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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roy Hall (1908)

16 February 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Hall Brothers (Roy Hall [gt/vcl], Jay Hugh Hall [gt/vcl])
H01 BS-07039 WHEN IT GETS DARK B-6925 Montgomery Ward M-7236
H02 BS-07040 MCDOWELL BLUES B-7363 Montgomery Ward M-7238
H03 BS-07041 WHISTLE, HONEY, WHISTLE B-6925 Montgomery Ward M-7236
H04 BS-07042 NEVER ALONE B-7801 Montgomery Ward M-7239
H05 BS-07043 SPARTANBURG JAIL B-7363 Montgomery Ward M-7238
H06 BS-07044 HITCH HIKE BLUES B-7801 Montgomery Ward M-7239
H07 BS-07045 LITLE MO-HEE B-6843 Montgomery Ward M-7237
H08 BS-07046 WAY OUT THERE B-6843 Montgomery Ward M-7237
H09 BS-07047 LITTLE GIRL YOU’VE DONE ME WRONG B-7103 Montgomery Ward M-7240 (unissued)
H10 BS-07048 MY GIRL HAS GONE AND LEFT ME B-7103 Montgomery Ward M-7240 (unissued)
H11 BS-07049 I'LL REMEMBER YOU, LOVE, IN MY PRAYERS Montgomery Ward M-7241 (unissued)
H12 BS-07050 KNOGDOM LAND Montgomery Ward M-7241 (unissued)
27 January 1938 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Hall Brothers (Roy Hall [gt/vcl], Jay Hugh Hall [gt/vcl], Steve Ledford [fiddle])
H13 BS-018773 IT WAS ONLY A DREAM B-7462
H14 BS-018774 AN OLD MAN'S STORY B-8923
H16 BS-018776 YOUR LOVE WASN¢T TRUE B-7728
H17 BS-018777 CONSTANT SORROW unissued
H18 BS-018778 THE WRONG ROAD B-7728
26 September 1938 Andrew Jackson Hotel, Rock Hill, SC - Hall Brothers (Roy Hall [gt/vcl], Jay Hugh Hall [gt/vcl], Steve Ledford [fiddle])
H19 BS-027703 THE GREAT SPECKLED BIRD unissued
H20 BS-027704 WAITING THE BOATMAN unissued
H21 BS-027705 DON¢T GO AWAY UNSAVED unissued
H22 BS-027706 LOVERS GOODBYE unissued
H23 BS-027707 ALCATRAZ PRISONER - PART 2 unissued
7 November 1938 Columbia Hotel, Columbia, SC – Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers (Talton Aldridge [gt/-*vcl], Bob Hopson [gt], Clayton Buchanan [banjo], ? [mandolin], Tommy Magness [fiddle]
001 SC 84 COME BACK LITTLE PAL -* Vocalion 04842
002 SC 85 LOOK ON AND CRY unissued
003 SC 86 CRYING HOLY unissued
005 SC 88 GOOD FOR NOTHING GAL -* Vocalion 04627
006 SC 89 THE LONELY BLUES -* Vocalion 04627
007 SC 90 WHERE THE ROSES NEVER FADES Vocalion 04771 Conqueror 9184
008 SC 91 ANSWER TO GREAT SPECKLED BIRD Vocalion 04771 Conqueror 9184
009 SC 92 WHEN THE SUN SETS SOMEDAY -* unissued
011 SC 94 STRANGER BLUES unissued
012 SC 95 SUNNY TENNESSEE -* Vocalion 04842
013 SC 96 SHE WAS ONLY FLIRTING unissued
014 SC 97 THE LONESOME DOVE Vocalion 04717 Conqueror 9230
015 SC 98 SHED YOUR TEARS UPON ME unissued
016 SC 99 NO NEVER ALONE unissued
017 SC 100 OH THOSE TOMBS unissued
018 SC 101 WABASH CANNONBALL Vocalion 04717 Conqueror 9230
9 October 1940 Kimball House, 30 South Pryor St., Atlanta, GA – Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers (Saford Hall [gt], Clayton Hall [banjo], Bill Brown [steel], Wayne Watson [bass], Tommy Magness [fiddle])
019 BS-054572 NEW SAN ANTONIO ROSE B-8561
020 BS-054573 SHE'S WINKING AT ME B-8702
021 BS-054574 I'D DIE BEFORE I'D CRY OVER YOU B-8561
023 BS-054576 DON'T LET YOUR SWEET LOVE DIE B-8656/County LP-406
024 BS-054577 CAN YOU FORGIVE B-8656/County LP-406
025 BS-054578 LOVING YOU TOO WELL B-8676/County LP-406
027 BS-054580 RUBBER DOLLY B-8617
028 BS-054581 BYE BYE, BABY, BYE BYE B-8617
029 BS-054582 LITTLE SWEETHEART, COME KISS ME B-8794/County LP-406
030 BS-054583 'NEATH THE BRIDGE AT THE FOOT OF THE HILL B-8794/County LP-406
1 October 1941 Atlanta, GA – Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers (Jim Eanes [-*/vcl], Saford Hall [gt], Clayton Hall [banjo], Bill Brown [steel], Wayne Watson [bass], Tommy Magness [fiddle])
031 BS-071048 UNTIL I RETURN TO YOU B-8905
032 BS-071049 NATURAL BRIDGE BLUES* B-8863/County LP-406
034 BS-071051 I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE TONIGHT* B-8959/County LP-406
035 BS-071052 I'M GLAD WE DIDN'T SAY GOODBYE 33-0515
037 BS-071054 THE BEST OF FRIENDS MUST PART 33-0515/County LP-406
038 BS-071055 POLECAT BLUES B-8863/County LP-406
Source: Tony Russell - Country Discography, 1921-1942

County LP-406 Roy Hall & His Blue Ridge Entertainers: Loving You Too Well; Come Back Little Pal; Can You Forgive; Natural Bridge Blues; I Wonder Where You Are Tonight; Wrong Road; Where The Roses Never Fade; Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die; Lonesome Dove; Little Sweetheart Come And Kiss Me; Polecat Blues; Bridge At The Foot Of The Hill; Wabash Cannonball; Best Of Friends Must Part Someday - 77

Bluebird (1937-38) w. Jay Hugh Hall as by The Hall Brothers
B-6843 Way Out There / Little Mohee - 03-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7237)
B-6925 Whistle Honey Whistle / When It Gets Dark - 04-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7236)
B-7103 Little Girl You've Done Me Wrong / My Girl Has Gone And Left Me - 09-37
M-7238 Partanburg Jail / McDowell Blues - 37 (Montgomery Ward)
M-7239 Never Alone / Hitch Hike Blues - 37 (Montgomery Ward)
M-7240 Little Girl You've Done Me Wrong / My Girl Has Gone And Left Me – unissued (1937, Montgomery Ward)
M-7241 I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers / Kingdom Land – unissued (1937, Montgomery Ward)
B-7363 Partanburg Jail / McDowell Blues - 01-38 (reissue of M-7238)
B-7462 It Was Only A Dream / Alcatraz Prisoner - 03-38
B-7728 The Wrong Road / Your Love Was Not True - 08-38
B-7801 Never Alone / Hitch Hike Blues - 10-38 (reissue of M-7239)
B-8923 Elevated Railroad In The City / An Old Man's Story - 02-42
Vocalion (1938, subsidiary of Columbia) w. Blue Ridge Entertainers
04627 Good For Nothing Gal / Lonely Blues - 02-39
04717 The Lonesome Dove / Wabash Cannon Ball - 03-39 (reissued on Conqueror 9230 in 07-39)
04771 Answer To Great Speckled Bird / Where The Roses Never Fade - 04-39 (also on Conqueror 9184)
04842 Come Back Little Pal / Sunny Tennessee - 06-39
Bluebird (1940-41)
B-8391 Happy-Go-Lucky Breakdown / Whatcha Gonna Do With The Baby - 40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8718)
B-8467 No Letter In The Mail Today / Come Back Sweetheart - 40
B-8528 I Hope She's Satisfied / Darling, I'm Still In Love With You - 40
B-8561 I'd Die Before I'd Cry Over You / New San Antonio Rose - 11-40
M-8719 No Letter In The Mail Today / I'm Still In Love With You – 40 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
M-8720 Come Back Sweetheart / I Hope She's Satisfied – 40 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-8617 Bye Bye, Baby, Bye Bye / Rubber Dolly - 01-41
B-8656 Can You Forgive / Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die - 02-41
B-8676 I Played My Heart And Lost / Loving You Too Well - 03-41
B-8702 She's Winkin' At Me / Your Heart Should Belong To Me - 04-41
B-8703 You Don't Love Me / Weeping Willow Valley - 04-41
B-8794 Neath The Bridge At The Foot Of The Hill / Little Sweetheart, Come And Kiss Me - 05-41
B-8863 Polecat Blues / Natural Bridge Blues - 11-41
B-8906 My Sweet Mountain Rose / Until I Return To You - 02-42
B-8959 I Wonder If The Moon Shines / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight - 04-42
33-0515 Best Of Friends Must Part / I'm Glad We Didn't Say Goodbye - 01-45

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