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by Michel Ruppli, Praguefrank, with help of
31 August 1955 poss. Bradley Studios, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - The Harvesters (Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Pat Patterson, Hershel Wooten, David Reece)
001 CO 53992/OB 1030?/JZSP-37017 LET GOD ABIDE 4-21457
002 CO 53993/OB 1031?/JZSP-37018 I JUST TELEPHONE UPSTAIRS 4-21457
003 CO 53994/OB 1032?/JZSP-37019 I WANT TO BE MORE LIKE JESUS 4-21495
004 CO 53995/OB 1033?/JZSP-37020 WHEN I’M ALONE 4-21495
February 1956 poss. Charlotte, NC – The Harvesters 9(Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Pat Patterson, Hershel Wooten, David Reece)
005 CO 55585 HE’S EVERYWHERE 21511
006 CO 55586 JACOB’S LADDER 21511
5 September 1956 poss. Carlotte, NC – The Harvesters (Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Pat Patterson, Hershel Wooten, David Reece)
007 CO 56960 THE TOUCH OF HIS HAND 4-40793
008 CO 56961 YOU ARE THE FINGER OF GOD 4-40793
29 January 1957 poss. Charlotte, NC – The Harvesters (Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Pat Patterson, Hershel Wooten, David Reece)
009 CO 57606 THAT WILL BE A GREAT DAY 4-40897
011 CO 57608/JZSP-39989 I SHALL NOT BE MOVED 4-41074
012 CO 57609/JZSP-39990 CLOSER THAN A BROTHER 4-41074
Harvesters are still active, some info in albums and singles list

Sing Music Co. L.P. 901M Harvest Time: The Old Gospel Ship; That Will Be A Great Day; I Have A Desire; God Is God; Coming Home; I'll Be A Friend To Jesus; Every Hour And Every Day; Let God Abide; I Just Telephone Upstairs; I Shall Not Be Moved; Closer Than A Brother; Up Above My Head - 59 (also as StatesWood Records/SW-901)
Sing Music Co. L.P. 902M Room At The Cross: Room At The Cross; Do Unto Others; Listen To The Bells; I'm Counting Ev'ry Mile; I Want To Be More Like Jesus; Where Shall I Be; Rock Of Ages; I'm Living In Canaan Now; Farther Along; What A Day That Will Be; I Want To Know; Wait Upon The Lord – 59
Sing Music Co. L.P. 903/S-93 The Harvesters: Born Again; To Me It's So Wonderful; Amazing Grace; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Peace In The Valley; He's Everything To Me; Redeemed; I Am The Man; There Is Power In The Blood; How Great Thou Art; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; River Of Life - 60
Skylite SRLP/SSLP-5973 God Is My Shepherd: Listen; Wonderful Savior; Wonderful Love; God Made A Way; I'll Leave It All Behind; God Will Bless You All; God Is My Shepherd; I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You; What A Happy Day; Until You Find The Lord; When I'm Alone; Do You Know Jesus – 60
Sing Music Co. L.P. 904 I Saw A Man: The Fourth Man; I Saw A Man; I've Been With Jesus; He's Everywhere; Just For Today; Not My Will; All Aboard; It's Different Now; Fling Wide The Gates; Where Could I Go; Walk In Jerusalem; We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials – 62
Sing Music Co. L.P. 905 TV Request: Child Of The King; Bend Away Down Low; This Old House; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; I'm Winging My Way Back Home; Lord Build Me A Cabin; Wings Of A Dove; I Feel Like Traveling On; Going Home; I Can Tell You The Time; Land Where Living Waters Flow; Rainbow Of Love – 62 (reissued on Power Pak PG-725 as Harvesters Quartet)
Skylite SRLP/SSLP-5993 Festival Of Song: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be; Sweet Peace; He'll Pilot Me; The Farmer And The Lord; What A Precious Friend Is He; Thank God I'm Reborn; Show Me The Way Oh Lord; Hang A Light In The Window Of Your Heart; Dear Jesus Abide With Me; Somebody Knows; I Shall Not Be Moved; He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me - 62
Tarheel TLP 3703-1 At Home: I'll Fly Away; Down On My Knees; Over The Moon; Mama Sang A Song; Surely I Will, Lord; Everytime I Feel The Spirit; My Nonstop Flight To Glory; Bill's Airplane Ride; Lift Me Up Above The Shadows; I Walk With His Hand In Mine – 63
Tarheel TLP 3704 Harvest Of Hymns: Whispering Hope; Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus; Sweeter Each Day; Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus; I Have A Desire; No Not One; Ivory Palaces; O Come Angel Band; Leaning On The Everlasting Arms; At The Cross; In The Sweet By And By; Let The Lower Lights Be Burning – 63
Skylite SRLP/SSLP-6008 Charlotte's Harvesters: Lift Me Up Above The Shadows; Lord Teach Me How To Pray; The Answer Came; I Stand Amazed; Walk, Talk, Sing; I'll Be Ready To Go; If Jesus Is There; Just Ahead Lies The Jordan; The Land Of Perfect Day; Ain't Nobody Knows; Closer To Thee; Mama Sang A Song – 63
Festival/High Fidelity FLP/SFLP-6401 Together: Harvesters: Come All Ye Children Of The Lord; Jesus Hold My Hand; Hide Me, Rock Of Ages; I've Been Changed; Standing By The River; Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All (Harvesters and Oak Ridge Boys); Oak Ridge Boys: Is My Lord Satisfied With Me; Without Him; His Eye Is On The Sparrow; Rainbow Of Love; How Long Has It Been; Gettin' Ready To Leave This World (Harvesters and Oak Ridge Boys) – 64 (reissued on Canaan CA-4625-LP/CAS-9625 in 1967, on Canaan CAS-9732 in 1972 and on Sacred LPS-4511)
Festival/High Fidelity FLP/SFLP-6402 The Family Bible: The Family Bible; I Would Not Be Denied; Close To The Master; I Love The Name Of Jesus; Beyond Compare; I'll Never Know; Gotta Go; Without Him; You Must Be Born Again; Sweet Jesus; Each Step I Take; Crystal River – 64
Festival/High Fidelity FLP/SFLP-6404 With A Song On My Lips And A Prayer In My Heart: With A Song On My Lips; I Wouldn’t Take Nothin' For My Journey Now; For Thy Will I Pray; That Heavenly Home; The Answer’s On The Way; There Is A Change; Take The Hand Of The Lord; I’m Too Near Home; There’s A Light Guiding Me; When I Inherit My Mansion; Savior, Gently Take Me Home; When Morning Comes – 64
Canaan CA-9609M/9609S Born To Serve The Lord: Born To Serve The Lord; I Will Follow Thee; More About Jesus; Because Jesus Said It; I Just Telephone Upstairs; Where We'll Never Grow Old; I Was There When It Happened; Way Out Yonder; Jesus Use Me; You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Road; Jehovah, My Jesus; Someday - 65
Canaan CA-4626/CAS-9626 So Many Reasons: So Many Reasons; Just Over In The Gloryland; My Heart Is Reserved For The Lord; Walk With Me; My Lord's So Good To Me; I'll Be Satisfied; Talk About Jesus; The Gypsy Boy; The Old Rugged Cross; I Shall Be At Home With Jesus; The Homecoming Week; I Will Lean On His Arm – 66
Cherokee CALP 101 Presenting The Harvesters: Jesus Is Coming Soon; After All; Where Will You Be; Old Doc Brown; Jesus Paid It All; When The Redeemed Are Gathering In; Happy Tracks; Miracles Will Happen On That Day; Let God Abide; Just Over In The Glory Land; Jesus Hold My Hand; We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials – 68
Tri State Recording Company TSRC-7512493 Thanks For Loving Me: Thanks For Loving Me; Glory Road; Ready To Leave; Jesus, Have Mercy On Me; He Rolled My Burdens Away; There’ll Be No Peace; What A Lovely Name; There's Something About That Name; One Day At A Time; Because He Lives – 76
Minuteman MM 1977 Jesus Christ Solid Rock: Jesus Christ Solid Rock; Oh What A Savior; It's All Right; Man From Galilee; Father's Table Grace; I'll Sail Away Home; That's Just Like Jesus; A New Born Feeling; Well Done, My Child; I Am The Man – 77
Minuteman MM 1988 Streets Of Gold: The Streets Of Gold; I'm Winging My Way Back Home; No Tears In Heaven; I'll Be Somewhere Listening; He Loves Me; That's When He's The Nearest To Me; I'm Getting Ready To Leave This World; How Great Thou Art; I'm Standing On The Solid Rock; Rainbow Of Love – 78
Minuteman MNLP 1980 Spend 33:04: Jesus Come On In; Walk With Me; Jesus Is Right; More About Jesus; The Old Rugged Cross; I Want To Be More Like My Lord; I’ve Never Been Sorry; Sweet Beulah Land; The Prodigal Son; The Other Side Of Jordan - 80
Minuteman MM 1982 Take 5: Worth It All; What Love; Canaan Land; Glory Land; Leaving On My Mind; We Are Those Children; I'll Stand For Jesus; He's A Personal Savior; Farther Along; Recitation:God Will Take Care Of You – 82
Harvesters TH 9247 Love Held Him To A Cross: Give Your Life To Jesus; I Dropped The Hammer; Lifeline; It's A Nice Place To Visit; Why Me Lord; Someday We Shall See Jesus; Somebody Headed Somewhere; Living Water; Wonderful Time; Love Held Him To A Cross – 11

Columbia (1955-57)
4-21457 Let God Abide / I Just Telephone Upstairs – 10-55
4-21495 I Want To Be More Like Jesus / When I'm Alone – 12-55
4-21511 He's Everywhere / Jacob's Ladder – 04-56
4-40793-s Touch Of His Hand / You Are The Finger Of God – 11-56
4-40897-s These Are The Things That Matter / That Will Be A Great Day – 04-57
4-41074-s Closer Than A Brother / I Shall Not Be Moved – 12-57
1901 The Shadow Of The Cross / Just For Today
30004 River Of Life / Savior, Gently Take Me Home
EP-302 A Wonderful Time Up There; Not My Will / He's Got The Whole World In His Hands; When I Inherit My Mansion (also as Stateswood EP-302)
EP-411/412 How Great Thou Art; I Want To Know / My Lord Will Lead Me Home; One By One.
EP-6001/6002 Room At The Cross; Listen To The Bells / Do Unto Others; I Want To Be More Like Jesus
EP-561 God Made A Way; I'm Bound For That City / I Can’t Stand Up Alone; Do You Know My Jesus (also as Harvesters EP 561/562)
EP 672-3 Silent Night; The Night Before Christmas / Jingle Bells; It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
1000 In The House Of The Lord / I Just Telephone Upstairs -
1001 Let God Abide / I Want To Be More Like Jesus -
1002 I Was There When It Happened; Stop And Pray -
Minute Man Recordings
TSRC 1857 Jesus Christ Solid Rock / That's Just Like Jesus


Thanks to Michel Ruppli, not only for his books which I use daily, but also for a large amount of rare and unpublished data from his giant archive.
Thanks to all my friends - country music fans - in Czech Republic - Vladimir Pikora, Michal Gololobov, Milos Holecek, Tony Foglar, Rene Pavlik and Petr Vitous.
Thanks to Mario Manciotti for sending session details daily
Thanks to Kurt Rokitta for a lot of session info
Thanks to Bill Daniels for sharing a lot of labels info
Thanks to Lillies Ohlsson for many western swing contributions.
Thanks to Dick Grant for many artists files
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Thanks to Goran Adolph for many rare albums info
Thanks to Hans Sandberg for many rare session data
Thanks to Chris Huskey for many sessions info.
Thanks to Kittra Moore for musicians and recording data
Thanks to Dik de Heer for many additions on rockabilly.
Thanks to Luiz Roberto Costa for helping me with the western genre.
Thanks to Wolf Ruediger Sommer, who not only sent me additional data, but is also watch-dog, correcting my typos and other errors.
Thanks to Robert Platt for priceless info on Canadian (but not only) artists.
Thanks to Phil Watson for hard work on Crown Prince of country music discography. Thanks to Walter Gabriel for filling the gaps in track listings of rare albums and various artists compilations.
Thanks to Kent Heineman for many independent recordings info
Thanks to Ken Nelson for bluegrass and more additions.
Thanks to Tony Middleton for RCA session info.
Thanks to Xavier Maire for interesting additions and for info on his website
Thanks to Henk Scholts for long time cooperation.
Thanks to Richard Price for miscellaneous session information
Thanks to Carl G. Cederblad for additions to sessionographies
Thanks to Paul Urbahns, Marc Alesina, Bill Millet, Bengt Wahlström, John Morris, Dominique Anglares, Pierre Monnery, Jeremy Roberts, Ben Collins, Alex Frazer-Harrison, K.F.Raizor, Ed Tabor, Mario Wildner, Ole Skjoldhøj, Eileen Sisk, Per Kammersgaard, David Bussey, Bill Marks for rare info on their favorite artists.
Thanks to Reginald Bartlette for info and additions of Columbia custom numbers.
Thanks to Katarina Fromm for various singles info.
Thanks to many others who sent some info - all are important.
Thanks to Richard Weize for his idea to produce projects, which have small commercial potential, but huge value for collectors - I spend a lot of money buying boxes and CDs, sometimes mainly because of the accompanying discographies.
Thanks also to Patrick Milligan, who created many discographies for Bear Family projects
Thanks to Marek Bozickovic for picture in head
And last but not least I would like to thank all who visit this blog - they come from more than 100 countries.