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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wade Mainer

*21 April 1907 Asheville, NC, +12-09-2011
2nd version
by Tony Russell, Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Thieu Van De Vorst
, Henk Scholts, Dirk Verschaeren
also recorded with J.E. Mainer’s Mountainers

14 February 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo/harmonica], Zeke Morris [vcl/gt])
001 BS-99133-1 COME BACK TO YOUR DOBIE SHACK B-6551 Montgomery Ward M-4719/OHCS-4043
002 BS-99134-1 JUST AS THE SUN WENT DOWN B-6383 Montgomery Ward M-4718/OHCS-4043
003 BS-99135-1 WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE IN EXCHANGE B-8073 Montgomery Ward M-7134/ OHM-90001 OHCS-4043
004 BS-99136-1 BRING ME A LEAF FROM THE SEA B-6347 Montgomery Ward M-4713/OHCS-4043 OHCS-150
005 BS-99137-1 BROWN EYES B-6347 Montgomery Ward M-4713
15 February 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo/harmonica], Zeke Morris [vcl/gt])
006 BS-99138-1 MAPLE ON THE HILL PART –2 B-6293 Montgomery Ward M-4710/ OHCS-150
007 BS-99139-1 GOING TO GEORGIA B-6423 Montgomery Ward M-4719/ OHCS-150
008 BS-99140-1 NOBODY'S DARLING BUT MINE B-6423/ OHCS-150
009 BS-99141-1 MOTHER CAME TO GET HER BOY BACK FROM JAIL B-6383 Montgomery Ward M-4718/ OHM-90001
010 BS-99142-1 WHERE THE RED RED ROSES GROW B-6293 Montgomery Ward M-4710/ OHCS-150
15 June 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris and Norwood Tew (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo], Zeke Morris [vcl/gt], Norwood Tew [vcl])
011 BS-102612-1 MY CRADLE DAYS B-6489 Montgomery Ward M-5031/ OHCS-150
012 BS-102613-1 GATHERING FLOWERS FROM THE HILL B-6489 Montgomery Ward M-5031/OHCS-150
013 BS-102614-1 MY MOTHER IS WAITING B-6551 Montgomery Ward M-7005/ Old Homestead OHM-90001
014 BS-102615-1 IF I COULD HEAR MY MOTHER PRAY B-6460 Montgomery Ward M-5028/ Old Homestead OHM-90001
015 BS-102616-1 NOBODY'S DARLING ON EARTH B-6460 Montgomery Ward M-5028/ OHCS-150
016 BS-102617-1 SHAKE HANDS WITH MOTHER B-6596 Montgomery Ward M-7007/ OHM-90001
12 October 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris and Homer Sherrill (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo], Zeke Morris [vcl/gt], Homer Sherrill [vcl/fiddle])
017 BS-02530-1 THEY SAID MY LORD WAS A DEVIL B-6653 Montgomery Ward M-7091
018 BS-02531-1 WON'T SOMEBODY PAL WITH ME B-6704 Montgomery Ward M-7092
019 BS-02532-1 HOP ALONG PETER B-6752 Montgomery Ward M-7131/ OHCS-149
020 BS-02533-1 JUST ONE WAY TO THE PEARLY GATES B-6784 Montgomery Ward M-7132/ OHCS-150
021 BS-02534-1 DEAR DADDY, YOU'RE GONE B-6752 Montgomery Ward M-7133/ Old Homestead OHM-90001
022 BS-02535-1 BEEN FOOLIN' MY BAY B-6704 Montgomery Ward M-7092/ OHCS-150
023 BS-02536-1 I'LL BE A FRIEND OF JESUS B-6784 Montgomery Ward M-7132
024 BS-02537-1 COWBOY'S PONY IN HEAVEN B- 6653 Montgomery Ward M-7091
16 February 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris (Wade Mainer [vcl duet/solo vcl-1/banjo], Zeke Morris [vcl duet/solo vcl-2/gt])
026 BS-07051-1 LITTLE BIRDIE B- 6840 Montgomery Ward M-7127/ OHCS-149
027 BS-07052-1 I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A RAMBLER B-6890 Montgomery Ward M-7129/ OHCS-149
028 BS-07053-1 I'M STARTING LIFE ANEW WITH YOU B-6840 Montgomery Ward M-71330
029 BS-07054-1 LITTLE ROSEBUDS B-6993 Montgomery Ward M-7127/ OHM-90001
030 BS-07055-1 TRAIN CARRY MY GAL BACK HOME -1 B-6890 Montgomery Ward M-7129/ OHCS-149
031 BS-07056-1 IN THE LAND BEYOND THE BLUE -2 B-6936 Montgomery Ward M-7128
032 BS-07057-1 A CHANGE ALL AROUND B-6993 Montgomery Ward M-7130
033 BS-07058-1 SHORT LIFE AND IT'S TROUBLES B-6936 Montgomery Ward M-7128/ OHCS-149
2 August 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris and Steve Ledford  (Wade Mainer [vcl trio/solo vcl-1/banjo], Zeke Morris [vcl  trio/solo vcl-2/gt], Steve Ledford [vcl trio/solo vcl-3/fiddle])
034 BS-011812-1 THE DYING BOY'S PRAYER  B-7165 Montgomery Ward M-7306/ OHM-90001
035 BS-011813-1 FREE AGAIN  B-7114 Montgomery Ward M-7306/ OHCS-150
036 BS-011814-1 ANSWER TO TWO LITTLE ROSEBUDS B-7114 Montgomery Ward M-7307
037 BS-011815-1 I'M NOT TURNING BACKWARD B-7165 Montgomery Ward M-7308/OHM-90001
038 BS-011820-1 RIDING ON THAT TRAIN FORTY-FIVE -1 B-7298 Victor 27493/OHCS-149
039 BS-011821-1 LITTLE MAGGIE -3 B-7201 Montgomery Ward M-7309/ OHCS-149
040 BS-011822-1 LITTLE PAL B-7201 Montgomery Ward M-7309
041 BS-011823-1 DOWN IN THE WILLOW GARDEN -2 B-7298 Montgomery Ward M-7307/OHCS-149
042 BS-011824-1 GARDEN OF PRAYER  B-7362 M-7308
2 August 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and His Little Smilin' Rangers (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo/harmonica], Buddy Banks [vcl], Zeke Morris [gt], Robert Banks [gt], ? [steel])
043 BS-011825-1 RAMSHACKLE SHACK B-7274 Montgomery Ward M-7310/ County 404
044 BS-011826-1 MEMORY LANE B-7274 Montgomery Ward M-7310/ County 404
045 BS-011827-1 WILD BILL JONES B-7249 Montgomery Ward M-7311/ County 404
046 BS-011828-1 I WANT TO BE LOVED B-7249 Montgomery Ward M-7311
3 August 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and His Little Smilin' Rangers (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo/harmonica], Buddy Banks [vcl], Zeke Morris [gt], Robert Banks [gt], ? [steel])
048 BS-011817-1 COMPANIONS DRAW NIGH B-7384
049 BS-011818-1 MOUNTAIN SWEETHEART B-7587
050 BS-011819-1 DON’T FORGET ME LIL DARLING B-7587
27 January 1938 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer and Sons Of The Mountaineers (Clyde Moody [gt], Jay Hugh Hall [gt/harm vcl], Steve Ledford [gt/vcl], Julia Mainer [vcl-1])
051 BS-018763-1 LONELY TOMBS B-7424 Montgomery Ward M-7480/ County 404
052 BS-018764-1 PALE MOONLUGHT B-7483 Montgomery Ward M-7481/ County 404
053 BS-018765-1 ALL MY FRIENDS B-7424 Montgomery Ward M-7480/ OHCS-149
054 BS-018766-1 SINCE I MET MY MOTHER IN LOVE B-7742 M-7483
055 BS-018767-1 DON’T GET TOO DEEP IN LOVE B-7483 Montgomery Ward M-7481
056 BS-018768-1 DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE B-7561 Montgomery Ward M-7482/ County 404
057 BS-018769-1 I WON'T BE WORRIED B-7561 Montgomery Ward M-7482/County 404
058 BS-018770-1 WHERE ROMANCE CALLS -1 B-7753 Montgomery Ward M-7483/ OHCS-149
059 BS-018771-1 ANOTHER ALABAMA CAMP MEETING B-7753 Montgomery Ward M-7484/ OHCS-149
060 BS-018772-1 MITCHELL BLUES B-7845 Montgomery Ward M-7484
26 September 1938 Andrew Jackson Hotel, Rock Hill. SC- Wade Mainer and Sons Of The Mountaineers (Clyde Moody [vcl -1/gt], Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo], Steve Ledford [vcl/fiddle], Jay Hugh Hall [gt])
061 BS-026981-1 FARTHER ALONG -1 B-8023 Montgomery Ward M-7560
062 BS-026982-1 DEAR LOVING MOTHER AND DAD -1 B-8152 Montgomery Ward M-7561
063 BS-026983-1 CAN’T TELL ABOUT THESE WOMEN B-7965 Montgomery Ward M-7562
064 BS-026984-1 THAT KIND B-7861 Montgomery Ward M-7562
065 BS-026985-1 IF I HAD LISTENED TO MOTHER B-8137 Montgomery Ward M-7561
066 BS-026986-1 SHE IS SPREADING HER WINGS FOR A JOURNEY B-8023 Montgomery Ward M-7559
067 BS-026987-1 THE SAME OLD YOU AND ME B-7924 Montgomery Ward M-7564
068 BS-026988-1 LIFE’S EVENIN‘ SUN B-8007 Montgomery Ward M-7559
069 BS-026997-1 MOTHER STILL PRAYS FOR YOU B- 8137 Montgomery Ward M-7563
070 BS-026998-1 YOU’RE AWFULLY MEAN TO ME B-7861 Montgomery Ward M-7565
071 BS-026999-1 HOME IN THE SKY B-8007 Montgomery Ward M-7560
072 BS-027700-1 A LITTLE LOVE B-7924 Montgomery Ward M-7563
073 BS-027701-1 NORTH CAROLINA MOON B-8628 Montgomery Ward M-7564
074 BS-027702-1 MORE GOOD WOMEN GONE WRONG B-7965 Montgomery Ward M-7565
4 February 1939 Andrew Jackson Hotel, Rock Hill, SC – Wade Mainer and Sons of The Mountaineers (Clyde Moody [gt/vcl -1], Jay Hugh Hall [gt/vcl -2], Steve Ledford [fiddle/bass] + unknown musiciams)
075 BS-032625-1 SPARKLING BLUE EYES -1-2 B-8042 Montgomery Ward M-7882/ OHCS-150
076 BS-032626-1 WE WILL MISS HIM -1-2 B-8042 Montgomery Ward M-7882
077 BS-032627-1 I LEFT MY HOME IN THE MOUNTAINS B-8091 Montgomery Ward M-7883
078 BS-032628-1 I MET HER AT A BALL ONE NIGHT B-8091 Montgomery Ward M-7883/ OHCS-149
079 BS-032629-1 YOU MAY FORSAKE ME B-8120/ County 404
080 BS-032630-1 LOOK ON AND CRY B-8120/ County 404
081 BS-032631-1 ONE LITTLE KISS B-8145 MW7690
082 BS-032632-1 MAMA, DON’T MAKE ME GO TO BED -* B-8145
083 BS-032633-1 CRYING HOLY B-8203
084 BS-032634-1 HEAVEN BELLS ARE RINGING B-8203/ Old Homestead OHM-90001
21 August 1939 Atlanta, GA –Wade Mainer’s Sons of Mountaineers (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo],Clyde Moody [vcl/gt], Jay Hugh Hall [vcl/gt])
085 BS-041200-1 SPARKLING BLUE EYES NO.2 B-8249 Montgomery Ward M-8448
086 BS-041201-1 THE POOR DRUNKARD’S DREAM B-8273 Montgomery Ward M-8449/ County 404
087 BS-041202-1 WERE YOU THERE B-8273 Montgomery Ward M-8449
088 BS-041203-1 THE GOSPEL CANNON BALL B-8249 Montgomery Ward M-8448
089 BS-041204-1 THE GREAT AND FINAL JUDGEMENT B-8288 Montgomery Ward M-8450
090 BS-041205-1 WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOR IS HE B-8288 Montgomery Ward M-8450
091 BS-041206-1 WHY NOT MAKE HEAVEN YOUR HOME? B-8340 Montgomery Ward M-8451
092 BS-041207-1 MANSIONS IN THE SKY B-8340 Montgomery Ward M-8451/ County 404
093 BS-041208-1 NOT A WORD OF THAT BE SAID B-8359 Montgomery Ward M-8452
094 BS-041209-1 DRIFTING THROUGH AN UNFRIENDLY WORLD B-8359 Montgomery Ward M-8452/ OHCS-149
29 September 1941 Atlanta, GA - Wade Mainer and Sons of TheMountaineers (Wade Mainer [vcl trio/banjo], Curley Shelton [vcl trio/mandolin], Jack Shelton [vcl trio/gt])
095 BS-071014-1 SHAKE MY MOTHERS HAND FOR B-8848
096 BS-071015-1 ANYWHERE IS HOME B-8965
097 BS-071016-1 I CAN TELL YOU THE TIME B-8965
098 BS-071017-1 HE GAVE HIS LIFE B-8887
099 BS-071018-1 RAMBLIN’ BOY B-8990/ County 404
100 BS-071019-1 THE PRECIOUS JEWEL B-8887 20-2159/ County 404
101 BS-071020-1 OLD RUBEN B-8990/County 404
102 BS-071021-1 PRECIOUS MEMORIES B-8848/ Old Homestead OHM-90001
ca. February 1947 poss. King Recording Studio, 1540 Brewster Ave., Cincinnati, OH - Wade Mainer
103 K2385 MOTHER’S PRAYERS HAVE FOLLOWED ME 603/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
104 K2386 VISION OF MOTHER 45-872/GT-0957-2
105 K2387 DON’T WRITE TO MOTHER TOO LATE 640/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
106 K2388 I’M GLAD I’M ON THS INSIDE LOOKING OUT 45-872/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
107 K2389 AWAITING THE RETURN OF MY BOY 640/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
108 K2390 ROLL MY LADY ROLL unissued/GT-0957-2
109 K2391 THERE’LL COME A TIME 574/GT-0957-2
110 K2392 AS TIME ROLLS ON unissued/GT-0957-2
111 K2393 DUST ON THE BIBLE 574/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
112 K2394 SOLDIER’S GRAVE 585/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
113 K2395 LITTLE PAL 603/GT-0957-2
114 K2396 HE’S COMING TO US DEAD 585/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
17 March 1951 Charlotte, NC – Wade Mainer
115 K3192 NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP 45-990/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
116 K3193 NO PLACE TO LAY YOUR HEAD 45-990 EP478/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
117 K3194 GOD’S RADIO PHONE 45-975/AL-1523 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
118 K3195 HE’S PASSING THIS WAY 45-975/AL-1504 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
119 K3196 THOSE BLUE EYES I LOVE 45-955 GT-0957-2
120 K3197 LITTLE BOOK 45-955/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
121 K3198 COURTIN‘ IN THE RAIN’ unissued/GT-0957-2
19 November 1951 King Recording Studio, 1540 Brewster Ave., Cincinnati, OH – Wade Mainer and Sons Of Mountaineers/* Wayne Raney and Sons Of Mountaineers
122 K3296 LITTLE BIRDIE 45-1093/GT-0957-2
123 K3297 THE GIRL I LEFT IN SUNNY TENNESSEE 45-1093/ GT-0957-2
124 K3298 I’M NOT LOOKING BACKWARD 45-1074/AL-1557 GT-0957-2
125 K3299 STANDING OUTSIDE 45-1074/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
000 K3300 THAT STAR BELONGS TO ME* 45-1035/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
000 K3301 DREAMING OF A LITTLE CABIN* 45-1035/ OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
ca 1953  Unknown – Wade Mainer and The Mountaineers
130 1710 BLUEIRDGE MOUNTAIN BLUES Blue Ridge 109
131 6121 THREE NIGHT IN A BARROOM  Blue Ridge 109
7 April 1961 King Recording Studio, 1540 Brewster Ave., Cincinnati, OH – Wade Mainer
132 K10711 ON THE BANKS OF THE OHIO 45-5499/GT-0957-2
133 K10712 MY HOME IS DOWN IN DIXIE 45-5499/GT-0957-2
134 K10713 THE LITTLE BROWN CHURCH LP-769 GT-0957-2
135 K10714 THE NEW BRIGHT WORLD LP-769 GT-0957-2
136 K10715 THE HILL LONE AND GRAY LP-769 GT-0957-2
137 K10716 BUILDING ON THAT ROCK LP-769 GT-0957-2
138 K10717 MY SOLDIER BOY 45-5514 EP478/LP-769 OHCD-4021 GT-0957-2
139 K10718 STREAMLINED RELIGION LP-769 GT-0957-2
140 K10719 HE SIGNED MY PARDON  LP-769 GT-0957-2
141 K10720 I'M A FREE LITTLE BIRD 45-5514/GT-0957-2
142 K10721 HOME IN THE ROCK LP-769 GT-0957-2
143 K10722 SWEET HEAVEN WAS THERE unissued/GT-0957-2
around 1970 [live] Washington, D.C. area – Wade Mainer
14301 GONNA LAY DOWN MY OLD GUITAR Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14302 BUCKIN' MULE Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14303 LITTLE BIRDIE Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14304 ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14305 TRAIN 45 Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14306 CONCORD RAG Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14307 CACKLIN' HEN Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14308 BEAUTIFUL LIFE Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14310 LONELY TOMBS Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14311 GOING DOWN TOWN Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14312 BUCKIN' MULE Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14313 ROSE CONLEE Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14315 POOR DRUNKARD'S DREAM Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14316 GONE GONE GONE Old Homestead OHCD-4032  
14317 TRICKLIN' WATERS Old Homestead OHCD-4032
14318 BIG EYED RABBIT Old Homestead OHCD-4032
1969 unknown – Wade Mainer
145 VOICE OF MY SAVIOR  Knob KS 202/OHCD-4021
1970 unknown – Wade Mainer and the Straitway Trio
146  HOME IN THE ROCK  Irma ILP-105
150 WALKING THE SEA  Irma ILP-105 
153 KEEP WALKING  Irma ILP-105
155 WAITING –instr.- Irma ILP-105
159 WHEN I REACH HOME  Irma ILP-105 
November 1971 Bill Carpenter Studio, Brighton, MI – Wade Mainer (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo], Eddie Carroll [gt], Phil Carpenter [dobro],. Carl Jacobs [baritone vcl/bass], Tim Wilson [bass vcl/bass], Ronert Whalen [fiddle], Ed Bryant [fiddle])
160 LITTLE PAL Old Homestead OHS-90002  
161 DREAM OF THE MINER'S CHILD Old Homestead OHS-90002  
162 WORRIED MAN BLUES Old Homestead OHS-90002  
163 SALLY GOODWIN Old Homestead OHS-90002  
164 I'LL BE A FRIEND TO JESUS Old Homestead OHS-90002
165 SPECKLED TOP SHOES Old Homestead OHS-90002  
166 LONESOME ROAD BLUES Old Homestead OHS-90002  
167 SPARKLING BLUE EYES Old Homestead OHS-90002
168 THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME Old Homestead OHS-90002
169 WILD BILL JONES Old Homestead OHS-90002  
170 SOURWOOD MOUNTAIN Old Homestead OHS-90002  
171 CLEAR TITLE TO A MANSION Old Homestead OHS-90002
172 MAMA, YOU'RE AWFUL MEAN TO ME Old Homestead OHS-90002 
173 RUBBER DOLLY Old Homestead OHS-90002
1972 prob.Bill Carpenter Studio, Brighton, MI – Wade Mainer
174 BEYOND THIS VEIL OF TEARS Old Homestead OHS-90016
175 THE LIFEBOAT SOON IS COMING Old Homestead OHS-90016  
176 OH THOSE TOMBS Old Homestead OHS-90016
177 ETERNAL LOVE Old Homestead OHS-90016
178 THE OLD ACCOUNT WAS SETTLED Old Homestead OHS-90016  
179 THEY SAID MY LORD WAS A DEVIL Old Homestead OHS-90016  
180 WATCHING YOU Old Homestead OHS-90016  
181 I WANT TO GO THERE Old Homestead OHS-90016
182 GOING HOME Old Homestead OHS-90016  
183 I WANT TO KNOW MORE Old Homestead OHS-90016  
184 JONAH Old Homestead OHS-90016
185 LONESOME VALLEY Old Homestead OHS-90016
186 SHAKE MY MOTHERS HAND FOR ME Old Homestead OHS-90016
187 WORKING ON A BUILDING Old Homestead OHS-90016 
1971/1975 unknown – Wade Mainer
188 SALLY ANN Old Homestead OHTR-4000
189 I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A RAMBLER Old Homestead OHTR-4000
190 WALKING IN MY SLEEP Old Homestead OHTR-4000
191 CITY ON THE HILL Old Homestead OHTR-4000
192 I SAW A MAN AT THE CLOSE OF JAY Old Homestead OHTR-4000 OHCD-4021
193 HANDSOME MOLLY Old Homestead OHTR-4000
194 COURTIN' ON THE RAIN Old Homestead OHTR-4000
199 OLD JOE CLARK Old Homestead OHTR-4000
200 LONG JOURNEY HOME Old Homestead OHTR-4000
201 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN Old Homestead OHTR-4000
202 JULIE Old Homestead OHTR-4000
204 MAPLE ON THE HILL Old Homestead OHTR-4000
205 DON'T TELL ME NO LIES Old Homestead OHTR-4000
206 WATERMELON ON THE VINE Old Homestead OHTR-4000
207 MCKINLEY Old Homestead OHTR-4000
208 LYNCHBURG TOWN Old Homestead OHTR-4000
210 HARD ROCKING CHAIR Old Homestead OHTR-4000
211 REEL AND ROCK Old Homestead OHTR-4000
ca 1979/1980 Old Homesetad Studios, Brighton, MI - Wade Mainer (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo], John Morris [bass voice], Julie Mainer [gt], Eddie Carroll [gt], Dave Cahn [bariton vcl/dobro/mandolin/gt], Alonzo Green [ld gt], Vernon McIntyre/Don McIntyre [mandolin], Jim Childress [tenor voice/bass], Bill Meyer [bass], Alana Eisen Man [fiddle], Virgil Shouse [fioddle])
213 JOHN HENRY Old Homestead OHS-90123
214 MOTHER'S LAST MESSAGE Old Homestead OHS-90123
215 TITANIC Old Homestead OHS-90123
216 NOT A WORD THAT BE SAID Old Homestead OHS-90123
217 THE WRECK OF THE SOUTHERN OLD 97 Old Homestead OHS-90123
218 THAT STAR BELONGS TO ME Old Homestead OHS-90123
219 WILD AND RECKLESS HOBO Old Homestead OHS-90123
220 HESITATION BLUES Old Homestead OHS-90123
221 LADY GAY Old Homestead OHS-90123
223 RAMBLING BOY Old Homestead OHS-90123
224 LITTLE ROSEWOOD CASKET Old Homestead OHS-90123
225 TRICKLING WATERS Old Homestead OHS-90123
226 CANNON BALL Old Homestead OHS-90123
227 WHERE THE SOUL NEVER DIES Old Homestead OHS-90123  
ca 1981 unknown – Wade and Julia Mainer (Wade Mainer [ld vcl/banjo],  Julia Mainer [ld vcl/gt], Leon Mainer [ld/temor vcl] + unknown musicians)
229 LIVING BY FAITH Old Homestead OHS-70034 
230 UNCLOUDY DAY Old Homestead OHS-70034 
231 I CANNOT STAND ALONE Old Homestead OHS-70034 
232 OLD BLIND BARTEMOUS Old Homestead OHS-70034 
233 IT SEEMED HEAVEN WAS THERE Old Homestead OHS-70034 
235  THE SOLDIER BOY Old Homestead OHS-70034 
236 DIDN'T IT RAIN Old Homestead OHS-70034 
237 COME TUNE YOUR VOICES Old Homestead OHS-70034 
238 STAND BY ME Old Homestead OHS-70034
239 I LIKE TO HEAR ELIJAH Old Homestead OHS-70034  
240 MY LORD WHAT A MORNING Old Homestead OHS-70034  
241 FADED COAT OF BLUE Old Homestead OHS-70034
ca 1983 unknown - Wade Mainer
242 LITTLE LOG CABIN IN THE LANE Old Homestead OHS-90168
244 HARD ROCKING CHAIR Old Homestead OHS-90168
245 DARBY'S RAM Old Homestead OHS-90168
246 BIG EYED RABBIT Old Homestead OHS-90168
247 JIMMY BROWN Old Homestead OHS-90168
248 OLD ACCOUNT WAS SETTLED Old Homestead OHS-90168
249 MAMA YOU'RE AWFUL MEAN TO ME Old Homestead OHS-90168
250 GONNA BRING MY BABY BACK Old Homestead OHS-90168
251 LITTLE BIRDIE Old Homestead OHS-90168
252 BLUE MOUNTAIN BELLS Old Homestead OHS-90168
253 WADE'S LAUGHING SONG Old Homestead OHS-90168
254 ROVIN' GAMBLER Old Homestead OHS-90168
255 TRAIL TO MEXICO Old Homestead OHS-90168
256 CITY ON THE HILL Old Homestead OHS-90168
257 PEG AND AWL Old Homestead OHS-90168 
ca 1984 unknown – Wade and Julia Mainer (Wade Mainer [ld vcl/banjo],  Julia Mainer [ld vcl/gt] + unknown musicians)
258 I WILL FOLLOW THEE Old Homestead OHS-70065
259 MATTHEW TWENTY FOUR Old Homestead OHS-70065  
260 A BEAUTIFUL HOME Old Homestead OHS-70065  
261 MY MOTHER'S MANSION Old Homestead OHS-70065  
262 WHEN MY TIME COMES TO GO Old Homestead OHS-70065  
263 AT LAST WE'RE HOME Old Homestead OHS-70065
264 FROM JERUSALEM TO JERICHO Old Homestead OHS-70065  
265 TRAVELING SHOES Old Homestead OHS-70065  
266 SAVED THROUGH JESUS BLOOD Old Homestead OHS-70065  
267 LIGHTS IN THE VALLEY Old Homestead OHS-70065
268 I SAW MOM WITH GOD LAST NIGHT Old Homestead OHS-70065
269 SWING DOWN SWEET CHARIOT Old Homestead OHS-70065  
270 I CAN'T SIT DOWN Old Homestead OHS-70065
271 I CLAIM JESUS FIRST Old Homestead OHS-70065  
272 HE GIVES ME MORE THAN ENOUGH Old Homestead OHS-70065  
273 GOD MOVED IN THE WINDSTORM Old Homestead OHS-70065 
ca 1989 unknown – Wade and Julia Mainer (Wade Mainer [ld vcl/banjo],  Julia Mainer [ld vcl/gt] + unknown musicians)
274 HOW SWEET TO WALK WITH JESUS Old Homestead OHS-70082   
275 WHAT A HAPPY DAY Old Homestead OHS-70082   
276 IN THE SWEET BY AND BY Old Homestead OHS-70082 
277 LILY OF THE VALLEY Old Homestead OHS-70082   
278 NOAH Old Homestead OHS-70082   
279 THE WRECK ON THE HIGHWAY Old Homestead OHS-70082   
280 LIVE YOUR RELIGION EVERY DAY Old Homestead OHS-70082   
281 OLD TIME PREACHER Old Homestead OHS-70082   
282 LIGHT AT THE RIVER Old Homestead OHS-70082   
284 WHERE COULD I GO Old Homestead OHS-70082 
285 WHAT A FRIEND Old Homestead OHS-70082 
286 THE OLD RUGGED CROSS Old Homestead OHS-70082   
287 AMAZING GRACE Old Homestead OHS-70082
ca 1990 unknown – Wade Mainer
288 ROCK THE CRADLE LUCY Old Homestead OHS-90197  
290 BURY ME BENEATH THE WILLOW Old Homestead OHS-90197  
292 IN THE PINES Old Homestead OHS-90197  
293 TENNESSEE WAGONER Old Homestead OHS-90197  
294 OVER THE WAVES Old Homestead OHS-90197  
295 HOP LIGHT LADIES Old Homestead OHS-90197
296 SALLY ANN Old Homestead OHS-90197  
297 BIG BALL IN BROOKLYN Old Homestead OHS-90197  
298 WATERMELON ON THE VINE Old Homestead OHS-90197  
299 UNION COUNTY Old Homestead OHS-90197  
300 GIVE ME BACK MY FIFTEEN Old Homestead OHS-90197  
301 FOGGY MOUNTAIN TOP Old Homestead OHS-90197  
14/16 March 1991 Maggard Sound, Big Stone Gap, VA/31 May 1991 [live-5th Annual Seedtime On The Cumberland Festival] Appalshop, Whitesburg, KY- Wade and Julia Mainer (Wade Mainer [vcl/banjo],  Julia Mainer [vcl/gt], Mel Hammon [vcl/fiddle], Ronald
Hammon [gt])
302 RAMSHACKLE SHACK June Appal JA-0065D  
303 BE KIND TO A MAN WHEN HE'S DOWN June Appal JA-0065D  
305 HOBO'S WALTZ June Appal JA-0065D  
306 ROYAL TELEPHONE June Appal JA-0065D  
307 CHARLES LAWSON June Appal JA-0065D  
308 TRICKLING WATER June Appal JA-0065D  
311 SUGAR IN THE GOURD June Appal JA-0065D  
313 HOW SWEET TO WALK June Appal JA-0065D  
315 CIDER MILL June Appal JA-0065D  
317 PEG AND AWL June Appal JA-0065D
318 JONAH June Appal JA-0065D  
320 I CAN'T SIT DOWN June Appal JA-0065D
ca 1991 unknown – Wade and Julia Mainer (Wade Mainer [ld vcl/banjo],  Julia Mainer [ld vcl/gt] + unknown musicians)
321 THE GATE IS STRAIGHT Old Homestead OHS-70091
322 WHEN THE LIGHT HAS GONE OUT Old Homestead OHS-70091
323 WE'LL NEVER GROW OLD Old Homestead OHS-70091
324 WHATCHA GONNA TELL HIM Old Homestead OHS-70091
325 HARBOR OF LOVE Old Homestead OHS-70091
326 NINETY AND NINE Old Homestead OHS-70091
327 ARE YOU WASHED Old Homestead OHS-70091  
328 PURPLE ROBE Old Homestead OHS-70091  
329 WHAT HEAVEN MEANS TO ME Old Homestead OHS-70091  
330 LORD, I'M COMING HOME Old Homestead OHS-70091  
331 ALL ALONE Old Homestead OHS-70091  
332 SATISFIED Old Homestead OHS-70091   
ca 1993 unknown – Wade Mainer
333 RUN MOUNTAIN Old Homestead OHS-90207   
334 THERE'LL COME A TIME Old Homestead OHS-90207   
335 RING ON YOUR HAND Old Homestead OHS-90207   
336 WHEN THE TRAIN COMES ALONG Old Homestead OHS-90207   
337 WHEN IT'S LAMP LIGHTING TIME Old Homestead OHS-90207   
338 BABY JO Old Homestead OHS-90207 
339 GONNA' LAY DOWN MY OLD BANJO Old Homestead OHS-90207 
340 CAROLINA MULE Old Homestead OHS-90207   
341 ON OLD JORDAN'S SIDE Old Homestead OHS-90207   
342 THE CAT CAME BACK Old Homestead OHS-90207   
343 SALLY ANN Old Homestead OHS-90207 
344 QUIT KICKIN' MY DOG Old Homestead OHS-90207 
unknown details


King 769 Soulful Sacred Songs: Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me; Don't Write To Mother Too Late; The Hill Lone And Gray; No Place To Lay Your Head; I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out; He Signed My Pardon; That Star Belongs To Me; Home In The Rock; Dust On The Bible; The New Bright World; My Soldier Boy; Standing Outside; Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep; The Little Brown Church; Building On That Rock; Streamlined Religion – 61 (Recorded 1947, 1951, 1961)
Irma ILP-105 Rock Of My Soul: Home In The Rock; Diamonds In The Rough; Hide Me Rock Of Ages; Great Caravan; Walking The Sea; Scarlet Purple Robe; Gate Is Straight; Keep Walking; My Home Sweet Home; Waiting (Inst.); Mainers Melody; Home In The Solid Rock; I Will Live Again; When I Reach Home – 03-71 w. The Straitway Trio (reissued on Old Homestead OHS-90014)
Old Homestead OHM-90001 Sacred Songs Of Mother And Home: Heaven Bells Are Ringing; Precious Memories; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; My Mother Is Waiting; Dear Daddy You're Gone; I'm Not Turning Backward; Shake Hands With Mother Again; The Old And Faded Picture; What Would You Give In Exchange; Little Rosebuds; Ship Sailing Now; Mother Came To Get Her Boy From Jail; Take Me Home To The Sweet Sunny South; Dying Boys Prayer – 12-71 (reissued in 1982 on OHCS-135)
Old Homestead OHS-90002 Wade Mainer And The Mainer’s Mountaineers:Mama, You're Awful Mean To Me; Rubber Dolly; Little Pal; Dream Of The Miner's Child; Worried Man Blues; Sally Goodwin; I'll Be A Friend To Jesus; Speckled Top Shoes; Lonesome Road Blues; Sparkling Blue Eyes; This World Is Not My Home; Wild Bill Jones; Sourwood Mountain; Clear Title To A Mansion – 72
County 404 The Songs Of Wade Mainer And The Sons Of The Mountaineers: Old Ruben; Poor Drunkard's Dream; I Won't Be Worried; Lonely Tombs; You May Forsake Me; Ramshackle Shack; Mansions In The Sky; Rambling Boy; Memory Lane; Look On & Cry; Wild Bill Jones; Pale Moonlight; The Precious Jewel; Don't Leave Me Alone – 73 (Recorded In 1937-41)
Old Homestead OHS-90016 Sacred Songs Mountain Style: Shake My Mothers Hand For Me; Working On A Building; Beyond This Veil Of Tears; The Lifeboat Soon Is Coming; Oh Those Tombs; Eternal Love; The Old Account Was Settled; They Said My Lord Was A Devil; Watching You; I Want To Go There; Going Home; I Want To Know More; Jonah; Lonesome Valley - 73
Old Homestead OHTR-4000 From The Maple On The Hill: Hard Rocking Chair; Reel And Rock; Sally Ann; I've Always Been A Rambler; Walking In My Sleep; City On The Hill; I Saw A Man At The Close Of Jay; Handsome Molly; Courtin' On The Rain; Down At The End Of Memory Lane; Blue Ridge Mountain Blues; When Our Lord Shall Come Again; Down In The Willow Garden; Old Joe Clark; Long Journey Home; Fire On The Mountain; Julie; Don't Wait Till I'm Under The Clay; Maple On The Hill; Don't Tell Me No Lies; Watermelon On The Vine; McKinley; Lynchburg Town; Companions Draw Night - 76
Old Homestead OHS-90123 Old Time Songs: Train Carry My Girl Back Home; John Henry; Mother's Last Message; Titanic; Not A Word That Be Said; The Wreck Of The Southern Old 97; That Star Belongs To Me; Wild And Reckless Hobo; Hesitation Blues; Lady Gay; From Jerusalem To Jericho; Rambling Boy; Little Rosewood Casket; Trickling Waters; Cannon Ball; Where The Soul Never Dies - 80
Old Homestead OHS-70034 Family Album: Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem; Living By Faith; Uncloudy Day; I Cannot Stand Alone; Old Blind Bartemous; It Seemed Heaven Was There; What Are They Doing There Now; The Soldier Boy; Didn't It Rain; Come Tune Your Voices; Stand By Me; I Like To Hear Elijah; My Lord What A Morning; Faded Coat Of Blue – 82 w. Julia Mainer
Old Homestead OHCS-149 The Early And Great Wade Mainer, Vol. 1: Maple On The Hill*; Take Me In The Life Boat*; Riding On The Train Forty-Five; Down In The Willow Garden; Train Carry My Girl From Town; Short Life Of Trouble; Always Been A Rambler; Little Maggie; Drifting Through An Unfriendly World; I Met Her At A Ball One Night; All My Friends; Hop Along Peter; Where Romance Calls; Johnson's Old Gray Mule*; Little Birdie; Only A Broken Heart*; Happy Or Lonesome* Another Alabama Camp Meeting – 83 (*J.E. Mainer)
Old Homestead OHCS-150 The Early And Great Wade Mainer, Vol. 2: John Henry Was A Little Boy*; Gathering Flowers From The Hills; Life's Evening Sun*; Sparkling Blue Eyes; Let Her Go God Bless Her*; Nobody's Darling But Mine; We Are Drifting (Maple On The Hill Part II); Where The Red Red Roses Grow; Leaf From The Sea; Going To Georgia; Nobody's Darling On Earth; Cradle Days; Going Down To The River Of Jordan*; Free Again; Watermelon On The Vine; I'll Be A Friend To Jesus; Just One Way To The Pearly Gates; Been Foolin' Me Baby - 83 (*J.E.Mainer)
Old Homestead OHS-90168 Old Time Banjo Tunes: Little Log Cabin In The Lane; Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone; Hard Rocking Chair; Darby's Ram; Big Eyed Rabbit; Jimmy Brown; Old Account Was Settled; Mama You're Awful Mean To Me; Gonna Bring My Baby Back; Little Birdie; Blue Mountain Bells; Wade's Laughing Song; Rovin' Gambler; Trail To Mexico; City On The Hill; Peg And Awl - 84
Old Homestead OHS-70065 Old Time Sacred Songs: I Will Follow Thee; Matthew Twenty Four; A Beautiful Home; My Mother's Mansion; When My Time Comes To Go; At Last We're Home; From Jerusalem To Jericho; Traveling Shoes; Saved Through Jesus Blood; Lights In The Valley; I Saw Mom With God Last Night; Swing Down Sweet Chariot; I Can't Sit Down; I Claim Jesus First; He Gives Me More Than Enough; God Moved In The Windstorm – 85 w. Julia Mainer
Old Homestead OHS-70082 How Sweet To Walk: How Sweet To Walk With Jesus; What A Happy Day; In The Sweet By And By; Lily Of The Valley; Noah; The Wreck On The Highway; Live Your Religion Every Day; Old Time Preacher; Light At The River; When The Angels Rolled The Stone Away; Where Could I Go; What A Friend; The Old Rugged Cross; Amazing Grace - 90 w. Julia Mainer
Old Homestead OHS-90197 String Band Music: Rock The Cradle Lucy; She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain; Bury Me Beneath The Willow; They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree; In The Pines; Tennessee Wagoner; Over The Waves; Hop Light Ladies; Sally Ann; Big Ball In Brooklyn; Watermelon On The Vine; Union County; Give Me Back My Fifteen; Foggy Mountain Top – 09-91
Old Homestead OHS-70091 Old Time Gospel Favorites: The Gate Is Straight;When The Light Has Gone Out;We'll Never Grow Old;Whatcha Gonna Tell Him;Harbor Of Love; Ninety And Nine; Are You Washed; Purple Robe; What Heaven Means To Me; Lord, I'm Coming Home; All Alone; Satisfied – 92 w. Julia Mainer
June Appal JA-0065D In The Land Of Melody: Ramshackle Shack; Be Kind To A Man When He's Down; Bring Back My Mountain Boy To Me; Hobo's Waltz; Royal Telephone; Charles Lawson; Trickling Water; The Land I Love (Away Down Yonder); Down By The Railroad Tracks; Sugar In The Gourd; Down At The End Of Memory's Lane; How Sweet To Walk; You Will Never Miss Your Mother Until She's Gone; Cider Mill; The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee; Peg And Awl; Jonah; When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing; I Can't Sit Down – 09-92

Old Homestead OHCS-194 The Early And Great Wade Mainer, Vol. 3: City On The Hill; Lights In The Valley; Walk That Lonesome Valley; Got A Home In That Rock; Going Down To The River Of Jordan; They Said My Lord Was A Devil; Cowboys Pony In Heaven; What Are You Going To Do Brother (With Little Smiling Rangers); Drifting Through An Unfriendly World (With Clyde Moody); Anywhere Is Home; I Can Tell You The Time; The Gospel Cannonball (Wade Solo); Not A Word Of That Be Said; He Gave His Life; Companinions Drawing Nigh (With Little Smiling Rangers); All My Friends – 93
Old Homestead OHS-90207 Carolina Mule: Run Mountain; There'll Come A Time; Ring On Your Hand; When The Train Comes Along; When It's Lamp Lighting Time; Baby Jo; Gonna' Lay Down My Old Banjo;Carolina Mule; On Old Jordan's Side; The Cat Came Back; Sally Ann; Quit Kickin' My Dog – 10-93
Old Homestead OHCD-4013 Early and Great Sacred Songs: Take Me Back To The Sunny South; Drifting Through And Unfriendly World; Little Rosebuds; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Ship Sailing Now; Mother Cam To Get Her Boy From Jail; Shake Hands With Mother Again; Old And Faded Picture; What Would You Give In Exchange; My Mother Is Waiting; Dear Daddy You're Gone; I'm Not Turning Backward; Heaven Bells Are Ringing; Dying Boy's Prayer; City On The Hill; Lights In The Valley; Walk That Lonesome Valley; Got A Home In That Rock; Going Down To The River Of Jordan; They Said My Lord Was A Devil; Precious Memories; Anywhere Is Home; I Can Tell You The Time; Not A Word Of That Be Said – ca. 95 (Bluebird tracks)
Old Homestead OHCD-4021 The Best Sacred Songs: Dust On The Bible; Dreaming Of A Little Cabin; Coming To Us Dead; Passing This Way; God's Radio Phone; Take Me In Your Lifeboat; Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me; Soldier's Grave; Don't Write To Mother Too Late; Awaiting The Return Of My Boy; Inside Looking Out; Litle Book; Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep; Thatstar Belongs To Me; My Soldier Boy; No Place To Lay His Head; How Long Will You Now Last*; Standing Outside; I Saw My Mother Praying; Voice Of My Saviour – ca. 98 (*previously unissed)
Old Homestead OHCD-4032 Live For Collectors: Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar; Buckin' Mule; Little Birdie; On Top Of Old Smokey; Train 45; Concord Rag; Cacklin' Hen; Beautiful Life; Going Down The Road Feeling Bad; Lonely Tombs; Going Down Town; Buckin' Mule; Rose Conlee; Train That Took My Girl From Town; Poor Drunkard's Dream; Gone Gone Gone; Tricklin' Waters; Big Eyed Rabbit – 0? - (recorded around 1970 at two reunion concerts in the Washington, DC area)
Old Homestead OH-4043-CD Wade Mainer's Mountaineers 'Vol 1 1935-1936: Ship Sailing Now;This World Is Not My Home; Maple On The Hill; Take Me In The Lifeboat; Seven And Half; New Curly-Headed Blues; Broken-Hearted Blues; Greenback Dollar; Let Her Go,God Bless Her; City On The Hill; The Longest Train; Write A Letter To Mother; Lights In The Valley; Searching For A Pair Of Blue Eyes; Goin Back West In The Fall; New Lost Train Blues; Number III; I Am Walking In The Light; Don't Cause Mother's Hair To Turn Grey; When I Reach My Home Eternal; Fatal Wreck Of The Bus; Behind The Parlor Door; Satisfied; One To Love Me; Come Back To You Dobie Shack; Just As The Sun Went Down; What Would You Give In Exchange; Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea – 0?
Gusto GT-0957-2 I'm Not Looking Backward: Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me; Vision Of Mother; Don't Write To Mother Too Late; I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out; Awaiting The Return Of My Boy; Roll My Lady Roll; There'll Come A Time; As Time Rolls On; Dust On The Bible; Soldier's Grave; Little Pal; He's Coming To Us Dead; Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep; No Place To Lay Your Head; God's Radio Phone; He's Passing This Way; Those Blue Eyes I Love; Little Book; Courtin' In The Rain; Little Birdie; The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee; I'm Not Looking Backward; Standing Outside; That Star Belongs To Me; Dreaming Of A Little Cabin; On The Banks Of The Ohio; My Home Is Down In Dixie; The Little Brown Church; The New Bright World; The Hill Lone And Gray; Building On That Rock; My Soldier Boy; Steamlined Religion; He Signed My Pardon; I'm A Free Little Bird; Home In The Rock; Sweet Heaven Was There (Complete King Masters) – 06 (double, complete King recordings)

BACM [UK] CD D 454 Wade Mainer And Associates: Come Back To Your Dobie Shack; Riding On That Train 45; Memory Lane; Johnson’s Old Grey Mule; I Met her At A Ball One Night; Wild Bill Jones; Goin’ To Georgia; Pale Moonlight; Hop Along Peter; John Henry Was A Little Boy; Mother Came To Get Her Boy From Jail; Cowboy’s Pony In Heaven; Maple On The Hill; Little Pal; Watermelon On The Vine; Take Me In The Lifeboat; Down In The Willow Garden; Short Life Of Trouble; Always Been A Rambler; Been Foolin’ Me Baby; Free Again; Gathering Flowers From The Hillside; Train Carry My Girl Back Home; Ramshackle Shack – 06-14 (1936-37 recordings)

Bluebird (1936-41)
B-6293 Maple On The Hill / Where The Red, Red Roses Grow – 03-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6347 Brown Eyes / Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea - 04-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6383 Just As The Sun Went Down / Mother Came To Get Her Boy Back From Jail - 05-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6460 Nobody's Darling On Earth / If I Could Hear My Mother Pray - 07-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6489 My Cradle Days / Gathering Flowers From The Hill - 08-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6551 My Mother Is Waiting / Come Back To Your Dobie Shack -10-36
B-6596 (J.E.Mainer's Mountaineers:) Walk That Lonesome Valley / Shake Hands With Mother (w. Zeke Morris) - 10-36
B-6704 Been Foolin' My Bay / Won't Somebody Pal With Me - 12-36 w. Zeke Morris
B-6752 (J.E.Mainer) / Hop Along Peter (w. Zeke Morris) - 01-37
B-6784 (J.E.Mainer) / I'll Be A Friend Of Jesus (w. Zeke Morris) - 02-37
B-6840 Little Birdie / I'm Starting Life Anew With You - 03-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-6890 Train Carry My Gal Back Home / I've Always Been A Rambler - 04-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-6936 In The Land Beyond The Blues / Short Life And It's Trouble -04-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-6993 Change All Around / Little Rosebuds - 04-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7114 Free Again / Answer To Two Little Rosebuds - 09-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7165 Dying Boy's Prayer / I'm Not Turning Backward - 10-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7201 Little Pal / Little Maggie - 10-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7249 Wild Bill Jones / I Want To Be Loved - 11-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7274 Memory Lane / Ramshackle Shack - 12-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7298 Down In The Willow / Riding On That Train - 12-37 w. Zeke Morris
B-7362 Garden Of Prayer / (Joe Cook) - 38
B-7384 What Are You Going To Do Brother / Companions Draw Night Tight 02-38
B-7483 (J.E.Mainer) / Pale Moonlight - 04-38 w. Zeke Morris
B-7742 Since I Met My mother-In Law / (Steve Ledford) – 08-38
B-7845 (J.E.Mainer) / Mitchell Blues (w. Zeke Morris) - 10-38
B-7861 You're Awfully Mean To Me / That Kind - 11-38
B-7924 Same Old You And Me / Little Love - 12-38
B-8073 (Pine State Playboys) / What Would You Give In Exchange (w. Zeke Morris) - 03-39
B-8249 Sparkling Blue Eyes No.2 / Gospel Cannon Ball - 09-39 w. Zeke Morris
B-8273 Were You There / Poor Drunkard's Dream - 10-39
B-8288 Great And Final Judgement / What A Wonderful Savior Is He - 11-39
B-8340 Mansions In The Sky / Why Not Make Heaven Your Home - 12-39
B-8359 Not A Word Of That Be Said / Drifting Through An Unfriendly World - 01-40
B-8628 (Adolf Hofner) / North Carolina Moon - 02-41
27497 Down In The Willow / Worried Man Blues – 41 (released on Victor)
B-8848 Precious Memories / Shake My Mothers Hand For - 10-41
B-8990 Ramblin' Boy / Old Reuben - 05-42
20-2159 Sparkling Blue Eyes / The Precious Jewel – 02-47 (released on RCA Victor)
King (1846-52, 1961)
574 Dust On The Bible / There'll Come A Time - 09-46
585 Soldier's Grave / He's Coming To Us Dead - ca. 12-46
603 Little Pal / Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me - 02-47
640 Don't Write To Mother Too Late / Awaiting The Return Of My Boy - 08-47
45-872 Vision Of Mother / I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out – ca. 07-50
45-955 Little Book / Those Blue Eyes I Love - 07-51
45-975 He's Passing His Way / God's Radio Phone – 09-51
45-990 No Place To Lay Your Head / Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - 11-51
45-1035 Dreaming Of A Little Cabin / That Star Belongs To Me - 03-52 Wayne Raney & The Sons Of The Mountaineers
45-1074 Standing Outside / I'm Not Looking Backward - 06-52
45-1093 Little Birdie / The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee - 09-52
Blue Ridge
109 Blueirdge Mountain Blues / Three Night In A Barroom – ca 53
45-5499 On The Banks Of The Ohio / My Home Is Down In Dixie - 05-61
45-5514 My Soldier Boy / I'm A Free Little Bird - 08-61
45-5639 Lost John Boogie / Lonesome Wind Blues - 04-62
Knob (1969)
KS 202 Take Me In The Lifeboat / Voice Of My Savior - 70

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