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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silvertone Gospel Singers

by Praguefrank

1947 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
001 H-154 JOURNEY TO THE SKY Red Barn 227 H-154/Pony Canyon
002 H-155 I JOHN SAW THE NUMBER 227/Pony Canyon
003 H-156 DEAR LORD LOOK DOWN UPON ME Red Barn 224 Imperial 5056//Pony Canyon
004 H-157 THERE IS A LIGHT Red Barn 224 Imperial 5056//Pony Canyon
1947 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
005 H-158 I’VE GOT AN INTEREST OVER THERE 228//Pony Canyon
006 H-159 BLESSED QUIETNESS 228/Pony Canyon
007 H-160 CANNAN LAND 229//Pony Canyon
008 H-161 LOOKIN’ FOR THAT STONE 229//Pony Canyon
late 1948 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
009 H-212 LIFT HIM UP 241/Pony Canyon
010 H-213 I SHALL EVER STAND 241/Pony Canyon
011 H-214 THAT’S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE LORD 242/Pony Canyon
ca April 1949 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
013 H-220 LORD JESUS 249 Imperisl 5053/Pony Canyon
014 H-221 MY GOD CALLED ME THIS MORNING 249 Imperisl 5053/Pony Canyon
1950 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
015 7816/K-33050-1 BYE AND BYE Mercury 8182/Pony Canyon
016 7817/K-33050-2 REST FOR MY LABOR 8189
017 7818/K-33050-3 CALL ON JESUS IN SECRET PRAYER 8182/Pony Canyon
018 7819/K-33050-4 WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN HEAVEN 8189
1950 unknown – Silvertone Gospel Singers
019 YOU MUST BOW DOWN /Pony Canyon
020 BETTER HOME /Pony Canyon

Pony Canyon ? Lift Him Up:
Southern Gospel 1947-1950: [Silvertone Gospel Singers:] Journey to the Sky; I John Saw the Number; Dear Lord Look Down; There Is a Light; I've Got an Interest Over There; Blessed Quietness; Canaan Land; Lookin' for That Stone; Lift Him Up; I Shall Ever Stand; That's What I Love About My Jesus; I'm Walking and Talking With My Lord; Lord Jesus; My God Called Me This Morning; Bye and Bye; Call on Jesus in Secret Prayer; You Must Bow Down; Better Home; [National Independent Gospel Singers:] My Bed Will Be Hard; [Five Trumpets:] Cut Out the Mountain No by Hand; Preach My Word; When the Saints Go Marching In; Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb; Jesus Is Here Today; The Lord Knows What I Need; [Starlight Spiritual Singers:] Somehow; I've Got Heaven on My Mind; After Awhile; Well Done – 25-10-01

Red Barn
224 Dear Lord Look down Upon Me / There Is A Light – 08-05-48 (reissued on Imperial 5056 in late 1949)
227 Journey To The Sky / I John Saw The Number - 48
228 I’ve Got An Interest Over There / Blessed Quietness - 48
229 Cannan Land / Lookin’ For That Stone - 48
241 Lift Him Up / I Shall Ever Stand - 49
242 Walking And Talking With My Lord / That’s What I Love About The Lord - 49
249 Lord Jesus / My God Called me This Morning – 49 (reissued on Imperial 5053 in late 1949)
8182 Bye and Bye; Call on Jesus in Secret Prayer / You Must Bow Down; Better Home
8189 Rest For My Labor / What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
You Must Bow Down / Better Home

Edgar Buchanan

William Edgar Buchanan, *20-03-1903, +04-04-1979
by Praguefrank

ca August 1967 Hollywood, CA – Edgar Buchanan (Producer: Snuff Garrett)
001 MB-22459 PHANTOM 309 Dot 45-17047
002 MB-22460 COTTON PICKER 45-17047

Dot (1967)
45-17047 Cotton Picker / Phantom 309 - 67

Bill Keith

William Bradford Keith, *20-12-1939 Boston, MA, +24-10-2015
2nd version
By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti

see also Woodstock Mountain Revue/Mud Acres
8/9 September 1962 [live-Philadelphia Folk Festival] Philadelphia, PA - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney (Jim Rooney [vcl/gt], Bill Keith [vcl/banjo], Fritz Richmond [washtub bass])
00001 DEVIL’S DREAM PR-INT 13072 PRCD-9904-2
1963 unknown - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney (Jim Rooney [vcl/gt], Bill Keith [vcl/banjo], Herb Applin [gt], Joe Val [mandolin], Fritz Richmond [washtub bass], Herb Hooven [fiddle])
001 LIVIN' ON THE MOUNTAIN Prestige Folklore FL-14002
002 DEVIL'S DREAM Prestige Folklore FL-14002
003 HOMESTEAD ON THE FARM Prestige Folklore FL-14002
004 ONE MORNING IN MAY Prestige Folklore FL-14002
005 OCEAN OF DIAMONDS Prestige Folklore FL-14002
006 PRETTY POLLY Prestige Folklore FL-14002
007 NEW MULESKINNER BLUES Prestige Folklore FL-14002
008 SAITY DOG Prestige Folklore FL-14002
009 TEARDROPS IN MY EYES Prestige Folklore FL-14002
010 JODY'S HORNPIPE Prestige Folklore FL-14002
011 KENTUCKY MOONSHINER Prestige Folklore FL-14002
012 LOG CABIN IN THE LANE Prestige Folklore FL-14002
013 I HEAR A SWEET VOICE CALLIN' Prestige Folklore FL-14002
014 RUEBEN'S OLD TRAIN Prestige Folklore FL-14002
July 1965 [live- the Newport Folk Festival] The Main Park (Freebody Park), Newport, RI – Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
01401 BANJO MEDLEY Vanguard VRS-9225
1976 Track Recorders, Silver Spring, MD – Bill Keith (Jim Rooney [vcl-1], Al Jones [vcl-2], TonyRice [gt], David Grisman [mandolin], Tom Gray [bass], Vasar Cklements [fiddle], Ken Kosek [fiddle/piano], + unknown musicians)
015 NO EXPECTATIONS -1 Rounder 0084
016 GREEN MT. HOP Rounder 0084
017 I'LL STAY AROUND -1 Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
018 CRAZY CREEK Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
019 PAIN IN MY HEART -2 Rounder 0084
020 FAREWELL BLUES Rounder 0084
021 CARAVAN Rounder 0084
022 DETOUR -1 Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
023 SUGARFOOT RAG Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
024 JORDU Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
025 RICKET'S HORNPIPE Rounder 0084
026 AULD LANG SYNE Rounder 0084 Waterfront WF 004
March/May 1978 Fremontel Studios, Normandy, FRA – Bill Keith & Jim Collier (Bill Keith [banjo], Jim Collier [ld vcl/gt], Nicole Willis [vcl], Christian Seguret [mandoln/gt/tenor vcl], Lionel Webdling [pedal steel/bass], Henry texier [bass], Jacque Paris [drums/percussion], Keny Kosek [fiddle]. Producer: Jacques Subileau)
027 SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE THAT CIGARETTE Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
028 PHLEBITIS Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
029 I THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
030 WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
031 THERE'LL COME A DAY Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
032 Medley: 8HT OF JANUARY / 12FT OF NEVER Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
033 BEATING AROUND THE BUSH Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
034 TEXAS COWBOY Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
035 BOUREE NO.2 Hexagon 883-020Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
036 CRAB WALTZ Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
037 TWO TWENTIES Hexagon 883-020 Boot BBG-6006 Antagon ALP-3228
October 1979 New York City/January  February 1980 Lexington, KY/January, July  December 1980 New York City - Tony Trischka, Bill Keith & Bela Fleck
038 BILL CHEATHAM Rounder 0124
039 DUST ON THE NEEDLE Rounder 0124
040 PADDY KELLY'S JIG Rounder 0124
041 FIDDLER'S DREAM Rounder 0124
042 BARBARA'S WALTZ Rounder 0124
043 SALTY Rounder 0124
044 CLINGING VINE Rounder 0124
045 BLACK MOUNTAIN RAG Rounder 0124
046 MEAD MOUNTAIN BLUES Rounder 0124
047 VANISHED Rounder 0124
048 SILVER BELL Rounder 0124
050 JOLLY WAFFLE MAN Rounder 0124
051 OLD SANDY RIVER BELLE Rounder 0124
052 PANHANDLE COUNTRY Rounder 0124
24 November 1980 [live] unknown, UK – Peter Rowan, Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
05202 RIDING HIGH IN TEXAS Waterfront WF 016
05203 OUTLAW LOVE Waterfront WF 016
05204 TEXICAN BADMAN Waterfront WF 016
05205 CARAVAN Waterfront WF 016
05206 MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT Waterfront WF 016
05207 SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN Waterfront WF 016
05208 FLINT HILL SOECIAL Waterfront WF 016
05209 TENNESSEE BLUES Waterfront WF 016
05210 AULD LANG SYNE Waterfront WF 016
1984 Rick's Americana Studio, New York City– Bill Keith (Bill Keith [banjo/vck-1], Jim Rooney [gt/vcl], Eric Weissberg [gt/vcl], Russ Barenberg [gt], Gordon Titcomb [mandolin/vcl], Ron Carter [bass], Kenny Kosek [fiddle])
053 SIX WHITE HORSES Rounder 0148
054 MORRISON'S JIG Rounder 0148
055 SHOULD WE TELL HIM Rounder 0148
056 PENTACHROME Rounder 0148
057 BUSYBODY -1 Rounder 0148
058 SUNDAY'S HORNPIPE Rounder 0148
059 LAY DOWN SALLY Rounder 0148
1984 Dreamland Studio, Bearsville, NY – Bill Keith (Bill Keith [banjo], Bobby Farris [gt], Dick Kniss [bass], Larry Packer [fiddle])
061 MOOD INDIGO Rounder 0148
062 NOLA Rounder 0148
1984 Jack Clement's Cowboy Arms Hotel And Recording Spa, Nashville, TN – Bill Keith (Bill Keith [banjo], Jim Rooney [gt], Pat Alger [gt], Mark Howard [gt], Bill Kenner [mandolin], Junior Huskey [bass], Buddy Spicher [fiddle])
063 BANJO BOY CHIMES Rounder 0148
064 BULLY OF THE TOWN Rounder 0148
1992 Jack Clement's Cowboy Arms Hotel And Recording Spa, Nashville, TN [session 1]/RBY Studio, Southbury, CT [session 2]/NRS Recording Studio, Kingston, NY [session 3] – Bill Keith (Bill Keith [banjo], Jim Rooney [vcl/gt], Mark Howard [gt], David Grier [gt], Eric Weissberg, [gt], Craig Vance [gt], Ed Diehl [gt], Tony Trischka [banjo], Sam Bush [mandolin], Gordon Titcomb [mandolin/drip/steel], Junior Huskey [bass-session 1], Roger Mason [bass-session 2], Midge Pike [bass-session 3], Mike Cuglielmo [percussion], Mark O'Connor [fiddle], Kenny Kosek [fiddle], Larry Packer [fiddle])
066 DON'T LET YOUR DEAL GO DOWN Green Linnet GLCD-2107
067 CHEROKEE SHUFFLE Green Linnet GLCD-2107
068 LIEBESTRAUM Green Linnet GLCD-2107
069 BAY STATE BOUNCE Green Linnet GLCD-2107
070 STEP LIVELY Green Linnet GLCD-2107
071 DROP IN THE BUCKET Green Linnet GLCD-2107
072 LITTLE OLD LOG CABIN Green Linnet GLCD-2107
073 OLD HICKORY Green Linnet GLCD-2107
074 READY FOR THE TIMES Green Linnet GLCD-2107
075 BENDING THE STRINGS Green Linnet GLCD-2107
076 HORNSWOGGLED Green Linnet GLCD-2107
077 CRAB WALTZ Green Linnet GLCD-2107
Unknown info – Bill Keith
900 IT’S SO EASY Western American 452
901 unknown title Western American 452

Prestige/Folklore FL/FRST-14002 Livin' On The Mountain: Livin' On The Mountain; Devil's Dream; Homestead On The Farm; One Morning In May; Ocean Of Diamonds; Pretty Polly; New Muleskinner Blues; Salty Dog; Teardrops In My Eyes; Jody's Hornpipe; Kentucky Moonshiner; Log Cabin In The Lane; I Hear A Sweet Voice Callin'; Reuben's Old Train – 09-63 w. Jim Rooney (reissued on PCD-5143)
Rounder 0084 Something Auld, Something Newgrass, Something Borrowed, Something Bluegrass: No Expectations; Green Mt. Hop; I'll Stay Around; Crazy Creek; Pain In My Heart; Farewell Blues; Caravan; Detour; Sugarfoot Rag; Jordu; Ricket's Hornpipe; Auld Lang Syne – 08-76 (also issued in Japan on Pastel PA-20004)
Hexagon [FRA] 883-020 Bill Keith And Jim Collier: Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette; Phlebitis; I Think About You All The Time; Would You Believe It; There'll Come A Day; Medley: 8ht Of January / 12th Of Never; Beating Around The Bush; Texas Cowboy; Bouree No.2; Crab Waltz; Two Twenties – 78 w. Jim Collier (Canadian issue on Boot BBG-6006, German issue on Antagon ALP-3228 in 1979)
Waterfront [UK] WF 004 Collection: Crazy Creek; Done Laid Around*; So Lonesome I could Cry; Jordu; Detour; Pickin' On The Country Strings***; Gone Girl**; Tragic Romance; Sugarfoot Rag; I'll Stay Around; Darlin' Corey Is Gone*; Interest On The Loan**; Out Of Joint*; Auld Lang Syne - 80 w. Jim Rooney (*from Mud Acres album Rounder 3004, **from Woodstock Montain Revue album Rounder 3025, *** from Malcolm Price album Sweet Folk & Country SFA 017)
Rounder 0124 Fiddle Tunes For Banjo: Bill Cheatham; Dust On The Needle; Paddy Kelly's Jig; Fiddler's Dream; Barbara's Waltz; Salty; Clinging Vine; Black Mountain Rag; Mead Mountain Blues; Vanished; Silver Bell; Christian's Jig/Plain Brown Jig; Jolly Waffle Man; Old Sandy River Belle; Panhandle Country - 01-82 w. Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck
Rounder 0148 Banjoistics: Banjo Boy Chimes; Six White Horses; Morrison's Jig; Should We Tell Him; Pentachrome; Busybody; You Came A Long Way From St. Louis; Sunday's Hornpipe; Mood Indigo; Lay Down Sally; Bully Of The Town; Nola – 10-84
Waterfront [UK] WF 016 Hot Bluegrass: Blue ridge Mountain Blues; Riding High In Texas; Outlaw Love; Texican Badman; Caravan; Midnight Moonlight; Sleep With One Eye Open; Flint Hill Soecial; Tennessee Blues; Ald Lang Syne – 08-85 Peter Rowan, Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
Green Linnet GLCD-2107 Beating Around The Bush: Beating Around The Bush; Don't Let Your Deal Go Down; Cherokee Shuffle; Liebestraum; Bay State Bounce; Step Lively; Drop In The Bucket; Little Old Log Cabin; Old Hickory (w. Tony Trischka); Ready For The Times; Bending The Strings; Hornswoggled; Crab Waltz – 11-92 w. Jim Rooney

Western American (unknown)
452 It's So Easy / ?


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