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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ked Killen

*10 May 1911 Jenkins, KY, +1986

by Rene Pavlik, Dick Grant, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti
1953 poss. Morristown, TN – Ked Killen (with The Bright Brothers Band)
001 1357 CRYING THE BLUES Rich-R-Tone 1064 /HBRCD 028
002 1456 NO END TO MY LOVING YOU Rich-R-Tone 1064/HBRCD 028
Ca 1957 unknown – Ked Killen and The Mountain All-Stars
March 1958 Radio Station KYVA Studio, Whitesburh, KY – Ked Killen
4 August 1966 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
007 TOO LATE Western Ranch Music WRM-106/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
008 SCARLET TEARDROPS WRM-106/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
10 September 1966 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
009 STREET OF DREAMS WRM-106?/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
18 October 1966 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
010 STW-9857 WILL THE PARDON ARRIVE TOO LATE? Western Ranch Music WRM-113/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
22 October 1966 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killer and His Western All Stars
011 SJW-8840 BABY FLEETFOOT WRM-108/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
2 November 1966 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killer and His Western All Stars
012 SJW-8840 LITTLE BLIND BOY Western Ranch Music WRM-108/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
12 April 1967 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
013 STW 9032 FORBIDDEN KISSES WRM-110/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
10 May 1967 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
014 SJW 9032 SHADOWS ON THE LONESOME TRAIL WRM-110/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
28 October 1967 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
015 SJW-9952 HELLO MISTER SANTA WRM-114/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
8 November 1967 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
016 SJW-9857 ONE LITTLE ROSE Western Ranch Music WRM-113/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
12 March 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
017 HEY! PRETTY MAMA WRM-119/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
4 April 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
018 SJW 9952 THEY CALL HIM A BUM WRM-114/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
5 April 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
019 DOLL UPON THE SHELF WRM-115/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
23 April 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
020 LONESOME BLUES WRM-115 119/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
28 April 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
021 WORRIED BLUES Binge WRM-120/LP-1010 Compilation
2 July 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
022 THE CLOUDS ARE RAINING TEARDROPS WRM-121/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
10 December 1968 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
023 SJW-8538 ANOTHER LOVE Binge LP-1010 Compilation
10 March 1969 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
024 CRYIN' BLUES (# 1) Western Ranch Music cassette/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
025 SJW-11570 CRYIN' BLUES (# 2) WRM-124/Binge LP-1010 Compilation
10 April 1969 Clintwood, VA – Ked Killen and His Western All Stars
026 11570 THE PICTURE Binge WRM-124/LP-1010 Compilation

Binge [GER] LP-1010 Country Music Is Here To Stay: One Little Rose; Cryin' Blues (# 1); Hey! Pretty Mama; Worried Blues; Little Blind Boy; The Clouds Are Raining Teardrops; Will The Pardon Arrive Too Late?; Another Love; Street Of Dreams; Hello Mister Santa; Doll Upon The Shelf; Lonesome Blues; The Picture; Forbidden Kisses; Shadows On The Lonesome Trail; They Call Him A Bum; Scarlet Teardrops; Baby Fleetfoot; Too Late; Cryin' Blues (# 2) – 89 (reissued in 2008 as Western Ranch Music no # Ked Killen Compilation, different tracks order)
Western Ranch Music no # (UPC 859701080206) Country Christmas With Killen: Hello Mr Santa; The Picture; They Call Him A Bum; Baby Fleetfoot; The Clouds Are Raining Teardrops; Doll Upon The Shelf; Another Love; Hey Pretty Mama; Forbidden Kisses; Will The Pardon Arrive Too Late?; Little Blind Boy; One Little Rose; Street Of Dreams – 03-11-09 (all tracks from LP 1010)

1064 Crying The Blues / No End To My Loving You - 53
Kyva (1958, Starday Custom)
KYVA 101 Lonesome Blue / Let Another Love Move In – 57
KYVA 707 The School Bus / You’d Better Take – 03-58
Western Ranch Music
WRM-106 Scarlet Teardrops / Too Late – 06-09-66
WRM-108 Little Blind Boy / Baby Fleetfoot - 03-12-66
WRM-110 Forbidden Kisses / Shadows On The Lonesome Trail - 22-06-67
WRM-113 Will The Pardon Arrive Too Late? /One Little Rose - 29-12-67
WRM-114 They Call Him A Bum /Hello Mr. Sata – 24-11-67
WRM-115 Lonesome Blues / Doll Upon The Shelf – 19-05-68
WRM-119 Hey! Pretty Mama / Lonesome Blues - 24-04-68
WRM-120 ? / Worried Blues – 10-05-68
WRM-121 ? / The Clouds Are Raining Teardrops – 20-08-68
WRM-106? Another Love / Street Of Dreams - 29-12-68
WRM-124 The Picture / Cryin‘ Blues - 19-05-69
there is mismatch in some WRM singles on the cover of Binge 1010 (106,120-121), also different release data listed for A/B sides


  1. Ked also recorded a vanity label 45rpm on Green Wave Records at Maggard Studios in Big Stone Gap, VA, "River Of Tears" / The Cloud's Are Raining Teardrops


  3. Western Ranch Oldie Pops
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    Release date:24-Jul-2017
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    Cryin Blues
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710006)
    Cryin Blues ; by Ked ...
    Forbidden Kisses
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710013)
    Forbidden Kisses ; by...
    Worried Blues
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710005)
    Worried Blues ; by Ke...
    Hey Pretty Mama
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710003)
    Hey Pretty Mama ; by ...
    The Picture
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710007)
    The Picture ; by Ked ...
    Doll Upon the Shelf
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710015)
    Doll Upon The Shelf ;...
    Another Love
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710004)
    Another Love ; by Ked...
    Lonesome Blues
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710011)
    Lonesome Blues 2 by ...
    Rose of Cherokee
    Virge Brown
    (ISRC: USPRT1710001)
    Rose of Cherokee by Vi...
    Kisses Sent by Le...
    Gordon Harris
    (ISRC: USPRT1710041)
    Kisses Sent By Letter ...
    The Clouds Are Ra...
    Ked Killen
    (ISRC: USPRT1710009)
    The Clouds Are Raining...
    Rose of Cherokee ...
    Cecil Ziebart
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    Western Ranch Oldie Pops Cover

  4. Correction to History/Discography:

    Current Information:


    "No more opportunity came Ked’s way to record until he had seen an ad and write-up on Western Ranch Music record label
    run by Norm Kelly, out of Thornton, Ca."


    Corrected History/Discography:

    Western Ranch Music Record Label was created by, and owned by, the late Esther (Kitty) Casteel, who lived in Thornton CA. Mr. Norm Kelly did not live or operate out of Thornton CA. Esther Casteel, was also the writer and composer and/or, co-composer of many of her songs, which Ked Killen and other Artists/bands performed. Ked Killen, was signed under Esther Casteel's Label. Binge Records was one of the many compilations that she contracted some of her songs out to. You will see Esther Casteel's name printed on her own Western Ranch Music label, as provided here, as evidence, in the partial discography and history presented. WRM possesses the complete discography and history, copyrighted. Most of the songs were written by Esther Casteel, and were most always composed by her or, co-composed by her and the other Person/Artist mentioned/printed on the label with her. Norm Kelly, was one of Esther's selected Publishers (prior to becoming ASCAP licensed and creating and owning her own record label ). Norman Kelly, lived and operated out of the Eastern USA, and not Thornton CA, where Esther Casteel lived. Mr Kelly reassigned the few songs under his management, back to Esther Casteel, and other Writer's songs that he managed, prior to his death. Esther Casteel (Song Writer, Composer and Western Ranch Music Record Label creator and owner) was also known by her performance name of Kitty Casteel, and did sometimes even sing some of her own songs, live with some of her label contracted bands and Artists; mostly in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Oregon and California. Some Artists signed under her label were Virge Brown, Ziebart, Gordon Harris, etc.. Some who performed her songs and were friends of hers, who may or may not have been signed, were Ernest Tubb, Buck Owens, and others. Esther (Kitty) Casteel, was an award-winning writer/composer. She wrote and composed over 200 Country (Western), Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, etc., genre's (songs). She also wrote and co-composed many Polka musicals like "Rose of Cherokee", which earned a gold label around 1967-68. Later in years she added her words to the award-winning song and re-released it with Artist Virge Brown. The musical is still used as carousel background music at popular entertainment/theme parks/boardwalks worldwide. It also has the perfect length for the popular rides. She loved horses and even created sculptures and paintings of them. Esther (Kitty) Casteel, also wrote and composed "Hey Pretty Mama" which was a Red-Hot Hit around 1967. Performed by countless Artists and their bands worldwide since the 1960's. Esther Casteel, wrote and composed Western and Rockabilly (Hillbilly and Blues songs/music) long before "Country" was considered a genre'. Western Ranch Music is also a Publisher. We are ASCAP licensed since the early 1960's. The label is still active and owned by Esther Casteel's grandson. I am Douglas Deason, the sole owner of The Label, Publisher's license and all of Esthers songs, worldwide which are under my licensing. I have preserved many of Esther's popular songs, by digitally remastering them to radio station quality and have re-released them several years ago to Oldie's, Country, Western, etc., radio stations worldwide. The discography is much larger than you see here, and I have the photos to add to this collection if you like. Thank you kindly in advance for corrections to the history of Western Ranch Music Record Label and Publishing. Kindly assure credit where credits are due.


    Douglas Deason,
    Owner, Manager,
    Western Ranch Music Record Label and Publishing





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