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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lonnie Thompson

by Praguefrank

24 January 1950 ACA Studio, 5522 Washington Ave., Houston, TX - Lonnie Thompson
001 CO 42752 FROST IS ON THE TREES 20758 2-859
002 CO 42753 WALTZ OF THE SHAWNEE 20682
003 CO 42754 THEY TELL ME I’M CRAZY 20682
004 CO 42755 I'LL NEVER GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND 20758 2-859
May 1950 poss. Castle Studio At The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville 3, TN – Lonnie Thompson & Tomie Thompson
005 CO 43286/NASH 906? THAT SHINING RIVER 20717 2-702
006 CO 43287/NASH 907? THAT GOLDEN ROAD 4-20790
007 CO 43288/NASH 908? SHOW ME THAT WAY 4-20790
008 CO 43289/NASH 909? LIFE’S RACE WITH SATAN 20717 2-702

Columbia (1950)
20682/2-580 They Tell Me I'm Crazy / Waltz of The Shawnee – 04-50
20717/2-702 That Shining River / Life's Race With Satan – 07-50 w. Tomie Thompson
20758/2-859 I'll Never Got You Out Of My Mind / Frost Is On The Trees – 11-50
4-20790 Show Me The Way / That Golden Road – 02-51 w. Tomie Thompson

Stripling Brothers

by Tony Russell: Country discography 1924-1942, Mario Manciottti

15 November 1928 Bankhead Hotel, Birmingham, AL – Stripling Brothers (Ira Stripling [gt], Charles Stripling [fiddle]. Producer: Jack Kapp)
001 BIRM-812 THE BIG FOOTED NIGGER IN THE SANDY LOT [BIG FOOTED MAN]* Vocalion 5321 Melotone M12181 Polk P9068 Minerva M-14087/County 401* DOCD-8007
002 BIRM-813 THE LOST CHILD Vocalion 5321 Melotone M12181 Polk P9068 Minerva M-14086/County 401 DOCD-8007
19 August 1929 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Stripling Brothers (Ira Stripling [vcl/gt], Charles Stripling [vcl/fiddle]. Producer: Jack Kapp)
003 C-4119 DANCE ALL NIGHT WITH A BOTTLE IN MY HAND Vocalion 5395/County 401 DOCD-8007
004 C-4120 HORSE SHOE BEND Vocalion 5395/County 401 DOCD-8007
005 C-4121 GET OFF YOUR MONEY Vocalion 5441/ DOCD-8007
006 C-4122 LOST JOHN Vocalion 5441/ DOCD-8007
007 C-4123 BIG EYED RABBITT Vocalion 5412 Melotone M12172 M18027 Minerva M-14013 M-14086 Vocalion 02770//County 401 DOCD-8007
008 C-4124 KENNEDY RAG Vocalion 5382 02761/County 401 DOCD-8007
009 C-4125 NEW BORN BLUES Vocalion 5382 02761/ DOCD-8007
010 C-4126 COAL MINE BLUES Vocalion 5453 02739/County 401 DOCD-8007
011 C-4127 RED RIVER WALTZ Vocalion 5366 Melotone M12173 M18025 Polk P9081 Minerva M-14011/County 401 DOCD-8007
012 C-4128 MOONLIGHT WALTZ Vocalion 5366 Melotone M12173 Polk P9081 Minerva M-14011/ DOCD-8007
013 C-4129 MIDNIGHT WALTZ Vocalion 5468 02738/ DOCD-8007
014 C-4130 JUNE ROSE WALTZ Vocalion 5468 02738/County 401 DOCD-8007
015 C-4132 RANGER\S HORNPIPE Vocalion 5453 02739/County 401 DOCD-8007
016 C-4133 RAILROAD BUM Vocalion 5365/ DOCD-8007
017 C-4134 WEEPING WILLOW Vocalion 5365/ DOCD-8007
018 C-4135 WOLVES HOWLING Vocalion 5412 02770 Melotone M12172 M18025 Minerva M-14087/County 401 DOCD-8007
10 September 1934 Decca Recording Studio, Pythian Temple, 135 West 70th St., New York City - Stripling Brothers (Ira Stripling [vcl/gt], Charles Stripling [vcl/fiddle]. Producer: Dave Kapp)
019 38618 SILVERLAKE WALTZ Decca 5019/ DOCD-8007
020 38619 DOWN YONDER unissued
021 38620 OVER THE WAVES WALTZ 5041/ DOCD-8007
022 38621 SALTY DOG unissued
023 38622 ONE HUNDRED FOUR unissued
024 38623 SWEET BUNCH OF DAISIES unissued
025 38624 BIRMINGHAM JAIL 5019/ DOCD-8008
028 38627 WHISKERS 5049/ DOCD-8008
029 38628 WEDNESDAY NIGHT WALTZ 5018/ DOCD-8008
030 38629 SALTY DOG 5049/ DOCD-8007
031 38630 SWEET SILAS BREAKDOWN 5069/ DOCD-8008
032 38631 CHINESE BREAKDOWN 5069/ DOCD-8008
12 March 1936 Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, LA – Stripling Brothers (Ira Stripling [vcl/gt], Charles Stripling [vcl/fiddle]. Producer: Dave Kapp)
033 NO-60687 WHEN SHADOWS FADE AWAY 5313/ DOCD-8008
034 NO-60688 LATE IN THE EVENING 5246/ DOCD-8008
035 NO-60689 BIG BULLY 5291/ DOCD-8008
036 NO-60690 COAL VALLEY 5547/ DOCD-8008
037 NO-60691 YOU’RE ALWAYS IN MY DREAMS 5267/ DOCD-8008
038 NO-60692 BIG FOUR 5547/ DOCD-8008
039 NO-60693 MAKE ME PALLET ON FLOOR 5267/County 401 DOCD-8008
040 NO-60694 MAYFLOWER 5291/ DOCD-8008
041 NO-60695 MY ISLE OF GOLDEN DREAMS 5207/ DOCD-8008
042 NO-60696 BOATMAN’S DELIGHT 5417/ DOCD-8008
043 NO-60697 FORTY DROPS 5313/ DOCD-8008
044 NO-60698 SOFT VOICE 5417/ DOCD-8008
045 NO-60699 CALIFORNIA BLUES 5246/ DOCD-8008
046 NO-60700 SPANISH FLANG DANG 5207/ DOCD-8008

County 401 The Lost Child & Other Original Fiddle Tunes: The Lost Child; Coal Mine Blues; Horse Shoe Bend; June Rose Waltz; Ranger's Hornpipe; Kennedy Rag; Wolves Howling; Pallet On The Floor; Dance All Night; Red River Waltz; Big Eyed Rabbit; Big Footed Man – 71 (Recorded 1928-36)
Document [UK] DOCD-8007 The Stripling Brothers, Complete Recorded Works, vol. 1 (1928-1934): The Big Footed Nigger In The Sandy Lot; The Lost Child; Dance All Night With A Bottle In My Hand; Horse Shoe Bend; Get Off Your Money; Lost John; Big Eyed Rabbit (Le Reel De La Malbaie); Kennedy Rag; New Born Blues; Coal Mine Blues; Red River Waltz (La Valse De La Riviere Rouge); Moonlight Waltz; Midnight Waltz; June Rose Waltz; Ranger’s Hornpipe; Railroad Bum; Weeping Willow; Wolves Howling (Le Reel Du Charretier); Silver Lake Waltz; Over The Waves;Salty Dog – 24-09-97
Document [UK] DOCD-8008 The Stripling Brothers, Complete Recorded Works, vol. 2 (1934-1936): Birmingham Jail; Possum Hollow; Down On The L. N. Railroad; Whiskers; Wednesday Night-Waltz; Sweet Silas; Chinese Breakdown; When Shadows Fade Away; Late In The Evening; Big Bully;Coal Valley; You Are Always In My Dreams; Big Four;Pallet On The Floor; Mayflower; My Isle Of Golden Dreams; Boatman‘s Delight; Forty Drops; Soft Voices; California Blues; Spanish Flang Danf – 24-09-97

ARC-Vocalion (1928-34)
5321 The Big Footed Nigger In The Sandy Lot / The Lost Child - 05-29 (reissued on Melotone M12181 and Polk P9068)
5365 Weeping Willow / Railroad Bum - 11-29
5366 Red River Waltz / Moonlight Waltz - 11-29 (reissued on Melotone M12173 and Polk P9081)
5382 New Born Blues / Kennedy Rag - 01-30 (reissued on Vocalion 02761)
5395 Dance All Night With A Bottle In My Hand / Horse Shoe Bend - 01-03-30
5412 Big Eyed Rabbit / Wolves Howling - 15-04-30 (reissued on Melotone M12172, Vocalion 02770)
5441 Get Off Your Money / Lost John - 15-08-30
5453 Coal Mine Blues / Ranger's Hornpipe - 01-10-30 (reissued on Vocalion 02739)
5468 Midnight Waltz / June Rose Waltz - 01-12-30 (reissued on Vocalion 02738)
M14086 The Lost Child / Big Eyed Rabbitt
M14087 The Big Footed Nigger In The Sandy Lot / Wolves Howling
Decca (1934-36)
5018 Possum Hollow Breakdown / Wednesday Night Waltz - 09-34
5019 Silverlake Waltz / Birmingham Jail - 09-34
5041 Over The Waves Waltz / Down On The L.N Railroad - 11-34
5049 Salty Dog / Whiskers - 12-34
5069 Sweet Silas - Breakdown / Chinese Breakdown - 02-35
5207 My Isle Of Golden Dreams / Spanish Flang Dang - 04-36
5246 Late In The Evening / California Blues - 07-36
5267 You're Always In My Dreams / Make Me Pallet On Floor - 09-36
5291 Mayflower / Big Bully - 11-36
5313 Forty Drops / When Shadows Fade Away - 01-37
5417 Soft Voices / Boatman's Delight - 09-37
5547 Big Four / Coal Valley - 07-38


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