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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buffalo Johnson

by Dick Grant, Dave Sax & Al Turner with acknowledgements to Dick Spottswood, Pete KuyKendall, Phillip J. Tricker, Ronald Keppner & Johan Lofstedt + additional Mercury info by Michel Ruppli
1946 unknown - Buffalo Johnson & His Melody Rangers (Producer: James Hobart “Jim” Stanton)
001 6969 ALONE AND BLUE Rich-R’-Tone 403
002 6991 RANGERS RAG 403
003 7007 I’LL ALWAYS FIND A WAY Rich-R’-Tone 401
004 7202 COME BACK AGAIN 401
1947 unknown - Buffalo Johnson
005 7196 SOMETHING WITHIN ME Rich-R’-Tone 405
006 6700 WHERE ARE YOU NOW 405
007 3118 I JUST DROPPED IN TO SAY GOODBYE Rich-R’-Tone 408 (unissued)
008 7203 HOME IN SAN ANTONE Rich-R’-Tone 408 (unissued)
1947 unknown - Buffalo Johnson
009 8001 THE FOOLISH ONE Rich-R’-Tone 409
ca. July 1948 WROL Radio Station Studio, 500 Block Gay St., Knoxville, TN - Buffalo Johnson
012 1851 BETWEEN THE LINES 6123
014 1853 COME BACK TO ME 6178
015 1854 SOMEHOW I CAN¢T FORGET unissued
016 1855 A PETAL FROM A FADED ROSE unissued
018 1857 LIVE IN MEMORIES unissued
ca February 1949 WETB Radio Station, Johnson City, TN - Buffalo Johnson (Producer: James Hobart “Jim” Stanton)
019 4108 THE LOSER PAYS Rich-R’-Tone 434 (unissued)
020 4109 COME BACK AGAINRich-R’-Tone 430 (unissued)
021 3101 ALONE AND BLUE 430 (unissued)
022 4120 I DREAMED MY DADDY CAME HOME Rich-R’Tone 434 (unissued)
1949 WETB Radio Station, Johnson City, TN - Buffalo Johnson (poss. Dusty Rose, Guy Pealer, Sterling Simpson. Producer: James Hobart “Jim” Stanton)
023 FAIRY TALES Rich-R’-Tone 442
024 UNTRUE LOVE 442 458
025 4135 unknown title
026 3134 LEFT MY GAL IN THE MOUNTAINS Rich-R’-Tone 458
* Billboard dated 1st October 1949 stated that Buffalo Johnson and His Melody Rangers, Mercury and Rich-R’-Tone recordong artists, formerly with WETB, Johnson City, Tenn., are making personal appearances in Cincinnati and vicinity, band members include Dusty Rose, Guy Pealer and Sterling Simpson.
1950 unknown - Buffalo Johnson
027 WHISPER GOODBYE Rich-R’-Tone 702
1951 unknown - Buffalo Johnson
029 1306 LET’S LIVE A LITTLE Rich-R’-Tone 1013
* The Billboard edition of the 14th April 1951 stated that BUFFALO JOHNSON had signed a new 5 year deal with Rich-R’-Tone
1951 unknown - Buffalo Johnson
031 1407 FRANKIE AND JOHNNY Rich-R’-Tone 1016/Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-028
032 1309 NO LOVE NO MORE 1016/HBRCD-028
27 October 1951 unknown - Buffalo Johnson & The Church Brothers & their Blue Ridge Ramblers (Buffalo Johnson [vcl-1], William Cears “Bill” Church [vcl-2/gt], Arthur Ralph Church [tenor vcl-2/mandolin], Arthur Ward Eller [vcl/gt], John McKinley “Johnny” Nelson or James Garfield “Gar” Bowers [banjo], John Ralph Pennington [bass]. Producer: James Hobart “Jim” Stanton)
033 ROLL IN MY SWEET BABY’S ARMS Rich-R’-Tone unissued/GHP LP-900 Rounder 1020 Juneberry CDR MP3-201
034 1312 DAY DREAMING -1 Rich-R’-Tone 1019/LP-900 Juneberry CDR MP3-201 [alt.] unissued
035 1410 I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO -1-2 Rich-R’-Tone 1019/Juneberry CDR MP3-201 [alt.] unissued
* According to DRUSILLA ADAMS SMITH, a second RICH-R’-TONE recording session was held about summer 1950 in Kingsport, Tennessee. It is uncertain if any of the forgoing masters were recorded there
1952 unknown - Buffalo Johnson & His Herd
036 1316 JOHN HENRY Rich-R’-Tone 1023
037 1414 NINE POUND HAMMER 1023
1952 Cincinnati, OH - Buffalo Johnson & His Herd (James “Jimmie” Ballard [vcl/gt + unknown musicians.Producer: Carl J. Burkhardt)
038 TAIN’T BIG ENOUGH Kentucky 4-520 520
039 TAPPIN’ BOOGIE 4-520 520-B/ Cactus CACT CD-5006
1952 Cincinnati, OH - Harry Adams & Buffalo Johnson (unknown musicians.Producer: Carl J. Burkhardt)
040 MILK BUCKET BOOGIE Kentucky 45-521
1952 Cincinnati, OH - Harry Adams & The Her with Billy Thomas Old Time fiddler (poss. Buffalo Johnson [?], William "Billy" Thomas [fiddle]. Producer: Carl J. Burkhardt)
000 7017 GIVING EVERYTHING AWAY Kentucky 525
000 7018 WILDWOOD FLOWER Kentucky 526
000 7019 unknown title
000 7020 unknown title
000 7021 unknown title
000 7022 unknown title
000 7023 BOIL THE CABBAGE DOWN Kentucky 525
000 7024 FOGGY MOUNTAIN TOPKentucky 526

Rich-R-Tone (1946-47)
401 I’ll Always Find A Way / Come Back Again - 20-12-46
403 Alone And Blue / Rangers Rag - 27-02-47
405 Something Within Me / Where Are You Now - 10-08-47
408 I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye / Home In San Antone - unissued
409 The Foolish One / The Sweetest Dream - 29-12-47
Mercury (1948)
6123 My Angel Sweetheart / Between The Lines - 07-08-48
6178* That’s Why I’m Nobody’s Darling / Come Back To Me - 19-03-49
* Mercury 6178 was used twice (see also Don Gibson/Sons of The Soil)
Rich-R-Tone (1949-52)
430 Come Back Again / Alone And Blue - unissued
434 The Loser Pays / I Dreamed My Daddy Came Home - unissued
442 Fairy Tales / Untrue Love - 11-06-49
458 Untrue Love / Left My Gal In The Mountains - 28-02-50
702 Whisper Goodbye / Goodbye Boogie - 50
1016 Frankie And Johnny / No Love No More - ca 51
1019 Day Dreaming / I Don’t Know What To Do - 11-51 w. Church Brothers
1013 Let’s Live A Little / You Sure Look Lonesome - ca 02-52
1023 John Henry / Nine Pound Hammer - 52
Kentucky (1952)
4-520/45-520* Tain’t Big Enough / Tappin’ Boogie - 52 (*second issu on white label)
45-521 Milk Bucket Boogie / Arkansas Traveler - 52 w. Harry Adams


Thanks to Michel Ruppli, not only for his books which I use daily, but also for a large amount of rare and unpublished data from his giant archive.
Thanks to all my friends - country music fans - in Czech Republic - Vladimir Pikora, Michal Gololobov, Milos Holecek, Tony Foglar, Rene Pavlik and Petr Vitous.
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