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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tommy Jackson

Thomas Lee Jackson, Jr., *31-03-1926 Birmingham, Al,- +09-12-1979
2nd version
By Michel Ruppli, Bill Daniels, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Kittra Moore, John Morris, Murray Kirch, Lennart Gustavsson

ca 3 February 1950 Gibson Hotel, Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH - Tommy Jackson
001 YW-2682  BLACK MOUNTAIN RAG Mercury 6246-x45  6310-x45 72026/MG-20346
002 YW-2683/PBE-981  SALLY GOODIN'  6246-x45 72026/MG-20346 WC-16298 
ca. June 1950  unknown – Tommy Jackson
003 YW-7010/PBE-980  FIRE IN THE MOUNTAIN 6313-x45/MG-20346 WC-16298
004 YW-7011/PBE-979  DEVIL‘S DREAM  6261-x45/MG-20346 WC-16298
005 YW-7012/PBE-977  TURKEY IN THE STRAW  6261-X45/MG-20346 WC-16298
006 YW-7013  CHICKEN REEL  70974-x45/MG-20350
July 1950 unknown - Tommy Jackson
007 YW-7037  OLD JOE CLARK  6280-x45/MG-20346
008 YW-7038  BONAPARTE‘S RETREAT  6280-x45/MG-20346
February 1951  unknown - Tommy Jackson
009 YW-7105  DOWN YONDER  6365-x45/MG 20346
010 YW-7106  ALABAMA JUBILEE 6365-x45/MG 20346
011 YW-7107/PBE-978  BACK UP AND PUSH 6313-x45/MG 20346 WC-16298
012 YW-7108/PBE-832  COTTON EYED JOE 70974x45/MG 20346 WC-16298
ca. November 1951 poss. WHIN Radio Station Studio, 1625 Highway 109, Gallatin, TN – Tommy Jackson (RCA masters assigned in 1953)
013 M-5023/E3KW-4193 ARKANSAS TRAVELER Dot 1085 DEP-1030/DLP-3015
014 M-5024/E3KW-4194 SOLDIER'S JOY  1085 DEP-1030/DLP-3015
015 M-5025/E3KW-4196/M-8672? MISSISSIPPI LAWYER 1086 DEP-1030/DLP-3015
016 M-5026/E3KW-4195/M-8671? BOIL THEM CABBAGE DOWN 1086 DEP-1030/DLP-3015
ca. May 1952 poss. WHIN Radio Station Studio, 1625 Highway 109, Gallatin, TN – Tommy Jackson
017 M-6053/MB-8691 RAGTIME ANNIE 45-1137 DEP-1031/DLP-3015
018 M-6054/MB-8692 LEATCHER BRITCHES  45-1137 DEP-1031/DLP-3331 
019 M-6055/MB-8690 UNCLE JOE 45-1138 DEP-1031/DLP-3015
020 M-6056/MB-8689 CRIPPLE CREEK 45-1138 DEP-1031/DLP-3330
021 M-6057/MB-8686 WHISTLING RUFUS  45-1139 DEP-1032
022 M-6058/MB-8685 SALLY ANN  45-1139 DF-101/DLP-3532
023 M-6059/MB-8687 TENNESSEE WAGONER 45-1140 DEP-1032/DLP-3532
024 M-6060/MB-8688 FIDDLIN' RAG 45-1140 DEP-1032/DLP-3015 
025 M-6061/MB-8682 FISHER'S HORNPIPE 45-1148 DEP-1033/DLP-3330
026 M-6062/MB-8681 JACKSON'S HORNPIPE 45-1148 DEP-1033/DLP-3331
027 M-6063/MB-8678 TEXAS SCHOTTISCHE  45-1119 DEP-1033/DLP-3532
028 M-6064/MB-8677 PUT YOUR LITTLE FOOT RIGHT OUT 45-1119 DEP-1033/DLP-3331
ca. April 1953 Castle Studio At The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville 3, TN - Tommy Jackson
029 M-8067 WAKE UP, SUSAN  45-1186
030 M-8068 KATY HILL  45-1186/DLP-3331
031 M-8069/E3KB-2434/MB-8746 ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL 45-1169
032 M-8070/E3KB-2435/MB-8747 DRAGGIN‘THE BOW  45-1169/DLP-3330
January 1954 Castle Studio At The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville 3, TN – Tommy Jackson
033 M-8279/E4-KB-3127 FLOP EARED MULE  45-1217 DEP-1034/DLP-3015
034 M-8280/E4-KB-3128 SUGAR IN THE GROUND  45-1209 DEP-1034/DLP-3532
035 M-8281/E4-KB-3129 LIBERTY  45-1217 DEP-1034/DLP-3331
036 M-8282/E4-KB-3130 BILL CHEATHAM  45-1209 DEP-1034/DLP-3015
037 M-8283/E4-KB-3131 CHINESE BREAKDOWN 45-1208 DEP-1035/DLP-3015
038 M-8284/E4-KB-3132 GOLDEN SLIPPERS  45-1218 DEP-1035/DLP-3015
039 M-8285/E4-KB-3133 LEAD OUT 45-1208 DEP-1035/DLP-3015
040 M-8286/E4-KB-3134 THE EIGHT OF JANUARY  45-1218 DEP-1035/DLP-3330
ca. September 1954 Castle Studio At The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville 3, TN - Tommy Jackson
041 M-8412 EAST TENNESSEE BLUES 45-1232 DEP-1036DLP-3330
042 M-8413 SALLY GOODIN' 45-1232 DEP-1036/DLP-3532
043 M-8414 HERE AND THERE 45-1233 DEP-1036/DLP-3330
044 M-8415? BLACK MOUNTAIN RAG  DEP-1036
045 M-8416 MY WABA DOLLY  45-1234/DEP-1037
046 M-8417 MILK COW BLUES  DEP-1037
047 M-8418 K.C. BREAKMAN BLUES DEP-1037
048 M-8419 STONE'S RAG  45-1234 DEP-1037/DLP-3532
049 M-8420 RICKETT‘S HORNPIPE 45-1233 DEP-1038/DLP-3331
050 M-8421 I DON‘T LOVE NOBODY DEP-1038
052 M-8423? TWO O‘ CLOCK  DEP-1038
ca. November 1954 Castle Studio At The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville 3, TN - Tommy Jackson
053 M-8539/E4JW-0719? SUGAR FOOT RAG  45-1247 DEP-1039/DLP-3532
054 M-8540/E4JW-0720? BUFFALO GALS  45-1247 DEP-1039/DLP-3330
055 M-8541/E4JW-0721? STONEY POINT 45-1248 DEP-1039/DLP-3532
056 M-8542/E4JW-0722? TROUBLE AMONG THE YEARLINGS  45-1248 DEP-1039/DLP-3532
057 M-8543/E4JW-0723 BLACKBERRY BLOSSOM  45-1249 DEP-1040/DLP-3330
058 M-8544/E4JW-0724 PADDY ON THE TURNPIKE  45-1249 DEP-1040/DLP-3531
059 M-8545/E4JW-0725 UP JUMPED TROUBLE 45-1250 DEP-1040/DLP-3331
060 M-8546/E4JW-0726 GREY EAGLE 45-1250 DEP-1040/DLP-3330
061 M-8547/E4JW-0727 HORNPIPE IN A 45-1251 DEP-1041/DLP-3330
062 M-8548/E4JW-0728 POLK COUNTY BREAKDOWN  45-1251 DEP-1041/DLP-3085
063 M-8549/E4JW-0729 THE GAL I LEFT BEHIND 45-1252 DEP-1041/DLP-3331
064 M-8550/E4JW-0730 OLD JOE CLARK 45-1252 DEP-1041/DLP-3532
065 M-8551/E4JW-0731 FORKED DEER  45-1253 DEP-1042/DLP-3330
066 M-8552/E4JW-0732 TOM AND JERRY  45-1253 DEP-1042/DLP-3532
067 M-8553/E4JW-0733 SALLY JOHNSON  45-1254 DEP-1042/DLP-3532
068 M-8554/E4JW-0734 WHEN THE LEAVES BEGIN TO TURN BROWN  45-1254 DEP-1042
069 M-8555/E4JW-0735 WHEN MY CAT CAME BACK  45-1255 DEP-1043
070 M-8556/E4JW-0736 DUSTY MILLER  45-1255 DEP-1043/DLP-3330
071 M-8557/E4JW-0736 RACHEL 45-1256 DEP-1043/DLP-3331
072 M-8558/E4JW-0737 RICESTROW 45-1256 DEP-1043/DLP-3331
3/13 November 1957 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Tommy Jackson
076 SALLY ANN  DLP-3163
077 LIBERTY  DLP-3163
14 November 1957  Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Tommy Jackson (Tommy Jackson [fiddle], Bob Moore [bass] + unknown musicians)
088 TOMAHAWK  DLP-3085
23 November 1957 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - Tommy Jackson
details unknown, possibly some tracks from previous sessions
25 September 1959 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson
096 108222/NA 10856 JESSE POLKA Decca DL-78950
097 108223/NA 10857 CLARINET POLKA  DL-78950
098 108224/NA 10858 SNOWFLAKE BREAKDOWN DL-78950
099 108225/NA 10859 LITTLE IDA RED  DL-78950 DL-74393
28 September 1959 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson
100 108226/NA 10860 STAY A LITTLE LONGER  DL-78950
101 108227/NA 10861 RUN, JOHNNY, RUN  DL-78950
102 108228/NA 10862 14 DAYS IN GEORGIA  DL-78950
103 108229/NA 10863 DONE GONE  DL-78950
28 September 1959 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville 3, TN – Tommy Jackson
104 108230/NA 10864 ACORN HILL BREAKDOWN  DL-78950 DL-74393 va
105 108231/NA 10865 BITTER CREEK BREAKDOWN  DL-78950 DL-74303 va
106 108232/NA 10866 FIDDLER'S DREAM  DL-78950
107 108234/NA 10867 BIG SANDY  DL-78950
20, 26 January 1961 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson (Tommy Jackson [fiddle], Ray Edenton [gt] + unknown musicians)
details unknown
ca. June 1962 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson (Tommy Jackson [fiddle], Jake Landers [vcl/gt], Herschel Sizemore [vcl/mandolin], Rual Yarbrough [vcl/banjo], Tut Taylor [dobro])
108 WHITE WATER JIG  Dot DLP-25454  Hamilton HLP-12129
109 SAINT ANNA'S REBEL  DLP-25454 Hamilton HLP-12129
110 ROMEO'S FIRST CHANGE  DLP-25454 Hamilton HLP-12129
111 SNOE SHOES  DLP-25454
112 GRANDMA'S CHICKENS  DLP-25454 Hamilton HLP-12129
114 RED APPLE RAG  DLP-25454
115 SMITH RAG  DLP-25454
117 PEACOCK RAG  DLP-25454
ca. June 1962 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson
120 SALTY DOG BLUES DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
121 IN THE PINES  DLP-25471
123 BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
124 EARL'S BREAKDOWN  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
125 CABIN IN THE HILLS  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
126 GREAT SPECKLE BIRD  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
127 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
128 OLD JOE CLARK  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
129 UNCLE PEN  DLP-25471
130 MAPLE ON THE HILL  DLP-25471 Hamilton HLP-12129
22 January 1964 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson (Producer: Owen Bradley)
132 114390/NA 12790 LITTLE JOHN Decca  DL-74539
133 114391/NA 12791 DAISY JO  DL-74671
134 114392/NA 12792 RACOON HOLLOW  unissued
135 114393/NA 12793 COTTON IN THE HILL unissued
136 114394/NA 12794 MY GIRL SALLY ANN  DL-74539
137 114395/NA 12795 INTRO: UNCLE JOE  DL-74671
1964 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson  (Nashville Five: unknown session musicians)
138 BOUQUET OF ROSES   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
139 GO, MAGGIE, GO   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
140 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
141 DOWN HOME STOMPERS BLUES   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
142 TENNESSEE WALTZ   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
143 SAN ANTONIO ROSE   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
144 DANCIN' AT THE OPRY   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
145 STOMPIN' IN THE SNOW   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
146 BIRMINGHAM WALTZ   Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
147 JAMBALAYA Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF 21800
ca June 1965 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson  Pete Wade
148 2-33569 WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALTZ  Cumberland SRC-69530
149 2-33570 KENTUCKY WALTZ  Cumberland SRC-69530
150 2-33571 MOM AND DAD’S WALTZ Cumberland SRC-69530
151 2-33572 THE WALTZ YOU SAVED FOR ME Cumberland SRC-69530
152 2-33573 MOCKING BIRD HILL Cumberland SRC-69530
153 2-33574 THE LAST WALTZ Cumberland SRC-69530
154 2-33575 OVER THE WAVES Cumberland SRC-69530
155 2-33576 MISSOURI WALTZ Cumberland SRC-69530
156 2-33577 WESTPHALIA WALTZ Cumberland SRC-69530
157 2-33578 DOWN IN THE VALLEY  Cumberland SRC-69530
31 August 1966 Bradley’s Barn, Bender’s Ferry Road, Mount Juliet, TN – Tommy Jackson (unknown musicians. Producer: Owen Bradley)
158 117909/NA 14213 SUGAR IN THE GROUND (intro.)  DL-74831
159 117916/NA 14220 SUGAR IN THE GROUND (ending)  DL-.74831
160 117917/NA 14221 PORKED DEER (intro)  DL-74831
161 117924/NA 14228 PORKED DEER (ending)  DL-74831
1966 poss. Houston, TX – Tommy Jackson
162 TORCH I CARRY Tear Drop 3191
163 LM-4367? COLD, COLD WORLD  Tear Drop 3191
1967 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson
164 U4KM-5975/38658* I'M GETTING STONED TONIGHT SRR-131 (2nd press 1977)*
165 U4KM-5976/38657* FLAT TOP BOY  Sun Ray SRR-131  (2nd press 1977)*
1969 Nashville, TN – Tommy Jackson
166 23673 THANKS MR. D.J.  SRR-136
167 23674 WHAT AM I GONNA DO SRR-136

Dot DLP-3015 Popular Square Dance Music: Golden Slippers; Arkansas Traveler; Boil Them Cabbage Down; Chinese Breakdown; Soldier's Joy; Flop Eared Mule; Fiddlin' Rag; Mississippi Sawyer; Bill Cheatham; Lead Out; Uncle Joe; Ragtime Annie - 56
Dot DLP-3085 Square Dance Tonight:  Down Yonder;  Listen To The Mocking Bird;  Alabama Jubilee; Tangle Weed;  Hamilton County Breakdown;  Little Liza Jane;  Camptown Races;  Tomahawk;  Don't Let The Deal Go Down;  Dill Pickles;  Crazy Creek;  Casey Jones;  Cherokee Shuffle;  Hoedown Polka;  Busy Fingers;  Polk County Breakdown - 58                                              
Mercury MG-20346 Tommy Jackson's Square Dance Fiddle Favorites: Down Yonder; Alabama Jubilee; Fire On The Mountain; Back Up And Push; Black Mountain Rag; Old Joe Clark; Bonaparte' s Retreat; Turkey In The Straw; Devil' s Dream; Sally Goodin; Cotton Eyeed Joe; Chicken reel - 58  
Decca DL-8950/DL-78950 Square Dances Without Calls: Snowflake Breakdown; Little Ida Red; Run, Johnny, Run; Bitter Creek Breakdown; Fiddler's Dream; Clarinet Polka; 14 Days In Georgia; Acorn Hill Breakdown; Big Sandy; Stay A Little Longer; Done Gone; Jesse Polka – 59 (reissued on MCA-162 in 1973 and in 1995  on MCAD-20891 Good Old Fiddle Music with 2 songs omitted)
Dot DLP-3163 Do-Si-Do: Arkansas Traveler; Mississippi Sawyer; Bile Dem Cabbage Down; Sally Ann; Liberty; Soldier's Joy; Bill Cheatham; Devil's Dream - 59
Dot DLP-3330 Square Dance Festival, Vol. 1:  Blackberry Blossom;  Buffalo Girls;  Cripple Creek;  Draggin' The Bow;  Dusty Miller;  East Tennessee Blues;  Eighth Of January;  Forked Deer;  Fisher's Hornpipe;  Gray Eagle; Here And There;  Hornpipe In "A"  - 60
Dot DLP-3331 Square Dance Festival, Vol. II: Jackson's Hornpipe; Katy Hill; Leather Britches; Liberty; Old Joe Clark; Orange Blossom Special; Paddy On The Turnpike; Up Jumped Trouble; Put Your Little Foot Right Out; Rachel; Ricestrow; Rickets Hornpipe; Rubber Dolly - 60
Dot DLP-3454/DLP-25454 Swing Your Partner:  White Water Jig;  Saint Anna's Rebel;  Romeo's First Change;  Snoe Shoes; Grandma's Chickens; Whiskey Before Breakfast;  Red Apple Rag;  Smith Rag;  Sugar Tree Stomp;  Peacock Rag;  Florida Blues; Sputnik Breakdown - 62           
Dot DLP-3471/DLP-25471 Greatest Bluegrass Hits: Salty Dog Blues; In The Pines; Gotta Travel On; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; Earl's Breakdown; Cabin In The Hills; Great Speckle Bird; Footprints In The Snow; Old Joe Clark; Uncle Pen; Maple On The Hill; I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home – 09-62
Hamilton HLP-129/HLP-12129 Square Dance Jamboree!: Salty Dog Blues;  Blue Moon Of Kentucky;  Earl's Breakdown; Cabin In The Hills; Great Speckled Bird; Footprints In The Snow; Old Joe Clark; Maple On The Hill; White Water Jig; Saint Anna's Rebel; Romeo's First Change; Grandma's Chickens – 64 (sampler)
Dot DLP-3580/DLP-25580 Square Dances Played By Tommy Jackson, Called By T. Tommy:  Bile 'Em Cabbage Down;  Up Jumped Trouble;  Katy Hill;  Cripple Creek;  Down Yonder;  John Henry;  Skip To My Lou;  Buffalo Gals;  Black Mountain Rag;  Uncle Joe  - 08-64   
Somerset/Stereo Fidelity SF-21800 Let's Dance Country Pops:Bouquet Of Roses; Go, Maggie, Go; I Can't Stop Loving You; Down Home Stompers Blues; Tennessee Waltz; San Antonio Rose; Dancin' At The Opry; Stompin' In The Snow; Birmingham Waltz; Jambalaya – 64 w. The Nashville Five
Wing MGW-12298/SRW-16298e Guitar And Fiddle Country Style:  [Tommy Jackson:] Turkey In The Straw; Back Up And Push; Devil's Dream; Fire On The Mountain; Sally Goodin'; [Lloyd Ellis:] Cottontail Rag; Annie Laurie; Open Up Them Pearly Gates; Yo Yo Boogie; Boogie Blues – 03-65 
Dot DLP-3532 Square Dance Festival. Vol. III: Sally Ann; Sally Goodin'; Sally Johnson; Stone's Rag; Stoney Point; Sugar In The Gourd; Sugarfoot Rag; Tennessee Wagoner; Texas Schottische; The Girl I Left Behind; Tom And Jerry; Trouble Among The Yearlings - 66
Cumberland MGC-29530/SRC-69530 Twin Fiddles Play Country's Greatest Waltzes: Kentucky Waltz; Wednesday Night Waltz; The Last Waltz; Mockingbird Hill; Down In The Valley; Mom And Dad's Waltz; Over The Waves; The Westphalia Waltz; The Waltz You Saved For Me; Missouri Waltz – 65 w. Pete Wade
BACM [UK[ CD D 294 The Legendary Session Player: East Tennessee Blues; Uncle Joe; Cripple Creek; Ragtime Annie; Leather Britches; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Ricestrow (aka Ryestraw); I Don't Love Nobody; The Girl I Left Behind Me; Polk County Breakdown; Bill Cheatham; Liberty; Flop Eared Mule; Sugar In The Gourd; Golden Slippers; Arkansas Traveler; Boil Them Cabbage Down; Chinese Breakdown; Soldier's Joy; Fiddlin' Rag; Katy Hill; Mississippi Sawyer; Here And There; Sally Goodin; Rickett's Hornpipe; Sally Ann - 10

U.S. Air Force - Country Music Time Show # 236:  A Maiden’s Prayer;  Astraleda [Jerry Byrd]; Weight Water Jig; Joley Blind - 62

Mercury (1950-51)              
6246-X45 Black Mountain Rag / Sally Goodin - 03-50
6261-X45 Devil's Dream / Turkey In The Straw - 05-50
6280-X45 Bonaparte's Retreat / Old Joe Clark - 09-50
6310-X45 Black Mountain Rag / (Gov. Gordon Browning:) Tennessee Waltz - 02-51
6313-X45 Back Up And Push / Fire On The Mountain – 02-51
6365-X45 Down Yonder / Alabama Jubilee - 10-51
72026 Black Mountain Rag / Sally Goodin - 08-62 (reissue of 6246-X45)
Dot (1951-54)                
1085 Soldier's Joy / Arkansas Traveler – ca. 02-52
1086 Boil Them Cabbage Down / Mississippi Lawyer – ca. 02-52
45-1119 Texas Schottische / Put Your Little Foot Right Out – ca. 08-52
45-1137 Leather Britches / Ragtime Annie – ca. 11-52
45-1138 Cripple Creek / Uncle Joe – ca. 11-52
45-1139 Sally Ann / Whistling Rufus – ca. 11-52
45-1140 Fiddlin' Rag / Tennessee Wagoner – ca. 11-52
45-1148 Fisher's Hornpipe / Jackson's Hornpipe – ca. 01-53

45-1169 Draggin' The Bow / Orange Blossom Special - 05-53 (adv. May 23, rev. July 7)
45-1186 Katy Hill / Wake Up Susan – ca. 11-53
45-1208 Lead Out / Chinese Breakdown – ca. 06-54
45-1209 Bill Cheatham / Sugar In The Gourd – ca. 06-54
45-1217 Liberty / Flop Eared Mule - 08-54
45-1218 Golden Slippers / The Eight Of January - 08-54
45-1232 Sally Goodin' / East Tennessee Blues - 11-54
45-1233 Here And There / Rickett's Hornpipe - 11-54
45-1234 Rubber Dolly / Stone's Rag - 11-54
45-1247 Sugerfoot Rag / Buffalo Girls - 04-55
45-1248 Trouble Among The Yearlings / Stoney Point - 04-55
45-1249 Blackberry Blossom / Paddy On The Turnpike - 04-55
45-1250 Gray Eagle / Up Jumped Trouble - 04-55
45-1251 Polk County Breakdown / Hornpipe In "A" - 04-55
45-1252 Old Joe Clark / The Girl I Left Behind Me – 04-55
45-1253 Forked Deer / Tom And Jerry – 04-55
45-1254 Sally Johnson / When The Leaves Begin To Turn Brown – 04-55
45-1255 Dusty Miller / When My Cat Came Back – 04-55
45-1256 Rachel / Rice Strow – 04-55
45-211 Boil Them Cabbage Down / Missisippi Sawyer – 11-10-64
45-212 Texas Schottische / Put Your Little Foot Right Out  – 11-10-64
45-213 Leatcher Britches / Ragtime Annie – 11-10-64
45-219 Wake Up Susan / Kathy Hill– 11-10-64
45-229 Blackberry Blossom / Paddy On The Turnpike– 11-10-64
45-232 The Girl I Left Behind / Old Joe Clark– 11-10-64
45-233 Tom And Jerry / Forked Deer– 11-10-64
DF-101/45-DF-101 Square Dances of the Grand Ole Opry (Square Dances without calls):  45-1137 Leather Britches; Ragtime Annie; Cripple Creek; Uncle Joe / Sally Ann; Whistling Rufus; Fiddlin' Rag; Tennessee Wagoner – ca. 07-52 (2 45 RPM EPs or 4 78 RPMs, Bb add. Aug. 2)
DEP-1030 "Square Dance": Arkansas Traveler / Soldier's Joy / Boil the Cabbage Down / Mississippi Sawyer - 55 (MX: EPM 1064/65)
DEP-1031 "Square Dance": Ragtime Annie / Leather Britches / Uncle Joe / Cripple Creek - 55  (MX: EPM 1066/67)
DEP-1032 "Square Dance": Whistling Rufus / Sally Ann / Tennessee Waggoner / Fiddlin' Rag - 55  (MX: EPM 1068/69)
DEP-1033 "Square Dance": Fisher's Hornpipe / Jackson's Hornpipe / Texas Schottische / Put Your Little Foot Right Out - 55  (MX: EPM 1070/71)
DEP-1034 "Square Dance": Flop Eared Mule / Sugar in The Gourd / Bill Cheatham / Liberty - 55 (MX: EPM 1072/73)
DEP-1035 "Square Dance Music": Chinese Breakdown / Oh, Dem Golden Slippers / Lead Out / Eighth of January - 55 (MX: EPM 1074/75)
DEP-1036 "Square Dance": East Tennessee Blues / Sally Goodin' / Here and There / Black Mountain Rag – 55 (MX: EPM 1076/77)
DEP-1037 "Square Dance": My Wabba Dolly / Milk Cow Blues / K.C. Breakman Blues / Stones Rag – 55 (MX: EPM 1078/79)
DEP-1038 "Square Dance Music": Ricket's Hornpipe / I Don't Love Nobody / Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / Two O' Clock  - 55 (MX: EPM 1080/81)
DEP-1039 "Square Dance Music": Sugar Foot Rag / Buffalo Gals / Stoney Point / Trouble Among The Yearlings - 55  (MX: EPM 1082/83)
DEP-1040 "Square Dance Music": Blackberry Blossom / Paddy On The Turnpike / Up Jumped Trouble / Grey Eagle - 55 (MX: EPM 1084/85)
DEP-1041 "Square Dance Music": Hornpipe in A / Polk Country Breakdown / Gal I Left Behind / Old Joe Clark - 55 (MX: EPM 1086/87)
DEP-1042 "Square Dance Music": Forked Deer / Tom And Jerry / Sally Johnson / When The Leaves Begin To Turn Brown - 55  (MX: EPM 1088/89)
DEP-1043 "Square Dance Music": When My Cat Came Back / Dusty Miller / Rachel / Ricestrow - 55 (MX: EPM 1090/91)
Tear Drop (1966)              
3191 Torch I Carry / Cold Cold World - 66                  
Sun Ray (1967-69)
SRR-131 Flat Top Boy / I'm Getting Stoned Tonight - 67              
SRR-136 Thanks Mr. D.J. / What Am I Gonna

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