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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cliff Bruner

*25-04-1915 Texas City, TX, +25-08-2000
2nd version
by Tony Russell (in Country Discography, 1921-1942), Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Steve Hathaway

5 February 1937 St. Anthony Hotel, Dallas, TX – Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers (Randall Raley [vcl-2/gt], Dickie McBride [vcl –3/gt], Leo Railey [vcl -2/el mandolin], Joe Thames [banjo], Hezzie Bryant [bass], Fred Calhoun [piano], Cliff Bruner [fiddle], band [vcl-4])
001 61636-A SO TIRED -3 Decca 5368/BCD-15932
002 61637-A MILK COW BLUES -1 5334/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
003 61638-A THE RIGHT KEY (BUT THE WRONG KEYHOLE) -2 5401 / BCD-15932
004 61639-A YOU GOT TO HI DE HI -1-4 5337/ BCD-15932
005 61640-A IN THE BLUE OF THE NIGHT -3 5401 BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
006 61641-A SHINE -3 5434/ BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
007 61642-A CAN'T NOBODY TRUCK LIKE ME -1 5337/ BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
008 61643-A BRINGIN' HOME THE BACON -3 5334/VIM 4016 TXR-2710 BCD-15932
009 61644-A UNDER THE SILVERY MOON -3 5360/VIM 4016 BCD-15932
010 61645-A CORRINE, CORRINA -1-3 5350/VIM 4016 BCD-15932
011 61646-A FOUR OR FIVE TIMES -1 5350/ BCD-15932
012 61647-A OH YOUR PRETTY WOMAN -1 5469 / BCD-15932
014 61649-A OLD FASHIONED LOVE -3 5469/VIM 4016 BCD-15932
8 December 1937 Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, TX – Cliff Bruner‘s Texas Wanderers (Cliff Bruner [fiddle/vcl -1], Randall Raley [vcl -5/gt], Dickie McBride [vcl –6/gt], Leo Railey [vcl -3/el mandolin], Dickie Jones [vcl-2/fiddle], Joe Thames [banjo/vcl -4], Ernest Evans [steel], Hezzie Bryant [bass], Doc Warren [piano], band [vcl-7])
015 62966-A OH HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT -6 5515 / BCD-15932
016 62967-A ONE SWEET LETTER FROM YOU –1 5529/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
017 62968-A DREAM TRAIN -3-6 5499/ BCD-15932
018 62969-A SUNBONNET SUE -6 5485/ BCD-15932
019 62970-A TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME -6 5582 / BCD-15932
020 62971-A BY A WINDOW AT THE END OF THE LANE -4 5515/ BCD-15932
021 62972-A GIRL OF MY DREAMS -3 5560/ BCD-15932
022 62973-A I SAW YOUR FACE IN THE MOON -2 5474/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
023 62974-A RED LIPS - KISS MY BLUES AWAY -3 5529/ BCD-15932
024 62975-A YOU CAN DEPEND ON ME -4 5543/ BCD-15932
025 62976-A SUGAR -5 5560/ BCD-15932
026 62977-A MY DADDY, MY MOTHER AND ME -?3-6 5485/ BCD-15932
027 62978-A TRUCKIN' ON DOWN -3-7 5582/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
028 62979-A RIVER, STAY AWAY FROM MY DOOR -6 5543/ BCD-15932
029 62980-A BABY WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME -6 5499/ BCD-15932
030 62981-A BEAUMONT RAG –instr.- 5474/VIM 4016 TXR-2710 BCD-15932
13 September 1938 Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Cliff Bruner’s Texas Wanderers (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Dickie McBride [vcl-3/gt], Leo Railey [mandolin], Joe Thames [banjo], Bob Dunn [steel], Hezzie Bryant [bass], Moon Mullican [piano/vcl-2])
031 64500-A ANNIE LAURIE -3 5647/ BCD-15932
032 64501-A BRING IT ON HOME TO GRANDMA –1 5619/ BCD-15932
033 64502-A EASE MY WORRIED MIND -1-2 5610/ BCD-15932
034 64503-A REMEMBER -3 5647/ BCD-15932
035 64504-A IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE NOW –3 5604 46011/ BCD-15932
036 64505-A MY BONNIE LIES OVER THE OCEAN –1-2-3 5638/BCD-15932
037 64506-A OVER MOONLIT WATERS -3 5672/ BCD-15932
038 64507-A DRAGGIN‘ THE BOW - instr.-5610/ BCD-15932
14 September 1938 Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Cliff Bruner’s Texas Wanderers (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Dickie McBride [vcl-4/gt], Leo Railey [mandolin], Joe Thames [vcl-3/banjo], Bob Dunn [steel], Hezzie Bryant [bass], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
039 64508-A YEARNING JUST FOR YOU –1-4 5638/ BCD-15932
040 64509-A OLD JOE TURNER BLUES -2 5660 46096/ BCD-15932
043 64512-A SITTIN' ON THE MOON -3 5619/TXR-2710 BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
044 64513-A KANGAROO BLUES -2 5624 64001/ BCD-15932
045 64514-A I'LL KEEP ON LOVING YOU -2 5672 64001/TXR 2703 BCD-15932
046 64515-A I HATE TO LOSE YOU - 2 5604/ BCD-15932
26 August 1939 Rice Hotel, Houston, TX - Cliff Bruner and His Boys (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Dickie McBride [vcl-4/gt], Joe Thames [vcl-3/banjo], Bob Dunn [steel], Hezzie Bryant [bass], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
047 66300-A JESSIE - instr.- 5769 10464 46051/ BCD-15932
048 66301-A OVER THE HILL -1-2 5785/ BCD-15932
049 66302-A I'LL KEEP ON SMILING -2 5808/ BCD-15932
050 66303-A TRUCK DRIVER'S BLUES –1-2 5725/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
051 66304-A I'M TIRED OF YOU -2 5725/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
052 66305-A BECAUSE -2 5819/ BCD-15932
053 66306-A I'LL FORGIVE YOU (BUT I CAN‘T FORGET) -2 5808/VIM 4016 BCD-15932
054 66307-A I'M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU -2 5819/ BCD-15932
1 September 1939 Rice Hotel, Houston, TX - Cliff Bruner and His Boys (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Dickie McBride [gt/ -x vcl], Joe Thames [banjo], Bob Dunn [steel], Hezzie Bryant [bass], J.R. Chatwell [fiddle], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
055 66349-A STARDUST – instr.- 5743/ BCD-15932
056 66350-A THE OTHER WAY -2 5753/ BCD-15932
057 66351-A PEGGY LOU –instr.- 5797/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
058 66352-A SINGIN' THE LOW DOWN BLUES DOWN LOW -2 5743 . BCD-15932
059 66353-A IT'S ALL OVER NOW (I WON˘T WORRY) -2 5785/ BCD-15932
060 66354-A TELL ME WHY LITTLE GIRL TELL ME WHY -2 5797/ BCD-15932
061 66355-A THE GIRL THAT YOU LOVED LONG AGO -2 5769/ BCD-15932
062 66356-A LITTLE WHITE LIES -2 5753/ BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
063 66357-A KELLY SWING – instr.- 5728/ BCD-15932
064 66358-A SAN ANTONIO ROSE –instr. - 5728 46051 /VIM 4016 BCD-15932
5 April 1940 Rice Hotel, Houston, TX – Cliff Bruner and His Boys (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/gt/fiddle], Bob Dunn [steel], Tex Conger or Hezzie Bryant [bass], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
065 C 92014-A TAKE ME BACK AGAIN –1-2 5836/ BCD-15932
066 C 92015-A YOU DON'T LOVE ME BUT I ALWAYS CARE –1-2 5849 / BCD-15932
067 C 92016 -A I'M HEADING FOR THAT RANCH IN THE SKY - instr.- 5836/ BCD-15932
068 C 92017-A OVER THE TRAIL -instr. – 5849/ BCD-15932
8 April 1940 Rice Hotel, Houston, TX – Cliff Bruner and His Boys (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Bob Dunn [steel], Tex Conger or Hezzie Bryant [bass], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
069 C 92052-A TEN PRETTY GIRLS -1 5824 46098/ BCD-15932
070 C 92053-A SORRY (I'LL SAY I'M SORRY) -2 5860/ BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
071 C 92054-A SPARKLING BLUE EYES -2 5824/ BCD-15932
072 C 92055-A NEW FALLING RAIN BLUES -2 5860/TXR-2710 BCD-15932
073 C 92056-A I'LL KEEP THINKING OF YOU -1 5871 46011/ BCD-15932
074 C 92057-A NEATH THE PURPLE ON HILLS -1 5871/ BCD-15932 [take-B] BCD-15932
28 April 1941 Biggs Studio, Dallas, TX – Cliff Bruner and His Boys (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/gt/fiddle], Oliver Underwood [gt], Bruce Pierce [vcl-3/banjo], Charles Mitchell [steel], prob. Herschel Woodall [bass], Moon Mullican [vcl-2/piano])
075 C 93707-A DRAFT BOARD BLUES -3 5953/TXR 2710 BCD-15932
076 C 93708-A I'LL BE FAITFUL -1 6012/ BCD-15932
077 C 93709-A JESSE'S SISTER –instr.- 5974/ BCD-15932
078 C 93710-A LET ME SMILE MY LAST SMILE AT YOU -1 5961/ BCD-15932
079 C 93711-A TEQUILA RAG – instr.- 5953/TXR 2710 BCD-15932
080 C 93712-A RED RIVER ROSE -1 6012/ BCD-15932
081 C 93713-A MY TIME WILL COME SOMEDAY –1-2 5974 / BCD-15932
082 C 93714-A THE SUN HAS GONE DOWN ON OUR LOVE -1 5961/ BCD-15932
6 November 1944 Decca Recording Studio, Pythian Temple, 135 West 70th St., New York City – Cliff Bruner (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddlee], Moon Mullican [vcl-3/piano], Arthur James Buddy Duhon [vcl-2/gt], Harris Dodd [steel], Tex Conger [bass], Curly Deloche [drums], Lincoln Travis Link Davis [fiddle/tnr sax]. Producer: Dave Kapp)
083 72485/N-2797-A IF IT’S WRONG TO LOVE -1  Coral 64042 BCD-15932
084 72486/N-2798-A BORN TO BE BLUE -2 Decca 46044 Decca E-FM-750/ BCD-15932
085 72487/N-2799-A BABY WON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO ME unissued/ BCD-15932
086 72488/N-2800-A SNOWFLAKES -2 Decca 46026/ BCD-15932
087 72489/N-2801-A THAT’S WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE SOUTH -3 46026/Rambler LP-101 Rockafeller US-7003 ProperBox 6 [P-1124] Proper Pairs PVCD-106 BCD-15932
088 72490/N-2802-A YOU TOOK EVERYTHING -1 unissued/ BCD-15932
089 72491/N-2803-A MY PRETTY BLONDE -1 Decca 46033/ BCD-15932
090 72492/N-2804-A YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE -3 Decca 46101/ BCD-15932
7 November 1944 Decca Recording Studio, Pythian Temple, 135 West 70th St., New York City – Cliff Bruner (Cliff Bruner [vcl-1/fiddle], Moon Mullican [vcl-3/piano], Arthur James Buddy Duhon [vcl-2/gt], Harris Dodd [steel], Tex Conger [bass], Curly Deloche [drums], Lincoln Travis Link Davis [fiddle/tnr sax]. Producer: Dave Kapp)
091 72493/N-2805-A DON’T MAKE ME BLUE -1 Decca 46101/Texas Rose TXR-2710 BCD-15932
092 72494/N-2806-AA MOTHER GAVE A SON -1-3 Bear Family BCD-15932
093 72495/N-2807-A I’LL TRY NOT TO CRY -2 Decca 46033 Coral 64042/Texas Rose TXR-2710 BCD-15932
094 72496/N-2808-A WON’T YOU MEND MY ACHING HEART -2 Decca 46044/Bear Family BCD-15932
095 N-2809 ROADSIDE RAG Decca World W-32A/Bear Family BCD-15932
096 N-2810 TOO WET TO PLOW Decca World W-30A/Bear Family BCD-15932 Fremeaux and Associes FA-160
097 N-2811 JESSIE Decca World W-30A/BCD-15932
All 15 1944 recordings (included the unissued ones) were ment to be released or special be released on World. After a period of circulation they would be released on Decca. Finally several were released on World.
5 May 1947 KTRM Studio, Beaumont, TX - Cliff Bruner and His Orchestra (Cliff Bruner [fiddle], Buddy Duhon [vcl-1] + unknown musicians)
098 828 LUCILLE FROM MOBILE -1 Mercury 6046/BCD-15932
099 829 FIRE WATER 6113 rejected, lost
100 830 YOU WERE ALL THE WORLD TO ME -1 6046/ BCD-15932
101 831 SOMEONE TO TELL MY TROUBLES TO – rejected, lost 6113
1 August 1949 ACA Studio, 612 Westheimer, Houston, Tx – Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers (Cliff Bruner [vcl/fiddle], Link Davis [vcl*/fiddle], Dewe Lee Bell [gt], Bob Dunn [steel], John Wallace [bass], John Courville [drums], Cotton Ervin [clarinet])
102 ACA-1172 YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A LONELY HEART Ayo unissued / BCD-15932
103 ACA-1173 HONEY WHAT YOU DOING TO ME unissued / BCD-15932
104 ACA-1174 SANTA FE WALTZ 102/Modern 20-697/ BCD-15932
105 ACA-1175 RIO GRANDE POLKA 102 20-697/ BCD-15932
106 ACA-1176 UNFAITHFUL ONE 103 20-698/ BCD-15932
107 ACA-1177 SAN ANTONIO BLUES -1 103 20-698/ BCD-15932
ca. November 1949 ACA Studio, 612 Westheimer, Houston, TX – Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers
108 ACA-1254 OUT OF BUSINESS Ayo 107/ BCD-15932
109 ACA-1256 MR. POSTMAN Ayo 107/ BCD-15932
110 ACA-1257 OUCH Ayo 105/ BCD-15932
May 1950 ACA Studio, 5522 Washington Ave., Houston, TX – Cliff Bruner and Texas Wonderers
112 ACA-1639 DON'T FORGET THE ROSES unissued/lost
113 ACA-1640 NO ONE BUT YOU unissue/lost
114 ACA-1641 YOU BETTER DO BETTER BABY Ayo 112/ BCD-15932
115 ACA-1642 HARD LUCK BLUES Ayo 112/ BCD-15932
116 ACA-1643 SWEETEST LITTLE DANNY Ayo 109/ BCD-15932
117 ACA-1644 I WAS A GAMBLER IN TEXAS Ayo 109/ BCD-15932
118 ACA-1645 YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE ME WHAT'S MINE Ayo 113/ BCD-15932
119 ACA-1646 I'M DYING BY PIECES, DEAR Ayo 113/ BCD-15932
1971 poss. Crowley, LA – Cliff Bruner and Pee Wee Whitewing and The Others Brothers
120 LH-7209 WELCOME TO THE CLUB Preview 1008
121 LH-7210? FADED LOVE Preview 1008
Mid 1970s Modern Sound Studios, Crowley, LA – Cliff Bruner (+ Sleepy Tompkins, Bob Collins, Neal Hart, Lefty Mason, Doc Lewis, Sonny Stewart)
122 JESSE Showtime LP-5002
124 PLAYING OF MY HEART Showtime LP-5002
125 SALTY DOG RAG Showtime LP-5002
126 LIEBESTRAUM Showtime LP-5002
127 JAZZTIME Showtime LP-5002
128 DON'T BE UNKIND Showtime LP-5002
129 TRUCK DRIVER BLUES Showtime LP-5002
130 CB WALTZ Showtime LP-5002
ca 1980 Dusty Dickerson Recording Studio, Houston, TX – Cliff Bruner (Producer: Cliff Bruner)
132 JESSE POLKA Delta DLP-1137
133 MAIDEN‘S PRAYER Delta DLP-1137
134 CRAFTON BLUES Delta DLP-1137
138 BLACK and BLUE Delta DLP-1137
139 FADED LOVE Delta DLP-1137
140 JOLE BLON Delta DLP-1137
142 DRAGGIN' THE BOW Delta DLP-1137
143 SWEET PRAISES Delta DLP-1137

Showtime LP 5002 Watch Out For Cliff: Jesse; Make No Difference Now; Playing Of My Heart; Salty Dog Rag; Liebestraum; Jazztime; Don't Be Unkind; Truck Driver Blues; CB Waltz; I'm Sitting At The Top Of The World – 75?
MCA [JAP] VIM-4016 Cliff Bruner/The Rice Brothers Gang: [Cliff Bruner:] Bringin' Home The Bacon; Corrine Corrina; Under The Silvery Moon; Old Fashioned Love; Beaumont Rag; San Antonio Rose; I'll Forgive You; [Rice Brothers Gang:] King Cotton Stomp; Sugar Blues; On The Sunny Side Of The Street;  When I'm Walking With My Sweetness; Alabama Jubilee; You Are My Sunshine; Is It True What They Say About Dixie? - 76
Delta DLP-1137 Then and Now: Jesse Polka; Maidens Prayer; Crafton Blues; Goodnight Waltz; Cotton-Eyed Disco; September Song; Black and Blue; Faded Love; Jole Blon; Blessed Assurance; Draggin' The Bow; Sweet Praises - 81
Texas Rose TXR-2710 Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers, 1937-44: I Saw Face In The End Of The Lane; Truck Driver's Blues; I'll Keep On Loving You; Tequila Rag; Bringin' Home The Bacon; Don't Make Me Blue; I'm Tired Of You; Draft Board Blues; One Sweet Letter From You; New Falling Rain Blues; Beaumont Rag; I'll Try Not To Cry; Sittin' On The Moon; Truckin' On Down; Milk Cow Blues; Peggy Lou - 83
Bear Family [GER] BCD-15932 Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers: So Tired; Milk Cow Blues; Right Key; You Got to Hi de Hi; Shine; Can't Nobody Truck Like Me; Bringin' Home the Bacon; Under the Silvery Moon; Corrine, Corrina; Four or Five Times; In the Blue of the Night; Oh Your Pretty Woman; I Ain't Gonna Give Anybody None O'This Jelly; Old Fashioned Love; Oh How I Miss You Tonight; One Sweet Letter From You; Dream Train; Sunbonnet Sue; To-Night You Belong to Me; By a Window at the End of the Lane; Girl of My Dreams; I Saw Your Face in the Moon; Red Lips; Kiss My Blues Away; You Can Depend on Me; In the Blue of the Night (Alt.); Shine (Alt.); Can't Nobody Truck Like Me (Alt.); Sugar; My Daddy, My Mother and Me; Truckin' on Down; River, Stay Way From My Door; Baby Won't You Please Come Home; Beaumont Rag; Annie Laurie; Bring It on Home to Grandma; Ease My Wearied Mine; Remember; It Makes No Difference Now; My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean; Over Moonlit Waters; Draggin' the Bow; Yearning Just For You; Old Joe Turner Blues; When You're Smiling; Sister Kate; Sittin' on the Moon; Sittin' on the Moon; Kangaroo Blues; I'll Keep on Loving You; I Hate to Lose You; Jessie; Over the Hill; I'll Keep on Smiling; Truck Driver's Blues; I'm Tired of You; Because; I'll Forgive You; I'm Still in Love With You; Stardust; Other Way; Peggy Lou; Singin' the Low Down Blues Down Low; It's All Over Now; Tell Me Why Little Girl Tell Me Why; Girl That You Loved Long Ago; Little White Lies; Little White Lies; Kelly Swing; San Antonio Rose; Take Me Back Again; You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care; I'm Headin' For That Ranch in the Sky; Over the Trail; Ten Pretty Girls; Sorry; Sorry (Alt.); Sparkling Blue Eyes; New Falling Rain Blues; New Falling Rain Blues (Alt.);I'll Keep Thinking of You; Neath the Purple on the Hills; Neath the Purple on the Hills; Draft Board Blues; I'll Be Faithful; Jesse's Sister; Let Me Smile My Last Smile at You; Tequila Rag; Red River Rose; My Time Will Come Someday; Sun Has Gone Down on Our Love; If It's Wrong to Love You; Born to Be Blue; What Are You Doing to Me; Snowflakes; That's What I Like About the South; You Took Everything; My Pretty Blonde; You Always Hurt the One You Love; Don't Make Me Blue; Mother Gave a Son; I'll Try Not to Cry; Won't You Mend My Aching Heart; Roadhouse Rag; Too Wet to Plow; Jessie; Lucille From Mobile; You Were All the World to Me; You Took Advantage of a Lonely Heart; Baby What You Doing to Me; Santa Fe Waltz; Rio Grande Polka; Unfaithful One; San Antonio Blues; Out of Business; Mr. Postman; Ouch; You Took Advantange of a Lonely Heart; You Better Do Better Baby; Hard Luck Blues; Sweetest Little Danny; I Was a Gambler in Texas; You've Got to Give Me What's Mine; I'm Dying by Pieces Dear– 18-03-97 (complete 1937-50 Decca, Mercury, Ayo)

Decca (1937-44)
5334 Milk Cow Blues / Bringin' Home The Bacon - 02-37
5337 Can't Nobody Truck Like You / You Get To Hi De Hi - 03-37
5350 Four Or Five Times / Corrinne, Corrina - 04-37
5368 So Tired / Under The Silvery Moon - 05-37
5401 Blue Of The Night / The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole - 07-37
5434 Ain't Gonna Give None Of My Jelly Roll / Shine - 09-37
5469 Oh You Pretty Woman / Old Fashioned Love - 12-37
5474 I Saw Your Face In Moon / Beaumont Rag - 01-38
5485 Sunbonnet Sue / My Daddy My Mother And Me - 02-38
5499 Baby Wont You Please Come / Dream Train - 03-38
5515 Oh How I Miss You Tonight / By A Window At End Of Lane - 04-38
5529 Red Lips Kiss My Blues / One Sweet Letter - 05-38
5543 You Can Depend On Me / River Stay Away From My Door - 06-38
5560 Sugar / Girl Of My Dreams - 07-38
5582 Tonight You Belong To Me / Trucking On Down - 09-38
5604 It Makes No Difference / I Hate To Lose You - 10-38
5610 Ease My Wearied Mind / Dragging The Bow - 10-38
5619 Bring It Home To Grandma / Sitting On The Moon - 11-38
5624 Sister Kate / Kangaroo Blues - 11-38
5638 Yearning Just For You / My Bonnie Lies Over Ocean - 12-38
5647 Annie Laurie / Remember - 01-39
5660 When You're Smiling / Old Joe Turner Blues - 02-39
5664 I Wonder If You Feel / Jojo - 03-39
5672 Over Moonlit Waters / I'll Keep Loving You - 04-39
5681 I Wish I'd Never Learned To Love / Wonder Stomp - 04-39
5691 Meet Me In Loveland / Rosetta - 05-39
5704 I'll Never Let You Cry / Little House On The Hill - 07-39
5712 I'll Always Be Your Buddy / Waiting At The End Of The Road - 08-39
5719 I Still Care For You / Is This A Dream? - 09-39
5725 I'm Tired Of You / Truck Driver Blues - 10-39
5728 Kelly Swing / San Antonio Rose - 10-39
5730 When It's Your Time Of Day / Those Things I Can't Forget - 10-39 The Texas Wanderes
5740 Rubber Dolly / Black Sea Blues - 11-39 The Texas Wanderers
5743 Singing The Lowdown Blues / Star Dust - 11-39
5753 Little White Lies / The Other Way - 11-39
5756 I Hope I'll Never Fall In Love / Smile And Drive The Blues Away - 11-39 The Texas Wanderers
5769 The Girl You Loved Long Ago / Jessie - 12-39
5775 Deep Elm Swing / You Gotta Know How To Truck - 12-39 The Texas Wanderers
5782 Lies / We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye - 12-39 The Texas Wanderers
5785 Over The Hill / It's All Over Now - 12-39
5797 Peggy Lou / Tell Me Why, Little Girl - 01-40
5800 Moonlight On The Prairie / Where The Morning Glories Grow - 02-40 The Texas Wanderers
5808 On Smiling / I'll Forgive You - 02-40
5812 Cry Baby, Cry / How Could You Have Left Me - 03-40 The Texas Wanderers
5818 Give Me The Old Fashioned Days / I Remember - 04-40 The Texas Wanderers
5819 Because / I'm Still In Love With You - 04-40
5824 Sparkling Blue Eyes / Ten Pretty Girls - 04-40
5831 Pipe Liner Blues / Racking It Back - 05-40 The Texas Wanderers
5836 Take Me Back Again / I'm Heading For That Ranch In The Sky - 05-40
5843 When You're Gone / My Dixieland Girl - 06-40 The Texas Wanderers
5849 You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care / Over The Trail - 06-40
5856 Dixieland I Hear You Calling / Sundown Blues (Tin Roof Blues) - 07-40 The Texas Wanderers
5860 New Falling Rain Blues / Sorry - 07-40
5871 I Keep Thinking Of You / 'Neath The Purple On Hills - 08-40
5872 San Antonio Polka / I Wonder If True Love Will - 08-40 The Texas Wanderers
5884 (The Texas Wanderers:) The Night Was Filled With Music / (The Burns Brothers:) Old Fashioned Locket - 10-40
5953 Draft Board Blues / Tequilla Rag - 05-41
5961 The Sun Has Gone Down / Let Me Smile My Last Smile At You - 06-41
5974 Jessie's Sister / My Time Will Come Someday - 08-41
6012 Red River Rose / I'll Be Faithful - 01-42
46011 I'll Keep Thinking Of You / It Makes No Difference Now - 10-46
46026 That's What I Like About The South / Snowflakes - 12-46
46033 I'll Try Not To Cry / My Pretty Blonde – ca. 03-47
46044 Won't You Mend My Aching Heart / Born To Be Blue - 06-47
46051 Jessie / San Antonio Rose – ca 06-47
46096  Old Joe Turner Blues / When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiled With You) – ca 11-47 
46098 Sparkling Blue Eyes / Ten Pretty Girls – 11-47 (reissue of 5824)
46101 Don't Make Me Blue / You Always Hurt The One You Love – 12-47
64001 I'll Keep On Loving You / Kangaroo Blues - 49 (released on Coral)
9-64042 If It's Wrong To Love You / I'll Try Not To Cry – ca. 05-50 (reissue, released on Coral)
Mercury (1947)
6046 Lucille From Mobile / You Were All The World To Me – ca. 08-47
6113 Someone To Tell My Troubles To / Fire Water – planned but unissued (07-48)
Ayo (1949-50)
102 Santa Fe Waltz / Rio Grande Polka – 49 (reissued on Modern 20-697)
103 Unfaithful One (vcl Cliff Bruner) / San Antonio Blues (vcl Link Davis) – 49 (reissued on Modern 20-698)
105 Ouch / You Took Adbantage Of A Lonely Heart – 49 vcl Rusty McDonald
107 Out Of Business / Mr. Postman - 50
109 Sweetest Little Danny / Was A Gambler In Texas – ca. 06-50
112 You Better Do Better Baby / Hard Luck Blues - 50
113 You’ve Got To Give Me What’s Mine / I’m Dying By Pieces Dear - 50
Prewiew (1971)
1008 Welcome to the Club / Faded Love – 71 with Pee Wee Whitewing and the Others Brothers
Note: Decca 46043 listed in some discographies is by Delmore Brothers

Linda Brannon

1941 Harrison, AR
By Praguefrank with help of RCS site
ca March 1957 poss. Shreveport, LA – Linda Brannon
001 MS-112/H8OW-2039 DON'T BOTHER ME RAM 6741
002 MS-113 unknown title
003 MS-114/H8OW-2113 WOE IS ME RAM 6741
Mid 1957 poss. Shreveport, LA – Linda Brannon
004 MS-117/H8OW-2195 I WANNA BE THERE 8771
006 MS-119 ANY WAY YOU DO 9-12127
007 MS-120 BABY I CAN'T LET YOU GO 9-12127
ca early 1958 poss. Shreveport, LA – Linda Brannon
008 MS-123/J8OW-1075 I'M LEAVIN' RAM 11829
Summer 1958 poss. Shreveport, LA – Linda Brannon
010 MS-129/J9OW-7213 JUST ANOTHER LIE 1478 Chess 1720
011 MS-130/J9OW-7214 WHEREVER YOU ARE 1478 Chess 1720
January 1961 Bradley Film & Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN – Linda Brannon
012 YW-20304/PS-527 HE’S MINE unissued
013 YW-20305/PS-528 I JUST BEING WITH YOU unissued

January 1962 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN – Linda Brannon (orchestra dir. by  Jerry Kennedy + Merry Melody Singers)
014 YW 23329/PS 1210 HONEST I DO unissued
015 YW-23330/PS 1211 DEEP INSIDE ME Philips 40016
016 YW-23331/PS 1212 WHAT ELSE COULD I DO BUT CRY  Philips 40016
017 YW-23332/PS 1213 JUST AMOTHER LIE unissued
Mid 1963 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN – Linda Brannon
018 FUNNY FACE Epic 5-9612
019 WILL IT LAST 5-9612
021 DON'T SEPARATE US 5-9640
ca March 1964 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN – Linda Brannon
022 TEEN AGE PRAYER  5-9675

Royal Audio Music, Inc. (RAM) (1957-58)
6741 Don't Bother Me / Woe Is Me – 04-57 (rev. Apr. 29)
8771 I Wanna Be There / I'll Be Lonesome When You're Gone – 07-57 (rev. July 29)
9-12127 Any Way You Do / Baby I Can't Let You Go – 57 (rev. Aug. 3, 1958)
11829/MS-123 I'm Leavin' / (To My Sorrow) I Keep On Lovin' You – 03-58
1478 Just Another Lie / Wherever You Are – 08-58 (also on Chess 1720)
Philips (161-62)
40016 Deep Inside Me / What Else Could I Do But Cry - 62
Epic (1963-640
5-9612 Funny Face / Will It Last – 07-63
5-9640 Don't Cross Over (To My Side of the Street) / Don't Separate Us – 11-63
5-9675 Teen Age Prayer / Everybody Wants To Be Wanted – 04-64

Pappy "Gube" Beaver

Parlon Kenneth Beaver, *07-03-1919 Newport, TN
by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti

21 December 1944 [no 112] Hollywood, CA - Pappy "Gube" Beaver
001 361 AS LONG AS I LIVE Capitol 40035/CCD-332
002 362 I'M DYING A SINNER'S DEATH 40010/CCD-332
004 364 AUTOMOBILE BLUES 284/CCD-332
14 February 1947 [no 535] Hollywood, CA - Pappy "Gube" Beaver
005 1646 SOMEBODY SAID 40035/CCD-332
007 1648 CRUEL HEARTED GIRL 392/CCD-332

Cattle Compact [GER] CCD-332 The Golden Age Of Country Music 1939 – 1956:[Johnny Barfield:] Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby; It Ain't No Good; My Poodle Doodle Dog; Long Tongue Woman; Ain't I Right; That Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me; Pretty Little Naponee; Berry Pickin' Time; Numbers Blues; It's All Over Now, I'm Glad We're Through; Please Pull Down Your Curtain; I Can't Help It, I Still Love You; [Pappy "Gube" Beaver:] As Long As I Live; I'm Dying A Sinner's Death; You Can Be A Millionaire With Me; Automobile Of Life; Somebody Said; The Straight And Narrow Way; Cruel Hearted Girl; The Great Judgment Day; [Texas Ruby:] Have I Waited Too Long To Regret; [Eddy Akridge:] Handcuff Our Hearts; The Higher You Fly The Harder You Fall; What Can I Do; Consolation Prize – 0-


Capitol (1944-47)
284 The Automobile Of Life / You Can Be A Millionaire With Me – 08-46 (rev. Aug. 17)
392 Cruel Hearted Girl / The Great Judgement Day – 03-47 (rev. Apr. 5)
40010 I'm Dying A Sinner's Death / The Straight And Narrow Way - 06-47 (rev. June 28)
A 40035 As Long As I Live / Somebody Said – 08-47 (rev. Aug. 23)


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