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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steve & Terry

by Praguefrank
ca Mid 1970s Nashville, TN – Steve & Terry
001 COUNTRY ROADS Custom Fidelity 3040
002 DON'T EXPECT ME TO BE YOUR FRIEND Custom Fidelity 3040
003 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Custom Fidelity 3040
004 ORDINARY MAN Custom Fidelity 3040
005 SEPARATE WAYS Custom Fidelity 3040
006 ROAMIN' FREE Custom Fidelity 3040
007 I BELIEVE IN MUSIC Custom Fidelity 3040
008 THE HOUSE WITH A PATIO Custom Fidelity 3040
009 I JUST CAN'T HELP BELIEVING Custom Fidelity 3040
010 GOSPEL MEDLEY Custom Fidelity 3040
1977 Little Nashville Recording Studio, Nashville, TN – Steve & Terry with Full House
011 MOMMA'S WAITING Little Nashville LN 608
012 I'M NEVER ALONE Little Nashville LN 608

Custom Fidelity CFS-3040 Country Flavor: Country Roads; Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend; I Can See Clearly Now; Ordinary Man; Separate Ways; Roamin' Free; I Believe in Music; The House with a Patio; I Just Can't Help Believing; Gospel Medley – 7-

Little Nashville (1977)
LN 608 Momma's Waiting / I'm Never Alone - 77

Noel Boggs

Noel Edwin Boggs, *14-11-1917 Oklahoma City, OK, +30.08.74
by Praguefrank, Lillies Ohlsson, Mario Manciotti, Carl LaFarge, Vaclav Zpatecka
SESSIONS see also Bob Wills, Sons Of The Pioneers, Spade Cooley, Roy Rogers, Bill Boyd, Wade Ray, Curly Wiggins
1940s Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs and The Dudes (Noel Boggs [steel], Billy Wright, Ernie Howard [vcl/ gt], Irving Edelman [bass],  Billy Wright [violin], Freddie Haynes [piano])
001 BLUE TEARS Major 1200
002 OKLAHOMA WALTZ Major 1200
14 February 1951 Decca Recording Studio, 5505 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA –  The Dudes and Les "Carrot Top" Anderson with Noel Boggs
006 L 6075 I WAS SORTA WONDERIN‘ Decca 9-46303/HBR 40
007 L 6076 T-T-TUCKY TY 9-46326/HBR 40 TRG
008 L 6077 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 9-46326/HBR 40 TRG
009 L 6078 HOEIN‘ COTTON unissued
1951 Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs
010 MMA-264 ALABAMY BOUND Magnolia MS 1059
011 MMA-265 unknown title
012 MMA-266 unknown title
013 MMA-267 THE LOWDOWN OF MONA LISA Magnolia MS 1059
1952 Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs And The Desertaires (+Clem Smith, Mel Ryan, Leroy Krubl)
014 641 APPLE VALLEY  Apple Valley 1002
November 1952 RCA Victor Studio, 1016 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA – Wade Ray with Noel Boggs (Wade Ray [vcl/fiddle], Noel Boggs [steel] + more unknown musicians)
015 E2-VB-7022 IT‘S ALL YOUR FAULT 47-5091
016 E2-VB-7023 CALL ME UP 47-5199
017 E2-VB-7024? THE THINGS I MIGHT HAVE BEEN 47-5091/CAS-2107
018 E2-VB-7025 IF THEY SHOULD ASK ME 47-5199
December 1953 Radio Recorders, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs and The Day Sleepers
019 RHCO 10682/RZSP-10682 STEELIN‘ HOME Columbia 4-21220
020 RHCO 10683/RZSP-10683 DAY SLEEPER 4-21220
021 RHCO 10684/RZSP-10684 MAKE BELIEVE HEART 4-21274
022 RHCO 10685/RZSP-10685 HOW LONG 4-21274
1958 Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs Quintet (Noel Boggs [steel], Neil LeVang [gt], Paul Smith [piano], Ivan Ditmars [organ] + 1 unknown musician [bass?]]
023 S-1096 BEER BARREL POLKA 45-SH-132/SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
024 MORNING DEW Shasta SH45-102/ SH-LP-530
025 BEAUTIFUL OHIO SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
026 S-1099 LITTLE COQUETTE 45-SH-132/SH-LP-503 SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
027 STEELIN' HOME SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
028 MAGIC ISLE SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
029 CARAVAN SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
030 BIRTH OF THE BLUES SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
031 PARADISE ISLE SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
1959 Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs
032 S-1109 STEEL GUITAR RAG 45-SH-132/SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
033 S-1110 SEPTEMBER SONG 45-SH-153/SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
034 S-1111 PERDIDO 45-SH-153/SH-LP-503 Varese 066138-2
035 S-1113 TENDERLY 45-SH-102 45-SH-157/SH-LP-503 SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
1958/1964 Hollywood, CA – Noel Boggs
036 LOVER SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
037 WABASH BLUES SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
038 DARDANELLA SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
039 MY DIANE SH-LP-530
041 CHEROKEE SH-LP-530 Varese 066138-2
042 LIZA SH-LP-530
Noel Boggs recorded after 1964. Some info in singles and albums list

Shasta SH-LP-503 Magic Steel Guitar:
Little Coquette; Tenderly; Steel Guitar Rag; Beautiful Ohio; Steelin' Home; Magic Isle; Caravan; Birth Of The Blues; September Song; Perdido; Paradise Isle; Beer Barrel Polka – 59 (reissued in 2010 on One Media Publishing  as Steel Guitar Rag)
Repeat 310-8 Western Swing: Steel Guitar Rag; Steelin' Home;  Old Fashioned Love + more unknown tracks – 05-65 (also on reel-to-reel tape; with Billy Armstrong/Harold Hensley/Norm Whistler, fiddles. Roy Lanham/Mluddy Berry. drums/Carl Scroggins, bass)
Repeat 100-10 Anytime: Any Time; St. Louis Blues; Cherokee; Londonderry Air; Tuxedo Junction + 5 unknown tracks) – 60s  (recorded directed to disc)
Shasta SH-LP-530 Hollywood And Wine: Lover; Tenderly; Wabash Blues; Dardanella; My Diane; Over The Rainbow; Cherokee; Morning Dew; Little Coquette; Liza; Nighty Night - 78
Shasta SH-LP-531 Noel Boggs And Friends On Stage: Blues Boogie; Worried Mind; Sheik Of Araby; Panhandle Rag; On The Alamo; Blue Hawaii; Alabama Bound; When I Lost My Love; Swanee River; At Sundown; Magic Isle; Birth Of The Blues – ca. 78
Varese Sarabande 302 0-66138-2 The Very Best Of Noel Boggs: Steel Guitar Rag; Cherokee; Steelin' Home; Wabash Blues; Lover; Beer Barrel Polka; Little Coquette; Caravan; September Song; Paradise Isle; Tenderly; Beautiful Ohio; Magic Isle; Birth Of The Blues; Perdido; Dardanella – 25-07-00 (sampler, Shasta tracks)

Major (1940s)
1200 Blue Tears (vcl) / Oklahoma Waltz – 4-
1201 Tennessee Rag / Rockin' Along On Rockin' Rye - 4-
Magnolia (1951)
MS 1059 Alabamy Bound / The Lowdown Of Mona Lisa – 51
Apple Valley (1952)
1002* Golfer‘s Lament (vcl John Charles Thomas) / Apple Valley (vcl Noel Boggs and Desertaires) (*promo copies had no catalogue number; MX: 45-640/641)
Columbia (1953) w. The Day Sleepers
4-21220 Steelin' Home / Day Sleeper - 02-54
4-21274 How Long / Make Believe Heart - 07-54
Shasta/*Shastone (1958-64)
*SH45-102 Morning Dew / Tenderly - 58
45-SH-132 Little Coquette / Beer Barrel Polka – ca. 05-60
45-SH-153 Perdido / September Song - 61
45-SH-157 Steel Guitar Rag / Tenderly – 61
Repeat (1960s)
100-10 Solitude / Tuxedo Junction – 60s
(note: Both sides of the Repeat 45 100-10 say "from the Repeat album 'The Live Sound'", but I don't think there was any such LP. [Carl LaFarge])
Ubande (1973)
1973 Boodle Dee Beep / Good Times - 73
World Disc (unknown) w. Cass County Boys
152 Steel Guitar Rag / ?
415 Speedin' West / ?



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