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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bud Hobbs (Dick Grant)


BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:  Wednesday 10th December 1947
Henry Roland “Bud” Hobbs (vcl/gtr); Gene Coles (ld gtr); Curly           (stl gtr); Unk (fdl); Jimmy Pruitt (pno); Unk (stg bs).

                        TOMORROW)                                                        MGM 10206-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
47-S-3313-2        LAZY MAZY                                                                                              10206-A,                                 HBRCD-049
47-S-3314-2        OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART                                                              MGM 10305-A,                                 HBRCD-049
47-S-3315-2        I HEARD ABOUT YOU                                                                               10305-B,                                 HBRCD-049

NB(1): MGM 10206 released Monday 7th June 1948.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 5th June 1948-MGM 10206.
NB(3): MGM Records advert Billboard Saturday 5th June 1948-MGM 10206.
NB(4): MGM 10305 released Monday 15th November 1948.
NB(5): “LAZY MAZY” entered Billboard C&W chart-Saturday 25th September 1948-Juke Box #13, 1 week.
NB(6): “I HEARD ABOUT YOU” entered Billboard C&W chart Saturday 29th January 1949-Juke Box #12/Best Seller #13,  4 weeks.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:  Thursday 18th December 1947
(vcl/gtr); poss. Gene Coles (ld gtr); Curly              (stl gtr); Unkn (fdl); Unk (stg bs).

47-S-3355          FOR THE SAKE OF AN OLD MEMORY                                             MGM 10571-B, MGM K10571-B
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
47-S-3356-2        HONEYTHERE AIN’T NO PLEASIN’ YOU                                           MGM 10163-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
47-S-3357-2        ENOUGH IS ENOUGH                                                                               10163-B,                                 HBRCD-049
47-S-3358-2        TRY BEING THRUE                                                                         MGM10848-B, MGM K10848-B                                
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049

NB(1): MGM 10163 released Monday 22nd March 1948.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 20th March 1948-MGM 10163.
NB(3): MGM Records advert Billboard Saturday 27th March 1948-MGM 10163. 
NB(4): MGM 10163 reviewed Bilboard C&W Saturday 27th March 1948.
NB(5): MGM 10571/K10571 released Monday 28th November 1949.
NB(6): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 3rd December 1949-MGM 10571/K10571.
NB(7): MGM 10848/K10848 released Monday 27th November 1950.
NB(8): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 25th November 1950-MGM 10848/K10848.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:  Monday 24th January 1949
(vcl/gtr); Gene Coles (ld gtr); Wayne Powers (stl gtr); Louis Tierney (fdl); Dino              (accdn); Unk (stg bs).

49-S-3028-1        RIGHT ON DOWN THE LINE                                                            MGM 10484-B, MGM K10848-B
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3029-1        TOO PROUD TO CRY                                                                      MGM 10428-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3030-2        CANDY KISSES                                                     MGM 10366-B,                                 HBRCD-049
49-S-3031-3        TENNESSEE BORDER                                                                              10366-A,                                 HBRCD-049
                        (Jimmy Work)
49-S-3032-1        HEADIN’ DOWN THE WRONG HIGHWAY                MGM 10656-B, MGM K10656-B
                        (Doc Denning)                                                        Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
                        SAID GOODBYE                                                    MGM 10656-A, MGM K10656-A
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3034-1        MATRIMONY MAMA                                                                        MGM 10484-A, MGM K10484-A
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3035-1        BROKEN FENCES AND BROKEN DREAMS             MGM 10428-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3036-1        TEARS FROM A SILVER HAIRED LADY                                            MGM 10848-A, MGM K10848
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
49-S-3037-1        ALABAMA BOON                                                   MGM 10571-A, MGM K10571
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049                                                       

NB(1): MGM 10366 released Monday 7th March 1949.
NB(2): “CANDY KISSES” entered Billboard C&W chart Saturday 21st May 1949-Juke Box #12/Best Seller #15, 1 week.
NB(3): MGM 10428 released Monday 30th May 1949.
NB(4): MGM Records advert Saturday 4th June 1949-MGM 10428.
NB(5): MGM 10428 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 4th June 1949.
NB(6): MGM 10484/K10484 released Monday 8th August 1949.
NB(7): MGM 10484/K10484 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 13th August 1949.
NB(8): MGM 10656/K10656 released Monday 6th March March 1950.
NB(9): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 11th March 1950-MGM 10656/K10656.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:      Wednesday  2nd May 1951                       
(vcl/gtr); Al           (ld gtr); poss. Unk (stl gtr); Unk (fdl); Jack Trent (pno); Unk (stg bs); Unk (dms).
                                                                                                                             Producer: Jesse Kaye

51-S-3062-3        PICK UP TRUCK                                                   MGM 11391-A, MGM K11391-A
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
51-S-3063          BRIMSTONE BEAUTY                                                                      MGM 11032-A, MGM K11032-A
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
51-S-3064-1        I BELIEVE I’M ENTITLED TO YOU                                                     MGM 11391-B, MGM K11391-B
                        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
51-S-3065          FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS                                                             MGM 11032-B, MGM K11032-B
                        (Parker-Aleshire)                                                     Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049

NB(1): MGM 11032/K11032 released Monday 13th August 1951.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday18th August 1951-MGM 11032/K11032.
NB(3): MGM 11032/K11032 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 18th August 1951.
NB(4): MGM 11391/K11391 released Monday 15th December 1952.
NB(5): MGM 11391/K11391 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 20th December 1952.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:  Tuesday 23rd June 1953
(vcl/gtr); Alvis Edgar “Buck” Owens Jr. (ld gtr); Leonard Raymond “Tommy Collins” Sipes (gtr); Oscar Whittington (fdl); William Lee “Bill” Woods (stl gtr); Jack Trent (pno); Ferlin Huskey (stg bs); Ray Heath (dms); Trail Herders (chrs-1).
                                                                                                                             Producer: Jesse Kaye

53-S-3076/         I FOUND OUT                                                       MGM 11851, MGM K11851
53-XY-3073        (Jimmie O’Neal) (Red River Songs BMI)                                             Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
53-S-3077/         YOU’RE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED-1     MGM 11851, MGM K11851
53-XY-3074        (Dinning) (Hill & Range Songs, BMI)                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
53-S-3078/         RIGHTFULLY MINE                                                                         MGM 11579, MGM K11579
53-XY-3075        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
53-S-3079/         GOOSE ROCK                                                       MGM 11579, MGM K11579
53-XY-3076        (King-Carlson) (Alamo Music, Inc. ASCAP)                Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049

NB(1): MGM 11579/K11579 released Monday 14th September 1953.
NB(2): MGM 11851/K11851 released Monday 25th October 1954.
NB(3): MGM 11851/K11851 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 30th October 1954.

BUD HOBBS And His Trail Herders
                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, Ca:  Tuesday 14th December 1954
(vcl/gtr); Buck Owens (ld gtr); Leonard “Dusty” Rhodes (stl gtr);  Jelly Sanders (fdl); Oscar Whittington (fdl); Bill Woods (pno); Roy Lee (stg bs); Johnny Cuviello (dms).                                     Producer: Jesse Kaye

54-S-3142/         LOUISIANA SWING                                                                         MGM 11964, MGM K11964
54-XY-3084        ()                                                                                                   Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
54-S-3143/         I’M GONNA SET YOU FREE                                                             MGM 11964, MGM K11964
54-XY-3085        (Bud Hobbs-Leonard Rhodes) (Cordial Music Co. BMI)                         Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
54-S-3144/         MEAN, MEAN, MEAN                                                                      MGM 12285,MGM K12285
54-XY-3086        () (Trend BMI)                                                                                  Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
54-S-3145/         LAST DANCE TONIGHT                                                                   MGM 12285,MGM K12285
54-XY-3087        (Bob Wesley-Bill Woods) (Central Songs Inc, BMI)      Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049

NB(1): MGM 11964/K11964 released Monday 28th March 1955.
NB(2): MGM 11964/K11964 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 9th April 1955.
NB(3): MGM 12285/K12285 released Monday 18th June 1956.
NB(4): MGM 12285/K12285 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 30th June 1956.
NB(5): HILLBILLY RESEARCHER HBRCD-049 “BUD HOBBS” released United Kingdom ca. 2008.

DISCOGRAPHY compiled by RICHARD WEIZE with additional information supplied by Steve Hathaway, Phil Tricker, Al Turner, Dick Grant with acknowledgements to Michel Ruppli, Mario Manciotti & Frantisek Frank.



Jason Sellers

*04-03-1971 Gilmer, TX
2nd version
by Praguefrank

Spring 1997 Emerald Studio; Music Mill, Nashville, TN/Soundstage Studio, Nashville, TN/Ultrasound Studios, Woodland Hills, CA – Jason Sellers (Jason Sellers [vcl], Chris Farren [ac gt/keyboards/bck vcl], Pat Flynn [ac gt], Darrell Scott [ac gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Jeff King  [el gt], Brent Rowan [el gt], Al Anderson  [el gt], Dan Huff  [el gt], Dan Dugmore [steel], Glenn Worf/ Leland Sklar/ David Hungate [bass], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion], Larry Franklin [fiddle], John Jarvis [piano], John Hobbs [Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards] + Nashville String Machine +  Martina McBride, Vince Gill, Melodie Crittenden [bck vcl]. Producer: Chris Farrow)
001 I'M YOUR MAN  BNA 64915-7/07863-67517-2 
002 WALKING IN MY SLEEP  BNA 65322-7/07863-67517-2 
003 THIS SMALL DIVIDE  BNA 07863-67517-2 
004 CAN'T HELP CALLING YOUR NAME  BNA 60209-7/07863-67517-2 
005 HOLE IN MY HEART  BNA 07863-67517-2 
006 THAT DOES IT  BNA 65322-7/07863-67517-2 
007 I CAN'T STAY LONG  BNA 07863-67517-2 
008 DIVORCE MY HEART  BNA 64915-7/07863-67517-2 
009 YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT  BNA 07863-67517-2 
010 I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS  BNA 07863-67517-2 
011 IT'S A MAN'S JOB  BNA 07863-67517-2 
Spring 1999 Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville,TH/Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN/The Music Mill, Nashville, TN/Soundshop Studio A, Nashville, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN/Waltz Time Music, Florence, AL – Jason Sellers (Jason Sellers [vcl/el gt/bass], Pam Tillis [vcl], Darrell Scott [ac gt/mandolin], Pat Flynn [ac gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Jeff King  [el gt], Brent Rowan  [el gt], Danny Parks  [el gt], Steve Hinson [steel], Scotty Sanders [steel], Walt Aldridge [bouzouki], Michael Rhodes/Leland Sklar [bass], Greg Morrow [drums], Eddie Bayers/ Tom Roady [percussion], Stuart Duncan [fiddle], Jim Hoke [harmonica], Steve Nathan [piano/ Hammond B-3 organ/synthesizer], Jim Brown [piano/synthesizer], Mary Ann Kennedy, Jamie O'Neal, Bekka Bramlett, Cindy Richardson Walker, Melodie Crittenden, Austin Cunningham, Steven Sellers, Lee Ann Womack, Sonya Isaacs, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs [bck vcl]. Producer: Chris Farrow)
012 A  MATTER OF TIME  BNA 65784-2 60209-7/07863-67764-2 
013 WHAT A LOVER IS FOR  BNA 07863-67764-2 
014 THIS THING CALLED LIFE  BNA 07863-67764-2 
015 EVERY FIRE  BNA 07863-67764-2 
016 GOLDEN RING  BNA 07863-67764-2
017 TILL I FELT YOUR HANDS  BNA 07863-67764-2 
018 EVERYBODY'S WALKING  BNA 07863-67764-2 
019 THAT'S NOT HER PICTURE  BNA 07863-67764-2 
020 BAD CASE OF MISSING YOU  BNA 07863-67764-2 
021 IF YOU'RE WILLING  BNA 07863-67764-2  
022 CAN'T HELP CALLING YOUR NAME  BNA 07863-67764-2 

BNA 07863-67517-2 I'm Your Man: I'm Your Man; Walking In My Sleep; This Small Divide; Can't Help Calling Your Name; Hole In My Heart; That Does It; I Can't Stay Long; Divorce My Heart; You Better Believe It; I Need To Remember This; It's A Man's Job – 30-09-97
BNA 07863-67764-2 A Matter Of Time: A  Matter Of Time; What A Lover Is For; This Thing Called Life; Every Fire; Golden Ring; Till I Felt Your Hands; Everybody's Walking; That's Not Her Picture; Bad Case Of Missing You; If You're Willing;  Can't Help Calling Your Name – 28-09-99

BNA (1997-2000)         
64915-7 I'm Your Man / Divorce My Heart - 14-07-97
65322-7 That Does It / Walking In My Sleep - 25-11-97
65784-2 A Matter Of Time - 27-07-99 (CD single)
60209-7 Can't Help Calling Your Name / A Matter Of Time - 02-00


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