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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Deanna Marie

2nd version
By Praguefrank 
ca late 1966 Nashville, TN – Deanna Marie
001 FIGHT IT WITH LOVE  Little Darlin LD-0021
002 I DROPPED MY TATER CHIP Little Darlin LD-0021
ca. February 1969 Nashville, TN - Deanna Marie (Producer: Don Gant)
003 F-1301 I FEEL IT ALL THE TIME 45-K-1546
004 F-1302? WHOLE LOT OF WALKIN? Hickory 45-K-1531
006 F-1304? GOOD MORNING, DEAR 45-K-1531
ca September 1970 Nashville, TN - Deanna Marie (arranged by Harold Bradley. Producer: Glen Snoddy)
007 100-20  HE’S ONE BAD HABIT  Nasco 010
008 100-195 I‘M GONNA PUT MY LOVE IN THE WANT-ADS Nasco 010
1971 Nashville, TN - Deanna Marie
012 100-38 YOU’VE GOT THE GOOD THING GOING  Nasco 019

Little Darlin' (1967)           
LD-0021 Fight It With Love / I Dropped My Tater Chip - 02-67
Hickory (1969)               
45-K-1531 Good Morning Dear / Whole Lot Of Walking - 04-69
45-K-1546 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Tonight / I Feel It All The Time - 09-69                                  
Nasco (1970-71)
010 I‘m Gonna Put My Love In The Want-Ads / He’s One Bad Habit – 10-70
012 What Have You Done For Me Lately / Cry Myself To Sleep - 71
019 Fly The Friendly Skies With Jesus / You’ve Got The Good Thing Going - 71

Exotic Guitars

by Praguefrank

1967 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown muusicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
001 S-1019 BLUEBERRY HILL Ranwood R-811/RLP-8002  R-7014 RCD 7056
002 SPANISH EYES Ranwood R-804/RLP-8002  
003 MY HAPPINESS Ranwood RLP-8002  
004 HEARTACHES Ranwood RLP-8002  R-7014 RCD 7056
005 WONDERLAND BY NIGHT Ranwood RLP-8002  
006 YELLOW BIRD Ranwood RLP-8002  
007 S-1025 C‘EST SI BON Ranwood R-804/RLP-8002  R-7014 RCD 7056
008 ALLEY CAT Ranwood RLP-8002  
009 S-1027 I WILL WAIT FOR YOU Ranwood R-811/RLP-8002  RCD-2015
011 MELODY OF LOVE Ranwood RLP-8002   R-7014 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
1968 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. Producer: Randy Wood)
012 THOSE WERE THE DAYS Ranwood RLP-8040  
013 THE SOULD OF MUSIC Ranwood RLP-8040  
014 A TASTE OF HONEY Ranwood RLP-8040  
015 S-1085 I WALK ALONE Ranwood R-830/RLP-8040  
016 S-1086 TWILIGHT TIME Ranwood R-830/RLP-8040  
017 LOVE IS BLUE Ranwood RLP-8040  
018 AUTUMN LEAVES Ranwood RLP-8040  RCD-2015 RCD 7056
019 A MAN AND A WOMAN Ranwood RLP-8040  RCD-2015 RCD 7056
020 ONLY YOU Ranwood RLP-8040  
021 MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY Ranwood RLP-8040  
022 BLUE VELVET Ranwood RLP-8040  RCD-2015 RCD 7056
1969 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. Producer: Randy Wood)
024 S-1119 INDIAN LOVE CALL Ranwood R-843/RLP-8051 R-7014 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
025 LA PALOMA Ranwood RLP-8051 R-7014 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
026 S-1121 TRYING Ranwood R-843/RLP-8051
028 PEARLY SHELLS Ranwood RLP-8051
029 RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY Ranwood RLP-8051 R-7014
030 SABRE DANCE (FROM BALLET GAYNE) Ranwood RLP-8051 R-7014 RCD 7056
031 VAYA CON DIOS Ranwood RLP-8051 RCD-2015
032 GALVESTON Ranwood RLP-8051
033 GREEN DOOR Ranwood RLP-8051
034 PETITE FLEUR Ranwood RLP-8051
035 MOON RIVER Ranwood RLP-8051  R-7014 RCD 7056
1969 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
036 S-1151 PEG O'MY HEART Ranwood R-856/R-8061
037 EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' Ranwood R-8061
038 ROMEO AND JULIET (A TIME FOR US) Ranwood R-8061 R-7014
040 EBB TIDE Ranwood R-8061 R-7014
041 JEAN Ranwood R-8061
042 TO ROME WITH LOVE Ranwood R-856/R-8061
043 MIDNIGHT COWBOY Ranwood R-8061
044 I WAS KAISER BILL'S BATMAN Ranwood R-863/R-8061
045 SUGAR, SUGAR Ranwood R-8061
046 RELEASE ME Ranwood R-8061  
047 S-1167 NOW IS THE HOUR Ranwood R-863/R-8061
1970 Radio Recorders Annex Studio, 1032 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA  – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
048 S-1186 HOLLY HOLY Ranwood R-871/R-8073
049 S-1187 HIGH NOON (DO NOT FORSAKE ME) Ranwood R-871/R-8073
050 UNCHAINED MELODY Ranwood R-8073
052 HARBOR LIGHTS Ranwood R-8073 R-7014 RCD 7056
053 (LARA’S THEME) SOMEWHERE MY LOVE Ranwood R-8073 R-7014
054 BLUE TANGO Ranwood R-8073 R-7014 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
055 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES Ranwood R-8073 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
056 GRAZING IN THE GRASS Ranwood R-8073
057 TO EACH HIS OWN Ranwood R-8073  
1970 Radio Recorders Annex Studio, 1032 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA  – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
058 FUNNY (HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY) Ranwood R-8080
059 S-1210 ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL Ranwood R-882/R-8080 RCD-2015
060 S-1211 SAN ANTONIO ROSE Ranwood R-882/R-8080
061 TENNESSEE WALTZ Ranwood R-8080
062 WHEELS Ranwood R-8080
063 HE'LL HAVE TO GO Ranwood R-8080
064 RAMBLIN' ROSE Ranwood R-8080
065 DOWN YONDER Ranwood R-8080
066 PEACE IN THE VALLEY Ranwood R-8080
1970 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
068 S-1247 TILL LOVE TOUCHES YOUR LIFE Ranwood R-898/R-8085
069 S-1248 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU Ranwood R-898/R-8085
070 EL CONDOR PASA Ranwood R-8085
071 CANDIDA Ranwood R-8085
072 SEPTEMBER Ranwood R-8085
073 MY SWEET LORD Ranwood R-8085
071 WHO'S SORRY NOW Ranwood R-8085 R-7014 RCD 7056
072 THEME FROM "LOVE STORY" (WHERE DO I BEGIN) Ranwood R-8085 R-7014 RCD 7056
073 HONEY Ranwood R-8085
074 HAVA NAGILA Ranwood R-8085  R-7014
1971 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
075 MEMPHIS Ranwood R-914/R-8090
076 MARIA ELENA Ranwood R-914/R-8090
077 APACHE Ranwood R-8090
078 WILDWOOD FLOWER Ranwood R-8090
079 REBEL ROUSER Ranwood R-8090
080 THE ENCHANTED SEA Ranwood R-8090
081 RAUNCHY Ranwood R-8090
082 CLASSICAL GAS Ranwood R-8090
083 EXOTIC GUITAR BOOGIE Ranwood R-8090 RCD-2015 RCD 7056
084 SLEEP WALK Ranwood R-8090
085 WALK-DON'T RUN Ranwood R-8090
086 THE JAMES BOND THEME Ranwood R-8090  R-7014 RCD 7056
1972 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars (Al Casey [ld gt] + unknown musicians. arr. by Bill Justis. Producer: Randy Wood)
088 S-1329 YOU CAN'T BE TRUE, DEAR Ranwood R-936/R-8104
089 WHISPERING Ranwood R-8104
090 THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE Ranwood R-8104 R-7014 RCD 7056
091 COLD COLD HEART Ranwood R-8104
092 JOSEPHINE Ranwood R-8104
093 IN THE MOOD Ranwood R-8104
094 QUIET VILLAGE Ranwood R-8104
095 TELSTAR Ranwood R-8104
096 YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU Ranwood R-8104
097 SPANISH HARLEM Ranwood R-8104  
1977 Hollywood, CA – The Exotic Guitars
098 300 WATT MUSIC BOX Ranwood R-1072/R-8171  
099 SWEET GEORGIA BROWN Ranwood R-8171   R-7014
100 MISSOURI WALTZ Ranwood R-8171  
101 MISTER SANDMAN Ranwood R-8171  
102 SHE LOVES (HER OLEANDER TREE) Ranwood R-8171  
103 SAIL ALONG, SILV’RY MOON Ranwood R-8171  
104 ST. LOUIS BLUES MARCH Ranwood R-8171  
105 RANGERS WALTZ Ranwood R-1072/R-8171  TRUCK STOP Ranwood R-8171  
106 BEER BARREL POLKA Ranwood R-8171  
107 BEGIN THE BEGUINE Ranwood R-8171  R-7014
108 THE 3RD MAN THEME Ranwood R-8171 R-7014 RCD 7056

Ranwood RLP-8002 The Exotic Guitars: I Will Wait For You; Spanish Eyes; My Happiness; Heartaches; Wonderland By Night; Yellow Bird; C'est Si Bon; Blueberry Hill; Alley Cat; Strangers On The Shore; Melody Of Love – 68

Ranwood RLP-8040 Those Were The Days: Those Were The Days; The Sould Of Music; A Taste Of Honey; I Walk Alone; Love Is Blue; Autumn Leaves; Twilight Time; A Man And A Woman; Only You; Music To Watch Girls By; Blue Velvet; The Bells That Ring For No One – 68 (MX LPS 50,079/80)

Ranwood RLP-8051/World Pacific WPS 21846 Indian Love Call: Indian Love Call; La Paloma; Battle Hymn Of The Republic; Pearly Shells; Red Roses For A Blue Lady; Sabre Dance (From Ballet Gayne); Vaya Condios; Galveston; Green Door; Petite Fleur; Trying; Moon River – 69

Ranwood RLP-8061 Everybody’s Talkin‘: Everybody's Talkin'; Romeo And Juliet; Smile A Little Smile For Me; Ebb Tide; Jean; To Rome With Love; Midnight Cowboy; Peg O'My Heart; I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman; Now Is The Hour; Sugar, Sugar; Release Me – 70

Ranwood R-8073 Holly Holy: Holly Holy; Unchained Melody; Song From Moulin Rouge; High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me); Harbor Lights; Somewhere My Love; Blue Tango; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Grazing In The Grass; To Each His Own – 70

Ranwood R-8080 The Exotic Guitars Play Exotic Country Music: Funny (How Time Slips Away); Orange Blossom Special; Tennessee Waltz; Wheels; He'll Have To Go; San Antonio Rose; Ramblin' Rose; Down Yonder; Peace In The Valley; Red River Valley - 70

Ranwood R-8085 I Can’t Stop Loving You: I Can't Stop Loving You; El Condor Pasa; Candida; September; My Sweet Lord; Who's Sorry Now; Till Love Touches Your Life; Theme From "Love Story"; Honey; Hava Nagila - 70

Ranwood R-8090 All-Time Guitar Hits: Memphis; Maria Elena; Apache; Wildwood Flower; Rebel Rouser; The Enchanted Sea; Raunchy; Classical Gas; Exotic Guitar Boogie; Sleep Walk; Walk-Don't Run; The James Bond Theme - 71

Ranwood R-8104 The Exotic Guitars: Crusing Down The River (On A Sunday Afternoon); Whispering; You Can't Be True, Dear; The Shadow Of Your Smile; Cold Cold Heart; Josephine; In The Mood; Quiet Village; Telstar; You Made Me Love You; Spanish Harlem - 72

Ranwood R-8171 300 Watt Music Box: 300 Watt Music Box; Sweet Georgia Brown; Missouri Waltz; Mister Sandman; She Loves (Her Oleander Tree); Sail Along, Silv’ry Moon; St. Louis Blues March; Rangers Waltz; Truck Stop; Beer Barrel Polka; Begin The Beguine; The 3rd Man Theme  - 77

Ranwood R-7014 22 Great Guitar Favorites: Indian Love Call; Harbor Lights; Sweet Georgia Brown; Sabre Dance; Heartaches; Hava Nagila; The Third Man Theme; The James Bond Theme; The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme From "The Sandpiper"); Moon River; Red Roses For A Blue Lady ; Blueberry Hill; Begin The Beguine; Ebb Tide; Melody Of Love; C`Est Si Bon (It`s So Good); La Paloma; Lara`s Theme (Somewhere My Love From "Doctor Zhivago"); Love Theme From "Romeo and Juliet" (A Time For Us); Theme From "Love Story" (Where Do I Begin); Blue Tango;  Who's Sorry Now - 78 (sampler)

Ranwood RCD-2015 All-Time Hits: Blue Velvet; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Melody Of Love; Orange Blossom Special; Autumn Leaves; A Man And A Woman; Vaya Con Dios; Indian Love Call; Exotic Guitar Boogie; Blue Tango; La Paloma; I Will Wait For You – 91 (sampler)

Ranwood RCD-7056 Sonic Lounge: Sabre Dance;  The Third Man Theme;  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes;  A Man And A Woman;  Exotic Guitar Boogie;  Melody Of Love;  La Paloma;  The James Bond Theme;  Blue Velvet;  Autumn Leaves;  Indian Love Call; Harbor Lights;  The Shadow Of Your Smile;  Heartaches;  C'est Si Bon;  Theme From Love Story;  Blue Tango;  Who's Sorry Now;  Blueberry Hill;  Moon River – 21-03-00 (sampler)

Ranwood (1970)
R-804 C’est Si Bon / Spanish Eyes - 68
R-811 Blueberry Hill / I Will Wait For You - 68
R-830 I Walk Alone / Twilight Time – 69
R-843  Trying / Indian Love Call – 69
R-856 Peg O‘ My Heart / To Rome With Love - 69
R-863 Now Is The Hour / I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman - 70
R-871 Holly Holy / High Noon - 70
R-882 Orange Blossom Special / San Antonio Rose - 70
R-898 Till Love Touches Your Life / I Can’t Stop Loving You - 71
R-914 Memphis / Maria Elena - 71
R-936 You Can't Be True Dear / Cruising Down the River – 72
R-1072 Ranger’s Waltz / 300 Watt Music Box - 77

Al Casey

Alvin W. Casey, *26-10-1936 Long Beach, CA, +17-09-2006
by Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, with help of

SESSIONS also member of Exotic Guitars

1956 Phoenix, AZ – Al Casey as by Art Jones
001 NOLA  -instr.-  Old Timer 8151/BCD 16579
002 SHINE ON HARVEST MOON –instr.- 8151
ca September  1956 Phoenix, AZ – Al Casey
003 IF I TOLD YOU (WOULDN'T KNOW IT ALL BY MYSELF) MCI 45-1004/BCD 16230 BCD 16579 Buffalo Bop 55197 El Toro ETCD-1039 White Label WLP 8934
004 THE PINK PANTHER  MCI 45-1004/ETCD-1036
ca November 1956 Ramsey Recorders, 3703 North 7th St., Phoenix, AZ – Al Casey 
005 MB-9415 JUICE –instr.- 45-15524/BCD 16579 CR 30254 ETCD 1036
006 MB-9416 A FOOL'S BLUES –instr.- Dot 45-15524/Charly CR 30254 ETCD-1036
March 1957 Ramsey Recorders, 3703 North 7th St., Phoenix, AZ – Al Casey
007 MB-9596/Δ14872 COME WHAT MAY  45-15563/ETCD 1036
008 MB-9597/Δ14873 GUITAR MAN  45-15563/ BCD 16579 ETCD 1036
1957 poss. Phoenix, AZ – Al Casey and The Four Notes as Art Jones
009 WALTZ MIGNON  -instr.- Western Jubilee 727/BCD 16579
010 THREE RIVERS STRUT Western Jubilee 727/BCD 16579
Fall 1957 unknown – Al Casey
011 LB 804 WILLA MAE  Liberty F-55117/BCD 16579 ETCD-1036
012 LB 805 SHE GOTTA SHAKE F-55117/ETCD-1036
late 1957 Hollywood, CA – Al Casey and The Bats, * and The Corkey
013 M 2032/Δ21642 GIVE'N UP* Highland 1002/BCD 16579 ETCD-1036
014 M 2033/Δ21643 (GOT THE) TEEN-AGE BLUES Highland 1001 1002/BCD 16579 ETCD-1036
Spring 1958 Hollywood, CA – Al Casey and The Bats
016 45-AC-3 THE STINGER (WITH JOHN BUCK IN AFRICA) – instr- Highland 1004   
017 NIGHT BEAT –instr- 1004
late 1958  Hollywood, CA – Al Casey
018 ZTSP-28973 THE STINGER –instr.- UA 158X/BCD 16579 ETCD-1036
019 ZTSP-28974 EL SHOT KEEP TALKING –instr.- UA 158X/ETCD-1036
1959 unknown – Al Casey
020 BORDERLINE BLUES #1 –instr.- BCD 16579
021 FORTY MILES OF BAD ROAD –instr.- BCD 16579
022 untitled no.1 –instr.- BCD 16579
023 TUFF –instr.- BCD 16579
6 June 1960 Hollywood, CA – Al Casey with The Champs
024 614 ALLEY CAT Challenge 59086/ London LP-141 CDCHD-525
1960 unknown – Al Casey
025 LAURA –instr.- BCD 16579
026 TENDERLY –instr.- BCD 16579
1961 unknown – Al Casey
027 GREEN DOLPHIN STREET –instr.- BCD 16579
Spring 1961 unknown – Al Casey
028 M8OW-0867/ZTSC-84647  HOT FOOT –instr.- Blue Horizon 925X Ramco 3705 Stacy 925X /CHCHD 612
029 M8OW-0868/ZTSC-84648 COOKIN' –instr.-   Blue Horizon 925X Ramco 3705 Stacy 925X/CDCHCD 612 BCD 16579
Mid 1962 unknown – Al Casey Combo
030 ZTSC-82875/N8OW-7242 JIVIN' AROUND –instr.- Stacy 936 UA 494/CDCHD-612 BCD 16579
031 ZTSC-82876/N8OW-7243 DOIN' THE SHOTISH –instr.- 936 UA 494/CDCHD-612
Fall 1962 unknown – Al Casey Combo
032 N8OW-4155 LAUGHIN' –instr.- 950/CDCHD-612
033 N8OW-4156 CHICKEN FEATHERS –instr.- 950/CDCHD-612
early 1963 unknown – Al Casey
034 ZTSC-88184 DOIN' IT –instr.- 956/CDCHD-612 BCD-16579
035 ZTSC-88185 MONTE CARLO –instr.- 956/CDCHD-612
Spring 1963 unknown – Al Casey Combo
036 FULL HOUSE –instr.- 961/CDCHD-612
037 INDIAN LOVE CALL –instr.- 961/CDCHD-612
Spring 1963 unknown – Johnny Lance
038 THE BIG TRAGEDY Brent 7043/BCD 16579
039 ALL ABOUT JULIE  Brent 7043
ca May 1963 unknown – Al Casey and K-C-Ettes
040 51863 SHOT SURFIN' Stacy 962/BCD 16579
041 51865 EASY PICKIN' –instr.- 962/CDCHD-612
Spring/Summer 1963 unknown – Al Casey
043 EL AGUILA –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612 [alt.] Sundazed SC 6114
044 THUNDER BEACH  –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
045 BAJA  –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
046 LONELY SURFER  –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
047 THE HEARSE  –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612 [alt.] Sundazed SC 6114
048 RAMROD   –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
049 CARAVAN  –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
050 SURFIN' BLUES (PART 2) –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612
051 SURFS YOU RIGHT   –instr.- STM-100 CDCHD-612 [alt.] Sundazed SC 6114
052 SJW 5397A SURFIN' BLUES - PART 1 – -instr.- 964/STM-100 NPRS LP 7303 CDCHD-612
053 SJW 5397B GUITARS, GUITARS, GUITARS –instr.- 964/STM-100 CDCHD-612 BCD 16579
late 1963 unknown – Al Casey and K-C-Ettes
055 COOKIN' –instr.- 971
1961-1963 unknown – Al Casey
056 THE HUCKLEBUCK –instr.- CDCHD-612
1964 unknown – Al Casey with Corki Ray as Corky and and Audio Face
058 WHIRLWIND Brent 7044
059 ONCE IT WAS MINE Brent 7044
Al Casey later recored as member of Exotic Guitar

Stacy STM/STMS-100 Surfin' Hootenanny: Surfin' Hootenanny; El Aguila; Thunder Beach; Baja; Surfin' Blues Pt.1; Lonely Surfer; Guitars Guitars; The Hearse; Ramrod; Caravan; Surfin' Blues Pt.2; Surfs You Right – 63 (reissued on Sundazed LP5026/SC 6111 with bonus tracks: The Hearse (alt.); El Aguila (alt.); Surfs You Right (alt.))
Bear Family [GER] BCD 15889 Sidewinder: Undecided (With David Grisman); You Came A Long Way From St. Louis (With Lee Hazlewood) /Sidewinder; Ashokan Farewell; Endless Sleep (With Jody Reynolds); Limehouse Blues (With David Grisman); Saguara Sunrise; Route #1 (With Glen Campbell); Plectrum Banjo Medley; The Fool (With Lee Hazlewood) – 08-95
Ace [UK] CDCHD-612 Jivin' Around - Original Stacy Recordings: Surfin' Hootenanny; El Aguila; Thunder Beach; Baja; Surfin' Blues Part 1; Lonely Surfer; Guitars, Guitars, Guitars; The Hearse; Ramrod; Caravan; Surfin' Bluespart 2; Surfs You Right; Cookin'; Hotfoot; Indian Love Call; Jivin' Around; Doin' The Shotish; Doin' It; The Hucklebuck; Full House; Laughin'; Monte Carlo; Theme From Huckleberry Hound; Chicken Feathers; Easy Pickin'; What Are We Gonna Do In '64 ? – 11-95
Bear Family [GER] BCD 16579 A Man For All Sessions: Ramrod; Caravan; If I Told You; Juice; Guitar Man; Willa Mae; Tuff; No Title #1; Blues #1 /Al Casey and Corkey and The Bats : Give'n Up; Al Casey and The Bats : Teen-Age Blues; Forty Miles Of Bad Road; The Stinger; Tenderly; Laura; Green Dolphin Street; Al Casey Combo : Cookin'; Jivin' Around; Doin' It; Al Casey With The K-C-Ettes : Surfin' Hootenanny; Guitars, Guitars, Guitars; Art Jones (Al Casey) : Nola; Waltz Mignon; Al Casey and Jimmy Johnson : Cat Daddy; Sanford Clark With Al Casey : The Fool; Loy Clingman With Al Casey : It's Nothing To Me; Jimmy Spellman With Al Casey : Doggonit; Don Cole With Al Casey : Snake Eyed Mama; Jody Reynolds With Al Casey : Endless Sleep; Lonesome Long John Roller With Al Casey : Long John's Flagpole Rock; Johnny Lance With Al Casey : The Big Tragedy; Swinging Shepherd Blues – 04-01
Sundazed SC-6115 Cookin' - The Smooth Guitar And Organ Sounds Of Al Casey: Guitar Man; Juice; A Fool’s Blues; Cookin’; Hot Foot; Indian Love Call; Jivin’ Around; Doin’ The Shotish; Doin’ It; The Hucklebuck; Full House; Laughin’; Monte Carlo; Theme From Huckleberry Hound; Chicken Feathers; What Are We Gonna Do In ’64 – 05-04
All Creations J/G 290 Hitlist: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'; Everybody's Talkin'; Strangers In The Night; The Fool; Sloop John B; That's Life; The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy); By The Time I Get To Phoenix; Endless Sleep; Somethin' Stupid; Never My Love; Ramrod - 04
Ramco CD 713 The Return Of The Green Gretsch: Temptation / Catmez Hotel; Fair And Cloudy; A Mellow Riff; Remember The Minuet; Hokus Pokus; Melancholy Serenade; September Song; T.O.M. (The Old Man); Stigeree; Nauges; Uptown Blues; Ziggie's Blues; In The Garden; Amazing Grace; Thundercloud *; Swamp Water * (= alt. take of "Round And Round"); Allen Case *; Drivin' *; Jezebel *; The Caterpillar Crawl * - 05-07 (10 tracks recorded in February 2006, 3 tracks in 1999, 2 tracks in 1993, and the rest [*] in the 1960's)
El Toro [ESP] ETCD 1036 I'm A Guitar Man: The Fool; Lonesome For A Letter; A Fool's Blues; Juice; If I Told You (Wouldn't Knowit All By Myself); The Pink Panther; A Cheat; Usta Be My Baby; Guitar Man; Come What May; Willa Mae; She Gotta Shake; Ooo Baby; 9 Lb. Hammer; Caravan; The Adventures Of Frank N Stein; Ramrod; (Got The) Teen-Age Blues; Sassy; Give'n Up; The Stinger; Keep Talking; Tight Capris; Thunder; Tarantula; Endless Sleep; New Kind Of Fool;  Cat Daddy; It's You, You, You; A Cross-Eyed Alley Cat; Plumb Crazy; Snake Eyed Mama; A Tramp; The Boppin' Martian (Gibo Miban Gibo); The Bug; How About Me? Pretty Baby; I'm Gone, Mama; Planetary Run; Hay Mama; Rocky-Rolly-Lover Boy; Every Minute Of The Day; Beulah Lee; Modern Romance; Hey Little Mama; (She Wantsa) Lover Man; I've Got A Dollar; Saturday Nite Party Time; Rattlesnake Daddy; Daisy Mae; Doggonit; Don't Care; Sweet Lovin' Honey; Long John's Flagpole Rock; Time Wounds All Heels; Lovemakin'; Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens; Fire Of Love; The Pink Panther; Plaything – 03-11 (double)

Old Timer (1956) as by Art Jones
8151 Nola / Shine On Harvest Moon – 56
MCI (1956)
MCI 45-1004  The Pink Panther / If I Told You – 10-56
Dot (1956-57)
45-15524 A Fool's Blues / Juice  – 12-56
45-15563 Guitar Man / Come What May – 04-57
Western Jubilee (1957)
727 Waltz Mignon / Three Rivers Strut – 57 as Art Jones
Liberty (1957)
F-55117 Willa Mae / She Gotta Shake – 12-57
Highland (1959) and The Bats
1001 Teen-Age Blues / Adventures Of Frankentein – 10-59
1002 (Got The) Teen-Age Blues / Give'n (Al Casey and Corkey and The Bats) – 11-59
1004 The Stinger / Night Beat  – 11-59
United Artists
UA 158X The Stinger / Keep Talking  – 59
Challenge (1960)
59086 Cocoanut Grove / Alley Cat* - 60 The Champs, *vcl Al Casey
Blue Horizon
925X Hotfoot / Cookin'  – 61 (reissued in February 1962 on Stacy 925 and on Ramco 3705)
936 Jivin' Around / Doin' The Shotish – 07-62 (reissued on UA 494)
950 Laughin' / Chicken Feathers – 11-62
956 Doin' It / Monte Carlo – 03-63
961 Full House / Indian Love Call – 05-63
962 Surfin' Hootenanny / Easy Pickin' – 06-63 w. K-C-Ettes
964 Surfin' Blues / Guitars, Guitars, Guitars – 09-63 w. K-C-Ettes
971 What Are We Gonna Do In '64 / Cookin'  – 06-64
Brent (1963-64)
7043 The Big Tragedy / All About Julie – 05-63 Johnny Lance                   
7044 Whirlwind / Once It Was Mine – 64 w. Corki Ray as Corky and and Audio Face


Thanks to Michel Ruppli, not only for his books which I use daily, but also for a large amount of rare and unpublished data from his giant archive.
Thanks to all my friends - country music fans - in Czech Republic - Vladimir Pikora, Michal Gololobov, Milos Holecek, Tony Foglar, Rene Pavlik and Petr Vitous.
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Thanks to Katarina Fromm for various singles info.
Thanks to many others who sent some info - all are important.
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