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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Donna Hazard / Concrete Cowboy Band

By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti

Unknown – Houston, TX – Donna Hazard
001 LIKE HE SAID HE DID Airwave K-1001
002 KEEP THE NIGHT AWAY Airwave K-1001
Fall 1980 Audio Media Studios, Nashville, TN/ Inergi Studios, Houston, TX  – Donna Hazard (Producer: Ed Kelley)
003 LOVE NEVER HURT SO GOOD Excelsior 1016/XLP-88008
004 SAD SONGS AND WALTZES Excelsior XLP-88008
005 I DON'T WANT TO DANCE WITH YOU Excelsior 1004/XLP-88008
006 I'M YOUR LADY [I’LL BE YOUR LADY*] Excelsior 1016*/XLP-88008
007 MY TURN Excelsior 1004/XLP-88008
008 LADY ASKIN' Excelsior XLP-88008
009 SLOW TEXAS DANCING Excelsior 1009 1016/XLP-88008
010 GO HOME AND GO TO PIECES Excelsior 1009/XLP-88008
011 WHEN HE TOUCHES ME Excelsior XLP-88008
012 TAILWINDS Excelsior 1016/XLP-88008
Fall 1980 Audio Media Studios, Nashville, TN/Inergi Studios, Houston, TX – Concrete Cowboy Band (Donna Hazard [vcl], Nancy Walker [vcl], Mark Casstevens [gt/banjo/harmonica], Bessyl Duhon [concertina], Don Roth [gt/mandolin], David Keal [gt], Hal Rugg [steel], Steve Schaffer/Ralph Childs [bass], Bob Mater/Kenny Malone [drums], Steve Vining [percussion], Buddy Spicher [fiddle], Buddy Skipper [piano]. Producer: Steve Vining, Ed Keeley])
C01 ROCKY TOP Excelsior XLP-88007
C02 COTTON EYED JOE Excelsior XLP-88007
C05 LOUISIANA MAN Excelsior XLP-88007
C07 SAN ANTONIO ROSE Excelsior 1016/XLP-88007
C08 CAJUN STRIPPER Excelsior 1006/XLP-88007
C09 TEXAS (WHEN I DIE) Excelsior XLP-88007
C10 FADED LOVE Excelsior XLP-88007
C11 CONCRETE COWBOYS Excelsior 1006/XLP-88007

Excelsior XLP-88007 Concrete Cowboys:
Rocky Top; Cotton Eyed Joe; Country Is The Closest Thing To Heaven (You Can Hear); Thank God I'm A Country Gal; Louisiana Man; Orange Blossom Special; San Antonio Rose; Cajun Stripper; Texas (When I Die); Faded Love; Concrete Cowboys – 18-02-81 Concrete Cowboy Band
Excelsior XLP-88008 My Turn: Love Never Hurt So Good; Sad Songs And Waltzes; I Don't Want To Dance With You; I'm Your Lady; My Turn; Lady Askin'; Slow Texas Dancing; Go Home And Go To Pieces; When He Touches Me; Tailwinds – 18-03-81

Excelsior (1980)
SIS-1004 My Turn / I Don't Want To Dance With You – 15-12-80
SIS-1006 Concrete Cowboys / Cajun Stripper – 21-01-81 Concrete Cowboy Band (also o Excelsior 2001, Excelsior 112)
SIS-1009 Go Home And Go To Pieces / Slow Texas Dancing - 04-81
SIS-1011 Country Is The Closest Thing To Heaven / San Antonio Rose - 05-81 Cobcrete Cowby Band
SIS-1016 Love Never Hurt So Good / I'll Be Your Lady - 06-81
SIS-1020 Slow Texas Dancing / Tailwinds - 11-81
Airwave (unknown)
K-1001 Like He Said He Did / Keep The Night Away

Bill Boyd

3rd version

By Tony Russell (in Country discography 1921-1942), Henk Scholts, John Morris, Steve Hathaway, Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst, Mario Manciotti, Wolf-Ruediger Sommer
7 August 1934 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl/gt], Walter Kirkes [banjo], Jim Boyd [vcl -*-bass], Art Davis [fiddle])
001 BS-83822-1 I'M GONNA HOP OFF THE TRAIN -* B-5740/AXM2-5503 Acrobat ACRCD 132
002 BS-83823-1 THE RAMBLER'S RAG -instr.- B-5740 Montgomery Ward M-4535/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD 132
003 BS-83824-1 THE LOST WAGON B-5788 Montgomery Ward M-4535
004 BS-83825-1 'WAY DOWN MISSOURI B-5788
005 BS-83826-1 RIDIN' ON A HUMPBACKED MULE -* B-5608 Twin FT1795
006 BS-83827-1 THE BROKEN MAN B-5819 Twin FT-1877
007 BS-83828-1 THE STRAWBERRY ROAN B-5667 Montgomery Ward M-4778 Twin FT1844/AXM2-5503 Cattle Compact CCD-234 ACRCD-132
009 BS-83830-1 ON THE TEXAS PLAINS -* B-5608 Twin FT1795/TXR-2701
010 BS-83831-1 RIDIN' OLD PAINT AND LEADIN' OLD BALL -* B-5667 Montgomery Ward M-4778/CCD-234
27 January 1935 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl/gt], Walter Kirkes [banjo], Jim Boyd [vcl -*-bass], Art Davis [fiddle], Slomie Creel [piano])
011 BS-87718-1 ST. LOUIS BLUES -* B-5828 Montgomery Ward M-4794 Twin FT1879
012 BS-87719-1 THOUSAND MILE BLUES B-5828 Montgomery Ward M-4794 Twin FT1879/CCD-205
013 BS-87720-1 THE WIND SWEPT DESERT [DESERT BLUES] B-5855 B-6235 Montgomery Ward M-4791 Twin FT1893/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-132
014 BS-87721-1 SONG BIRD YODEL -* B-5894 Twin FT1907 Regal Zonophone G22648
015 BS-87722-1 WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY -* B-5923
016 BS-87723-1 GOING BACK TO MY TEXAS HOME -* B-5923 Montgomery Ward M-7029 Twin FT1922/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-132
017 BS-87724-1 MAMA DON'T LIKE NO MUSIC PLAYIN' HERE B-5855 B-6235 Mont. Ward M-4791 Twin FT1893/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049
018 BS-87725-1 THE TRAIN SONG B-5945 Montgomery Ward M-4905 20-2800/CCD-229
019 BS-87726-1 HARVEST TIME -* B-5894 Twin FT1907
020 BS-87727-1 UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE B-5945 Montgomery Ward M-4905 20-2068 Victor A1423 (JAP) 447-0531 EPA-5068/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-132
12 August 1935 San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Country Ramblers (Jim Boyd [vcl -1/bass/gt], Bill Boyd [vcl-3/gt], Art Davis [vcl-2/fiddle/mandolin], Fred McCord [gt/bass], Rankin Moulder [banjo], Sonny Roden [piano])
021 BS-94436-1 BY A WINDOW -1,3 B-6119 B-8246 Twin FT8034 Regal Zonophone G22853
022 BS-94437-1 EVIL IN YOUR CHILDREN -1,3 B-6068
023 BS-94438-1 BARN DANCE RAG B-6177/Bluebird AXM2-5505 ACRCD-132
024 BS-94439-1 WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN AGAIN -1,3 B-6085 Twin FT8006
025 BS-94440-1 ON TOP OF THE HILL -1,3 B-6119 Regal Zonophone G22853
026 BS-94441-1 OLD FASHIONED LOVE -3 B-6177/Cattle CCD-205
027 BS-94442-1 BOYD'S BLUES (WEARY BLUES) B-6109/Texas Rose TXR-2701 CCD-229
028 BS-94443-1 THE SWEETEST GIRL B-6161
029 BS-94444-1 DAVID BLUES B-6109
030 BS-94445-1 RIO GRANDE WALTZ -1,3 B-6161
031 BS-94446-1 I CAN'T TAME WILD WOMEN -2 B-6068 Twin FT-8019/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-132
032 BS-94447-1 GET ABOARD THAT SOUTH BOUND TRAIN -1,3 B-6085 Twin FT-8006
Regal Zonophone G22853 is Australian release
24 February 1936 San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Jesse Ashlock [vcl-1], Bill Boyd [vcl-2/gt], Jim Boyd [vcl -3/bass], Walter Kirkes [banjo], Lefty Perkins [steel], Jack Hinson [piano])
033 BS-99313-1 TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS -1,3 B-6346 Montgomery Ward M-4789
034 BS-99314-1 THE EYES OF TEXAS -1,3 B-6384 Montgomery Ward M-4793/Cattle CCD-205
035 BS-99315-1 WHEN IT'S TWILIGHT TIME IN SWEETHEART LANE -1,3 B-6346 M-4789 Twin FT8113/CCD-229
036 BS-99316-1 OH NO, SHE DON'T B-6323 Montgomery Ward M-4795 Twin FT8112
037 BS-99317-1 CHEATING ON YOUR BABY -2 B-6351
038 BS-99318-1 HOLD ON LITTLE DOGGIES -2,3 B-8198 Twein FT8874 Regal Zonophong G24005
039 BS-99319-1 WAH HOO -3 B-6308 Montgomery Ward M-4790 Twin FT8095/AXM-5503 BACM CD D 049
040 BS-99320-1 FLOATING DOWN TO COTTON TOWN -2,3 B-6492 Montgomery Ward M-7030 Twin FR8226
041 BS-99321-1 BEALE STREET BLUES -1 B-6492 Montgomery Ward M-7030/Texas Rose TXR-2701
042 BS-99322-1 LONE STAR -3 B-6384 Montgomery Ward M-4793 Twin FT8142/TXR-2701 BACM CD D 049
043 BS-99323-1 MY BALL AND CHAIN -2 B-6308 Montgomery Ward M-4790 Twin FT8142
044 BS-99324-1 MAMA'S GETTIN' HOT AND PAPA'S GETTIN' COLD -2 B-6323 Montgomery Ward M-4795
045 BS-99325-1 RIVER BLUES (READY FOR THE RIVER) -1 B-6443 Montgomery Ward M-7046/AXM2-5503 ARCCD-132
046 BS-99326-1 WHEN THE SUN SETS ON MY SWISS CHALET -1,3 B-6599 M-7028 Twin FT8245
048 BS-99328-1 JESSE BLUES -1 B-6420
049 BS-99329-1 I NEED ONE SWEET LETTER FROM YOU -1 B-6486/CCD-229
050 BS-99330-1 THAT RAMSHACKLE SHACK B-6523 -2 Montgomery Ward M-4792
051 BS-99331-1 HOBO'S PARADISE (BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN) -2 B-6523 Montgomery Ward M-7029
052 BS-99332-1 WHEN THEY PLAY THAT RURAL RHYTHM -2+ B-6420 Montgomery Ward M-4792
24 February 1936 San Antonio, TX – Jesse‘s String Five (Bill Boyd [gt], Jim Boyd [bass], Walter Kirkes [banjo], Lefty Perkins [steel], Jesse Ashlock [fiddle],  Jack Hinson [piano])
053 BS-99333-1 BLACK AND TAN RAG -instr.- B-6328
054 BS-99334-1 GOOFUS -instr.- B-6328/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049
055 BS-99335-1 SATURDAY NIGHT RAG -instr.- B-6599 Montgomery Ward M-7028/AXM2-5503
056 BS-99336-1 PRICKLY HEAT -instr.- unissued
Regal Zonophong G24005 is Australian release
27 October 1936 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Curly Perrin [vcl-2/gt], Johnny Thames [banjo], J.C.Way [steel], Rip Ramsey [bass], Cecil Bower [fiddle], J.R.Chatwell [fiddle], Smoky Wood [piano])
057 BS-02946-1 FAN IT -1 B-7128 Montgomery Ward M-7192/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD 145
058 BS-02947-1 SOMEBODY'S BEEN USING IT -1 B-8246
059 BS-02948-1 YOU CAN'T COME IN -1 B-6772 Montgomery Ward M-7192/Cattle CCD-234
060 BS-02949-1 DEED I DO -1 B-7006/Texas Rose TXR-2701 CCD-234
061 BS-02950-1 YOU ARE TIRED OF ME -2 B-6807
062 BS-02951-1 ‘WAY OUT THERE -1,2 B-6670 Montgomery Ward M-7193 20-2800/ Bluebird AXM2-5503 ACRCD 132
063 BS-02958-1 AN OLD WATERMILL BY THE WATERFALL -1,2 B-6715 Montgomery Ward M-7189 Twin FT8296
064 BS-02959-1 DRAGGIN' IT AROUND -instr.- B-6731/AXM2-5503 ACRCD 132
065 BS-02960-1 AIN'T SHE COMING OUT TONIGHT? -1 B-6694 Twin FT8310 Regal Zonophone MR.2433
066 BS-02961-1 YOU SHALL BE FREE, MONAH -1 B-6694 Montgomery Ward M-7190 Twin FT8310 Regal Zonophone MR.2433/AXM2-5503  BACM CD D 049 ARCD 132
067 BS-02962-1 SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME -1,2 B-6715 Montgomery Ward M-7190 Twin FT8296
068 BS-02963-1 GUESS WHO’S IN TOWN -2 B-7006/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD 145
069 BS-02964-1 RIGHT OR WRONG -instr.- B-6731 Twin FT8294/TXR-2701 CCD-234
070 BS-02965-1 THAT MAKES ME GIVE IN -1 B-8198 Twin FT8874
071 BS-02966-1 JENNIE LEE -1,2 B-6807/CCD-205
072 BS-02967-1 PUT ME IN YOUR POCKET -1,2 B-6670 Montgomery Ward M-7193 Twin FT8277
073 BS-02968-1 YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS -1,2 B-7088 Montgomery Ward M-7189 Twin FT8519
074 BS-02969-1 BLUES IS NOTHING -1,2 B-6772/CCD-234
1 March 1937 Texas Hotel, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Curly Perrin [vcl-2/bass], Jim Boyd [vcl-3/bass], John Boyd [vcl-4], Rankin Moulder [banjo], Cecil Bower [fiddle], J.R.Chatwell [fiddle], Jack Hinson [piano 075], Butch Gibson [clarinet/sax])
075 BS-07415-1 BEAUMONT RAG -instr.- B-6959/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-145
076 BS-07416-1 WHAT'S THE USE -instr.- B-7004/AXM2-5503 CCD-234 ACRCD-45
077 BS-07417-1 DANCE TO THOSE SOBBIN' BLUES -2,3 B-7053/Bronco Buster CD-9002
078 BS-07418-1 SHE'S DOGGIN' ME -3 B-6889 Montgomery Ward M-7191/CCD-234
079 BS-07419-1 VAN BUREN -instr.- B-6959
080 BS-07420-1 PRETTY LITTLE DREAM GIRL -2 B-7089 Twin FT8494
081 BS-07421-1 SHE'S KILLING ME -2 B-6889 Montgomery Ward M-7191/TXR-2701 CCD-234
082 BS-07422-1 LITTLE WOODEN WHISTLE -2 B-7053 Regal Zon. G23442/CD-9002
083 BS-07423-1 RED LIPS -3 B-7507 21-0351 48-0351/CCD-234
084 BS-07424-1 I'LL FIND YOU-3 B-7507/CCD-234
085 BS-07425-1 CEMETERY SAL -3 B-7867
086 BS-07426-1 MADEIRA -instr.- B-7004/CCD-234
087 BS-07427-1 MEANT FOR ME -4 B-8100 Montgomery Ward M-8423/Cowgirlboy LP-5146
088 BS-07428-1 MISSISSIPPI MUD -3 B-8125 Montgomery Ward M-8425/CCD-229
089 BS-07429-1 THAT'S WHY I'M JEALOUS OF YOU -2,3 B-7435 Montgomery Ward M-8419/ BACM CD D 049
090 BS-07430-1 NEW SIX OR SEVEN TIMES -1 B-7128
Regal Zonophone G23442 is Australian release
12 September 1937 Dallas Athletic Club, Rooms D-B, Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Curly Perrin [vcl-2/gt], Jim Boyd [vcl-3/bass], Lefty Perkins [steel], Zeke Campbell [gt], Marvin Montgomery [banjo], Carroll Hubbard [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], ? [fiddle], John Parker [piano])
091 BS-014048-1 JUNGLE TOWN -2,3 B-7347 Montgomery Ward M-8418/CCD-229
092 BS-014049-1 COME EASY, COME EASY -1 B-7800 Montgomery Ward M-7813
093 BS-014050-1 FROSTY MORNIN' -1 B-7800 Montgomery Ward M-7813/TXR-2701
094 BS-014051-1 I SAW YOUR FACE -3 B-7260 Montgomery Ward M-8416
095 BS-014052-1 AN ACE -3 B-7435 Montgomery Ward M-8419/ BACM CD D 049
096 BS-014053-1 CROSS EYED GAL ON THE HILL -1,2 B-7299 Montgomery Ward M-8417 Twin FT8540 Regal Zon. G23442/TXR-2701
097 BS-014054-1 WE CAN'T USE EACH OTHER -2 B-7347 Montgomery Ward M-8418/CCD-229
098 BS-014055-1 MY WONDERFUL ONE -3 B-7260 Montgomery Ward M-8416
099 BS-014056-1 NEW STEEL GUITAR RAG -instr.- B-7691 Montgomery Ward M-7631 20-1907 Twin FT8633 V-D 168/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-145
100 BS-014057-1 DEVILISH MARY -1,2 B-7299 M-8417/CCD-234
101 BS-014058-1 SISTER LUCY LEE -2 B-7189
102 BS-014059-1 WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME -3 B-7910 Montgomery Ward M-7814/CCD-234
103 BS-014060-1 SO TIRED OF WAITING ALONE -3 B-7910 Montgomery Ward M-7814/CCD-234
104 BS-014061-1 I'M A HIGH STEPPIN' DADDY -1 B-7521/LP-5146
105 BS-014062-1 IF I CAN COUNT ON YOU -3 B-7189
106 BS-014063-1 YOU'VE GOTTA SEE MAMA EV‘RY NIGHT -1 B-7521/LP-5146
107 BS-014064-1 ALICE BLUE GOWN -3 B-8141
9 April 1938 Bluebonnet Hotel Studio, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Curly Perrin [vcl-2/gt], Jim Boyd [vcl-3/bass], Gail Whitney [vcl-4],Marvin Montgomery [banjo], Lefty Perkins [steel], Gail Whitney, Carroll Hubbard [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], Knocky Parker [accordion/piano], Butch Gibson [clarinet])
108 BS-022304-1 LIKE YOU -4 B-8100 Montgomery Ward M-8423/TXR-2701
109 BS-022305-1 ANNIE LAURIE SWING -4 B-7531
111 BS-022307-1 SOMEONE IN HEAVEN IS THINKING OF YOU -2,3 B-7754 M-8421 Regal Zon. G-23666
112 BS-022308-1 SONG OF THE WATERFALL -3 B-8112 Montgomery Ward M-8424
113 BS-022309-1 DON'T DROP A SLUG IN THE SLOT -2,3 B-7573 Montgomery Ward M-8420 Regal Zon. G23576/LP-5146
114 BS-022310-1 WHEN MY DREAMS COME TRUE -2,3 B-7739 Montgomery Ward M-7811/CCD-205
115 BS-022311-1 RIDIN' ON THE OLD FERRIS WHEEL -2 B-7573 Montgomery Ward M-8420/CD-9002
116 BS-022312-1 I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU HONEY -2 B-7624
117 BS-022313-1 YOU'RE JUST ABOUT RIGHT -1 B-7531/TXR-2701
118 BS-022314-1 BROADWAY MAMA -1 B-7739 Montgomery Ward M-7812/CCD-229
119 BS-022315-1 I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINS -2,3 B-7788 Montgomery Ward M-7812/CCD-229
120 BS-022316-1 TABLEAU CLOG DANCE -instr.- B-7662 Regal Zon. G23629
121 BS-022317-1 PEDESTAL CLOG DANCE -instr.- B-7662 Regal Zon. G23629
122 BS-022318-1 BOYD'S TIN ROOF BLUES -instr.- B-7788 Montgomery Ward M-7812/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-145
123 BS-022319-1 HOME IN INDIANA -3 B-8125 Montgomery Ward M-8425/CCD-229
124 BS-022320-1 I'VE GOT THOSE OKLAHOMA BLUES -2 B-7754 M-8421 Regal Zon. G23666 /AXM2-5503 ACRCD-45
125 BS-022321-1 JIG -instr.- B-7691 Montgomery Ward M-7631/CCD-229
Regal Zonophone are Australian issues
30 October 1938 Bluebonnet  Hotel Studio, San Antonio, TX - Bill Boyd and Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Jim Boyd [vcl-2/gt-bass],Zeke Campbell [gt], Marvin Montgomery [banjo], John Boyd [steel], Carroll Hubbard [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], Knocky Parker [piano] )
126 BS-028801-1 MY BABY LOVES ME, I KNOW - 1 B-8081 Montgomery Ward M-7816
127 BS-028802-1 NEW SPANISH TWO STEP -instr.-- B-7921 M-7630 20-1907/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-145
128 BS-028803-1 SPANISH FANDANGO -instr.- B-7921 Montgomery Ward M-7630/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-145
129 BS-028804-1 I LOVE MY BABY (MY BABY LOVES ME) -2 B-8013 Montgomery Ward M-7816/CCD-229
130 BS-028805-1 SINGING AND SWINGING FOR ME -1 B-7971 Montgomery Ward M-7634/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-145
131 BS-028806-1 TOM CAT RAG -2 B-7940 Montgomery Ward M-7634/LP-5146
132 BS-028807-1 HERE COMES PAPPY -1 B-7940 Montgomery Ward M-7632
133 BS-028808-1 ONE THING AT A TIME -2 B-7971
134 BS-028809-1 WEEPING BLUES -instr.- B-7989 Montgomery Ward M-7633
135 BS-028810-1 BOYD'S KELLY WALTZ -instr.- B-7989 M-7633 Regal Zon. G24005
136 BS-028811-1 NEVER LET YOU CRY OVER ME -2 B-8013 Montgomery Ward M-7632/CCD-229
137 BS-028812-1 LA GOLONDRINA -instr.- B-8070 Montgomery Ward M-7815/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-145
138 BS-028813-1 TROUBLES -2 B-8112 Montgomery Ward M-8424
139 BS-028814-1 I GET THE BLUES FOR MAMMY -1,2 B-8053 Montgomery Ward M-8424/AXM2-5503 BACM CD D 049 ACRCD-145
140 BS-028815-1 I WANT TO GO BACK -2 B-8070 Montgomery Ward M-7815/CCD-229
141 BS-028816-1 MILL BLUES -instr.- B-8053 Montgomery Ward M-8422/AXM2-5503 ACRCD-145
12 February 1940 Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1], Jim Boyd [vcl -2], Jess Williams [gt], Jesse Robertson [banjo], Jimmie Meek [bass/prob.vcl-3], Pat Trotter [fiddle/el mandolin], Buck Buchanan [fiddle], Loren Mitchell [piano])
142 BS-047659-1 THE SUNSET TRAIL TO TEXAS -1,2 B-8394 M-8677 Regal Zon. ME64 G24716 IZ1349/CCD 234
143 BS-047660-1 DRINK THE BARRELL DRY -1,2,3 B-8394 G24716/CCD-234
144 BS-047661-1 PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY - 1,2,3 B-8414 HMV NE634
145 BS-047662-1 I WISH YOU KNEW THE WAY I FEEL -2 B-8458 regal Zon. ME64 G24943 YZ1349 /BACM CD D 049
146 BS-047663-1 YOU TAKE IT -instr.- B-8458 M-8679/CCD-229
147 BS-047664-1 I'LL TAKE YOU BACK AGAIN -1 B-8498 M-8681
148 BS-047665-1 YOU BETTER STOP THE CATTIN' AROUND -2 B-8414 M-8680 HMV NE634/CCD-229
149 BS-047666-1 I WANT A FELLER -1,2 B-8498 M-8681/CCD-205
150 BS-047667-1 IF YOU'LL COME BACK -2 B-8533 M-8682/CCD/205
151 BS-047668-1 THE ZENDA WALTZ -instr.- B-8409 M-8678 Regal Zon. G24217 HMV NE645/CCD-205
152 BS-047669-1 DOWN AT POLKA JOE'S -2 B-8409 M-8678 Regal Zon. G24217 HMV NE645/CCD-205
153 BS-047670-1 THERE'S A LIGHT SHINING BRIGHT -1,2 B-8533 M-8682/CCD-229
9 April 1941 Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Cecil Bower [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], Bob Dunn [steel], Knocky Parker [piano], Marvin Montgomery [vcl-2/banjo/gt], Leon Payne [vcl -3/gt], Ish Erwin [bass])
154 BS-063074-1 FLOWER OF TEXAS -instr.- B-8769/CD-9002
155 BS-063075-1 I'LL BE BACK IN A YEAR, LITTLE DARLING -2,-3 B-8721/CCD-234
156 BS-063076-1 JITTERBUG JIVE -3 B-8787/Krazy Kat KKCD-19
157 BS-063077-1 I CAN'T FORGET YOU (NO MATTER HOW I TRY) -4 B-8769/CD-9002
159 BS-063079-1 I GUESS YOU DON'T CARE ANYMORE -1,4 B-8769 Regal Zon G25158/CCD-205
10 April 1941 Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], poss. Derwood Brown [vcl-2], Johnnie Pearson [vcl-4/gt], Cecil Bower [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], Bob Dunn [steel], Knocky Parker [piano], Marvin Montgomery [/banjo/gt], Leon Payne [vcl -3/gt], Ish Erwin [bass])
160 BS-063084-1 SWING STEEL SWING -instr.- B-8721/CCD-234
161 BS-063085-1 SWEETHEARTS OR STRANGERS -4 B-8728
162 BS-063086-1 DON'T LET THE BARREL GO DRY B-8747
163 BS-063087-1 NOW I FEEL THE WAY YOU DO -4 B-8728 Regal Zon. G25158
164 BS-063088-1 NO DICE -3 B-8823
165 BS-063089-1 HOLD ON TO THAT THING -1?,4 B-8823
12 October 1941 Jefferson Hotel, Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl-1/gt], Curtis Harwell [steel], Marvin Montgomery [banjo], ? [bass],.Cecil Bower [fiddle], Kenneth Pitts [fiddle])
166 BS-071180-1 TELL ME WHY MY DADDY DON'T COME HOME -1 B-8910/CCD-205
167 BS-071181-1 ROLLING DOWN THE GREAT DIVIDE -1 B-8885 Regal Zon. G25177/CCD-234
168 BS-071182-1 MY BIRMINGHAM ROSE -1 B-9014/CCD-229
169 BS-071183-1 THE LETTER I NEVER DID MAIL -1 B-8910
170 BS-071184-1 (WHEN I HAD) MY PONY ON THE RANGE -1 B-8885 Regal Zon. G25177/CCD-234
171 BS-071185-1 JENNIE LOU -1 33-0501/CCD-205
172 BS-071186-1 TUMBLEWEED TRAIL -1 B-9014/CCD-229
173 BS-071187-1 PUT YOUR TROUBLES DOWN THE HATCH 33-0501/LP-5146
174 BS-071188-1 HOME COMING WALTZ -instr.- B-8900 20-2069/CCD-229 BACM CD D 049
175 BS-071189-1 OVER THE WAVES WALTZ -instr.- B-8900 20-2068 447-0531 EPA-5068/CCD-229
19 June 1945 RCA Victor Studio, New York City - Billy Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
176 D5-AB-422-1 AT MAIL CALL TODAY Bluebird 33-0530/CCD-205
177 D5-AB-423-1 NO TIME FOR TEARS 33-0533/LP-5146
178 D5-AB-424-1 SHAME ON YOU 33-0530 20-2069/CCD-205
179 D5-AB-425-1 I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY BUT I DO RCA Victor 20-1888/LP-5146
20 June 1945 RCA Victor Studio, New York City - Billy Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
180 D5-AB-426-1 TELLIN' LIES 20-2379/CCD-205
181 D5-AB-427-1 HIGHWAYS ARE HAPPY WAYS 33-0533/LP-5146
182 D5-AB-428-1 DREAM TRAIN 20-2270/CCD-205
183 D5-AB-429-1 DONT TURN MY PICTURE TO THE WALL 20-2562 58-0056/CD-9002
19 November 1945 Jefferson Hotel,  Dallas, TX - Billy Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl], Jim Boyd [gt], Muryel "Zeke Campbell [el gt], Dale Woodward [banjo], Andy Schroder/Noel Boggs [steel], Red "Asa" Woodward [bass], Cecil Brower [fiddle],  Kenneth Pitts [accordion])
184 D5-AB-849-1 (DOWN THE) TRAIL TO SAN ANTONE 20-1888/CCD-205
185 D5-AB-850-1 I WISH WE'D NEVER MET 20-2172/LP-5146
186 D5-AB-851-1 ROADSIDE RAG 20-1793 /TXR-2701
187 D5-AB-852-1 THESE TEARS ARE NOT FOR YOU 20-1793 /CCD-229
3 October 1946 New Orleans, LA - Billy Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers  (Bill Boyd [vcl], Jim Boyd [gt], Muryel "Zeke Campbell [el gt], Dale Woodward [gt], Andy Schroder [steel], Red "Asa" Woodward [bass], Kenneth Pitts [accordion])
188 D6-VB-2988-1 JIM'S POLKA -20-2050 58-0023 epa-5068/CD-9002
189 D6-VB-2989-1 OKLAHOMA BOUND 20-2050 58-0023/CD-9002
190 D6-VB-2990-2 NEW FORT WORTH RAG 20-2270/AXM2-5503 ACR-CD-145
191 D6-VB-2991-1 OUT IN THE RAIN AGAIN 20-2562 58-0056 /CD-9002
192 D6-VB-2992-1 NOW OR NEVER 20-2379 /CCD-205
193 D6-VB-2993-2 PALACE IN DALLAS - 20-2172/BACM CD D 049
7 November 1947 RCA Victor Studio, 1016 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers, (Bill Boyd [vcl], Jim Boyd [vcl*/gt], Melvin Osbourne [gt], Noel Boggs [steel], Stanley Puls [bass],  Chester Ricord [drums], W.Hill [fiddle], H.Simevits (Sims) [fiddle],  Vic Davis [piano],  Milton DeLugg [accrodion],
194 D7-VB-1856-2 MEAN, MEAN, MEAN 21-0410 48-0410/LP-5146
195 D7-VB-1857-1 CLOSED FOR REPAIRS 20-2833/LP-5146
196 D7-VB-1858-1 I'M WRITING A LETTER TO HEAVEN 20-2697 /CCD-205
197 D7-VB-1859-1 TOO BLUE TO CARE 21-0000/CD-9002
198 D7-VB-1860-1 I ALWAYS LOSE 21-0000/CD-9002
199 D7-VB-1861-2 AMERICAN PATROL 20-2833/LP-5146 CCD-229
200 D7-VB-1862-1 YOU'RE LAUGHING UP YOUR SLEEVE* 20-3190
201 D7-VB-1863-1 YES, YOU DID 21-0164 48-0172 /TXR-2701
202 D7-VB-1864-2 COME AND GET IT 21-0335 48-0335/LP-5146
203 D7-VB-1865-2 SOUTHER STEEL GUITAR 20-3190
204 D7-VB-1866-2 THE SKATER‘S WALTZ -instr.-20-3067/CCD-234
205 D7-VB-1867-2 TEXAS BLUES 21-0164 48-0172 /TXR-2701 CCD-234
11 November 1947 RCA Victor Studio, 1016 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
207 D7-VB-1886-1 VACANT HEART 20-2697 /LP-5146
209 D7-VB-1888-2 MONTEREY POLKA 20-2960 /CD-9002
10 March 1949 RCA Victor Studio, 445 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [vcl/gt], Jim Boyd [vcl-1/bass], Marvin Montgomery [vcl-2/banjo],.Paul Blunt [steel],  Art Davis [fiddle],  D.
Bohme [fiddle])
210 D9-VB-427-1 LONE STAR RAG 21-0045 EPA-5068 /AXM2-5503 ACRCD-145
211 D9-VB-428-1 WITHOUT A WOMAN’S LOVE 21-0045
212 D9-VB-429-1 PASS THE TURNIP GREENS -1 21-0109 48-0112/CD-9002
213 D9-VB-430-1 POISON IVY -2 21-0109 48-0112 /CCD-205
214 D9-VB-431-1 UP ON THE HOUSE TOP 21-0126 48-0129
215 D9-VB-432-1 VARSOVIANA 21-0071 48-0067/LP-5146
216 D9-VB-433-1 JINGLE BELLS POLKA 21-0126 48-0129
217 D9-VB-434-1 BLUE BONNET WALTZ [THE BLUE DANUBE WALTZ] 21-0071 48-0067/CD-9002
7 February 1950 Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers (Bill Boyd [gt], Paul Blunt [steel], Wanna Coffman [bass],  Kenneth Pitts [fiddle], Art Davis [fiddle], Fred Calhoun [piano])
218 E0-VB-3222-1 LETTERS HAVE NO ARMS 21-0174 48-0208
219 E0-VB-3223-1 DOMINO RAG unissued/AXM2-5503
220 E0-VB-3224-1 RED RIVER RAG 21-0335 48-0335 /CCD-205
221 E0-VB-3225-1 THE BANDERA WALTZ 21-0174 48-0208
28 May 1950 Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
222 E0-VB-4724 -1 BILL BOYD RAG 21-0375 48-0375
223 E0-VB-4725 -1 CUCKOO WALTZ 21-0410 48-0410
224 E0-VB-4726 -1 WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME 21-0351 48-0351 HMV MH125/BACM CD D 049
225 E0-VB-4727 -1 YES I DO, YES I DO, YES I DO 21-0375 48-0375
24 February 1951 Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
226 E1-VB-1310-1 STOP POLKA 21-0449 48-0449/LP-5146
227 E1-VB-1311-1 GLADIOLA WALTZ 21-0482 48-0482
228 E1-VB-1312-1 WHY DO YOU PUNISH ME 21-0482 48-0482
229 E1-VB-1313-1 DRIFTING TEXAS SAND 21-0449 48-0449/CD-9002
Spring 1956 Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd  - The Cowboy Rambler
1956 poss. Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
233 WORK TNT-1019
ca. March 1957 poss. Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
234 ST-2547 BIG D Starday 45-289
235 ST-2548 TEXAS STAR 45-289/SLP-190
ca. June 1957, poss. Dallas, TX - Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers
236 ST-2589 LONE STAR RAG 45-303
237 ST-2590 RAMBLER’S MARCH 45-303

Bluebird AXM2-5503 Bill Boyd's Country Ramblers: I'm Gonna Hop Off The Train; Rambler's Rag; The Strawberry Roan; Windswept Desert; Going Back To My Texas Home; Mama Don't Like No Music Playin' Here; Under The Double Eagle; Barn Dance Rag; I Can't Tame Wild Women; Wah Hoo; River Blues; Goofus; Saturday Night Rag; Fan It; 'Way Out There; Draggin' It Around; You Shall Free Monah; Guess Who's In Town; Beaumont Rag; What's The Use; New Steel Guitar Blues; Boyd's Tin Roof Blues; I've Got Those Oklahoma Blues; New Spanish Two-Step; Spanish Fandango; Singing And Swinging For Me; La Golondrina; I've Got The Blues For Mammy; Mill Blues; New Fort Worth Rag; Lone Star Rag; Domino Rag - 75 (double)
Texas Rose TXR-2701 Billy Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers: You're Just About Right; Right Or Wrong; On The Texas Plains; Beale Street Blues; Show Me The Way To Go Home; Cross-Eyed Gal On The Hill; Texas Blues; Red Lips; Boyd's Blue; She's Killing Me; Yes You Did; Deed I Do; Lone Star; Like You; Frosty Mornin'; Roadside Rag - 83
Cowgirlboy [GER] LP-5146 Cowboy Swing Days: American Patrol; Tom-Cat Rag; See Mama Ev'ry Night; Meant For Me; Don't Drop A Slug In The Slot; Highway Are Happy Ways; No Time For Tears; I'm A High Steppin' Daddy; Stop - Polka; I Wish We'd Never Met; I Just Don't Know Why But I Do; Put Your Troubles Down The Hatch; Closed For Repairs; Vacant Heart; Varsoviana; Come And Get It - 95
Bronco Buster [GER] CD-9002 The Master Of Cowboy Swing: Blue Danube Waltz (Inst.) ; Too Blue To Care; I Always Lose; Pull Down The Shades And Lock The Door; Monterrey Polka (Inst.); Riding On The Old Ferries Wheel; Dance To Those Sobbin' Blues; Flower Of Texas (Inst.); I Can't Forget You (No Matter How I Try); Little Wooden Whistle; Oklahoma Bound; Jim's Polka (Inst.); Driftin' Texas Sand; Pass The Turnip Greens; Out In The Rain Again; Dom't Turn My Picture To The Wall - 95
Cattle Compact [GER] CCD-205 The Eyes Of Texas: Thousand Mile Blues; Now Or Never; Jennie Lee; Tellin' Lies; The Eyes Of Texas (w. Jim Boyd); At Mail Call Today; (Down The) Trail To San Antone; Shame On You; I Want A Feller; I'm Writing A Letter To Heaven (w.Jim Boyd); Red River Rag; Jennie Lou; Poison Ivy; Tell Me Why My Daddy Don't Come Home; Down At Polka Joe's; Dream Train; Old Fashioned Love; I Guess You Don't Care Anymore; Zenda Waltz; When My Dreams Come True - 98
Cattle Compact [GER] CCD-229 The Golden Age Of Bill Boyd: Train Song; These Tears Are Not For You; Can't Use Each Other; Over The Waves Waltz; Broadway Mama; Blues When It Rains; Homecoming Waltz; I Need One Sweet Letter From You; Mississippi Mud; Jig; I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me); Never Let You Cry Over Me; American Patrol; You Take It; My Birmingham Rose; Jungle Town; When It's Twilight In Sweetheart Lane; Tumbleweed Trail; I Want To Go Back; Boyd's Blues; There's A Light Shining Bright; Home In Indiana; If You'll Come Back; You Better Stop That Cattin' Around - 00
Cattle Compact [GER] CCD-234 Swing With Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers: You Can't Come In; Red Lips; Devilish Mary; Swing Steel Swing; Sunset Trail To Texas; I'll Find You; Drink The Beer Barrel Dry; So Tired Of Waiting Alone; What's The Use; Won't You Please Come Home; I'll Be Back In A Year Little Darlin'; She's Doggin' Me; Strawberry Roan; Blues Is Nothing; Madeira; Rollin' Down The Great Divide; Ridin' Old Paint And Leadin' Old Ball; (When I Had) My Pony On The Range; Never Break Your Promise To A Woman; Skaters Waltz; 'Deed I Do; She's Killing Me; Texas Blues; Right Or Wrong - 00
Acrobat ACRCD 132 Saturday Night Rag, 1934-1936, vol. 1: The Strawberry Roan; Ramblers Rag; I'm Gonna Hop Off That Train; The Windswept Desert (Desert Blues); Mama Don't Like No Music; Going Back To My Texas Home; Under The Double Eagle; I Can't Tame Wild Women; Barn Dance Rag; Wah Hoo; Goofus; River Blues; Saturday Night Rag; Way Out There; You Shall Be Free Monah; Draggin It Around – 25-05-04
BACM [UK] CD D 049 Swinging and Singing: I Wish I Knew The Way You Feel; Goofus (instr.); I Can’t Tame Wild Women; An Ace; Homecoming Waltz (instr.); Mama Don’t Like No Music; Oh Monah (You Shall Be Free); New Steel Guitar Rag (instr.); Palace In Dallas; That’s Why I’m Jealous Of You; Ramblers Rag (instr.); Wah Hoo; Why Don’t You Love Me; Windswept Desert (Desert Blues); Boyd’s Tin Roof Blues (instr); Singing And Swinging For Me; Guess Who’s In Town; I’ve Got The Blues For Mammy; Lone Star; Fan It; Spanish Fandango (instr.) – 03
Acrobat ACRCD 145 Lonestar Rag, 1937-1949, vol. 2: Beaumont Rag; What's the Use; Guess Who's in Town; Fan It; New Steel Guitar Rag; I've Got Those Oklahoma Blues; Boyd's Tin Roof Blues; Spanish Fandango; New Spanish Two-Step; Singing and Swinging for Me; I've Got the Blues for Mammy; Mill Blues; La Golandrina; New Fort Worth Rag; Lone Star Rag – 22-03-05
BACM [UK] CD D 362 Vol. 2/ When The Sun Goes Down: On Top Of The Hill; Pretty Little Dream Girl; Pussy, Pussy, Pussy; Lost Wagon; They Go Goo- Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga-Goofy Over Gobs; Tumblin' Tumbleweeds; Watching The World Go By; Cemetery Sal; When The Sun Goes Down; Without A Woman's Love; Yes You Did; You're Laughin' Up Your Sleeve; My Ball And Chain; The Train Song; New Six Or Seven Times; Gotta See Mama Every Night; Sister Lucy Lee; Sweethearts Or Strangers; That Makes Me Give In;  Must I Hesitate;  Hobo's Paradise Big Rock Candy Mountain;  Hold On Little Dogies Hold On;  I Saw Your Face In The Moon;  If I Can Count On You;  Come Easy, Go Easy;  Blues When It Rains – ca 11
BACM [UK] CD D 512 Vol. 3/ When They Play Rural Rhythm: Ridin' The Hump Back Mule; Broken Man; St Louis Blues; Oh No She Don't; When The Sun Sets On My Swiss Chalet; Jesse Blues; When They Play Rural Rhythm; Black and Tan Rag (instr.); Somebody's Been Using It; An Old Watermill By A Waterfall; Ain't She Coming Out Tonight; Van Buren (instr.); Alice Blue Gown; Annie Laurie Swing; I’m Jealous Of The Twinkle In Your Eye; Song Of The Waterfall; I'm In Love With You Honey; My Baby Loves Me I Know; Here Comes Pappy; One Thing At A Time; Weeping Blues aka Jeep’s Blues (instr.); I'll Take You Back Again; Bill Boyd Rag (instr.); Yes I do Yes I Do; Why Do You Punish Me; Closed For Repairs – 01-16

RCA Victor
EPA 5068 Over The Waves / Under The Double Eagle / Lone Star Rag / Jim's Polka – 58

Bluebird (1934-45) / RCA Victor (1946-51) w. His Cowboy Ramblers
B-5608 Ridin' On A Hump Backed Mule / On The Texas Plains - 09-34 (also on Twin FT1975)
B-5667 Ridin' Old Paint And Leadin' Old Ball / The Strawberry Roan - 10-34 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 4778 in 36)
FT1844 The Strawberry Roan / [Fleing and Townsend] – 35 (reissue, Twin)
B-5740 Rambler's Rag / I'm Gonna Hop Off The Train - 01-35
B-5788 Way Down In Missouri / The Lost Wagon - 02-35
M-4535 The Rambler’s Rag / The Lost Wagon – 35 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-5819 When I Find My Dear Daddy Is Waiting / Broken Man - 02-35
B-5828 St. Louis Blues / A Thousand Mile Blues - 03-35 (reissued on Twin FT1879 and on Montgomery Ward M-4794 in 1936)
B-5855 Mama Don't Like No Music Playin' Here / Wind Swept Desert - 03-35 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4790 in 1936)
B-5894 Song Bird Yodel / Harvest Time - 04-35 (reissued in 1936 on Twin FT1907, AUS issue on Regal Zonophone G22648)
B-5923 Going Back To My Texas Home / Watching The World Go By - 05-35
B-5945 Under The Double Eagle / The Train Song - 06-35 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4905 in 1936)
B-6068 I Can't Tame Wild Women / Evil In Your Children - 09-35
B-6085 When The Sun Goes Down Again / Get Aboard That South Bound Train - 10-35 (reissued on Twin FT8006)
B-6109 Boyd's Blues / David Blues - 10-35
B-6119 By A Window / On Top Of The Hill - 11-35 (reissue on Twin FT8034, AUS issue on Regal Zonophone G22853)
B-6161 Rio Grande Waltz / The Sweetest Girl - 12-35
B-6177 Barn Dance Rag / Old Fashioned Love - 12-35
FT1877 Broken Man / [Riley Puckett] – 35 (reissue, Twin)
B-6235 Mama Don't Like No Music Playin' Here / The Wind Swept Desert - 02-36 (reissued on Twin FT1893)
B-6308 Wah Hoo / My Ball And Chain - 03-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4790)
B-6323 Mama's Gettin' Hot And Papa's Gettin' Cold / Oh No, She Don't - 04-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4795 in 1936)
B-6328 Goofus / Black And Tan Rag - 04-36
B-6346 Tumbling Tumbleweeds / When It's Twilight Time In Sweetheart Lane - 04-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4789)
B-6351 Must I Hesitate / Cheating On Your Baby - 05-36
FT1922 Going Back To My Texas Home / [Dick Hartman’s Tennessee Rambler] -36 (reissue, Twin)
B-6384 The Eyes Of Texas / Lone Star - 05-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-4793)
M 4792 That Ramshackle Shack / When They Play That Rural Rhythm - 36 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-6420 Jesse Blues / When They Play That Rural Rhythm - 06-36
B-6443 River Blues [as by Jesse's String Five] / Tampa Red – 36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7046)
B-6486 I Need One Sweet Letter From You / [Bill Barry and His O.] It's The Parting Of The Ways -08-36
B-6492 Floating Down The Cotton Town / Beale Street Blues - 08-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7030 in 1937)
B-6523 That Ramshackle Shack / Hobo's Paradise - 09-36
B-6599 When The Sun Sets On My Swiss Chalet / Saturday Night Rag - 10-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7028 in 1937)
B-6670 Put Me In Your Pocket / 'Way Out There - 11-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7193)
B-6694 You Shall Be Free, Monah / Ain't She Coming Out  Tonight - 11-36 (reissued on Twin FT8310)
B-6715 An Oold Watermill By The Waterfall / Show Me The Way To Go Home - 12-36 (reissued on Twin FT8296]
B-6731 Draggin' It Around / Right Or Wrong - 12-36
FT8019 I Can't Tame Wild Women / [Dick Hartman's Tennesee Ramblers] -  (reissue, Twin)
FT8095 Wah Hoo / [Cliff Carlisle] -   (reissue, Twin)
FT8112 Oh No, She Don’t / [Dixon Brothers]  (reissue, Twin)
FT8113 When It’s Twilight In Sweetheart Lane / [Fred Kirby] (reissue, Twin)
FT8142 Lone Star / My Ball And Chain  (reissue, Twin)
B-6772 You Can't Come In / Blues Is Nothing - 01-37
B-6807 You Are Tired Of Me / Jennie Lee - 02-37
M 7029 Hobo's Paradise / Going Back To My Texas Home - 37 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-6889 She's Doggin' Me / She's Killin' Me - 04-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7191)
B-6959 Van Buren / Beaumont Rag - 04-37
B-7004 What's The Use / Madeira - 05-37
B-7006 Guess Who's In Town / Deed I Do - 05-37
B-7053 Little Wooden Whistle / Dance To Those Sobbin' Blues - 07-37
B-7088 Yellow Rose Of Texas / Pretty Little Dream Girl - 08-37
B-7128 Fan It / New Six Or Seven Times - 09-37
M 7189 Yellow Rose Of Texas / Old Watermill By A Waterfall - 37 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
M 7190 You Shall Be Free, Monah / Show Me The Way To Go Home - 37 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
M 7192 You Can't Come On / Fan It - 37 (reissue, Montgmery Ward)
B-7189 If I Can Count On You / Sister Lucy Lee - 10-37
B-7260 I Saw Your Face / My Wonderful One - 11-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8416 in 1939)
B-7299 Devilish Mary / Cross Eyed Gal On The Hill - 12-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8417 in 1939)
FT8204 Hobo’s Paradise / [Wade Mainer] – (reissue, Twin)
FT8226 Floatin' Down / [Dick Hartman's Tennesee Ramblers] – (reissue, Twin)
FT8245 When The Sun Sets On My Swiss Chalet / [Arthur Smith Trio] – (reissue, Twin)
FT8277 Put Me In Your Pocket / [Tune Wranglers] – (reissue, Twin)
FT8294 Right Or Wrong / [Jack Moser and His Oklahoma Cavaliers] – (reissue, Twin)
G 23442 Little Wooden Whistle / Cross Eyed Gal On The Hill – 38 (Regal Zonophone, AUS)
MR 2433 Oh, Monah (You Shall Be Free) / Ain't She Coming Out Tonight – (reissue, Regal Zonophone)
B-7347 Jungle Town / We Can't Use Each Other - 01-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8418 in 1939)
B-7435 That's Why I'm Jealous Of You / An Ace - 03-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8419 in 1939)
B-7507 Red Lips / I'll Find You - 04-38
B-7521 I'm A High Steppin' Daddy / See Mama Ev'ry Night - 05-38
B-7531 You're Just About Right / Annie Laurie Swing - 05-38
B-7573 Don't Drop A Slug In The Slot / Ridin' On The Old Ferris Wheel - 05-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8420 in 1939)
G 23576 Don't Drop A Slug In The Slot / [Pine State Playboys] – 38 (Regal Zonophone, AUS)
B-7624 I'm In Love With You Honey / I'm Jealous Of The Twinkle In Your Eye - 06-38
B-7662 Tableau Clog Dance / Pedestal Clog Dance - 07-38 (also on Regal Zonophone G 23629, AUS)
B-7691 Jig / New Steel Guitar Rag - 08-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7631)
B-7739 When My Dreams Come True / Broadway Mama - 08-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7811)
B-7754 I've Got Those Oklahoma Blues / Someone In Heaven Is Thinking Of You - 09-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8421 in 1939, Australian issue on Regal Zonophone G 23666))
B-7788 I Get The Blues When It Rains / Boyd's Tin Roof Blues - 09-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7812)
B-7800 Come Easy, Go Easy / Frosty Mornin' - 10-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7813)
B-7867 (Tune Wrangler) / Cemetary Sal - 11-38
B-7910 Won't You Please Come Home / So Tired Of Waiting Alone - 11-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7814)
B-7921 New Spanish Two Step / Spanish Fandango - 12-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7630)
B-7940 Here Comes Pappy / Stom Cat Rag - 12-38
B-7971 Singing And Swinging For Me / One Thing At A Time - 01-39
B-7989 Boyd's Kelly Waltz / Weeping Blues - 01-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7633)
G 24005 Hold on little doggies / Boyd's Kelly Waltz – 39 (Regal Zonophone, AUS)
B-8013 I Love My Baby / Never Let You Cry Over Me - 02-39
M 7632 Never Let You Cry Over Me / Here Come Pappy - 39 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
M 7634 Singing And Swinging For Me / Tomcat Rag - 39 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-8053 I Get The Blues For Mammy / Mill Blues - 03-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8422 in 1939)
B-8070 I Want To Go Back / La Golondrina Waltz - 03-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 7815)
B-8081 (Tennessee Ramblers:) Trumpet Talking Blues / My Baby Loves Me, I Know - 04-39
B-8100 Like You / Meant For Me - 04-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8423 in 1939)
B-8112 Troubles / The Song Of The Waterfall - 04-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8424 in 1939)
M 7816 I Love My Baby / My Baby Loves Me, I Know - ca. 04-39 (reissue, Montgomery Ward)
B-8125 Home In Indiana / Mississippi Mud - 05-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8425 in 1939)
B-8141 (Oklahoma Playboys:) Riding Down The Canyon / Alice Blue Gown - 05-39
B-8198 Hold On Little Doggies / That Makes Me Give In - 07-39 (reissued on Twin FT8874)
FT 8494 Pretty Little Dream Girl / [Bill and Louis Carlisle] – (reissue, Twin)
FT 8519 Yellow Rose Of Texas / [Musical Musketeers] (reissue, Twin)
FT 8540 Cross Eyed Gal On The Hill / [Bob Skyles] (reissue, Twin)
FT 8633 New Steel Guitar Rag / [Jimmie Revard] (reissue, Twin)
B-8246 By A Window / Somebody's Been Using It - 08-40
B-8394 Drink The Barrell Dry / The Sunset Trail To Texas - 02-40 (Australian issue on Regal Zonophone G 24716, reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8677)
B-8409 The Zenda Waltz / Down At Polka Joe's - 02-40 (Australian issue on Regal Zonophone G 24217, reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8678, also on HMV NE635, India)
B-8414 Pussy, Pussy, Pussy / You'd Better Stop Cattin' 'Round - 03-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8680, also HMV NE634, IND)
B-8458 I Wish You Knew The Way I Feel / You Take It - 05-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8679)
B-8498 I Want A Feller / I'll Take You Back Again - 07-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8681)
B-8533 If You'll Come Back / There's A Light Shining Bright - 08-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M 8682)
G 24943 I Wish You Knew The Way I Feel / [Tennessee Ramblers] (Regal Zonophone, AUS)
ME 64 The Sunset Trail To Texas / I Wish You Knew The Way I Feel (Regal Zonophone, same in IRL IZ1349)
B-8721 Swing Steel Swing / I'll Be Back In A Year Little Darling - 05-41
B-8728 Now I Feel The Way You Do / Sweethearts Or Strangers - 05-41 (Australian issue on Regal Zonophone G25158)
B-8747 Don't Let The Barrel Go Dry / They Go Googoo Gaga Goofy Over Gobs - 06-41
B-8769 Flower Of Texas / I Can't Forget No Matter How I Try - 07-41
B-8787 Jitterbug Jive / I Guess You Don't Care Anymore - 08-41
B-8823 No Dice / Hold On To That Thing - 09-41
B-8885 Rolling Down The Great Divide / My Pony On The Range - 12-41 (Australian issue on Regal Zonophone G25177)
B-8900 Over The Waves Waltz / Home Coming Waltz - 01-42
B-8910 Tell Me Why My Daddy Don't Come Home / Letter I Never Did Mail - 01-42
B-9014 My Birmingham Rose / Tumbleweed Trail - 06-42
33-0501 Put Your Troubles Down The Hatch / Jennie Lou - 11-42
33-0530 Shame On You / At Mail Call Today - 07-45
33-0533 No Time For Tears / Highways Are Happy Ways - 08-45
20-1793 Roadside Rag / These Tears Are Not For You - 02-46 w. Noel Boggs
20-1888 (Down The) Trail To San Antone /I Don't Know Why But I Do - 05-46
20-1907 New Steel Guitar Rag / New Spanish Two-Step - 06-46
20-2050 Oklahoma Bound / Jim's Polka - 12-46 (Canadian issue on 58-0023)
20-2068 Under The Double Eagle / Over The Waves Waltz - 01-47
20-2069 Homecoming Waltz / Shame On You - 01-47
20-2172 I Wish We'd Never Met / Palace In Dallas - 03-47
20-2270 New Fort Worth Rag / Dream Train - 04-47
20-2379 Now Or Never / Tellin' Lies - 07-47
20-2562 Out In The Rain Again / Dont Turn My Picture To The Wall - 11-47 (Canadian issue on Bluebird 58-0056)
20-2697 I'm Writing A Letter To Heaven (w. Jim Boyd) / Vacant Heart - 02-48
20-2800 The Train Songs / Way Out There - 04-48
20-2833 Closed For Repairs / American Patrol - 04-48
20-2960 Monterey polka / Pull Down The Shades And Lock The Door - 06-48
20-3067 The Skater's Waltz / Never Break Promise To A Woman - 08-48
20-3190 Souther Steel Guitar / You're Laughing Up Your Sleeve - 11-48 w. Noel Boggs
21-0000 Too Blue To Care / I Always Lose - ca 02-49
21-0045 Lone Star Rag / Without A Woman’s Love - 04-49
21-0071/48-0067 Blue Bonnet Waltz / Varsoviana - 07-49
21-0109/48-0112 Poison Ivy / Pass The Turnip Greens - 10-49 (vcl: Marvin Montgomery (A), Jim Boyd and Bill Boyd (B)
21-0126/48-0129 Jingle Bell Polka / Up On The House Top - 11-49
21-0164/48-0172 Texas Blues / Yes, You Did - 01-50 w. Noel Boggs
21-0174/48-0208 Bandera Waltz / Letters Have No Arms - 03-50
21/48-0335 Red River Rag / Come And Get It - 05-50
21/48-0351 Why Don't You Love Me / Red Lips, Kiss My Blues Away - 07-50
21/48-0375 Yes I Do, Yes I Do, Yes I Do / Bill Boyd Rag - ca. 04-08-50
21/48-0410 Cuckoo Waltz / Mean, Mean, Mean - 01-51
21/48-0449 Drifting Texas And / Stop Polka - 04-51
21/48-0482 Why Do You Punish Me / Gladiola Waltz - 07-51
447-0531 Over The Waves Waltz / Under The Double Eagle - 50's (reissue)
All America  (1956)
AA-102 Rockin' And Rollin' My Country Songs Away / Was You Ever Sad – 56
TNT (1956)
TNT-1019 Definition Of Love / Work - 56
Starday (1957)
45-289 Big D / Texas Star - 04-57
45-303 Lone Star Rag / Rambler's March - 07-57

John Boyd

By Henk Scholts, Lillies Ohlsson

22 June 1937 Brunswick Warehouse, Dallas, TX – John Boyd & His Southerners (John Boyd [vcl], prob. Jim Boyd [gt], Walter Kirkes [tenor banjo], Ish Erwin [bass], Thurman Neal [fiddle], Roy Newman [piano], Holly Horton [alto sax/clarinet])(poss. Butch Gibson [clarinet/sax + unknown musicians)
001 DAL 416-2 DOIN‘ THE RACCOON Vocalion 03661
003 DAL 418 MY GAL SAL unissued

Vocalion (1937)
03661 Doin' The Raccoon / Somebody Stole My Gal - 37


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