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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Huelyn Duvall

*18-08-1939 Garner, TX, +15-05-2019

by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

1957 [live] Sulphur Springs, TX – Huely Duvall
00001 GOT A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO * Brazos Valley BV-3040
ca 1957 [live-TV show] Fort Worth – Huelyn Duvall
00002 TEDDY BEAR Brazos Valley BV-3040
27 September 1957 Bradley Film and Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave.South, Nashville TN – Huelyn Duvall (Huelyn Duvall [vcl], Grady Martin [gt], ? [rh gt], ? [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Floyd Cramer [piano] + Jordanaires)
001 499 BOOM BOOM BABY Challenge 59069/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200
002 472 PUCKER PAINT 59069/Design DLP-611 Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200
003 137 COMIN‘ OR GOIN‘ 1012/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 CLCD-4415
004 138 TEEN QUEEN 1012/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 CLCD-4415 [alt.] BFX-15200
27 January 1958 Gold Star Recording Studios, 6252 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA – Huelyn Duvall (Huelyn Duvall [vcl], Dave Burgess [gt], Van Norman [bass], Gene Alden [drums], Chuck Rio or Dean Beard [piano] + Jordanaires)
005 157 FOOLS HALL OF FAME US unissued/Design DLP-611 Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 [version 2] BFX-15200
006 158 HUM-M-M-DINGER 59002/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 CLCD-4415
007 159 FRIDAY NIGHT ON A DOLLAR BILL 59025/ Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 CLCD-4415
008 160 YOU KNOCK ME OUT 59002/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200
25 May 1958 Bradley Film and Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave.South, Nashville TN – Huelyn Duvall (Huelyn Duvall [vcl], Hank Garland [gt], Grady Martin [rh gt], ? [bass], Buddy Harman [drums])
009 231 JULIET 59025/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 [alt.] CLCD-4415
010 232 LITTLE BOY BLUE 59014/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200
011 233 THREE MONTH TO KILL 59014/Sundazed SC-6038 BFX-15200 [alt.] CLCD-4415
ca April 1959 unknown – Huelyn Duvall
012 200 ACROSS THE AISLE Starfire 600
013 201 IT'S NO WONDER Starfire 600 [alt.] WLP-8880 CLCD-4415 [alt.2] CLCD-4415
1959 unknown – Huelyn Duvall
014 TW-360 TEAR STAINED LETTERS Twinkle 506
015 TW-361 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Twinkle 506/ White Label WLP-8864
ca early 1960s unknown – Huelyn Duvall
016 BEAUTIFUL DREAMER White Label WLP-8864
017 LIFE BEGINS AT 4 O'CLOCK White Label WLP-8864 [alt.] CLCD-4415
018 JUST ME AND YOU, BABY White Label WLP-8864 CLCD-4415
019 BLUE EYED BABY White Label WLP-8864
020 SO HELP ME GAL White Label WLP-8864
021 WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON White Label WLP-8864 [alt.] CLCD-4415
022 LONELY White Label WLP-8864 CLCD-4415
023 DOUBLE TALKIN' BABY White Label WLP-8864 [take-1] White Label WLP-8864 [alt.] CLCD-4415
024 COMIN' OR GOIN' White Label WLP-8864
025 HUM-DINGER White Label WLP-8864 [alt.] WLP-8923
026 SUSIE'S HOUSE White Label WLP-8864
027 DOES SHE LOVE ME White Label WLP-8864
028 THREE MONTHS TO KILL White Label WLP-8880
029 JULIET/MY GIRL White Label WLP-8880
030 BLUE LOTTA BLUE White Label WLP-8880
031 WHY TELL ME BABY White Label WLP-8880
032 SO HELP ME GAL White Label WLP-8880 CLCD-4415
035 REMEMBER LAST NIGHT White Label WLP-8880
036 take-2 GOT A LITTLE GIRL White Label WLP-8880 [alt.] CLCD-4415
037 WHEN THE PARTY'S OVER White Label WLP-8880 CLCD-4415
038 LITTLE BOY BLUE White Label WLP-8880
039 HEY BRUTUS White Label WLP-8923
041 BROWN EYES White Label WLP-8923
042 TEEN QUEEN White Label WLP-8923
043 CAN'T GO AWAY White Label WLP-8923
044 THESE CHILDREN White Label WLP-8923
045 BE-BOP-A-LULA White Label WLP-8923
048 ROCKIN‘ FUN –instr.- CLCD-4415
051 MY GIRL CLCD-4415
some tracks above may have been alternative versions of Challenge recordings
1980s [live] unknown – Huelyn Duvall
05101 IT'S NO WONDER White Label WLP-8923
05102 GOT A LITTLE GIRL White Label WLP-8923
05103 BLUE LOTTA BLUE White Label WLP-8923 CLCD-4415
05104 SUSIE'S HOUSE White Label WLP-8923 CLCD-4415
05105 PARTY DOLL White Label WLP-8923
05106 LAWDY MISS CLAUDIE White Label WLP-8923
05107 PUCKER PAINT White Label WLP-8923
05108 LOTTA LOVIN' White Label WLP-8923
2002 Sound Circus Studios, Azle, TX – Huelyn Duvall and Wildfire Willie and The Ramblers (Huelyn Duvall [vcl], John MacDonald [gt], Charlie O'Bannon [piano] + unknown musicians)
052 SHE'S MY BABY Brazos Valley BV-3020
053 FACE TO FACE Brazos Valley BV-3020
054 MAGIC SPELL Brazos Valley BV-3020
055 MY LOVE Brazos Valley BV-3020
056 IT WASN'T ME Brazos Valley BV-3020
057 SURROUNDED Brazos Valley BV-3020
058 I LOVE HER SO Brazos Valley BV-3020
059 LET'S MAKE A BLOCK Brazos Valley BV-3020
060 DOES SHE LOVE ME Brazos Valley BV-3020
061 HEY BRUTUS Brazos Valley BV-3020
February 2003 Sound Circus Studios, Azle, TX – Huelyn Duvall and The Troublesome Three (Huelyn Duvall [vcl/rh gt], Lonnie Thompson [el gt], Johnnie Thompson [rh gt/vcl-1], Ralph Clark [bass])
063 BABY I'M READY IF YOU'RE WILLING Brazos Valley BV-3040
064 MY BABY WALKS ALL OVER ME Brazos Valley BV-3040
065 I'M LEFT, YOU'RE RIGHT, SHE'S GONE Brazos Valley BV-3040
068 FOLSOM PRISON BLUES Brazos Valley BV-3040
069 BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY Brazos Valley BV-3040
070 TEDDY BEAR Brazos Valley BV-3040
071 HONKY TONK MAN Brazos Valley BV-3040
072 THE HANDS YOU'RE HOLDING NOW -1 Brazos Valley BV-3040
073 BYE BYE LOVE -1 Brazos Valley BV-3040
074 I CAN FEEL THE LOVE HE HAS FOR ME -1 Brazos Valley BV-3040 GOT A LOT OF LIVIN' TO DO * Brazos Valley BV-3040
ca 2003 unknown, SWE – Huelyn Duvall and Wildfire Willie
075 DADDY'S LITTLE BABY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
076 I GOT ROCK N' ROLL Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
077 A TEEN'S WAY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
078 IT ALL DEPENDS Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
079 BLUE EYED SALLY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
080 BY AND BY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
081 SO HELP ME GAL Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
082 MY DESTINY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
083 TELL ME WHY Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
084 PLAY IT BY THE RULE Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
085 THEY AINT CLOSE TO YOU Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
086 PITTER PATTER Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
087 I'VE BEEN THINKING Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
088 MATADOR Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
089 A FOOL SUCH AS I Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
090 MY GIRL (WEARS LONG HAIR) Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
091 WHEN THE PARTY IS OVER Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
092 THERE YOU GO Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
093 MY BUCKET'S GOT A HOLE IN IT Rhythm Bomb RBR 5603
2008 The Loft, Eskilstuna, SWE - Huelyn Duvall and Wildfire Willie and The Ramblers (Huelyn Duvall [ld vcl/ac gt], Jyrki Juvonen [el gt], Alf Östlund [bass-1], Tommy Leidström [bass-2], Markku Juvonen [drums], Per-Erik Jonsson [piano],Gustav Bendt [sax], Jan Svennson, Magnus Sundin, Phil Trigwell [bck vcl])
094 HILLBILLY ROCK -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
095 GET CARRIED AWAY -1 Goofin GRCD-6131
096 FEEL LIKE ROCKIN' -1 Goofin GRCD-6131
097 HURTIN' INSIDE -1 Goofin GRCD-6131
098 CRADLE BABY -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
100 START ALL OVER AGAIN -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
101 WHAT IN THE WORLD -1 Goofin GRCD-6131
102 NO OTHER BABY -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
103 YOU GOT ME SHOOK -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
104 ALL FOGGED UP -2 Goofin GRCD-6131
2011 Studio B, Helsinki, FIN – Huelyn Duvall with Mike Bell And The Belltones (Huelyn Duvall [vcl], Mike Bell [ac gt/bck vcl], Timo Kalijaervi [ld gt], Iikku Riepponen [bass], Jasno Saario  [drums] + Petri Lapintie [piano-1], Juho Hurskainen [sax-2]. Producer: Mike Bell)
107 BABY, MAKE A MOVE -1 Goofin GREP 220  
108 STINA LEE -1-2 Goofin GREP 220
109 GIVE THE DOG A BONE -1 Goofin GREP 220  

Design DLP-611 Tennessee
: [Carl Perkins:] Tennessee; Movie Magg; Honey Don't; Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby; [Huelyn Duvall:] Fools Hall Of Fame; Pucker Paint [Frank Simon:] Truer Love; There She Goes [Carl Belew:] You Never Want To Love Me; I Laughed So Hard I Cried - 63
White Label [NED] WLP-8864 Huelyn Duvall and The Tight Strings: Life Begins At 4 O'Clock; Just Me And You, Baby; Blue Eyed Baby; So Help Me Gal; Beautiful Dreamer; Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (prev. unissued); Lonely; Double Talkin' Baby (take 1); Comin' Or Goin'; Hum-Dinger; Susie's House; Does She Love Me; Double Talkin' Baby - 83
White Label [NED] WLP-8880 More Huelyn Duvall: Three Months To Kill; Juliet/My Girl; Blue Lotta Blue; Why Tell Me Baby; So Help Me Gal; Rocking And Rehearsing; Remember Last Night; Got A Little Girl (take 2); It's No Wonder (alt. version 1); When The Party's Over; Little Boy Blue - 84
White Label [NED] WLP-8923 Today And Yesterday: It's No Wonder; Got A Little Girl (take 2); Blue Lotta Blue; Susie's House; Party Doll; Lawdy Miss Claudie; Pucker Paint; Lotta Lovin'; Hey Brutus; Friday Night On A Dollar Bill; Brown Eyes; Teen Queen; Can't Go Away; Hum-Dinger; These Children; Be-Bop-A-Lula - 87
Bear Family [GER] BFX-15200 The Challenge Masters: Comin' Or Goin'; Boom Boom Baby; Pucker Paint; Juliet; Friday Night On A Dollar Bill; You Knock Me Out; Teen Queen (alt. version); Teen Queen; Three Months To Kill; Hum-Dinger; Fools Hall Of Fame (version 1); Fools Hall Of Fame (version 2); Little Boy Blue; Fool's Hall Of Fame (Danny WOLFE) - 87
Collector [NED] CLCD-4415 Three Month To Kill: Three Months To Kill (alt. version); It's No Wonder (alt. version 1); Hum-Dinger; Modern Romance (prev. unissued); Life Begins At Four O'Clock (alt. version); So Help Me Gal; Let's Make A Block (prev. unissued); Lonely; Rockin' Fun (prev. unissued instrumental); Double Talk'n Baby (alt. version); Comin' Or Goin'; Juliet (alt. version); Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On; Teen Queen; Blue Eyed Sally (prev. unissued); Just Me And You Baby; Pickin' Over You (prev. unissued); It's No Wonder (alt. version 2); Susie's House; My Girl; Blue Lotta Blue; Got A Little Girl (prev. unissued take 2); Friday Night On A Dollar Bill; Rockin' And Warmin' Up (instrumental); When The Party's Over - 93
Sundazed SC 6083 Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby: Pucker Paint; Teen Queen; Juliet; Little Boy Blue; Comin' Or Goin'; Boom Boom Baby; Fools Hall Of Fame; Friday Night On A Dollar Bill; Three Months To Kill; Hum-M-M-Dinger; You Knock Me Out; Fools Hall Of Fame (alt. version); Teen Queen (alt. version) – 04-96 (also on LP-5019)
Brazos Valley BV-3020 She’s My Baby: She's My Baby; Face To Face; Magic Spell; My Love; It Wasn't Me; Surrounded; I Love Her So; Let's Make A Block; Does She Love Me; Hey Brutus – 04-03
Brazos Valley BV-3030 The Best Of Huelyn Duvall From The Original Master Tapes, 1957-1958: Three Months To Kill; Little Boy Blue; Teen Queen; Comin' Or Goin'; Boom Boom Baby; Pucker Paint; Juliet; Friday Night On A Dollar Bill; Hum-m-m-m-Dinger; You Knock Me Out; Fool's Hall Of Fame (version 1); It's No Wonder; Susie's House (prev. unissued) – 04-03
Rhythm Bomb [GER] RBR 5603 Ramblin‘ and Boppin‘: Daddy's Little Baby; I Got Rock n' Roll; A Teen's Way; It All Depends; Blue Eyed Sally; By And By; So Help Me Gal; My Destiny; Tell Me Why; Play It By The Rule; They Aint Close To You; Pitter Patter; I've Been Thinking; Matador; A Fool Such As I; My Girl (Wears Long Hair); When The Party Is Over; There You Go; My Bucket's Got A Hole In It – 25-11-03 w. Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers
Brazos Valley BV-3040 The Reunion - Original Texas "Rockabilly" Music: I Forgot To Remember To Forget; Baby I'm Ready If You're Willing; My Baby Walks All Over Me; I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone; Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On; When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again; Folsom Prison Blues; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; Teddy Bear; Honky Tonk Man; The Hands You're Holding Now; Bye Bye Love; I Can Feel The Love He Has For Me; Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do; Teddy Bear - 04
Goofin [FIN] GRCD-6131 Get Carrie Away: Hillbilly Rock; Get Carried Away; Feel Like Rockin'/Hurtin' Inside; Cradle Baby; Every Time I'm Kissing You; Start All Over Again; What In The World; No Other Baby/ You Got Me Shook; All Fogged Up; Anything That's Part Of You; If Teardrops Were Pennies – 08-04-08 w. Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers

Goofin‘ [FIN] GREP 220 Baby, Make A Move:  Baby, Make A Move; Stina Lee /  Give The Dog A Bone; Little Bit Of Lovin' – 11 w. Mike Bell and The Belltones

Challenge (1957-58)
CH-1012 Comin' Or Goin' / Teen Queen – 12-57 (rev. Jan. 13, 1958)
59002 Hum-Dinger / You Knock Me Out – 03-58 (rev. March 10)
59014 Three Months To Kill / Little Boy Blue – 06-58 (rev. March 30)
59025 Juliet / Friday Night On A Dollar Bill – 10-58
59069 Pucker Paint / Boom Boom Baby – 14-03-60
Starfire (1959)
600 It's No Wonder / Across The Aisle – 04-59 (rev. May 11)
Twinkle (1959)
506 Beautiful Dreamer / Tear Stained Letters - 59

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