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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goebel Reeves

25 June 1929 Dallas, TX - Goebel Reeves (solo vcl/gt)
001 W402714 THE TRAMP'S MOTHER Okeh 45381/CMH-101 BCD-15680
002 W402715 I LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN FROM HER Okeh 45381/CMH-101 BCD-15680
003 W402715 THE DRIFTER - PART 1 Okeh 45365/CMH-101 BCD-15680
004 W402717 THE DRIFTER – PART 2 Okeh 45365/CMH-101 BCD-15680
3 January 1930 OKeh Recording Studio, 11 Union Sq., New York City - Goebel Reeves, *aka Bert Knowles (solo vcl/gt)
006 W403580 BLUE UNDERTAKER'S BLUES OKeh 45408/BCD-15680
007 W403581 BLUE UNDERTAKER'S BLUES - PART 2* OKeh 45427/BCD-15680
008 W403582 FORTUNES GALORE OKeh 45449/CMH-101 BCD-15680
6 January 1930 OKeh Recording Studio, 11 Union Sq., New York City - Goebel Reeves, *aka Bert Knowles (solo vcl/gt)
009 W403588 MY MOUNTAIN GAL* OKeh 45427 Velvet Tone 2355-V Clarion 5289-C/BCD-15680
010 W403589 A SONG OF THE SEA OKeh 45491 /BCD-15680
011 W403590 IN THE LAND OF THE NEVER WAS OKeh 45491/BCD-15680
012 W403591 BLUE UNDERTAKER'S BLUES – PART 3 unissued
013 W403592 BLUE UNDERTAKER'S BLUES – PART 4 unissued
014 W403593 TEXAS DRIFTER'S WARNING OKeh 45449/BCD-15680
21 July 1930 ARC Recording Studio, 55W, 16th St., New York City - Goebel Reeves aka George Riley (The Yodeling Rustler) (solo vcl/gt)
015 9885 AT THE END OF THE HOBO TRAIL CQ7706 BA32131 RE10309 PE12694 RO5051 OR8051 JE20051
016 9886 THE LAST LETTER BA32099 RE10305 PE12669 OR8037 CQ7742 RO5037 JE20037
017 9887 THE GRAVE BY THE WHISPERING PINE BA32098 RE10304 CQ7707 JE20032 OR8031 RO5031 PE165
018 9888 THE TRAMP'S MOTHER BA0871 DO4674 RE10177 OR8023 CQ7743 JE20023 RO5023 PE12653
019 9889 MOTHER-IN-LAW BLUES unissued
021 9891 THE TEXAS DRIFTER'S WARNING BA0871 DO4674 RE10177 OR8023 RO5023 JE20023 PE12653
022 9892 MY MISSISSIPPI HOME BA32131 PE12694 RE10309 CQ7706 JE20051 OR8051 RO5051
023 9893 THE COWBOY'S DREAM BA32099 ME12214 RE10305 OR8037 RO5037 JE20037 PE12669
024 9894 THE RAILROAD BUM BA32098 RE10304 CQ7707 JE20032 OR8032 RO5032 PE165 PE12668
24 September 1930 Gennett Recording Studio, Woodside, Long Island, NY – Goebel Reeves (solo vcl/gt)
025 GEX-2781 AT THE END OF THE HOBO¢S TRAIL Gennett rejected
16 October 1930 Gennett Recording Studio, Woodside, Long Island, NY - Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
026 GEX-2784 AT END OF THE HOBO TRAIL Champion 16139
027 GEX-2785 THE HOBO'S GRAVE Champion 16139
028 GEX-2786 THE DRIFTER – PART 1 Champion 16234
029 GEX-2788 THE DRIFTER – PART 2 unissued
22 October 1930 Gennett Recording Studio, Woodside, Long Island, NY - Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
030 GEX-2792 STATION H.O.B.O Champion 16189
031 GEX-2793 HOBO'S LAST LETTER rejected
5 November 1930 Gennett Recording Studio, Woodside, Long Island, NY - Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
032 GEX-2805 LAND OF NEVER WAS unissued
033 GEX-2806 I LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN FROM HER Champion 16234 45194
17 November 1930 Gennett Recording Studio, Woodside, Long Island, NY - Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
034 GEX-2818 THE HOBO'S LAST LETTER Champion 16189 45194
13 August 1934 San Francisco, CA – Goebel Reeves aka The Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
035 SF 5 THE COWBOY¢S PRAYER Vocalion 02828/Glendale GL-6010 BCD-15680
036 SF 6 HOBO¢S LULLABY Vocalion 02828/Glendale GL-6010 BCD-15680
037 SF 8 THE WANDERING BOY ARC 350911 Conqueror 8565 Minerva M-14031
038 SF 9 THE HOBO AND THE COP Vocalion 02806
039 SF 11 WHERE THE MISSISSIPPI WASHES BA33402 ME13369 OR8454 RO5454 PE13132 CQ8517
040 SF 12 THE COWBOY'S LULLABY Vocalion 02806/GL-6010 CMH-101
041 SF 13 IT'S TRUE I'M JUST A CONVICT ARC 350911 Conqueror 8565 Minerva M-14032
31 August 1934 Chicago, IL – Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo [vcl/gt])
043 C 9363 COWBOY’S LULLABYE 5021
044 C 9364 HOBO’S LULLABY 45181
045 C 9365 THE DRIFTER’S BUDDY 45181 Panachord 25848
046 C 9366 THE COWBOY'S PRAYE Panachord 25848
048 C 9368 THE WAYWARD SON Panachord 25768
049 C 9369 RECKLESS TEX 5020 Panachord 25768
050 C 9370 THE SOLDIER¢S RETURN Panachord 25991
051 C 9371 MISS JACKSON TENNESSEE Panachord 25991
052 C 9372 MY MOUNTAIN GIRL Panachord 26018
053 C 9373 COLD AND HUNGRY Panachord 26018
054 C 9374 MEET ME AT THE CROSSROADS 5021 Panachord 26042
055 C 9375 YODELING TEACHER 5020 Panachord 26042
14 November 1934 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
056 C 845 THE BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN BA33309 ME13276 CQ8470 OR8415 RO5415 PE130099/GL-6010
057 C 846 THE SOLDIER¢S RETURN unissued
058 C 847 I HAVE MY DOG unissued
059 C 848 STARS WITH STRIPES unissued
060 C 849 RECKLESS TEX FROM TEXAS BA33402 ME13369 OR8454 CQ8517 RO5454 PE13132
061 C 850 THE BAR NONE RANCH Conqueror 8443
062 C 851 THE HOBO'S PRAYER Conqueror 8442
063 C 852 COLD AND HUNGRY Conqueror 8442
15 November 1934 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Goebel Reeves aka Texas Drifter (solo vcl/gt)
064 C 854 THE HOBO’S SWEETEHART unissued
065 C 855 THE CONVICT’S SOUL unissued
066 C 856 THE COWBOY'S DIZZY SWEETHEART BA33309 ME13276 CQ8470 OR8415 RO5415 PE13099
067 C 857 THE LUCKIEST MAN IN LOVE unissued
14 January 1935 Chicago, IL – Goebel Reeves (solo vcl/gt)
068 C 9648 THE KIDNAPPED BABY Panachord (UK) 26042/BCD-15680
Source: Tony Russell – A Country Discography 1921-42

CMH [GER] CMH-101 Legendary Texas Drifter, Vol. 1: I Learned About Women From Her; Hobo's Last Letter; Fortunes Galore;Railroad Boomer;Tramp's Mother; Mother In Law Blues; Drifter Part 1;Drifter Part 2; Hobo Calling; Little Joe The Wrangler; John Law And The Hobo; My Name Bacome A Number; Cowboy's Lullaby; Wayward Son; Reckless Tex; Yodeling Teacher; Miss Jackson Tennessee - 72
CMH [GER] CMH-113 Legendary Texas Drifter, Vol. 2: The Hobo And The Angelus; Hobo's Mother; Tramp's Mother; Hobo's Sweetheart; Hobo And His Mother; Pictures From Life's Other Side; Hobo Convention; Hobo Facts; Soldier's Return; Hobo's Last Letter; When My Name Became A Number; Cowboy's Prayer; Convict's Hope; Texas Drifter's Prison Song; Child Cowboy; Little Joe The Wrangler; Cowboy's Pal; Kidnapped Child; Jail House Crooner; Treasures Untold; Birmingham Jail - 73
Glendale GL-6010 Texas Drifter: Big Rock Candy Mountain; Hobo's Lullaby; Texas Drifter's Warning; Hobo's Last Long Ride; Blue Ridge Mountain Blues; Oklahoma Kid; Hobo Convention; Dim Narrow Trail (Cowboy's Dream); Little Joe The Wrangler; Cowboy's Lullaby; Cowboy's Pal; Pictures From Life's Other Side; Dan Kelly's Courtin'; Cowboy's Prayer - 78
Glendale GL-6019 "Texas Drifter" In Story And Song: Land Of Never Was; My Mother; Jailhouse Crooner; Hobo And The Angel; Kidnapped Child; Hobo Facts; Tramp's Mother; Soldier's Return;When My Name Became A Number; End Of The Hobo's Trail; My Buddy; Hobo And Is Mother; Wayward Son; Hobo's Last Letter - 79
Bear Family [GER] BCD-165680 Hobo's Lullaby: Tramp’s Mother; I Learned About Women From Her; Drifter (Part 1); Drifter (Part 2); When The Clock Struck Seventeen; Blue Undertaker’s Blues (Part 1); Blue Undertaker’s Blues (Part 2); Fortunes Galore; My Mountain Gal; Song Of The Sea; In The Land Of Never Was; Texas Drifter’s Warning; Cowboy’s Lullaby; Hobo’s Lullaby; Drifter’s Buddy (The Drifter’s Prayer);16. Cowboy’s Prayer; Happy Days (I’ll Never Leave Old Dixieland); Wayward Son; Reckless Tex; Soldier’s Return; Miss Jackson Tennessee; My Mountain Girl; Cold And Hungry; Meet Me At The Crossroads Pal; Yodeling Teacher; Kidnapped Baby - 93

OKeh (1929-30)
45365 The Drifter, pt. 1 / The Drifter, pt. 2 - 08-29
45381 I Learned About Women From Her / Tramp's Mother - 10-29
45408 Blue Undertakers Blues / When The Clock Struck - 02-30
45427 My Mountain Gal / Blue Undertaker Blues, pt.2 - 05-30 as by Bert Knowles
45449 Fortunes Galore / Texas Drifter's Warning - 08-30
45491 In The Land Of The Never Was / Song Of The Sea - 11-30
Gennett-Champion (1930)
CH-16139 The Hobo's Grave / At The End Of The Hobo Trail – 30 as by Texas Drifter
CH-16189 Station H.O.B.O. / The Hobo's Last Letter – 31 as by Texas Drifter
CH-45194 I Learned About Women From Her / The Hobo's Last Letter - 36 (released on Champion)
ARC (1931)
5023 Texas Drifter's Warning / The Tramps's Mother – 02-31 as by George Riley (also Oriole 8023, Perfect 12653)
5032 The Grave By The Whispering Pine / The Railroad Bum - 03-31 as by George Riley (also Oriole 8032, Banner 32098, Regal 10304)
5037 The Last Letter / The Cowboy's Dream - 03-31 as by George Riley (also Oriole 8037, Banner 32099, Regal 10305)
539 Hobo's Last Letter / Station Hobo - 04-31 (released on Brunswick)
5051 My Mississippi Home / At The End If The Hobo Trail – 05-31as by George Riley (also Oriole 8051, Banner 32131, Perfect 12694, Regal 10309)
M12214 Little Joe The Wrangler / The Cowboy's Dream – 31 (released on Melotone)
Decca (1934)
5020 Reckless Tex / Yodeling Teacher - 09-34
5021 Cowboy's Lullabye / Meet Me At The Crossroads - 09-34
45181 The Drifter's Lady / Hobo's Lullaby - 36 (released on Champion)
Panachord [UK]
25768 The Wayward Son / Reckless Tex
25848 The Drifter’s Buddy / The Cowboy’s Prayer
25991 The Soldier‘s Return / Miss Jackson Tennessee
26018 My Mountain Girl / Cold And Hungry
26042 Meet Me At The Crossroads / Yodeling Teacher
ARC (1934)
02806 Hobo And The Cop / The Cowboy's Lullaby - 10-34
02828 Hobo's Lullaby / Cowboy's Prayer - 11-34
M13276 The Big Rock Candy Mountain / The Cowboy's Dizzy Sweetheart - 02-35 (also on Banner 33309, Romeo 5415, Oriole 8415, Perfect 13099)
M13369 Reckless Tex From Texas / Where The Mississippi Washes – 03-35 (also on Banner 33402,Romeo 5454, Oriole 8454, Perfect 13132)
M350911 The Wandering Boy / It's True I'm Just A Convict – 09-35
8442 Cold And Hungry / The Hobo's Prayer - 02-35
8443 Reckless Tex From Texas / The Bar None Ranch - 02-35
8470 The Cowboy's Dizzy Sweetheart / The Big Rock Candy Mountain - 04-35 (reissue of 13276)
8517 Where The Mississippi Washes / Reckless Tex From Texas - 06-35 (reissue of 13369)
8565 The Wandering Boy / It's True I'm Just A Convict - 09-35

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