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Friday, July 2, 2010

Jimmie Revard

*26-11-1909 Pawhuska, OK, +12-04-1991

2nd version
By Tony Russell (in Country Discography, 1921-1942), Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Henk Scholts, Mario Manciotti


22 October 1936 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner [gt/*vcl], Ben McKey [fiddle/vcl -x], Emil Hofner [steel], Eddie Whitley [piano/vcl -o], Cotton Cooper [banjo])
001 BS-02801-1 RIDE 'EM COWBOY -o Bluebird B-6739/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
002 BS-02802-1 HOLDING THE SACK B-6992 Twin FT8418/ JSP-7742C
003 BS-02803-1 CAKE EATIN' MAN -* B-6753
004 BS-02804-1 TRIFLIN' GAL -o B-6739/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
005 BS-02805-1 SWING ME -o B-6712
006 BS-02806-1 A LITTLE PRAYER FOR ME B-7085
007 BS-02807-1 DIRTY DOG B-6992 Twin FT8418/JSP-7742C
008 BS-02808-1 FOX AND THE HOUNDS -instr.- B-6753/BACM CD D 100 JSP-7742C
009 BS-02809-1 BLUES IN THE BOTTLE -o B-6842/ JSP-7742C
010 BS-02810-1 SHE'S ALL MINE B-6842
011 BS-02835-1 WHAT'S THE USE B-6823
012 BS-02836-1 SINCE YOU LEFT ME, HON -* B-6823
013 BS-02837-1 BIG STRING BAND -x B-6654
26 October 1936 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner [gt/*vcl], Emil Hofner [steel], Ben McKey [fiddle/vcl -x], Eddie Whitley [piano/vcl -o], Cotton Cooper [banjo/-+ vcl])
014 BS-02936-1 SHE IS MY GAL B-7297
015 BS-02937-1 CRAFTON BLUES B-6712/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
016 BS-02938-1 OKLAHOMA ROUNDER -x B-6654
017 BS-02939-1 AFTER HOURS BLUES -o B-6774/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
018 BS-02940-1 BIG DADDY BLUES -o B-6774/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
019 BS-02941-1 STARA KOVARNA - * B-2575
020 BS-02942-1 NA MARJANSE -* B-2575
021 BS-02943-1 IT AIN'T NO GOOD -+ B-6679
022 BS-02944-1 NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY -+ B-6679/BACM CD D 100
023 BS-02945-1 JUST REFINED -* B-7061
26 February 1937 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner [gt/*vcl], Curly Williams [gt/bass/-+vcl], Emil Hofner [steel], Ben McKey [fiddle/vcl -x], Art Francis [piano], Cotton Cooper [banjo])
024 BS-07351-1 PLAYBOY'S BREAKDOWN -instr.- B-7371 20-2987/BACM CD D 100
025 BS-07352-1 TULSA WALTZ -instr.- B-7371 20-2987 .BACM CD D 100
026 BS-07353-1 I'VE GOT TROUBLE IN MIND -+ B-6935/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
027 BS-07354-1 LOSE YOUR BLUES AND LAUGH AT LIFE -+ B-7028/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
26 February 1937 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner [gt/*vcl], Curly Williams [gt/bass/-+vcl], Emil Hofner [steel], Ben McKey [fiddle/vcl -x], Art Francis [piano], Cotton Cooper [banjo])
028 BS-07355-1 YOU'RE MEAN TO ME B-6935 Twin FT8376/BACM CD D 100
029 BS-07356-1 MY LITTLE GIRL I LOVE YOU -+ B-6877 20-3117 Twin FT8337/ JSP-7742C
030 BS-07357-1 IT¢S MY TIME NOW -+ B-6877
031 BS-07358-1 RIDING DOWN THE CANYON -x,-+ B-8141/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
032 BS-07359-1 THAT'S MY GAL -+ B-7028
033 BS-07360-1 THINKING B-7172/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
034 BS-07361-1 PICKIN' COTTON BLUES -+ B-7172
035 BS-07362-1 SPANISH MEDLEY OF WALTZES -* -+ B-8117
036 BS-07363-1 I WANT A GIRL -+ B-7085 Twin FT8475
037 BS-07364-1 DADDY'S GOT THE DEEP ELM BLUES -* B-7061/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
14 September 1937 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner [gt/*vcl], Curly Williams [gt/bass/-+vcl], Chet Carnes [banjo], Emil Hofner [steel], Bob Belnard [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano], Cal Callison [accordion], + vocal trio)
038 BS-014135-1 COME UP AND SEE ME SOME DAY B-7248/BACM CD D 100
039 BS-014136-1 BOUND TO LOOK LIKE A MONKEY -+ B-7481/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
040 BS-014137-1 WE PLAYED A GAME -* B-7309/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
041 BS-014138-1 AT THE END OF THE LANE B-7370/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
042 BS-014139-1 WE'LL RIDE THE TIDE TOGETHER -* B-7199
043 BS-014140-1 PAPA'S GETTIN MAD -+ B-7520
044 BS-014141-1 DOES MY BABY LOVE ME, YES SIR! -* B-7199
045 BS-014142-1 LET ME LIVE AND LOVE YOU -+ B-7248/BACM CD D 100 JSP-7742C
047 BS-014144-1 CATS ARE BAD LUCK B-7520/BACM CD D 100 JSP-7742C
048 BS-014145-1 AM I BLUE -* B-7481/BACM CD D 100
049 BS-014146-1 IT'S ALL SO SWEET -* B-7370/BACM CD D 100
4 April 1938 Texas Hotel., San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys (Curley Williams [vcl-+/bass/gt], Joe Malloy [vcl -*/gt], Emil Hofner [vcl -o/steel], Leon Seago [vcl -x/fiddle], Jimmie Revard [bass], Bob Belmard [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano], Cal Callison [accordion], )
050 BS-022086-1 EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALL RIGHT+ B-7559/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
052 BS-022088-1 I'M WAITIN' MABEL -* B-7610/BACM CD D 100
053 BS-022089-1 YOU'RE AS PRETTY AS A PICTURE -o -* B-7727/BACM CD D 100
054 BS-022090-1 OLD WATERFALL + B-7911/BACM CD D 100 JSP-7742C
4 April 1938 Texas Hotel., San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys (Curley Williams [vcl-+/bass/gt], Joe Malloy [vcl -*/gt], Emil Hofner [vcl -o/steel], Leon Seago [vcl -x/fiddle], Jimmie Revard [bass], Bob Belmard [fiddle], George Timberlake [piano], Cal Callison [accordion], )
055 BS-022091-1 IS THERE STILL ROOM FOR ME -* B-7610
056 BS-022092-1 MY OZARK MOUNTAIN HOME -* B-7776/BACM CD D 100
057 BS-022093-1 THERE'S A PICTURE IN MY HEART -* B-7727/BACM CD D 100
058 BS-022094-1 THE BEES ARE IN THE HIVE -x -* B-7658
059 BS-022095-1 BABY YOUR MOTHER -* B-7911
060 BS-022096-1 TELL ME, LITTLE COQUETTE + B-7559
061 BS-022097-1 SOMEONE ELSE YOU CARE FOR + B-7776/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
25 October 1938 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys (Adolph Hofner or Curly Williams [gt], Emil Hofner [steel], Buck Wheeler [bass], Leon Seago [fiddle/-o vcl, George Timberlake [piano], Edmond Frankie [traps])
062 BS-028605-1 HILL BILLY SWING -o B-7964/BACM CD D 100
063 BS-028606-1 A BUNDLE OF OLD SOUTHERN SUNSHINE B-8005 Montgomery Ward M-7666/BACM CD D 100
064 BS-028607-1 I'M GETTING NOWHERE B-8039 Montgomery Ward M-7666
065 BS-028608-1 OH! SWING IT B-8005/Rambler 108 JSP-7742C
066 BS-028609-1 ALL DOLLED UP -o B-8062
067 BS-028610-1 IF I INLY COULD BLOT OUT THE PAST B-7939 Montgomery Ward M-7668
068 BS-028611-1 LITTLE PICTURE PLAYHOUSE -o B-8117
069 BS-028612-1 IT'S A LONG, LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY B-8088/ JSP-7742C
070 BS-028613-1 AN OLD TIME WESTERNER B-7964 Montgomery Ward M-7667
071 BS-028614-1 CHEATIN' B-8039
072 BS-028615-1 TOTTEN‘ THE POKE B-7939 Montgomery Ward M-7668
073 BS-028616-1 SMILES -o B-8088 Montgomery Ward M-7667/BACM CD D 100
13 February 1940 Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, TX - Jimmie Revard¢s Oklahoma Cowboys (Adolph Hofner [piano/vcl -*], Emil Hofner [steel], Leon Seago [fiddle/mandolin], ? [fiddle], Buck Wheeler [bass], Edmond Frankie or Johnny Rives [bass], Bert Ferguson [piano)
074 BS-047681-1 DON'T WASTE YOUR TEARS OVER ME, LITTLE GIRL B-8405 Montgomery Ward M-8731/BACM CD D 100
075 BS-047682-1 JUST A GOOD TIME GAL B-8405 Montgomery Ward M-8731/BACM CD D 100
076 BS-047683-1 I'LL TAKE HER BACK B-8513 Montgomery Ward M-8734/BACM CD D 100
077 BS-047684-1 THE SIDEWALK WALTZ B-8419 Montgomery Ward M-8732
078 BS-047685-1 MISTAKES -* B-8419 Montgomery Ward M-8732 20-3117
079 BS-047686-1 UNDER THE MOON B-8453 Montgomery Ward M-8733/BACM CD D 100
080 BS-047687-1 IF THEY STRING ME UP B-8453 Montgomery Ward M-8733
081 BS-047688-1 JA DA B-8513 Montgomery Ward M-8734
ca 1949 Jimmie Revard and The Oklahoma Playboys (Jimmy Revard [vcl-2], Lucky Ford and Trio [vcl-1])
082 E 1011A WALTZ OF THE SEA -1 Everstate E 1011
083 E 1011B HOLDIN’ THE SACK -2 Everstate E 1011
1970s unknown - Jimmy Revard And The Oklahoma Playboys (Producer: Charlie Fitch)
There i also mention in Billboard, Ocr, 15, 1949 about single on Currie Records – it may have been listed Everstate single.

Rambler 108 Oh Swing It:
Oh! Swing It; Someome Else You Care For; Grafton Blues; Ride 'Em Cowboy; Triflin' Gal; Lose Your Blues And Laugh At Life; At The End Of The Lane; Everything's Gonna Be All Right; Bound To Look Like A Monkey; Riding Down The Canyon; Big Daddy Blues; I've Got Trouble In Mind; Daddy's Got The Deep Elm Blues; Thinking; We Played A Game; After Hour Blues - 82
BACM [UK] CD D 100 Naughty Naughty: A Bundle Of Old Southern Sunshine; Come Up And See Me Some Day; Don’t Waste Your Tears Over Me, Little Girl ; I’ll Take Her Back ; I’m Waitin’ Mabel; It’s All So Sweet; Under The Moon ; My Ozark Mountain Home; Smiles; There’s A Picture In My Heart; Gee! But It’s Great Walking Back Home; Just A Good Time Gal ; You’re As Pretty As A Picture ; Playboy’s Breakdown (Instr.); There’s A Picture In My Heart; Am I Blue; You’re Mean To Me; Tulsa Waltz (Instr.); Naughty Naughty; Fox And The Hounds (Instr.); Let Me Live And Love You; Old Waterfall; Cats Are Bad Luck; Hill Billy Swing - 07-03-05
JSP [UK] JSP-7742 Western Swing and Country Jazz: CLIFF BRUNER and HIS TEXAS WANDERERS: Bring It On Home To Grandma; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; Old Joe Turner Blues; BOB DUNN'S VAGABONDS: Graveyard Blues; Juke Box Rag; Stompin' At The Honky Tonk; Wednesday Rag; You Don't Know My Mind; MODERN MOUNTAINEERS: Dirty Dog Blues; Drifting Along; Everybody's Truckin'; Gettin' That Low Down Swing; Loud Mouth; Mississippi Sandman; Never Slept Last Night; Sweet Little Girl Of Mine; Who Cryin' Sweet Papa Now; You Got To Know How To Truck And Swing; ROY NEWMAN AND HIS BOYS: 12th Street Rag; Black And Blue; Dinah; Downhearted Blues; Drag Along Blues; Garbage Man Blues; Hot Dog Stomp; Kansas City Blues; Match Box Blues; Mississippi Mud; My Baby Rocks Me; Rhythm Is Our Business; Sadie Green (the Vamp Of New Orleans); Takin' Off; Tin Roof Blues; THE RANGE RIDERS: Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue; How Come You Do Me Like You Do; It Don't Mean A Thing; No Foolin'; The Range Rider's Stomp; Who Calls You Sweet Mama Now?; JIMMIE REVARD and HIS OKLAHOMA PLAYBOYS: After Hours Blues; At The End Of The Lane; Big Daddy Blues; Blues In The Bottle; Bound To Look Like A Monkey; Cats Are Bad Luck; Crafton Blues; Daddy's Got The Deep Elm Blues; Dirty Dog; Everything's Gonna Be Alright; Fox And The Hounds; Holdin' The Sack; I've Got Trouble In Mind; It's A Long Way To Tipperary; Let Me Live And Love You; Lose Your Blues And Laugh At Life; My Little Girl; Oh! Swing It; Old Waterfall; Ride ‘em Cowboy; Riding Down The Canyon; Someone Else You Care For; Thinking; Triflin' Gal; We Played A Game; OCIE STOCKARD and THE WANDERERS: (bring It On Down) To My House; Ain't Nobody Truck Like You; Black And Blue; How Come (you Do Me Like You Do Do Do); Just Blues; Long Ago; One Of Us Was Wrong; Please Sing For Me (doodle-lee-doo); Same Thing All The Time; There'll Be Some Changes Made; Turn Your Lights Down Low; Wabash Blues; What's The Matter?; Why Shouldn't I?; SWIFT JEWEL COWBOYS: Bug Scuffle; Chuck Wagon Swing; Coney Island Washboard; Dill Pickle Rag; Fan It; Little Willie Green (from New Orleans); Memphis Blues; Memphis Oomph; My Untrue Cowgirl; Raggin' The Rails; Rose Room; Swingin' At The Circle S; Willie The Weeper; You Got To Hi-de-ho (to Get Along With Me); SMOKY WOOD and HIS WOOD CHIPS: Carry Me Back To Virginny; I'm Sorry; Keep On Truckin'; Lonely Heart Of Mine; Moonlight In Oklahoma; Riding To Glory; Wood's Travelling Blues; Woodchip Blues – 29-03-05 (4 CD box)

Victor (1936-1940)
B-6654 Big String Band / Oklahoma Rounder - 10-36
B-6679 It Ain't No Good / Naughty, Naughty - 11-36
B-6712 Swing Me / Crafton Blues - 11-36
B-6739 Ride ‘Em Cowboy / Triflin' Gal - 12-36
B-6753 Cake Eatin¢ Man { Fox And The Hounds - 01-37
B-6774 After Hours Blues / Big Daddy Blues - 01-37
B-6823 What's The Use / Since You Left Me, Hon - 02-37
B-6842 Blues In The Bottle / She's All Mine - 03-37
B-6877 My Little Girl I Love You / It's My Time Now - 04-37
B-6935 I've Got Trouble In Mind / You're Mean To Me - 05-37
B-6992 Holding The Sack / Dirty Dog - 06-37 sued on Twin FT8418)
B-7028 Lose Your Blues And Laugh At Life / That's My Gal - 06-37
B-7061 Just Refined / Daddy's Got The Deep Elm Blues - 07-37
B-7085 A Little Prayer For Me / I Want A Girl - 08-37
B-2575 Stara Kovarna / Na Marjanse - 37
B-7172 Thinking / Pickin' Cotton Blues - 10-37
B-7199 We'll Ride The Tide Together / Does My Baby Love Me, Yes Sir! - 10-37
B-7248 Come Up And See Me Some Day / Let Me Live And Love You -11-37
B-7297 She Is My Gal / [Hal Davis] - 12-37
B-7309 We Played A Game / Gee! But It's Great Walking Back Home - 12-37
B-7370 At The End Of The Lane / It's All So Sweet - 01-38
B-7371 Playboy's Breakdown / Tulsa Waltz - 01-38 (reissued in 1948 on Victor 20-2987)
Twin FT8337 My Little Girl I Love You / [Blue Sky Boys] - 38
Twin FT8376 You're Mean To Me / [Tune Wranglers] - 38
Twin FT8418 I Want A Girl / [Bob Skyles] - ca 38 (reissue)
B-7481 Bound To Look Like A Monkey / Am I Blue - 04-38
B-7520 Papa's Gettin' Mad / Cats Are Bad Luck - 05-38
B-7559 Everything's Gonna Be All Right / Tell Me, Little Coquette - 05-38
B-7610 I'm Waitin¢ Mabel / Is There Still Room For Me - 06-37
B-7658 Goodness Gracious Gracie / The Bees Are In The Hive - 07-38
B-7727 You're As Pretty As A Picture / There's A Picture In My Heart - 08-38
B-7776 My Ozark Mountain Home / Someone Else You Care For - 09-38
B-7911 Old Waterfall / Baby Your Mother - 11-38
B-7939 If I Inly Could Blot Out The Past / Totten' The Poke - 12-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7668)
B-7964 Hill Billy Swing -O / An Old Time Westerner - 01-39
B-8005 A Bundle Of Old Southern Sunshine / Oh! Swing It - 01-39
Montgomery Ward M-7666 A Bundle Of Old Southern Sunshine / I'm Getting Nowhere - 39
Montgomery Ward M-7667 An Old Time Westerner / Smiles - 39
B-8039 I'm Getting Nowhere / Cheatin' - 02-39
B-8062 All Dolled Up / [Tennessee Ramblers] - 03-39
B-8088 It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary / Smiles - 03-39
B-8117 Spanish Medley Of Waltzes / Little Picture Playhouse - 04-39
B-8141 Riding Down The Canyon / [Billy Byrd] - 05-39
B-8405 Don't Waste Your Tears Over Me, Little Girl B-8405 / Just A Good Time Gal - 02-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8731)
B-8419 The Sidewalk Waltz / Mistakes - 03-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8732)
B-8453 Under The Moon / If They String Me Up - 05-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8733
B-8513 I'll Take Her Back / Ja Da - 07-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8734]
20-3117 My Little Girl I Love You / Mistakes - 10-48 (RCA Victor, reissue)
Everstate (ca 1949)
E 1011 Waltz Of The Sea / Holdin’ The Sack - ca 49 Jimmie Revard and Oklahoma Playboys
SARG (1970s)
257-45 My Mom My Dad And Me / Texas Cowboy – 7-  by Jimmy Revard And The Oklahoma Playboys


By Praguefrank

1997 unknown - Ex-Husbands (Anders Thomsen, Michael H.Smith, Mark Miller)
004 RUN UNTIL I DIE Tar Hunt 0002
006 LOVE YOU ALWAYS Tar Hunt 0002
007 I HAVE A BALL Tar Hunt 0002
008 COUNTRY SPEED Tar Hunt 0002
009 TORRENTIAL RAINS Tar Hunt 0002
010 RODEO MAN Tar Hunt 0002
011 I WAS BORN TO WANDER Tar Hunt 0002

Tar Hunt 0002 Ex-Husbands:
All The Way From Abilene; Ain't You Been A Cowboy For Too Long; Johnny Walker Redneck; Run Until I Die; Tequila Salt And Lime; Love You Always; I Have A Ball; Country Speed; Torrential Rains; Rodeo Man; I Was Born To Wander; Lovin' (Like It's The End Of The World) - 97

Rick Ferrell

By Praguefrank
2001 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN/ Loud Recording, 50 Music Square West, Nashville TN – Rick Ferrell (Producer: James Stroud)
001 SOMEDAY SHE'LL START MISSIN' ME Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
002 YOU DON'T STAND ALONE Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
003 JUST DO IT Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
004 SEE THE WORLD WITH YOU Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
005 GIRL'S GOT IT GOIN' ON Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
006 DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
007 I STILL WANT YOU BACK Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
008 CANDLES ROSES AND WINE Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
009 I'LL ALWAYS LOVE THAT GIRL Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
010 IF I DIDN'T ALREADY LOVE YOU Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
011 LUCKY MAN Dreamworks 0044-50221-2
012 BLAZIN' A TRAIL Dreamworks 0044-50221-2

DreamWorks 0044-50221-2 Different Point Of View: Someday She'll Start Missin' Me; You Don't Stand Alone; Just Do It; See The World With You; Girl's Got It Goin' On; Different Point Of View; I Still Want You Back; Candles Roses And Wine; I'll Always Love That Girl; If I Didn't Already Love You; Lucky Man; Blazin' A Trail – 14-08-01


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