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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hank Mills

Samuel Mills Garrett, *09-04-1936 Spice, WV, +11-11-2005
by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank


ca March 1959 unknown - Hank Mills
001 A MINER’S ROUTINE Blaze BL-103
28 October 1966 poss.Columbia Recording Studio 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville 3, TN – Hank Mills
003 118142/NA 14317  CRY ALL OVER THE PLACE   32260
004 118143/NA 14318  HAPPY, HAPPY SONGS 32097
005 118144/NA 14319  A STITCH IN THE HAND  32097
2 August 1967 Bradley's Barn, Bender’s Ferry Road, Mount Juliet, TN – Hank Mills
006 119283/NA 14750  CITY WOMAN 32260
007 119284/NA 14751  SMASH ALL THE MIRRORS  unissued
008 119285/NA 14752  I JUST WASTED THE REST 32199
009 119286/NA 14753  CHANGE YOURSELF  32199

Blaze (1959)
BL-103 Just A Mean, Mean Mama / A Miner’s Routine – 05-59
Decca  (1967)              
32097 A Stitch In The Hand / Happy, Happy Songs - 02-67
32199 I Just Wasted The Rest / Change Yourself – ca. 10-67
32260 Cry All Over The Place / City Woman - 02-68

Victoria Williams

*23-12-1958 Shreveport,  LA
by Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers
1987 RPM Studios, ?, CA - Victoria Williams (+Lamar Alsop, Amy Berger, Peter Blegvad, Carla Bley, Alfred Brown, T-Bone Burnett, Ralph Carney, Greg Cohen, Tony Conniff, Bob Cranshaw, Stephen Croce, Angel Dean, Anton Fier, Irwin Fisch, Danny Frankel, Jody Harris, Lisa Herman, Fats Kaplin, Jesse Levy, Hugh McCracken, Tony Maimone, Lou Ann Montessi, Van Dyke Parks, Bobby Previte, Hans Reumschuessel, Steven Soles, Syd Straw, Steve Swallow, David Van Tieghem, Bernie Worrell)
001 SHOES Geffen 24140-1 
002 FRYING PAN Geffen 24140-1   
003 MERRY-GO-ROUND Geffen 24140-1 
004 HAPPY Geffen 24140-1   
005 TC Geffen 24140-1 
006 I'LL DO HIS WILL Geffen 24140-1   
007 BIG FISH Geffen 24140-1   
008 ANIMAL WILD Geffen 24140-1   
009 MAIN ROAD Geffen 24140-1   
010 LIGHTS Geffen 24140-1 
011 OPELOUSAS Geffen 24140-1 
012 STATUE OF A BUM Geffen 24140-1   
013 POETRY Geffen 24140-1
1989 [sessions for: The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young]  basement of Andy and Davis House, ? , CA – Victoria Williams and The Williams Brothers (David Williams [vcl], Andy Williams [vcl/ac gt/bass], Victoria Williams [[vcl/ac gt/Timpani]
1990 Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA – Victoria Williams (Victoria Williams [vcl/gt/dulcimer/ocarina/piano], Buddy Miller [vcl/gt], Julie Miller [vcl], Jeff Davis [vcl], Willie Aron [gt/organ/bck vcl], Marty Rifkin [pedal steel], Don Falzone [bass], Michael Blair [drums/percussion/vibraphone/accordion], Byron Berline [fiddle], Melissa Hassin [cello], Phil Shenate [Kurzweil/B-3 organ], Dave Knight/ Steven Soles [trombone/ mandolin] + The Williams Brothers)
015 WHY LOOK AT THE MOON Rough Trade  US 50CD   
016 BOOGIEMAN Rough Trade  US 50CD  
017 CLOTHESLINE Rough Trade  US 50CD   
019 ON TIME Rough Trade  US 50CD   
020 HOLY SPIRIT Rough Trade  US 50CD   
021 SUMMER OF DRUGS Rough Trade  US 50CD  
022 I CAN'T CRY HARD ENOUGH Rough Trade  US 50CD   
023 WOBBLING Rough Trade  US 50CD   
024 VIEUX AMIS Rough Trade  US 50CD  
025 WEEDS Rough Trade  US 50CD   
026 LIFT HIM UP Rough Trade  US 50CD 
1994 American Recording Studios, Woodland Hills, CA – Victoria Williams (Victoria Williams [vcl/gt/dulcimer/ harmonica/piano], Dave Pirner [vcl], Mark Olson [vcl/ac gt],  Andrew Williams [gt/organ/bck vcl], Greg Leisz [gt/pedal steel/mandolin/ dulcimer], Peter Buck [el gt/bck vcl], Greg Cohen [bass/piano], Don Heffington [drums/ percussion], Paul Fox [tambourine], Tammy Rogers [violin/ mandolin/ viola/bck vcl], Lili Haydn [violin], Geri Stuyak [cello], Van Dyke Parks [accordion], Tim Ray [piano/ organ], Rami Jaffee [organ], Tower Of Power Horns [horns], Doug Weisselman [flute/ clarinet/ harmonica], Gary Louris, Mike Mills [bckvcl])
027 CENTURY PLANT  Atlantic 92430-2 
028 YOU R LOVED  Atlantic 92430-2 
029 HARRY WENT TO HEAVEN  Atlantic 92430-2 
030 CRAZY MARY  Atlantic 92430-2 
031 WHEN WE SING TOGETHER  Atlantic 92430-2 
032 POLISH THOSE SHOES  Atlantic 92430-2   
033 LOVE  Atlantic 92430-2   
034 WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD  SOL 459/Atlantic 92430-2 
035 WATERFALL  Atlantic 92430-2   
036 NATURE'S WAY  Atlantic 92430-2   
037 SUNSHINE COUNTRY  Atlantic 92430-2   
038 HAPPY TO HAVE KNOWN PAPPY  Atlantic 92430-2 
039 MY ALLY  Atlantic 92430-2 
040 HITCHHIKERS SMILE  Atlantic 92430-2 
041 GET AWAY  Atlantic 92430-2 
042 PSALMS  Atlantic 92430-2
1994 unknown – Victoria Williams
29 March 1995 [live] Bathurst Street Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, CAN – Victoria Williams and The Loose Band (Victoria Williams [vcl/ gt], David Williams [vcl], Andrew Williams [ac gt], Joey Burns [bass], Don Huffington [drums], David Mansfield [strings/ keyboards], Tim Ray [piano])
04301 THIS MOMENT  Atlantic 92642-2 
04302 GRAVEYARD  Atlantic 92642-2 
04303 HARRY WENT TO HEAVEN  Atlantic 92642-2 
04304 WATERFALL  Atlantic 92642-2 
04305 POLISH THOSE SHOES  Atlantic 92642-2 
04306 TC  Atlantic 92642-2 
04307 FRYING PAN  Atlantic 92642-2 
04308 HITCHHIKERS SMILE  Atlantic 92642-2   
04309 CRAZY MARY  Atlantic 92642-2 
04310 LIGHTS  Atlantic 92642-2 
04311 SUMMER OF DRUGS  Atlantic 92642-2 
04312 IMAGINATION  Atlantic 92642-2   
04313 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES  Atlantic 92642-2 
04314 CAN'T CRY HARD ENOUGH  Atlantic 92642-2 
04315 SUNSHINE COUNTRY  Atlantic 92642-2 
04316 LOVE  Atlantic 92642-2
1995 [sessions for For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson] unknown – Victoria Williams (Victoria Williams [vcl/ac gt], Andrew Williams [ac gt/bck vcl], Dave Pirner [mandolin/trumpet/bck vcl], Mark Olson [bass], Jay Minor [piano]/ Producer: Paul Fox)
044 THE PUPPY SONG Music Masters Rock 01612-65127-2
1995 [sessions for: Avalon Blues: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt] unknown – Victoria Williams
045 SINCE I'VE LAID MY BURDEN DOWN Vanguard 79582-2 (2001)
1995 unknown – Victoria Williams
track above issued on compilation The Oxford American Southern Music CD #5
14 July 1996 [live] The Bottom Line, New York City – Victoria Williams, *and Vic Chesnutt
04303 GOD IS GOOD*
1997 Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, CA/ Teatro Studio, Oxnard, CA – Victoria Williams (Victoria Williams [vcl/gt/banjo/dulcimer/piano/Fender Rhodes/calimba], Doug Wieselman [el gt/clarinets/organ/bck vcl], Wendy Melvoin [el gt/bass/drums/percussion/bck vcl], Greg Leisz [steel/bass], Byron Hause, Greg Cohen [bass], Brian Blade [drums/loops/bck vcl], Fred Drake [tambourine/bck vcl], Joey Burns [cello/ bass], Tim Ray [piano/Fender Rhodes], Lisa Coleman [Wurlitzer/Moog/synthesizer/bck vcl], Patrick Warren [Chamberlin/ bck vcl], John Convertino [vibraphone/marimba/drums], Jon Birdsong [coronet/ siouxsaphone/bck vcl]. Producer: Victoria Williams, Trina Shoemaker, Andrew Williams)
044 PERIWINKLE SKY  Atlantic 83072-2  
045 RAINMAKER  Atlantic 83072-2  
046 KASHMIR'S CORN  Atlantic 83072-2  
047 TRAIN SONG (DEMISE OF THE CABOOSE)  Atlantic 83072-2  
048 LAST WORD  Atlantic 83072-2  
049 NATURE BOY  Atlantic 83072-2  
050 TREE SONG  Atlantic 83072-2  
051 LET IT BE SO  Atlantic 83072-2  
052 ALLERGIC BOY  Atlantic 83072-2  
053 HUMMING BIRD  Atlantic 83072-2  
054 GRANDPA IN THE CORNPATCH  Atlantic 83072-2  
055 BLACKBIRDS RISE  Atlantic 83072-2  
2000 Chaparral Bottom, Joshua Tree, CA/Mad Dog Studios, Inc., Burbank, CA – Victoria Williams (Victoria Williams [vcl/ gt], Brian Hane [ac gt/clarinet/alto sax], Greg Leisz [el gt], Lee Alexander [bass], David Plitch [upright bass], Danny Frankel [drums/ percussion],Petra Haden [violin/bck vcl], Dicky Simms [piano/organ], J.C. Hopkins [Wurlitzer piano], Lee Thornberg [trumpet/ trombone], Carla Bagmerise, Evelyn Moffett, Arleathia Dean [bck vcl].
056 GRANDMA'S HAT PIN  Atlantic 83361-2   
057 GLADYS AND LUCY  Atlantic 83361-2 
058 WATER TO DRINK  Atlantic 83361-2 
059 LIGHT THE LAMP FREDDIE  Atlantic 83361-2 
060 CLAUDE  Atlantic 83361-2 
061 JOY OF LOVE  Atlantic 83361-2 
063 LAGNIAPPE  Atlantic 83361-2   
064 JUNK  Atlantic 83361-2   
065 LITTLE BIRD  Atlantic 83361-2   
066 YOUNG AT HEART  Atlantic 83361-2 
067 A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE  Atlantic 83361-2  
1993-2002 various studios – Victoria Williams
068 MOON RIVER Dualtone 1126-2 
069 BLUE SKIES Dualtone 1126-2 
070 AND ROSES AND ROSES Dualtone 1126-2 
071 OVER THE RAINBOW Dualtone 1126-2 
072 MY FUNNY VALENTINE Dualtone 1126-2   
074 I'M OLD FASHIONED Dualtone 1126-2 
075 AS TIME GOES BY Dualtone 1126-2   
076 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME Dualtone 1126-2 
077 MONGOOSE Dualtone 1126-2 


Geffen GHS-24140 Happy Come Home: Shoes;  Frying Pan;  Merry-Go-Round;  Happy;  TC;  I'll Do His Will;  Big Fish;  Animal Wild;  Main Road;  Lights;  Opelousas;  Statue of a Bum;  Poetry - 87 (CD issue in 1993)

Rough Trade US 50CD  Swing the Statue!: Why Look at the Moon;  Boogieman; Clothesline;  Tarbelly and Featherfoot;  On Time;  Holy Spirit;  Summer of Drugs;  I Can't Cry Hard Enough;  Wobbling;  Vieux Amis;  Weeds;  Lift Him Up - 90

Atlantic 92430-2 Loose: Century Plant;  You R Loved;  Harry Went to Heaven;  Crazy Mary; When We Sing Together;  Polish Those Shoes;  Love;  What a Wonderful World;  Waterfall;  Nature's Way;  Sunshine Country;  Happy to Have Known Pappy;  My Ally;  Hitchhikers Smile;  Get Away;  Psalms – 25-10-94

Atlantic 92642-2  This Moment: In Toronto With the Loose Band: This Moment;  Graveyard;  Harry Went to Heaven;  Waterfall;  Polish Those Shoes;  TC;  Frying Pan;  Hitchhikers Smile;  Crazy Mary;  Lights;  Summer of Drugs;  Imagination;  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes;  Can't Cry Hard Enough;  Sunshine Country;  Love – 07-11-95

Atlantic 83072-2 Musings Of A Creek Dipper: Periwinkle Sky;  Rainmaker;  Kashmir's Corn; Train Song (Demise of the Caboose);  Last Word;  Nature Boy;  Tree Song;  Let It Be So;  Allergic Boy;  Humming Bird;  Grandpa in the Cornpatch;  Blackbirds Rise – 13-01-98

Atlantic 83361-2 Water To Drink: Grandma's Hat Pin;  Gladys and Lucy;  Water to Drink; Light the Lamp Freddie;  Claude;  Joy of Love;  Until the Real Thing Comes Along; Lagniappe;  Junk;  Little Bird;  Young at Heart;  A Little Bit of Love - 00

Dualtone 1126-2 Sings Some Ol' Songs: Moon River; Blue Skies;  And Roses and Roses;  Over the Rainbow;  My Funny Valentine;  Keep Sweepin Cobwebs Off the Moon;  I'm Old Fashioned;  As Time Goes By;  Someone to Watch Over Me;  Mongoose;  Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans – 06-08-02

459 What A Wonderful World / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – 11-94


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