mono alternate mix, Carl sings lead) 3:05; God Only Knows (Mono alternate mix, with sax solo) 2:49; Hang On to Your Ego 3:13; Here Today (Mono alternate mix, Brian sings lead) 3:07; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Mono alternate mix) 3:11; Banana and Louie 0:05; Caroline, No (Original speed, stereo mix) 2:24; Dog Barking Session (Outtakes) 0:34; Caroline, No (Promotional spot #2) 0:28; God Only Knows (with a cappella tag) 2:56; Wouldn't It Be Nice (Mono alternate mix) 2:28; Sloop John B (Brian sings lead throughout) 3:04; God Only Knows (Mono alternate mix, Brian sings lead) 2:42; Caroline, No (Original speed, mono mix) 3:03; [CD 4 Original mono Pet Sounds] Wouldn't It Be Nice 2:33; You Still Believe in Me 2:36; That's Not Me 2:31; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) 2:58; I'm Waiting for the Day 3:06; Let's Go Away For Awhile 2:24; Sloop John B 2:59; God Only Knows 2:54; I Know There's an Answer 3:18; Here Today 3:07; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times 3:21; Pet Sounds 2:37;Caroline, No 2:53 – 04-11-97 (4 CD box)
Capitol 7243-4-96391-2-6 Endless Harmony Soundtrack: Soulful Old Man Sunshine (Writing Session Excerpt); Soulful Old Man Sunshine; Radio Concert Promo 1; Medley: Surfin' Safari/Fun, Fun, Fun/Shut Down/Little Deuce Coupe/Surfin' U.S.A. (Live -1966); Surfer Girl (Binaural Mix); Help Me, Rhonda (Alternate Single Version); Kiss Me, Baby (Stereo Mix); California Girls (Stereo Remix); Good Vibrations (Live - 1968 Rehearsal); Heroes And Villains (Demo); Heroes And Villains (Live); God Only Knows (Live - 1967 Rehearsal); Radio Concert Promo 2; Darlin' (Live - 1980)‘ Wonderful/Don't Worry, Bill (Live - 1972); Do It Again (Early Version); Break Away (Demo); Sail Plane Song; Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane); Barbara Til I Die (Alternate Mix); Long Promised Road (Live - 1972); All Alone; Brian's Back; Endlless Harmony – 11-08-98
Capitol 7243-4-95734-2-0 Ultimate Christmas: Little Saint Nick; The Man With All The Toys; Santa's Beard; Merry Christmas, Baby; Christmas Day; Frosty The Snowman; We Three Kings Of Orient Are; Blue Christmas; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; White Christmas; I'll Be Home For Christmas; Auld Lang Syne; Little Saint Nick (Single Version); Auld Lang Syne (Alternate Mix); Little Saint Nick (Alternate Version); Child Of Winter (Christmas Song); Santa's Got An Airplane; Christmas Time Is Here Again; Winter Symphony; (I Saw Santa) Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree; Melekalikimaka; Bells Of Christmas; Morning Christmas; Toy Drive Public Service Announcement; Dennis Wilson Christmas Message; Brian Wilson Christmas Interview – 22-09-98
Sea Of Tunes [bootleg] Unsurpassed Masters vols 1/21: (21 volumes of 4 CD sets with outtakes, alternate version, chats etc.) – 98/99
Varese Sarabande 302 066085-2 Surfin': Surfin‘; Surfin' Safari; Luau; Barbie; Beach Boy Stomp (AKA Karate) (Instrumental); Surfer Girl; Judy; What Is A Young Girl Made Of?; Surfin' Safari (Alternate Version); Lavender (Demo); Surfin' (Demo); Come And Get It; Like Chop; R.P.M.; My Sting Ray – 05-00
Capitol 7243-5-31583-2-3 Hawthorne, CA: Mike Love Introduces Surfin'; 3701 West 119th Street, Hawthorne, California: The Surfin' (Rehearsal); Happy Birthday Four Freshmen; Mike On Brian's Harmonies; Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Live Rehearsal Hawaii, August 25, 1967); Surfin' USA (Demo); Surfin' USA (Backing Track); Carl Wilson Radio Promo; Shut Down (Live Chicago, March 26, 1965); Little Deuce Coupe (Demo); Murry Wilson Directs A Radio Promo; Fun, Fun, Fun (Backing Track); Brian's Message To "Rog" - Take 22; Dance, Dance, Dance (Stereo Remix); Kiss Me, Baby (A Cappella Mix); Good To My Baby (Backing Track); Chuck Britz On Brian In The Studio; Salt Lake City (Session Highlights); Salt Lake City (Stereo Remix); Wish That He Could Stay (Session Excerpt); And Your Dream Comes True (Stereo Remix); Carol K Session Highlights (aka Little Girl I Once Knew); Little Girl I Once Knew, The (Alternate Version); Alan and Dennis Introduce Barbara Ann; Barbara Ann (Session Excerpt); Barbara Ann (Master Take Without Party Overdubs); Mike On The Everly Brothers; Devoted To You (Master Take Without Party Overdubs); Dennis Thanks Everybody/In The Back Of My Mind; Can't Wait To Long (A Cappella Mix); Dennis Introduces Carl; Good Vibrations (Stereo Track Sections); Good Vibrations (Live Concert Rehearsal, Hawaii, August 25, 1967); Heroes And Villains (Stereo Single Version); Vegetables (Promo - Instrumental Section); Vegetables (Stereo Extended Mix); You're With Me Tonight; Lonely Days; Bruce On Wild Honey; Let The Wind Blow (Stereo Remix); I Went To Sleep (A Cappella Mix); Time To Get Alone (Alternate Version); Alan and Brian Talk About Dennis; A Time To Live In Dreams; Be With Me (Backing Track); Dennis Introduces Cottonfields; Cottonfields (Stereo Single Version); Alan and Carl On Break Away
Break Away (Alternate Version); Add Some Music To Your Day (A Cappella Mix); Dennis Wilson; Forever (A Cappella Mix); Sail On, Sailor (Backing Track); Old Man River (Vocal Section); Carl Wilson; Lord's Prayer (Stereo Remix); Carl Wilson – Coda – 05-01 (double)
Capitol 7243-5-40087-2-6 Classics Selected by Brian Wilson: Surfer Girl; The Warmth of the Sun; I Get Around; Don't Worry Baby; In My Room; California Girls; God Only Knows; Caroline No; Good Vibrations; Wonderful; Heroes and Villains; Surf's Up; Busy Doin' Nothin'; We're Together Again; Time to Get Alone; This Whole World; Marcella; Sail on Sailor; 'Til I Die; California Feelin' (new song) – 02-07-02
Eagle Vision [UK] EAGCD155 Live At Knebworth 1980: Intro; California Girls; Sloop John B; Darlin'; School Days; God Only Knows; Be True To Your School; Do It Again; Little Deuce Coupe; Cottonfields / Heroes And Villains; Happy Birthday Brian; Keepin' The Summer Alive;
Lady Lynda; Surfer Girl; Help Me Rhonda; Rock And Roll Music; I Get Around; Surfin' USA; You Are So Beautiful; Good Vibrations; Barbara Ann; Fun, Fun, Fun – 10-02 (US issue in March 2003 on Eagle ER 20002 as Good Timin‘- Live At Knebworth, England, 1980)
Hallmark ? Songs From Here And Back: Intro; Dance, Dance, Dance; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Surfer Girl; Kokomo; Car Medley Intro; Little Deuce Coupe; I Get Around; Good Vibrations; Spirit of Rock and Roll (Brian Wilson); PT Cruiser; Cool Head, Warm Heart – 15-05-06 (live 1974, 1989, 2003 and 2005)
Capitol 0999-0-87578-1-4 The Smile Sessions: Our Prayer; Gee; Heroes And Villains; Do You Like Worms? (Roll Plymouth Rock); I'm In Great Shape; Barnyard; My Old Sunshine (The Old Masterpainter / You Are My Sunshine); Cabin Essence; Wonderful; Look (Song For Children); Child Is Father Of The Man; Surf's Up; I Wanna Be Around / Workshop; Vega-Tables; Holidays; Wind Chimes; The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow); Love To Say Dada;Good Vibrations; You're Welcome (Stereo Mix);Vega-Tables (Stereo Mix); Wind Chimes (Stereo Mix);Cabin Essence (Session Highlights And Stereo Backing Track); Surf's Up (Session Excerpt And Stereo Mix) – 11 (double 180 g vinyl)
Capitol 0999-0-27658-2-2 The Smile Sessions: [CD 1]Our Prayer 1:05; Gee 0:51; Heroes And Villains 4:52; Do You Like Worms? (Roll Plymouth Rock) 3:35; I'm In Great Shape 0:28; Barnyard 0:48; My Old Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine) 1:55; Cabin Essence 3:30; Wonderful 2:04; Look (Song For Children) 2:31; Child Is Father Of The Man 2:10; Surf's Up 4:12; I Wanna Be Around / Workshop 1:23; Vega-Tables 3:49; Holidays 2:32; Wind Chimes 3:06; The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow) 2:35; Love To Say Dada 3:06; Good Vibrations 4:15; [CD 1 Bonus Tracks] You're Welcome 1:08; Heroes And Villains (Stereo Mix) 4:53; Heroes And Villains Sessions (Stereo Mix) 7:16; Vega-Tables Demo 1:49; He Gives Speeches 1:13; Smile Backing Vocals Montage 8:29; Surf's Up 1967 (Solo Version) 3:48; Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into A Piano 1:30; Capitol SMiLE Promo [Hidden Track] 1:02; [CD 2] Our Prayer "Dialog" 9/19/66 3:01; Our Prayer 10/4/66 6:37; Heroes And Villains: Verse (Master Take) 0:58; Heroes And Villains: Barnyard (Master Take); 1:08 Heroes And Villains: I'm In Great Shape 10/27/66 4:59; Heroes And Villains: Intro (Early Version) Circa 12/66 0:36; Heroes And Villains: Do A Lot 0:52; Heroes And Villains: Bag Of Tricks 2:59; Heroes And Villains: Mission Pak 0:55; Heroes And Villains: Bridge To Indians 1:47; Heroes And Villains: Part 1 Tag 1:19; Heroes And Villains: Pickup To 3rd Verse 0:55; Heroes And Villains: Children Were Raised 2:06; Heroes And Villains: Part 2 (Cantina Track) 1:21; Heroes And Villains: Whistling Bridge 1:14; Heroes And Villains: Cantina 1:36; Heroes And Villains: All Day 2:20; Heroes And Villains: Verse Edit Experiment 0:47; Heroes And Villains: Prelude To Fade 3:43; Heroes And Villains: Piano Theme 2:43; Heroes And Villains: Part 2 2:30; Heroes And Villains: Part 2 (Gee) (Master Take) 2:36; Heroes And Villains: Part 2 Revised 1:54; Heroes And Villains: Part 2 Revised (Master Take) 0:48; Heroes And Villains: Part 3 (Animals) (Master Take) 1:18; Heroes And Villains: Part 4 2:36; Heroes And Villains: Part Two (Master Take) 2/27/67 1:44; Heroes And Villains: Fade 2/28/67 6:35; Heroes And Villains: Verse Remake 4:16; Heroes And Villains: Organ Waltz / Intro 2:04; Heroes And Villains: Chorus Vocals 0:48; Heroes And Villains: Barbershop 1:47; Heroes And Villains: Children Were Raised (Remake) 1:03; Heroes And Villains: Children Were Raised (Master Take Overdubs Mix 1) 0:26; Heroes And Villains: Children Were Raised (Master Take A Capella) 0:30; Heroes And Villains: Piano Demo 4:18; Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into A Microphone 11/4/66 1:09‘ Psycodelic Sounds: Moaning Lauging 11/4/66 1:08; [CD 3] Do You Like Worms: Part 1 5:20; Do You Like Worms: Part 2 (Bicycle Rider) 1:55; Do You Like Worms: Part 3 2:43; Do You Like Worms: Part 4 (Bicycle Rider) 1:10; Do You Like Worms: Bicycle Rider Overdubs (Heroes And Villains Part 2) 1/5/67 0:24; You Are My Sunshine: Parts 1 & 2 11/14/66 6:50; You Are My Sunshine: Part 2 (Master Take With Vocal Overdubs) 2/1067 0:45; Cabin Essence: Verse 2:14; Cabin Essence: Chorus 2:29; Cabin Essence: Tag 2:30; Wonderful (Version 1) 8/25/66 2:58; Wonderful (Version 2) 3:26; Wonderful (Version 2 Tag) 2:54; Wonderful (Version 3) 4/10/67 ? 2:42; Look 8/12/66 4:52; Child Is Father Of The Man (Version 1) 10/7/66 4:58; Child Is Father Of The Man (Version 2) 10/11/66 5:38; Surf's Up: 1st Movement 11/4/66 4:56; Surf's Up: Talking Horns 11/7/66 3:42; Surf's Up: Piano Demo (Master Take) 12/15/66 3:55; I Wanna Be Around 11/29/66 3:08; Vegetables: Verse (Master Take Track) 4/4 - 4/11/67 2:04; Vegetables: Sleep A Lot (Chorus) 2:34; Vegetables: Chorus 1 (Master Take) 1:06; Vegetables: 2nd Chorus (Master Take And Backing Vocals) 1:02; Vegetables: Insert (Part 4) (Master Take) 0:37; Vega-Tables Chomping Sounds [Hidden Track] 1:02; Workshop Sounds [Hidden Track] 1:40; [CD 4] Vegetables: Fade 4/12/67 5:27; Vegetables: Ballad Insert 4/14/67 1:02; Holidays 9/8/66 7:33;Wind Chimes (Version 1) 8/3/66 6:40; Wind Chimes (Version 2) 5:00; Wind Chimes (Version 2 Tag) 2:51; The Elements: Fire 11/28/66 8:22; Da Da (Taped Piano Strings) 0:56; Da Da (Fender Rhodes) 1:25; Love To Say Dada: Part 1 5/16/67 1:22; Love To Say Dada: Part 2 5/17/67 1:57; Love To Say Dada: Part 2 (Mastert Take) 5/17/67 1:20; Love To Say Dada: Part 2 (Second Day) 5/18/67 1:58; Cool, Cool Water (Version 1) 6/7/67 2:21; Cool, Cool Water (Version 2) 10/26/67 - 10/29/67 3:35; You're Welcome 12/15/66 6:41; You're With Me Tonight 6/6 - 6/7/67 2:46; Tune X (Carl Wilson) 3/3/67 - 3/31/67 2:18; I Don't Know (Dennis Wilson) 1/12/67 3:02; Three Blind Mice 10/15/65 2:11; Teeter Totter Love (Jasper Dailey) 1/25/67 - 2/9/67 1:49; Psycodelic Sounds - Underwater Chant 11/4/66 1:45; Hal Blaine Vega-Tables Promo Session 11/11/66 1:28; Heroes And Villains: Early Version Outtake Sections 1/67 - 2/67 5:04; Fire Crackling Sounds [Hidden Track] 0:45; [CD 5] Good Vibrations: Gold Star 2/18/66 (The Pet Sounds Session) 7:27; Good Vibrations: Gold Star 4/9/66 6:57; Good Vibrations: Western 5/4/66 (First Chorus) 2:24; Good Vibrations: 5/4/66 (Second Chorus/Fade) 3:28; Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Part 1) 1:20; Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Parts 2, 3) 1:45; Good Vibrations: Sunset Sound 5/24/66 (Part 4) 0:47; Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Part C) 3:32; Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Chorus)3:04; Good Vibrations: Western 5/27/66 (Fade Sequence) 1:55; Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 1) 2:25; Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 3) 0:57; Good Vibrations (Inspiration): Western 6/2/66 (Part 4) 0:49; Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 1) 6:24; Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 2, Verse) 1:06; Good Vibrations: Western 6/16/66 (Part 2 Continued) 5:54; Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (Part 1) 1:09; Good Vibrations: Western 6/18/66 (Part 2) 5:02; Good Vibrations (Persuasion): Western 9/1/66 1:48; Good Vibrations: Western 9/1/66 (New Bridge) 3:39; Good Vibrations: Session Masters 6:14; Good Vibrations: Single Version Stereo Track 3:56; Good Good Good Vibrations (First Version With Overdubs) 3/66 3:43; Good Vibrations: Alternate Edit 8/24/66 3:35; Good Vibrations Tape Rewind [Hidden Track] – 11 (5CD box)
Capitol 0999-4-63199-1-3 (vinyl)/0999-6-02824-2-2 That’s Why God Made The Radio: Think About The Days; That's Why God Made The Radio; Isn't It Time; Spring Vacation; The Private Life Of Bill And Sue; Shelter; Daybreak Over The Ocean; Beaches In Mind; Strange World; From There To Back Again; Pacific Coast Highway; Summer's Gone – 05-06-12 (Japanese issue contains bonus track Do It Again)
list of compilations is highly incomplete

Candix (1961)
331 Surfin' / Luau – 12-61 (also on X 331, reissued on Candix 301 in January 1962)
Capitol (1962-)
4777 Surfin' / Safari – 04-06-62 (UK Capitol CL 15273 (AUS) Capitol CP-1484)
4880 Ten Little Indians / County Fair – 26-11-62 (UK Capitol CL 15285 (AUS) Capitol CP-1503)
4932 Surfin' USA / Shut Down – 04-03-63 (UK Capitol CL 15305 (AUS) Capitol CP-1517)
5009 Surfer Girl / Little Deuce Coupe – 22-07-63 (AUS) Capitol CP-1533)
5069 Be True To Your School / In My Room – 28-10-63 (AUS Capitol CP-1545)
5096 Little Saint Nick / The Lord's Prayer – 09-11-63 (AUS Capitol CP-1585)
5118 Fun, Fun, Fun / Why Do Fools Fall In Love – 03-02-64 (UK Capitol CL 15339 (AUS) Capitol CP-1557)
5174 I Get Around / Don't Worry, Baby – 11-05-64 (UK Capitol CL 15350 (AUS) Capitol CP-1569)
5245 When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) / She Knows Me Too Well – 08-64 (UK Capitol CL 15361 (AUS) Capitol CP-1581)
R5267 "Four By The Beach Boys" Wendy; Don't Back Down / Little Honda / Hushabye - 21-09-64
5306 Dance, Dance, Dance / The Warmth Of The Sun – 26-10-64 (UK) Capitol CL 15370 (AUS) Capitol CP-1588)
5312 The Man With All The Toys / Blue Christmas – 09-11-64
5372 Do You Wanna Dance / Please Let Me Wonder – 15-02-65 (AUS) Capitol CP-1598)
CL 15384 All Summer Long / Do You Wanna Dance – 03-65 (UK issue)
5395 Help Me, Rhonda / Kiss Me Baby – 05-04-65 (UK) Capitol CL 15392 (AUS) Capitol CP-1602)
PRO 2994 Beach Boys’ Party: Barbara Ann; Hully Gully / Papa Oom-Mow-Mow; Alley Oop - 65
5464 California Girls / Let Him Run Wild - 12-07-65 (UK) Capitol CL 15409 (AUS) Capitol CP-1614)
5540 The Little Girl I Once Knew / There's No Other (Like My Baby) – 27-11-65 (UK) Capitol CL 15425 (AUS) Capitol CP-1628)
5561 Barbara Ann / Girl Don't Tell Me - 20-12-65 (UK) Capitol CL 15432 (AUS) Capitol CP-1632)
6059 In My Room / Be True To Your School - 65
6060 Ten Little Indians / She Knows Me Too Well - 65
5602 Sloop John B / You're So Good To Me – 21-03-66 (UK) Capitol CL 15441 (AUS) Capitol CP-1643)
5610 Caroline, No / Summer Means New Love – 21-03-66 (UK) Capitol CL 15438 (AUS) Capitol CP-1642)
5706 Wouldn't It Be Nice / God Only Knows – 01-08-66 (UK) Capitol CL 15459 (AUS) Capitol CP-1663)
5676 Good Vibrations / Let's Go Away For A While – 10-10-66 (AUS) Capitol CP-1673)
6081 Do You Wanna Dance? / Help Me, Rhonda – 66
6094 Shut Down / Surfin' USA - 66
6095 Surfin' Safari / 409 - 66
CL 15475 Good Vibrations / Wendy – 10-66 (UK issue)
6101 Fun, Fun, Fun / Why Do Fools Fall In Love - 66
6105 The Warmth Of The Sun / Dance, Dance, Dance - 67
6107 Little Deuce Coupe / Surfer Girl - 67
CL 15502 Mountain Of Love / Then I Kissed Her – 04-67 (UK issue; Capitol CP-1689)
Brother 1001 Heroes And Villains / You're Welcome - 08-67 (UK) Capitol CL 15510 (AUS) Capitol CP-1699)
Brother 1002 Gettin' Hungry / Devoted To You – 08-67 (UK) Capitol CL 15513 (AUS) Capitol CP-1704)
2028 Wild Honey / Wind Chimes – 23-10-67 (UK) Capitol CL 15521 (AUS) Capitol CP-1709)
2068 Darlin' / Here Today – 18-12-67 (AUS) Capitol CP-1715)
CL 15527 Darlin' / Country Air – 01-68 (UK issue)
2160 Friends / Little Bird – 15-04-68 (UK) Capitol CL 15545 (AUS) Capitol CP-8358)
2239 Do It Again / Wake The World – 08-07-68 (UK) Capitol CL 15554 (AUS) Capitol CP-8429)
2360 Bluebirds Over The Mountain / Never Learn Not To Love – 02-12-68 (UK) Capitol CL 15572 (AUS) Capitol CP-8619)
2432 I Can Hear Music / All I Want To Do – 03-03-69 (UK) Capitol CL 15584 (AUS) Capitol CP-8709)
2530 Break Away / Celebrate The News – 16-06-69 (UK) Capitol CL 15598 (AUS) Capitol CP-8809)
6132 The Beach Boys Barbara Ann / Good Vibrations - 69
2765 Cottonfields / The Nearest Faraway Place – 20-04-70 (UK) Capitol CL 15640 (AUS) Capitol CP-9122)
CL 15772 Little Saint Nick /The Lord's Prayer – 11-73 (UK issue)
CL 15781 All Summer Long / Surfin' Safari – 05-74 (UK issue)
3924 Surfin' USA /The Warmth Of The Sun – 07-74
6204 She Knows Me Too Well / When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) - 74
6205 Wendy / Little Honda - 74
CL 15822 Break Away / Celebrate The News – 07-75 (UK issue)
CL 15875 Good Vibrations / Wouldn't It Be Nice – 07-76 (UK issue)
6259 Barbara Ann / Little Honda - 80
A-6289 California Girls / Let Him Run Wild - 81
A-5030 Medley / God Only Knows - 07-81 (UK Capitol CL 213 (AUS) Capitol CP-556)
Brother/Reprise (196-)
0894 Add Some Music To Your Day / Susie Cincinnati – 23-02-70
0929 Slip On Through / This Whole World – 29-06-70
0957 Tears In The Morning / It's About Time – 12-10-70 (UK) Stateside SS 2181 (AUS) Stateside OSS 9319)
Stateside SS 2184 Sound Of Free / Lady – 12-70 (UK issue)
0998 Cool, Cool Water / Forever – 01-03-71
Ode 66016 Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live) /Times They Are A-Changin' (Live; Merry Clayton) – 04-71
1015 Long Promised Road / Deirdre – 24-05-71 (UK) Stateside SS 2190)
1047 Long Promised Road / Til I Die – 11-10-71
1058 Surf's Up / Don't Go Near The Water – 29-11-71
Stateside SS 2194 Don't Go Near The Water / Student Demonstration Time – 11-71 (UK issue) 1091 You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone / Cuddle Up – 15-05-72 (UK) Reprise K14173)
REP 1101 Marcella / Hold On, Dear Brother – 26-06-72
REP 1138 Sail On, Sailor / Only With You – 02-73
K 14232 California Saga: California / Sail On, Sailor – 02-73 (UK issue)
REP 1156 California (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a) / Funky Pretty – 16-04-73
RPS 1321 Child Of Winter (Christmas Song) / Susie Cincinnati – 23-12-74
RPS 1325 Sail On, Sailor / Only With You – 10-03-75 (UK) Reprise K14394)
RPS 1354 Rock And Roll Music / TM Song – 24-05-76 (UK) Reprise K14440)
RPS 1368 It's OK / Had To Phone Ya – 09-08-76 (UK) Reprise K14448)
RPS 1375 Susie Cincinnati / Everyone's In Love With You – 08-11-76
RPS 1389 Honkin' Down The Highway / Solar System – 30-05-77
RPS 1394 Peggy Sue / Hey, Little Tomboy – 28-08-78 (UK) Reprise K14489)
K14494 Kona Coast / Sweet Sunday Kinda Love – 12-78 (UK issue)
Caribou (1979-)
ZS8-9026 Here Comes The Night (Disco Version) /Baby Blue - 02-79 (UK Caribou S CRB 7204)
ZS8-9029 Good Timin' / Love Surrounds Me – 04-79
ZS9-9030 Lady Lynda / Full Sail – 08-79 (UK Caribou S CRB 7247)
S CRB 7846 Sumahama / Angel Come Home – 08-79 (UK issue)
ZS9-9031 It's A Beautiful Day / Sumahama – 10-79
S CRB 8055 Good Timin' / Goin' South – 11-79 (UK issue)
ZS9-9032 Goin' On / Endless Harmony – 03-80
S CRB 8367 Oh, Darlin' / Endless Harmony – 03-80 (UK issue)
ZS9-9033 Livin' With A Heartache / Santa Ana Winds – 05-80
S CRB 8663 Keepin' The Summer Alive / When Girls Get Together – 06-80 (UK issue)
S CRB 8633 Santa Ana Winds / Sunshine – 07-80
ZS5-0263 Come Go With Me / Don't Go Near The Water – 11-81 (UK Caribou CRB A 2015)
FBI FBS 3317 East Meets West (w. Frankie Valli) / Rhapsody (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) – 09-84
ZS4-04913 Getcha Back / Male Ego – 05-85 (UK Caribou A 6324 (AUS) CBS BA 3317)
ZS4-05433 It's Gettin' Late / It's OK – 08-85
A 6471 Passing Friend / It's OK – 08-85 (UK issue)
ZS4-05624 She Believes In Love Again / It's Just A Matter Of Time – 09-85
B-5595 Rock 'N' Roll To The Rescue / Good Vibrations (Live In London) - 06-86 (UK Capitol CL 409 (AUS) Capitol CP 1852)
B-5630 California Dreamin' / Lady Liberty - 08-86 (UK) Capitol CL 425)
Tin Pan Apple 885 960-7 Wipe Out (with The Fat Boys) / Crushin' (The Fat Boys) – 07-87 (UK Urban URB 5 (AUS) Polydor 885 960-7)
Critique 7 99392 Happy Endings (with Little Richard) / California Girls (Live) - 11-87 (UK Atco B9392)
Elektra 7-68385 Kokomo / Tutti Frutti (Little Richard) – 07-88 (UK) Elektra EKR 85 (AUS) Elektra 7-69385)
B-44297 Don't Worry, Baby (with The Everly Brothers) / Tequila Dreams (Dave Grusin feat. Lee Ritenour ) – 12-88 (UK) Mercury MER280)
B-44445 Still Cruisin' / Kokomo – 07-89 (UK) Capitol CL 549 (AUS) Capitol CP 2285)
B-44475 Somewhere Near Japan / Kokomo – 09-89 (promo on 79841)
RCA (1990)
2646-7-R Problem Child / Problem Child (Instrumental by Terry Melcher) – 07-90
Brother Entertainment (1992)
BBR 5247 Hot Fun In The Summertime / Summer Of Love – 07-92
Scotti Bros (1995)
72392 78033-4 Summer Of Love / I'm Always Here (Jim Jamison) – 05-95 (cassette)
Polygram [UK] (1996)
TV 576263-2 Fun, Fun, Fun (with Status Quo) / Mortified (Status Quo) – 02-96


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