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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tommy Hunter

Thomas James "Tommy" Hunter, *20-03-1937 London, Ontario, CAN
by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Vaclav Zpatecka
1957 RCA Victor Studio, Montreal, CAN – Tommy Hunter (Producer: Hugh Joseph)
24 September 1962 [no 10757] Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Hunter (Producer: Ken Nelson)
003 38131 PENNY WISHES 4890
005 38133 JEANNIE'S LAST KISS unissued?
1964 unknown, CAN – Tommy Hunter
006 THE STAMPEDE Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
007 A LEGEND IN MY TIME Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
009 HIGH NOON (DO NOT FORESAKE ME) Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
010 I'LL DO AS MUCH FOR YOU SOME DAY Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
011 LET ME BE THE ONE Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
012 SHE'S MY BABY Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
013 BACKWARD TURN BACKWARD Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
014 LITTLE MAN YOU'VE HAD A BUSY DAY Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
015 (REMEMBER ME) I'M THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
016 JUST CALL ME LONESOME Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
017 THE FARMER AND THE LORD Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
018 NORTH WIND Can. Talent Lib. S 5041
27 February 1967 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Hunter (Producer: Frank Jones)
019 NCO 120422 IN A WAY 4-44104/ELS-326
020 NCO 120423 HALF A WORLD AWAY 4-44367/ELS-326
021 NCO 120424 CUP OF DISGRACE 4-44104/ELS-326
27 June 1967 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Hunter (Producer: Frank Jones)
022 NCO 120125 CHARLIE'S SIDE 4-44367/ELS-326
023 NCO 120126 MARY IN THE MORNING 4-44234/ELS-326
025 NCO 120128 ARE YOU SAD (WITHOUT YOUR DAD) 4-44541/ELS-326
18 March 1968 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Tommy Hunter (Producer: Frank Jones)
026 NCO 98487 I CAN'T FIND A SPACE (TO PARK MY CAR) 4-44684 /ELS-326
028 NCO 98489 (I DON'T WANT NO WOMAN) TYIN' ME DOWN 4-44541/ELS-326
Tommy Hunter recorded in Canada after these Nashville sessions. Some info in albums and singles list

Canadian Talent Library [CAN] S 5041 Tommy Hunter: The Stampede; A Legend In My Time; When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain; High Noon (Do Not Foresake Me); I'll Do As Much For You Some Day; Let Me Be The One; She's My Baby; Backward Turn Backward; Little Man You've Had A Busy Day; (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You; Just Call Me Lonesome; The Farmer And The Lord; North Wind - 64
Columbia [CAN] ELS 326 Travelling With Tommy Hunter: Mary In The Morning; Half A World Away; (I Don't Want No Woman) Tyin' Me Down; Nowhere Bound With Greyhound; Charlie's Side; Sixteenth Avenue; The Battle Of The Little Big Horn; In A Way; I Can't Find A Space (To Park My Car); Cup Of Disgrace; Are You Sad (Without Your Dad) - 68
Columbia [CAN] ELS 363 Tommy Hunter: Travelin' Man; I Started Loving You Again; The Lumberjack; Big In Vegas; Old Pappy's New Banjo; Wait For Sunday; Walk With Your Neighbour; Forever Is A Long Long Time; Walking The Streets; I Just Keep Hangin' On; Sea Of Heartbreak – ca 70
Columbia [CAN] ES 90046 Time Slips Away: I Want To Be A Country Boy Again; Funny How Time Slips Away; Nothing To Write Home About; Life's Little Favours; Good Morning Fool; Growin' Up Days Of Mine; I Can't Wait To Dream That Dream Again; Sweeping Sadness Off The Floor; Too Much Of Me; Still Loving You; Ode To A Train; Baby Loves The Rain; Bill Jones General Store – 7-
Harmony[CAN] KHE-90175 Tommy Hunter's Greatest Hits: Mary In The Morning; Half A World Away; Travellin' Man; I Started Loving You Again; Walk With Your Neighbours; Sea Of Heartbreak; I Want To Be A Country Boy Again; Funny How Time Slips Away; Baby Loves The Rain; Bill Jones General Store - 73
RCA Victor [CAN] KPL1-0088 Tommy: Born To Be A Gypsy; The Departure; The Tennessee Waltz; Loving Arms; Mary Ann Regrets; The Love Of A Good Woman; Anytime; No Rest; Here Comes My Baby Back Again; Song And Dance Man - 75
Acclaim [CAN] CM-12002 Tommy: Here At Forty; Family Tree; Six Feet Under (That Cold Cold Ground); Wisdom Is Our Friend; Dance With Me Molly; Paradise; I Still Got Some Bridges To Burn; Fool Enough To Fall In Love Again; I Think About Your Lovin'; Lord If You're Listening – 82 (Producer: Andy DiMartino)
Polytel [CAN] 831 131-1 Readings: No Charge; Everything's OK; Trouble In The Amen Corner; Touch Of The Master's Hand; Farmer And The Lord; Sleeping Beauty; Old Doc Brown; Flowers; Just Waiting; New Year's Resolution; Beyond The Sunset – 83 (reissued on Edith ROCD 004)
RCA Victor [CAN] KCD1-0600 The Anniversary Sessions: I Tripped Over Your Memory; The Man Of '87; Couldn't See The Gold; You Can't Go Back; I Seldom Give You A Second Thought; The Party Of The First Part; Name The Place And Time; Nickels And Dimes And Love; Let's Put Love Back To Work; Love Comes To Those Who Wait - 89
Rocklands Talent Agency [CAN] ACC-49404 Tommy Hunter Sings For You: Blues Stay Away From Me; The Prisoners Song; Mind Your Own Business; They'll Never Take Her Love From Me; Each Minute Seems A Million Years; No Hard Time Blues; Blue Side Of Lonesome; I'll Be Your Baby To-Nite; Many Tears Ago; Makes No Difference Now; Canada, No Place Like Home - 93
Edith [CAN] ROCD 005 Songs Of Inspiration: A Beautiful Life; Softly And Tenderly; Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life; Amazing Grace; Precious Memories; Working On A Building; Church In The Wildwood; Will The Circle Be Unbroken;The Old Rugged Cross; Sweet Hour Of Prayer – 95
Edith [CAN] ROCD-006 Timeless Country Treasures: Wabash Cannonball (Tribute To Roy Acuff); Release Me; Lonesome 77203; Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; Singin' The Blues; Tennessee Waltz; Oh Lonesome Me; Cold Cold Heart; I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home; Daisy A Day; Gotta Travel On; Bouquet Of Roses; Make The World Go Away; This Ole House; You Are My Sunshine; I'm Movin' On; Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain; Wreck Of Old 97; Candy Kisses; Heartaches By The Number; I'll Fly Away - 95

Edith [CAN] ROCD-007 Timeless Country Treasures Vol. 2: Sixteen Tons;  It's Four In The Morning; For The Good Times; Mary In The Morning;  Welcome To My World;  I'll Sail My Ship Alone;  I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Silver Haired Daddy;  Great Speckled Bird;  Gene Autry My Hero;  The Keys In The Mailbox;  Green Green Grass Of Home;  Bill Jones General Store;  No One Will Ever Know; Funny How Time Slips Away;  Crystal Chandeliers; Noboby's Darlin';  I Overlooked An Orchid;  King Of The Road;  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle; Travelin' Man- 96
Edith [CAN] ROCD-011 Songs For Inspiration. Vol. 2: In The Garden; These Hands; Rock Of Ages; Unclouded Day; How Great Thou Art; Abide With Me; It Is No Secret; This World Is Not My Home; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Peace In The Valley; The Flowers, The Sunset, And The Trees; May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You - 97
Edith [CAN] ROCD-012 Traditional Country Christmas: Christmas Time's Comin'; White Christmas; O Little Town Of Bethlehem; Silver Bells; Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town; Away In A Manger; An Old Christmas Card; Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer; Let It Snow; Blue Christmas; Silent Night; Pretty Paper; The Christmas Guest – 11-97
Edith [CAN] ROCD-017 Still Making Memories/ Timeless Country Treasures. Vol. 3: Man Of '87; Ribbon Of Darkness; Pass Me By; Making Believe; Honky Tonk Man; Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me; Marianne Regrets; Busted; City Of New Orleans; I Love; Walk On By; Only Love Sets You Free; Got No Reason Now For Going Home; I Love You Because; Too Old To Die Young; Making Plans; Company's Coming; Backward Glances Down A Country Road; Cryin' My Heart Out Over You; What's Wrong With The Way That We're Doing It Now? - 01

RCA Victor [CAN] (1957)
3278 Teenage Love Is A Losing Game / I Don’t Care If Tomorrow Never Comes – ca 58
Capitol (1962)
4890 Penny Wishes / The Poor Little Bullfrog – 12-62 (UK issue on 45-CL-15283)
Columbia (1967-68)
4-44104 In A Way / Cup Of Disgrace – 04-67
4-44234 Mary In The Morning / The Battle Of The Little Big Horn – 07-67
4-44367 Charlie's Side / Half A World Away – 11-67
4-44541 Are You Sad (Without Your Dad) / (I Don't Want No Woman) Tyin' Me Down – 04-68
4-44684 I Can't Find A Space (To Park My Car) / Nowhere Bound, With Greyhound – 11-68
Columbia [CAN]
C4-2904 Walk With Your Neighbour / Sea Of Heartbreak – 69 (US issue on 4-45057)
Wait for Sunday / ? – 70
Bill Jones General Store / ? – 71
RCA Victor [CAN]
0035 The Departure / Song And Dance Man - 74
PB-50031 Born To Be A Gypsy / ? - 75
Love of a Good Woman / ? – 76
Condor [CAN]
C97165 The Great Mail Robbery / Gypsy Woman – 78 (Producer: Rex Allen, Jr.)
Acclaim [CAN] (1982)
CM 70000 Here At Forty / I Think About Lovin’ - 82 (US issue on Moonshine MS 3006)
CM 70003 Dance With Me Molly / Wisdom Is Our Friend – 82
CM 70010 Family Tree / Paradise - 82
CM 70011 Fool Enough To Fall In Love Again / I Still Got Some Bridges To Burn – 82
RCA Victor [CAN]
PB-51045 The Man Of '87 / The Party Of The First Part - 89
PB-51056 Couldn't See The Gold / Love Comes To Those Who Wait - 89
no label [CAN]
ST-57510 Missisauga (with the Laurie Bower Singers) / Missisauga (with the Laurie Bower Singers and Mississauga personalities) - ? (Producer: Jack Feeney)
Canadian singles are highly incomplete

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