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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tune Wranglers

by Tony Russell (on Country Discography 1921-420, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Thieu Van De Vorst
27 February 1936 San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Red Brown [vcl/banjo], Curley Williams [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], Eddie Whitley [piano])
001 BS-99394 BUSTER'S CRAWDAD SONG B-6554 Montgomery Ward M-7039/TXR-2703
002 BS-99395 EL RANCHO GRANDE B-6554 Montgomery Ward M-7039 Twin FT8224/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
003 BS-99396 IT WAS MIDNIGHT ON THE OCEAN B-6365 Montgomery Ward M-4764 Twin FT8127/KK CD 28
004 BS-99397 THEY SIMPLY GO WILD OVER ME B-6310 Montgomery Ward M-4763 Twin FT8096/ KK CD 28
005 BS-99398 RED'S TIGHT LIKE THAT B-6438 Montgomery Ward M-7040 Twin FT8188/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
006 BS-99399 RAGTIME COWBOY JOE B-6438 Montgomery Ward M-7040 Twin FT8188/ KK CD 28
007 BS-99400 DRIVIN' THE DOGGIES ALONG B-6403 Montgomery Ward M-4765
008 BS-99401 RIDE ON, OLD TIMER, RIDE ON B-6403 Montgomery Ward M-4765
009 BS-99402 SHE'S SWEET (AIN'T SHE SWEET) B-6326 Montgomery Ward M-4762 Twin FT8114/ KK CD 28
010 BS-99403 SARAH JANE B-6397 Montgomery Ward M-7041/ KK CD 28
28 February 1936 San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Red Brown [vcl/banjo], Curley Williams [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], Eddie Whitley [piano])
011 BS-99418 I'M WILD ABOUT THAT THING B-6310 Montgomery Ward M-4763/ KK CD 28
012 BS-99419 I WAS BORN TOO SOON B-6421 Montgomery Ward M-7041 Twin FT8166
013 BS-99430 MY SWEET THING B-6326 Montgomery Ward M-4762 Twin FT-8114/ KK CD 28
014 BS-99431 TEXAS SAND B-6513 Montgomery Ward M-4766 Twin FT8224 20-2070/ KK CD 28
015 BS-99432 LONESOME BLUES B-6513 Montgomery Ward M-4766/ KK CD 28
016 BS-99433 I CAN’T CHANGE IT B-6365 Montgomery Ward M-4764 Twin FT8127/ KK CD 28
24 October 1936 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Eddie Fielding [banjo], Eddie Duncan [vcl/steel], Bill Dickey [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano])
017 BS-02868 I WISH YOU WERE JEALOUS OF ME B-6856/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
018 BS-02869 THEY CUT DOWN THE OLD PINE TREE B- 6692 Monrgomery Ward M-7194
019 BS-02870 OH LOOK AT THAT BABY B- 6828/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
020 BS-02871 SWEET MAMA BLUES B- 6856 Montgomery Ward M-7199
021 BS-02872 I'LL BE HANGED IF THEY'RE GOIN' TO HANG ME B-6692 MW M-7194 Twin FT8277/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
022 BS-02873 HOT PEANUTS B-7867 Montgomery Ward M-7199/ KK CD 28
023 BS-02874 I BELIEVE IN YOU B-6783/ KK CD 28
024 BS-02875 THE ONE ROSE IN MY HEART B-6655 Montgomery Ward M-7195
025 BS-02876 YESTERDAY B-6703/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
026 BS-02877 IN THE SHADOW OF THE PINES B-6655 Montgomery Ward M-7195
027 BS-02878 I'VE GOT NO USE FOR WOMEN B-7089 Twin FT8493
24 October 1936 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Eddie Fielding [banjo], Eddie Duncan [vcl/steel], Bill Dickey [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano])
028 BS-02879 THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME B-6783 Montgomery Ward M-7200 Twin FT8317
029 BS-02880 ECHO IN THE VALLEY B-6703
030 BS-02881 UP JUMPED THE DEVIL B-6982/ KK CD 28
032 BS-02883 CIELITO LINDO B-7089 Montgomery Ward M-7200
24 February 1937 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Eddie Fielding [banjo], Eddie Duncan [vcl/steel], Bill Dickey [vcl/bass], Tom Dickey [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano], Emil Zunker or Cal Callison [accordeon])
033 BS-07263 LET'S GO B-6900/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
034 BS-07264 GET WITH IT B-6900/ KK CD 28
035 BS-07265 SHINE ON NEW MEXICO MOON B-7030 Montgomery Ward M-7196
036 BS-07266 DREAMS OF SILVER AND MEMORIES OF GOLD B-6962 Montgomery Ward M-7197 Twin FT8377
037 BS-07267 WHEN IT'S TUNE WRANGLING TIME IN TEXAS B-6947 M.Ward M-7184 Twin FT8376
038 BS-07268 WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN IN ARIZONA B- 6962 Montgomery Ward M-7196
039 BS-07269 BACK TO NEVADA Montgomery Ward M-7197
040 BS-07270 A LITTLE WHILE AGO B-7030 Montgomery Ward M-7198/TXR-2703
041 BS-07271 WHY DO YOU KNOCK AT MY DOOR? B-7076 Twin FT8493
042 BS-07272 THAT'S JUST MY WAY OF LOVING YOU B-7076 Montgomery Ward M-7198
043 BS-07273 RODEO ROSE B-6947 Montgomery Ward M-7184/ KK CD 28
044 BS-07274 CHICKEN REEL STOMP B-6982 Twin FT8377
14 September 1937 Dallas Athletic Club, Dallas, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Red Brown [vcl/banjo], Charles Gregg [bass], Ben McKay [fiddle], Eddie Whitley [vcl/piano])
048 BS-014150 IT DON'T MEAN A THING B-8133/ KK CD 28
049 BS-014151 HONEY SMILE FOR ME B-7336
050 BS-014152 LEAVE ME WITH A SMILE B-7272
051 BS-014153 BLACK EYED SUSAN BROWN B-7830/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
052 BS-014154 IT AIN'T GONNA RAIN NO MORE B-7272
054 BS-014156 FOUR LEAFED CLOVER B-7413 Montgomery Ward M-7367
055 BS-014157 COWBOYS AND INDIANS B-7766 Montgomery Ward M-7367/ KK CD 28
056 BS-014158 WHISTLING WALTZ B-7200
5 April 1938 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers [* aka Tono Hombres] (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Neal Ruff [banjo], ? [bass], Ben McKay [fiddle], Eddie Whitley [piano], Real Ruff [clarinet])
057 BS-022148 LAUGHTER AND TEARS B-7571
058 BS-022149 OLD MONTANA MOON B-7612
059 BS-022150 LITTLE LOVE SHIP B-7703
060 BS-022151 YE OLD RYE WALTZ B-8032
062 BS-022153 SING A SONG OF HARVEST B-7571
063 BS-022154 SHAWNEE B-7766/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
064 BS-022155 BLUE BONNET RHYTHM B-7673/TXR-2703
065 BS-022156 CHOPO WALTZ B-7612/TXR-2703
066 BS-022157 SOLITA B-7703
067 BS-022158 RAINBOW B-7673 ACO IRIS* B-3196/TXR-2703
25 October 1938 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX – Tune Wranglers (Buster Coward [vcl/gt], Neal Ruff [banjo/clarinet], Smiley Whitley [steel], Curley Williams [-* vcl/bass], Leonard Seago [vcl/fiddle], George Timberlake [piano])
068 BS-028593 DIXIE MOON B-7934 Montgomery Ward M-7660
069 BS-028594 KALUA SWEETHEART -* B-8014 Montgomery Ward M-7660
070 BS-028595 RIO GRANDE LULLABY -* B-8014 Montgomery Ward M-7661
071 BS-028596 RIO PECOS ROSE -* B-7992 Montgomery Ward M-7661
072 BS-028597 ISLAND REVERIE B-7966 Montgomery Ward M-7662
073 BS-028598 HAWAIIAN HONEYMOON -* B-7066 Montgomery Ward M-7662/TXR-2703
074 BS-028599 LET’S MAKE BELIEVE WE’RE SWEETHEARTS -* B-7972 Montgomery Ward M-7663
075 BS-028600 SWEET FIDDLE BLUES B-7992 Montgomery Ward M-7663/TXR-2703 KK CD 28
076 BS-028601 YOU LOST A FRIEND B-7947 Montgomery Ward M-7664
077 BS-028602 I’LL NEVER LET YOU CRY B-7934 Montgomery Ward M-7664
078 BS-028603 SINGING CLARINET BLIES B-7047 Montgomery Ward M-7665
079 BS-028604 I LOVE HER B-7972 Montgomery Ward M-7665

Texas Rose TXR-2703 The Tune Wranglers, 1936-38: Black-Eyed Susan Brown; Let's Go; I Wish You Were Jealous Of Me; Chopo; Why Do You Knock At My Door; Red's Tight Like That; Shawnee; I'll Be Hanged If They're Goin' To Hang Me; El Rancho Grande; Blue Bonnet Rhythm; Sweet Fiddle Blues; Oh, Look At That Baby; Hawaiian Honeymoon; Yesterday; Buster's Crawdad Song; Rainbow – 82
Krazy Kat [UK] KK-CD 28 Tune Wranglers 1936-1938: It Was Midnight on the Ocean; They Go Wild Over Me; El Rancho Grande; Texas Sand; My Sweet Thing; Sarah Jane; Red's Tight Like That; I Can't Change It; Ragtime Cowboy Joe; . I'm Wild About That Thing; She's Sweet; Lonesome Blues; Up Jumped the Devil; I'll Be Hanged If They're Gonna Hang Me; I Believe in You; Oh, Look at That Baby; I Wish You Were Jealous of Me; Yesterday; Hot Peanuts; Let's Go; Rodeo Rose; Get With It; It Don't Mean a Thing; Black-Eyed Susan Brown; Cowboys and Indians; Shawnee; Sweet Fiddle Blues - 00

BACM [UK] CD D 372 Drivin’The Doggies Along: They Go Wild Over Me; Drivin’The Doggies Along; Ride An old Timer Ride On; They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree; In The Shadow Of The Pines; I’ve Got No Ouse For The Women; Echo Valley; That Little Texas Moon; Dreams Of silver Memories Of Gold; When The Sun Goes Down In Arizona; Back To Nevada;  A Little While Ago; Who’ll Take Your Place; Look Out For The Ghost; Honey Smile For Me; Leave Me With A Smile; It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More; Sweetest Girl In The World; Old Montana Moon; Ridin‘ For The Rio Grande; Dixie Moon; Rio Pecos Rose; I’ll Never Let You Cry - 12

SINGLESBluebird (1936-38)
B-6310 They Simply Go Wild Over Me / I'm Wild About That Thing - 03-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4763)
B-6326 She's Sweet (Ain't She Sweet) / My Sweet Thing - 04-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4762, Twin FT8114)
B-6365 I Can't Change It / It Was Midnight On The Ocean - 05-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4764, Twin FT8127)
B-6397 Sarah Jane / Sarah Jane (as by Chicago Rhythm Kings) – 06-36
B-6403 Drivin' The Doggies Along / Ride On Old Timer, Ride On - 06-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4765)
B-6421 I Was Born Too Soon / Sweet Violets - 06-36
B-6438 Ragtime Cowboy Joe / Red's Tight Like That - 07-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4764, Twin FT8188)
B-6513 Lonesome Blues / Texas Sand - 09-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4766)
B-6554 Buster's Crawdad Song / El Rancho Grande - 10-36 (also on Montgomery Ward M-7039)
B-6655 In The Shadow Of The Pines / The One Rose In My Heart - 11-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7195)
B-6692 I'll Be Hanged If They're Goin' To Hang Me / They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree - 11-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7194)
B-6703 Yesterday / Echo In The Valley - 12-36
B-6783 The Girl I Left Behind Me / I Believe In You - 02-37
B-6828 Oh, Look At That Baby / That Little Texas Town - 02-37
B-6856 Sweet Mama Blues / I Wish You Were Jealous Of Me - 03-37
B-6900 Let's Go / Get With It - 03-37
B-6947 When It's Tune Wrangling Time In Texas / Rodeo Rose - 04-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7184)
B-6962 Dreams Of Silver And Memories Of Gold / When The Sun Goes Down In Arizona - 04-37
B-6982 Up Jumped The Devil / Chicken Reel Stomp (Turkey In The Straw) - 04-37
B-7030 A Little While Ago / Shine On, New Mexico Moon - 06-37
B-7076 That's Just My Way Of Loving You / Why Do You Knock At My Door? - 08-37
B-7089 Cielito Lindo / I've Got No Use For Women - 08-37
B-7200 Sweetest Girl In The World / Whistling Waltz - 10-37
B-7272 Leave Me With A Smile / It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' - 11-37
B-7336 Who'll Take Your Place When You're Gone / Honey Smile For Me - 01-38
B-7413 Four Leafed Clover / When You Think A Lot About Someone - 02-38
B-7571 Laughter And Tears / Sing A Song Of Harvest - 05-38
B-3196 Rainbow – Arco Iris / Centeno Waltz – 38 as by Tuno Hombres
B-7612 Old Montana Moon / Chopo - Waltz - 06-38
B-7673 Blue Bonnet Rhythm / Rainbow - 07-38
B-7703 Solita / Little Love Ship - 08-38
B-7766 Shawnee / Cowboys And Indians - 09-38
B-7830 Look Out For The Ghost Of Red / Black Eyed Susan Brown - 10-38
B-7867 Hot Peanuts / (Bill Boyd) - 11-38
B-7934 Dixie Moon / I'll Never Let You Cry - 12-38
B-7947 You Lost A Friend / Singing Clarinet Blues - 12-38
B-7966 Island Reverie / Hawaiian Honeymoon - 01-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7662)
B-7972 Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts / I Love Hero - 01-39
B-7992 Sweet Fiddle Blues / Rio Pecos Rose - 01-39
B-8014 Kalua Sweetheart / Rio Grande Lullaby - 02-39
B-8032 Ye Olde Rye Waltz / Riding For The Rio Grande - 02-39
B-8062 Sugar Blues / (Jimmie Reward) - 03-39
B-8133 (Douglas Bine) / It Don't Mean A Thing - 05-39
20-2070 Hawaiian Honeymoon / Texas Sand – 01-47 (reissue, released on RCA Victor)
Montgomery Ward
M-7041 Sarah Jane / Born Too Soon – (reissue)
M-7196 Shine On, New Mexico Moon / When The Sun Goes Down In Arizona – (reissue)
M-7197 Back To Nevada / Dreams Of Silver And Memories Of Gold
M-7198 A Little While Ago / That¢s My Way Of Loving You – (reissue)
M-7199 Sweet Mama Blues / Hot Peanuts – (reissue)
M-7200 The Girl I Left Behind Me / Cielito Lindo – (reissue)
M-7367 Four Leaf Clover / Cowboys And Indians – (reissue)
M-7660 Dixie Moon / Kalua Sweetheart – 39 (reissue)
M-7661 Rio Grande Lullaby / Rio Pecos Rose – 39 (reissue)
M-7663 Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts – 39 (reissue)
M-7664 You Lost A Friend / I'll Never Let You Cry – 39 (reissue)
M-7665 Singing Clarinet Blues / I Lov Her – 39 (reissue)
FT8096 They Go Wild Over Me / (Jimmie Davis)
FT8166 Born Too Soom / (Riley Puckett)
FT8224 Rancho Grande / Texas Sand – (reissue)
FT8277 I'll Be Hanged If They're Going To Hang Me / (Bill Boyd)
FT8317 Thw Girl I Left Behind Me / (Jack Price)
FT8376 When It¢s Tune Wrangling Time In Texas / (Jimmie Revard)
FT8377 Dreams Of Silver And memories Of Gold / Chicken Reel Song – (reissue)
FT8493 I've Got No Use For The Women / Why Do You Knock At My Door? – (reissue)

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