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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keith Urban

*26-10-1967 Caboolture, Queensland, Australia
2nd version
By Praguefrank
1991 Javelina Recording, 30 Music Sq.West, Nashville, TN – Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards],Steve Wariner [gt/bck vcl], Biff Watson [ac gt], Bruce Bouton [steel/dobro], Paul Franklin [steel], Glenn Worf [bass], Chris McHugh [drums/drum loops/percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle/mandolin], Steve Conn [accordion], Matt Rollings [piano/organ/synthesizer/bck vcl] +The Love Strings + Kim Keyes, Jerry Flowers, Tabitha Fair, Emily Robison, Martie Seidel, Curtis Young [bck vcl])
001 ONLY YOU EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
002 GOT IT BAD EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
003 BLUE STRANGER EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
004 WITHOUT YOU EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
005 ARMS OF MARY EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
006 YESTERDAY EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
007 DON'T GO EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
008 HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
009 LOVIN' ON THE SIDE EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
010 FUTURE PLANS EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
011 LOVE WE GOT GOIN' EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
012 CLUTTERBILLY EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
013 RIVER EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
014 WHAT LOVE IS THAT WAY EMI ? Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
015 I NEVER WORK ON A SUNDAY) Capitol 7243-8-57484-2
1997 Nashville, TN – The Ranch (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Jerry Flowers [bass/bck vcl], Peter Clarke [drums/percussion])
R01 WALKIN' IN THE COUNTRY Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R02 HOMESPUN LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R03 JUST SOME LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R04 SOME DAYS YOU GOTTA DANCE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R05 MY LAST NAME Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R06 DESIREE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R07 FREEDOM'S FINALLY MINE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R08 HANK DON'T FAIL ME NOW Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R09 TANGLED UP IN LOVE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R10 CLUTTERBILLY Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R11 MAN OF THE HOUSE Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R12 GHOST IN THIS GUITAR Capitol 7243-8-55400-2
R13 STUCK IN THE MIDDLE Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
R14 BILLY Capitol 7243-8-97847-2
1999 Javelina Recording, 30 Music Sq.West, Nashville 3, TN – Keith Urban
016 IT'S A LOVE THING Capitol 58799/7243-4-97591-2
017 WHERE THE BLACKTOP ENDS Capitol 58992/7243-4-97591-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
018 BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD Capitol 58877/7243-4-97591-2 [redio edit] 50768-2
019 YOUR EVERYTHING Capitol 58847/7243-4-97591-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
020 I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (FOREVER) Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
021 LITTLE LUCK OF OUR OWN Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
022 YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
023 IF YOU WANNA STAY Capitol 58847/7243-4-97591-2
024 DON'T SHUT ME OUT Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
025 OUT ON MY OWN Capitol 7243-4-97591-2
026 ROLLERCOASTER Capitol 58992/7243-4-97591-2
027 I THOUGHT YOU KNEW Capitol 58877/7243-4-97591-2
2002 Blueberry Hill, ?/Emerald Entertainment, Nashville, TN/Hound's Ear, Nashville, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN - Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Dan Dugmore [gt/steel], Tom Bukovac [gt], Dan Knuff [gt], Jason Mowery [dobro], Jimmie Leee Sloas [bass], Chris McHugh/Matt Chamberlain [drums/percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle], Tim Akers [Hammond B-3 organ/keyboards], Steve Nathan/John Hobbs [keyboards] + The Nashville Strings + Russell Terrell [bck vcl])
028 SOMEBODY LIKE YOU Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 50768-2
029 WHO WOULDN'T WANNA BE ME Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
030 WHENEVER I RUN Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
031 WHAT ABOUT ME Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
032 YOU'LL THINK OF ME Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
033 JEANS ON Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
034 YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
035 YOU'RE NOT ALONE TONIGHT Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
036 YOU WON Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
037 SONG FOR DAD Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
038 RAINING ON SUNDAY Capitol 7243-5-32936-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
039 YOU'RE NOT MY GOD Capitol 7243-5-32936-2
2004 Nashville, TN - Keith Urban (Keith Urban [vcl/gt/banjo/keyboards], Tom Bukovac [gt], Dan Huff [ac12-string gt], Jimmie Lee Sloas/Paul Bushnell [bass gt], Chris McHugh/Matt Chamberlain [drums/percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Tim Akers [accordion/piano/keyboards] + Russell Terrell [bck vcl])
040 DAYS GO BY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
041 BETTER LIFE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 50768-2
042 MAKING MEMORIES OF US Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
043 GOD'S BEEN GOOD TO ME Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
044 HARD WAY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
045 YOU'RE MY BETTER HALF Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
046 COULD FLY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
047 TONIGHT I WANNA CRY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2 50768-2
048 SHE'S GOTTA BE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
049 NOBODY DRINKS ALONE Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
050 COUNTRY COMFORT Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
051 LIVE TO LOVE ANOTHER DAY Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
052 THESE ARE THE DAYS Capitol 7243-5-77489-2
2004 [sessions for Country Salute to Gospel] Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
053 I’LL FLY AWAY Sparrrow SPD 95556-2
2004/2005 unknown – Dolly Parton & Keith Urban
054 THE 12TH OF NEVER Sugar Hill SUGCD-4007
2006 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban, * & Ronnie Dunn (+Tom Bukovac [gt], Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass gt], Chris McHugh [drums/programming], Rami Jaffee [keyboards])
055 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
056 SHINE Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
057 I TOLD YOU SO Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
058 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
059 WON'T LET YOU DOWN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
060 FASTER CAR Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
061 STUPID BOY Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 50768-2
062 USED TO THE PAIN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
063 RAISE THE BARN* Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
064 GOD MADE WOMAN Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
065 TU COMPANIA Liberty 0946-3-77087-2
066 EVERYBODY Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 [radio edit] 50768-2
067 GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME Liberty 0946-3-77087-2 50768-2
2007 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
068 ROMEO’S TUNE 50768-2
2008 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
069 KISS A GIRL Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
070 IF I COULD EVER LOVE Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
071 SWEET THING Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
072 'TIL SUMMER COMES AROUND Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
073 MY HEART IS OPEN Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
074 HIT THE GROUND RUNNIN' Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
075 ONLY YOU CAN LOVE ME THIS WAY Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
076 STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
077 WHY'S IT FEEL SO LONG Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
078 I'M IN Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
079 THANK YOU Capitol 0946-3-57512-2
2010 Nashville, TN – Keith Urban
080 PUT YOU IN A SONG Capitol 47071-2
081 YOU GONNA FLY Capitol 47071-2
082 ALL FOR YOU Capitol 47071-2
083 LONG HOT SUMMER Capitol 47071-2
084 WITHOUT YOU Capitol 47071-2
085 GEORGIA WOODS Capitol 47071-2
086 RIGHT ON BACK TO YOU Capitol 47071-2
087 SHUT OUT THE LIGHTS Capitol 47071-2
088 BIG PROMISES Capitol 47071-2
089 LUXURY OF KNOWING Capitol 47071-2
090 WINNING Capitol 47071-2
2010 [live] unknown – Keith Urban
09001 ONCE IN A LIFETIME Capitol 47071-2
09002 YOU LOOK GOOD IN MY SHIRT Capitol 47071-2
09003 BETTER LIFE Capitol 47071-2
09004 EVERYBODY -LIVE- Capitol 47071-2

EMI [AUS] ? Keith Urban: Only You; Got It Bad; Blue Stranger; Without You; Arms Of Mary; Walk A Country Mile; Yesterday; Don't Go; Hold On To Your Dreams; Lovin' On The Side; Future Plans; Love We Got Goin'; Clutterbilly; River; What Love Is That Way – 91 (US issue in 1997 on 7243-8-57484-2 with bonus track: I Never Work On A Sunday)
Capitol 7243-8-55400-2 Keith Urban In The Ranch: Walkin' In The Country; Homespun Love; Just Some Love; Some Days You Gotta Dance; My Last Name; Desiree; Freedom's Finally Mine; Hank Don't Fail Me Now; Tangled Up In Love; Clutterbilly; Man Of The House; Ghost In This Guitar; Stuck In The Middle; Billy – 97 (reissued on Capitol 7243-5-97847-2-4 in 2004 with bonus tracks Stuck In The Middle; Billy)
Capitol 7243-4-97591-2-1 Keith Urban: It's A Love Thing; Where The Blacktop Ends; But For The Grace Of God; Your Everything; I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever); Little Luck Of Our Own; You're The Only One; If You Wanna Stay; Don't Shut Me Out; Out On My Own; Rollercoaster; I Thought You Knew – 19-10-99 (Recorded at Javelina Studio, Nashville) 558*
Capitol 7243-5-32936-2-8 Golden Road: Somebody Like You; Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me; Whenever I Run; What About Me; You'll Think Of Me; Jeans On; You Look Good In My Shirt; You're Not Alone Tonight; You Won; Song For Dad; Raining On Sunday; You're Not My God – 08-10-02
Capitol 7243-5-77489-2-6 Be Here: Days Go By; Better Life; Making Memories Of Us; God's Been Good To Me; Hard Way; You're My Better Half; Could Fly; Tonight I Wanna Cry; She's Gotta Be; Nobody Drinks Alone; Country Comfort; Live To Love Another Day; These Are The Days -21-09-04
Liberty 09463-77087-2-5 Love, Pain And Whole Crazy Thing: Once In A Lifetime; Shine; I Told You So; I Can't Stop Loving You; Won't Let You Down; Faster Car; Stupid Boy; Used To The Pain; Raise The Barn (Featuring Ronnie DUNN); God Made Woman; Tu Compania; Everybody; Got It Right This Time – 07-11-06
Liberty 09463-50768-2 Greatest Hits: Romeo's Tune; Got It Right This Time (The Celebration); I Told You So [Radio Edit]; Stupid Boy; Better Life; Making Memories Of Us [Radio Edit]; Once In A Lifetime [Radio Edit]; Tonight I Wanna Cry; You're My Better Half [Radio Edit]; Days Go By [Radio Edit]; But For The Grace Of God [Radio Edit]; You'll Think Of Me [Radio Edit]; Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me [Radio Edit]; Raining On Sunday [Radio Edit]; Where The Blacktop Ends [Radio Edit]; Your Everything [Radio Edit]; Somebody Like You; Everybody [Radio Rdit] – 20-11-07
Capitol 09463-57512-2 Defying Gravity: Kiss A Girl; If I Could Ever Love; Sweet Thing; 'Til Summer Comes Around; My Heart Is Open; Hit The Ground Runnin'; Only You Can Love Me This Way; Standing Right In Front Of You; Why's It Feel So Long; I'm In; Thank You - 31-03-09
Capitol 0999-47071-2-0 Get Closer: Put You In A Song; You Gonna Fly; All For You; Long Hot Summer; Without You; Georgia Woods; Right On Back To You; Shut Out The Lights; Big Promises; Luxury Of Knowing; Winning; Once In A Lifetime -Live-; You Look Good In My Shirt -Live-; Better Life -Live-; Everybody -Live- - 16-11-10

Capitol (1999-)
58799 It's A Love Thing / It's A Love Thing - 08-99
58847 Your Everything / If You Wanna Stay - 02-00
58877 But For The Grace Of God / I Thought You Knew - 09-00
58992 Where The Blacktop Ends / Rollercoaster - 02-01
09463-94760-2 I Told You So (Edit); I Told You So (Album Version); I Told You So (Research Hook) - 07

Smokey Wood

John Bryce Wood, *16-09-1918, +06-01-1975
by Tony Russell, Thieu Van De Vorst, Praguefrank
SESSIONS see also Modern Mountainers
12 September 1937 [13:15-16:00] Dallas Athletic Club, Rooms D&B, Dallas, TX – Smoky Woods & Woodchips (Smokey Wood [vcl/piano], Horace Edmondson [gt], Eugene Edmondson [banjo], J.C. Way [steel], Lonnie Mitchell [bass], George Uttinger [fiddle], Clarence Clark [trumpet]. Producer: Billy Boyd)
002 BS-014066-1 RIDING TO GLORY Bluebird B-7399//Rambler 107
003 BS-014067-1 I‘M SORRY B-7660 /Rambler 107
004 BS-014068-1 LONELY HEART OF MINE B-7660//Rambler 107
005 BS-014069-1 WOODCHIP BLUES B-7729//Rambler 107
006 BS-014070-1 KEEP ON TRUCKIN B-7232/Rambler 107
007 BS-014071-1 WOOD‘S TRAVELING BLUES B-7729//Rambler 107
008 BS-014072-1 CARRY ME BACK TO VIRGINIA B-7232//Rambler 107
009 BS-014073-1 MOONLIGHT IN OKLAHOMA B-7399//Rambler 107

Rambler 107 Smokey Wood The Houston Hipster Western Swing 1937: [side A – Modern Mountainers]; [Smokey Wood:] Keep On Truckin'; I'm Sorry; Riding To Glory; Moonlight In Oklahoma; Wood's Traveling Blues; Lonely Heart Of Mine; Carry Me Back To Virginny; Woodchip Blues - 82

Bluebird (1937)
B-7232 Keep On Truckin‘ / Carry Me Back To Virginia – 11-37
B-7399 Riding To Glory / Moonlight In Oklahoma – 02-38
B-7660 I'm Sorry / Lonely Heart Of Mine – 07-38
B-7729 Woodchip Blues / Woods Traveling Blues – 08-38

Country All Stars

by Richard Weize

18 May 1952 [21:00-24:00] Brown Radio Productions, 240 1/2 4th Ave. North, Nashville, TN - Country All Stars (Chet Atkins [gt], Homer Haynes [gt], Jethro Burns [mandolin], Jerry Byrd [steel], Ernie Newton [bass]. Producer: Stephen Sholes)
001 E2-VB-6273 STOMPIN‘ AT THE SAVOY EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
002 E2-VB-6274-E TENNESSEE RAG 47-4931/ BCD-15728
003 E2-VB-6275 DO SOMETHING 47-6255/ BCD-15728
004 E2-VB-6276-B MY LITTLE GIRL 47-4931/ BCD-15728
15 October 1952 [10:00-13:00] Brown Radio Productions, 240 1/2 4th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Country All Stars (Chet Atkins [gt], Homer Haynes [gt], Jethro Burns [mandolin], Jerry Byrd [steel], Charles Grean [bass], Dale Potter [fiddle])
005 E2-VB-7624-D IT GOES LIKE THIS (THAT FUNNY MELODY) 47-5056/ BCD-15728
006 E2-VB-7625-D MIDNIGHT TRAIN 47-5056 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
007 E2-VB-7626-D WHAT’S THE REASON (I’M NOT PLEASIN‘ YOU) 47-5291/ BCD-15728
008 E2-VB-7627-D MARIE 47-5291 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
16 October 1952 [19:00-22:00] Brown Radio Productions, 240 1/2 4th Ave. North, Nashville, TN - Country All Stars (Chet Atkins [gt], Homer Haynes [gt], Jethro Burns [mandolin], Jerry Byrd [steel], Charles Grean [bass], Dale Potter [fiddle]. Producer: Stephen Sholes)
009 E2-VB-7645-C FIDDLE PATCH 47-5129/ BCD-15728
010 E2-VB-7646-B FIDDLE STICKS 47-5129/ BCD-15728
19 March 1953 [20:30-23:30] RCA Victor Studio 2, 155 East 24th St., Manhattan, New York City - Country All Stars (Chet Atkins [gt], Homer Haynes [gt], Jethro Burns [mandolin], Jerry Byrd [steel], Charles Grean [bass]. Producer: Stephen Sholes)
011 E3-VB-0875 IN A LITTLE SPANISH TOWN 47-5761 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
012 E3-VB-0876 SWEET GEORGIA BROWN 47-5590 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
013 E3-VB-0877 THE LADY IN RED EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
014 E3-VB-0878 WHEN IT’S DARKNESS ON THE DELTA 47-5761 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728
20 March 1953 [15:00-18:00] RCA Victor Studio 2, 155 East 24th St., Manhattan, New York City – Country All Stars (Chet Atkins [gt], Homer Haynes [gt], Jethro Burns [mandolin], Jerry Byrd [steel], Charles Grean [bass]. Producer: Stephen Sholes)
015 E3-VB-0884 INDIANA MARCH* 47-5590 EPB 3167/LPM 3167 BCD-15728 [take-1] BCD-15728
17 August 1955 [14:00-17:00] RCA Victor Studio, 445 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Country All Stars (Henry D. Haynes [vcl-1/gt], Kenneth C. Burns [vcl-1/mandolin], John Frigo [bass], Frank Rulle [drums], Marty Rubenstein [piano]. Producer: Stephen Sholes)
016 F2-WB-0757 THE VACATION TRAIN* 20/47-6255/ BCD-15728

RCA Victor LPM-3167 String Dustin': Marie; In A Little Spanish Town; When It's Darkness On The Delta;Sweet Georgia Brown;The Lady In Red;Stompin' At The Savoy;Midnight Train; Indiana March – 09-53 (10“ LP) The Country All-Stars
Bear Family [GER] BCD-15728 Jazz From The Hills: Stomping at the Savoy; Tennessee Rag; So Something; My Little Girl; It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody); Midnight Train; What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You); Marie; Fiddle Patch; Fiddle Sticks; In a Little Spanish Town; Sweet Georgia Brown; The Lady in Red; When It's Darkness on the Delta; Indiana March*; The Vacation Train; Indiana March* [t.1]; Song of the Wanderer (Where Shall I Go)*; Royal Garden Blues*; I'll See You in My Dreams*; Royal Garden Blues* [t.1] – 93 Country All-Stars

RCA Victor
EPB-3167 String Dustin': Marie; In A Little Spanish Town; When It's Darkness On The Delta;Sweet Georgia Brown;The Lady In Red;Stompin' At The Savoy;Midnight Train; Indiana March – 53 (do


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