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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John Berry

John Edward Berry,*14-09-1959
2nd version
By Praguefrank

1979 John Berry Home Studio, ?,– John Berry
001 IF I EVER DO GET FAMOUS Clouds CS-7036 
002 CENTURY CENTER Clouds CS-7036 
003 MASTER Clouds CS-7036 
004 OLD JOHN BROWN Clouds CS-7036 
005 SONG FOR OCTOBER Clouds CS-7036
006 CALL ME CRAZY Clouds CS-7036 
007 GUITAR PICKER Clouds CS-7036 
008 TO MAKE YOU SEE Clouds CS-7036 
009 MIRACLE Clouds CS-7036 
010 SATURDAY NIGHT Clouds CS-7036  
1982 unknown – John Berry
011 WAITING FOR YOU Chamblee
013 KEEP ON GOING Chamblee
014 CHANCES ARE Chamblee
016 LONELY HEART Chamblee
017 HERE WE ARE Chamblee
019 WALK IN THE RAIN Chamblee
1986 unknown – John Berry
020 THING THAT JUST DON'T MATTER ANYMORE ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
021 TWO STEPS IN FRONT OF A BROKEN HEART ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
022 I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
023 YOU WERE A FRIEND OF ME ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
024 THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
025 LONGING FOR HOME ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
026 SO MUCH LIKE HEAVEN ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
027 IF I EVER DO GET FAMOUS ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2
028 THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME ?,  Liberty 7243-4-98226-2  -
30 July/2 August 1990 Studio 805, Nashville, TN – John Berry (Bob Regan [ac gt], Bill Pappas [el gt/keyboards], Michael C. Steele [bass,/bck vcl], Mark Ensley [drums], Kenny Head [piano/keyboards])
029 THAT WOMAN Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
030 WRONG SIDE OF MEMPHIS Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
031 HERE IN MY HEART Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2 
032 IS IT TOO LATE Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
033 THUNDER ROAD Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
034 NO PLACE LIKE HOME Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
035 LIVE MY DREAMS Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
036 NINETY MILES AN HOUR Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
037 WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
038 THE GRADUATION SONG Scarlet Letter 7464-67431-2
John Berry recorded to more independent album before Capitol. No info known
2003 Nashville, TN - John Berry (Biff Watson [ac gt], Billy Joe Walker, Jr. [ac gt], Chuck Jones [el gt/bck vcls], John Willis [el gt], Reggie Young [el gt], Dan Dugmore [steel]; Michael Rhodes, Willie Weeks [bass]; Eddie Bayers [drums], John Catchings [cello], John B. Jarvis [piano], Bill Cuomo [keyboards] + Greg Barnhill, Mary Ann Kennedy, J.D. Martin, Curtis Young, Dennis Wilson, Pam Rose [bck vcl])
059 SOMEBODY  Liberty CDP-8-80472-2 
060 KISS ME IN THE CAR  Liberty S7-17518/CDP-8-80472-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
061 MORE SORRY THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW  Liberty S7-18137/CDP-8-80472-2 
062 A MIND OF HER OWN  Liberty CDP-8-80472-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
063 YOUR LOVE AMAZES ME  Liberty S7-18022/CDP-8-80472-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
064 MORE THAN JUST A LITTLE  Liberty S7-17518/CDP-8-80472-2 
065 YOU AND ONLY YOU  Liberty S7-18137/CDP-8-80472-2 7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
066 DESTINY  Liberty CDP-8-80472-2 
067 WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME  Liberty S7-18022/CDP-8-80472-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
068 WHEN LOVE DIES  Liberty CDP-8-80472-2
1994 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – John Berry (Michael Spriggs [ac gt], Biff Watson [ac gt], Reggie Young [el gt], Kerry Marx [el gt], John Willis [el gt], Chuck Jones [el gt], Dan Dougmore [steel/dobro], Glenn Worf/Michael Rhodes/Willie Weeks [bass], Kenny Aronoff/Lonnie Wilson/Eddie Bayers [drums], Terry
McMillan [percussion], John Jarvis/John Hobbs [piano], Tony Harrell [Wurlitzer piano/organ], Bill Cuomo [keyboards] + Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Mary Ann Kennedy, Gregg Barnhill, Billy Thomas, Neil Thrasher, Darrell Scott [bck vcl]. Producer: Jimmy Bowen, Chuck Howard)
070 STANDING ON THE EDGE OF GOODBYE  Patriot S7-18401/CDP8-28495  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
071 PROVE ME WRONG  Patriot CDP8-28495 
072 I THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME  Patriot CDP8-28495  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
073 IF I HAD ANY PRIDE LEFT AT ALL  Patriot S7-18843/CDP8-28495 7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
074 DESPERATE MEASURES  Patriot CDP8-28495
075 WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR  Patriot S7-18843/CDP8-28495 
077 NINETY MILES AN HOUR  Patriot S7-18401/CDP8-28495 
078 I NEVER LOST YOU  Patriot CDP8-28495 
079 YOU AND ONLY YOU  Patriot CDP8-28495
1995 OmniSound Recording Studio, Nashville, TN/Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN/K.D. Studios, Nashville, TN - John Berry (John Willis [gt], Billy Joe Walker, Jr. [ac gt], Biff Watson [ac gt], Eddie Bayers/Chad Cromwell [drums], Connie Ellisor [violin], John Catchings [cello], Terry McMillan [harmonica/percussion], Steve Nathan [piano/keyboards] + Darrell Scott, Greg Barnhill, Mary Ann Kennedy, Pamela Rose, Michael Black [bckvcl])
080 JOY TO THE WORLD  7243-8-32663 
081 GOD REST YE MERRY GENTLEMEN  7243-8-32663 
082 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS  7243-8-32663 
083 AWAY IN A MANGER  7243-8-32663 
084 O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL  7243-8-32663 
085 LITTLE DRUMMER BOY  7243-8-32663 
086 THE CHRISTMAS SONG  7243-8-32663 
087 SILENT NIGHT  7243-8-32663 
088 O COME EMMANUEL  S7-18910/7243-8-32663 
089 O HOLY NIGHT  S7-18910/7243-8-32663
1995 [sessions for Amazing Grace] Nashville, TN – John Berry
090 BLESSED ASSURANCE  Sparrow 7243-8-51445-2
1996 The Tracking Room, 2 Music Circle East, Nashville, TN - John Berry (Dan Huff [el gt], Brent Mason [el gt], Brent Rowan [el gt], Billy Joe Walker, Jr. [ac gt], Dan Dugmore/Bruce Bouton/Sonny Garrish [steel], Michael Rhodes [bass]; Eddie Bayers [drums]; Terry McMillan [percussion], Larry Franklin [fiddle], Barry Beckett [Wurlitzer piano], Billy Kirsch [piano], John Hobbs [keyboards], Steve Nathan [keyboards/steel] + string + Patty Loveless, Delbert McClinton [bck vcl])
091 SHE'S TAKEN A SHINE  S7-19451/7243-8-35464-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
092 CHANGE MY MIND  S7-19251/7243-8-35464-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
093 I WILL, IF YOU WILL  S7-19511/7243-8-35464-2  7243-5-24270 Clear Sky 1106
094 HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HER  7243-8-35464-2 
095 FAITHFULLY  7243-8-35464-2 
096 LIVIN' ON LOVE  S7-19724/7243-8-35464-2 
097 TIME TO BE A MAN  S7-19251 S7-19451/7243-8-35464-2 
098 FORTY AGAIN  7243-8-35464-2 
099 LOVE IS EVERYTHING  S7-19511/7243-8-35464-2 
100 I GIVE MY HEART  7243-8-35464-2 
1997 [sessions for Amazing Grace, 2] Nashville, TN – John Berry
101 THE OLD RUGGED CROSS  Sparrow 7243-8-51583-2
ca Summer 1997 Nashville, TN - Wynonna & John Berry
102 WE CAN'T UNMAKE LOVE CUD-53061 7243-5-24270/59933-2
1997 Nashville, TN – John Berry
103 BETTER THAN A BISCUIT 58707/59933-2
104 OVER MY SHOULDER S7-19975/59933-2
105 I GOT TO KNOW  S7-19975/59933-2
106 SOMEBODY CARES 59933-2
107 I DON‘T  KNOW  59933-2
109 IN THE EYES OF A WOMAN  59933-2
110 MR. JONES 58707/ 59933-2
111 CRAZY FOR THE GIRL  59933-2
112 I’D DO THAT  59933-2
113 STONE S7-19724
1999 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN/ Starstruck Studios 40 Music Sq. West, Nashville, TN – John Berry (Larry Byrom [ac gt], Dann Huff [el gt], Jeff King [el gt], Greg Morrow/Eddie Bayers [drums], Eric Darkin [percussion], Dan Dugmore/Paul Franklin/Sonny Garrish [steel], Larry Franklin [fiddle], Steve Nathan [strings], John Hobbs [piano, keyboards], Kara Williamson, Mark Spiro, Amanda Omartian [bckvcl])
114 LOVE IS FOR GIVING Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
115 RESCUED ME Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
116 LOVE WAS MADE FOR US Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
117 SALVATION Lyric St. HL-165006-2
118 WHERE WOULD I BE Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
119 POWER WINDOWS Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
120 UNTIL I'M LOVING YOU Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
121 RIVERS IN THE CLOUDS Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
122 YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
123 YOU'RE THE VOICE Lyric St. HL-165006-2 
124 ONE YOU LOVE Lyric St. HL-165006-2
2000 Jecko Studios and Angler Recording, Los Angeles, CA/Famous Music, Nashville, TN – John Berry (Christopher Bogan [gt], Jeff King [gt], Tim Pierce [gt], Jason Derlatka, Jamie Jaz, Jimmy Waldo, Mark Spiro, Steve Rosen [keyboards/programming ] + Michael Peterson, Billy Dean [vcl])
126 LET IT SNOW Ark 21 10061-2 
127 WE THREE KINGS Ark 21 10061-2
128 WINTER WONDERLAND Ark 21 10061-2 
129 THE LORD'S PRAYER Ark 21 10061-2 
130 MY HEART IS BETHLEHEM Ark 21 10061-2 
131 SNOWED IN Ark 21 10061-2 
132 WHAT CHILD IS THIS Ark 21 10061-2 
133 CHRISTMAS MORNING Ark 21 10061-2 
134 FIRST NOEL Ark 21 10061-2 
2001 Basements, Athens, GA/ Famous Music, Nashville, TN – John Berry (Mark Spiro [ac gt/bck vcl], Jerry Kimbrough [gt], Ric Latina [gt], Mike Johnson [steel], John Pearson [bass]; Chris Brown [drums], Larry Franklin [fiddle], John Hall [keyboards])
135 SETTLE FOR EVERYTHING Ark 21 10074-2 
136 HE MAKES ME WANT HER AGAIN Ark 21 10074-2 
137 TODAY Ark 21 10074-2 
138 YOU MAKE ME BELIEVE Ark 21 10074-2 
139 EVERYBODY KNOWS Ark 21 10074-2 
140 HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME Ark 21 10074-2 
141 SANCTUARY Ark 21 10074-2 
142 I PROMISE YOU Ark 21 10074-2 
143 CAN'T GET ENOUGH Ark 21 10074-2 
144 LET'S FIND OUT Ark 21 10074-2 
145 ETERNALLY Ark 21 10074-2
25-26 August 2002 [live] Oconee County Civic Center, 2661 Hog Mountains Road, Watkinsonville, GA – John Berry (John Berry [vcl], Jerry Kimbrough [gt], Jerry Flowers [bass], Connie Ellisor [violin], John Catchings [cello], Chris Brown [drums/percussion],
John Hall [piano/keyboards], Robin Berry [synthesizer], Robin Berry, Paige Turner, Joleah Gray, Jeff Brock, Reg Gattie and the Prince Avenue Baptist Choir [bck vcl])
14501 O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL Clear Sky ?, 1111
14502 THE CHRISTMAS SONG Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14503 MY HEART IS BETHLEHEM Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14504 LET IT SNOW JOHN BERRY Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14505 LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14506 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14507 O COME EMMANUEL Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14508 CHRISTMAS MORNING Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14509 WINTER WONDERLAND Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14511 O HOLY NIGHT Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14512 THE LORD'S PRAYER Clear Sky  ?, 1111
14513 untitled  Clear Sky 1111
14514 untitled  Clear Sky 1111
14515 untitled  Clear Sky 1111
14516 untitled  Clear Sky 1111
14517 untitled  Clear Sky 1111
2003 poss. Athens, GA – John Berry
146 TIME AND BOTTLE Clear Sky 1112
147 WILL YOU MARRY ME Clear Sky 1112 
148 LET'S STAY TOGETHER Clear Sky 1112 
149 IF Clear Sky 1112 
150 I JUST WANNA STOP Clear Sky 1112 
151 YOUR LOVE AMAZES ME Clear Sky 1112 
152 LADY Clear Sky 1112 
153 I GIVE MY HEART Clear Sky 1112 
154 SINCE THE DAY THAT I MET YOU Clear Sky 1112 
156 FAITHFULLY Clear Sky 1112
John Berry is stil active, some info in albums list

Cloud CS-7036 Humble Beginnings:  If I Ever Do Get Famous; Century Center; Master; Old John Brown; Song For October /  Call Me Crazy; Guitar Picker; To Make You See; Miracle; Saturday Night - 79                                                     
Chamblee no # Waiting For You (Clear Sky):  Waiting For You; Reflections In Your Eyes; Keep On Going; Chances Are; Starting To Fall; Lonely Heart; Here We Are; Poor Singing Man; Walk In The Rain - 82                                               

? Things Are Not The Same: Thing That Just Don't Matter Anymore; Two Steps In Front Of A Broken Heart; I Know That You Know; You Were A Friend Of Me; Things Are Not The Same; Longing For Home; So Much Like Heaven; If I Ever Do Get Famous; Things Are Not The Same  - 86 (reissued on Liberty 7243-4-98226-2-7 in November 1994)
Scarlett Letter 7464-67431-2 Saddle The Wind: That Woman; Wrong Side Of Memphis; Here In My Heart;  Is It Too Late; Thunder Road; No Place Like Home; Live My Dreams; Ninety Miles An Hour; When A Man Loves A Woman; The Graduation Song - 90                                     
Liberty CDP-8-80472-2 John Berry:  Somebody;  Kiss Me In The Car;  More Sorry Than You'll Ever Know;  A Mind Of Her Own;  Your Love Amazes Me;  More Than Just  A Little;  You And Only You; Destiny;  What's In It For Me;  When Love Dies – 15-06-93
Patriot CDP-8-28495-2 Standing On The Edge:  Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name;  Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye;  Prove Me Wrong;  I Think About It All The Time;  If I Had Any Pride Left At All; Desperate Measures; What Are We Fighting For;  There's No Cross That Love Won't Bear;  Ninety Miles An Hour;  I Never Lost You;  You And Only You – 07-03-95
Capitol Nashville 7243-8-32663-2 O Holy Night:  Joy To The World;  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen;  I'll Be Home For Christmas;  Away In A Manger;  O Come All Ye Faithful;  Little Drummer Boy;  The Christmas Song;  Silent Night;  O Come Emmanuel;.  O Holy Night – 01-10-95                                                        
Capitol Nashville 7243-8-35464-2 Faces:  She's Taken A Shine;  Change My Mind;  I Will, If You Will;  He Doesn't Even Know Her;  Faithfully;  Livin' On Love;  Time To Be A Man;  Forty Again;  Love Is Everything;  I Give My Heart – 17-09-96
Lyric Street HL-165006-2 Wildest Dreams:  Love Is For Giving;  Rescued Me;  Love Was Made For Us;  Salvation; Where Would I Be;  Power Windows;  Until I'm Loving You;  Rivers In The Clouds;  You'll Be In My Heart;  You're The Voice;  One You Love – 28-09-99
Capitol 7243-5-24740-2 Greatest Hits: Kiss Me In The Car; You And Only You; Your Love Amazes Me; Mind Of Her Own; She's Taken A Shine; Change My Mind; Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye; I Will If You Will; What's In It For Me; I Think About It All The Time; If I Had Any Pride Left At All; We Can't Unmake Love  – 28-03-00                                   
Ark 21 186 8-10061-2 My Heart Is Bethlehem:  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; Let It Snow;  We Three Kings; Winter Wonderland;  The Lord's Prayer;  My Heart Is Bethlehem;  Snowed In;  What Child Is This;  Christmas Morning;  First Noel – 17-10-00
Ark 21 186 8-10074-2 All The Way To There:  Settle For Everything;  He Makes Me Want Her Again;  Today;  You Make Me Believe;  Everybody Knows;  How Much Do You Love Me;  Sanctuary;  I Promise You;  Can't Get Enough;  Let's Find Out;  Eternally – 16-10-01
Capitol 7243-5-40694-2 Certified Hits: She's Taken A Shine; You And Only You; I Think About It All The Time; Kiss Me In The Car; Destiny; Ninety Miles An Hour (On A Dead End Street); Every Time My Heart Calls Your Name; Faithfully; What's In It For Me; I Never Lost You – 24-09-02  (sampler)
Clear Sky JB 102003 Christmas Live:  O Come All Ye Faithful;  The Christmas Song; My Heart Is Bethlehem; Let It Snow; Little Drummer Boy;  I'll Be Home For Christmas;  O Come Emmanuel;  Christmas Morning;  Winter Wonderland;  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas;  O Holy Night;  The Lord's Prayer  + 5 hidden tracks – 11-02 (reissued in 2003 on Clear Sky 1111  O Holy Night Live with 5 hidden tracks added)
Clear Sky CR21112 I Give My Heart: 
Time And Bottle; Will You Marry Me;  Let's Stay Together;  If;  I Just Wanna Stop;  Your Love Amazes Me;  Lady;  I Give My Heart;  Since The Day That I Met You;  Love Look What You've Done To Me;  Faithfully – 03
Clear Sky ? Songs And Stories:
She's Taken A Shine;  What's In It For Me; Salvation; Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye; I Give My Heart; Kiss Me In The Car; Your Love Amazes Me; Sanctuary; How Much Do You Love Me; Forty Again – 05 (also double CD with 30 tracks of songs and stories)
Clear Sky ? Celebrate This Christmas:
Go Tell It On The Mountain; Angels We Have Heard On High; Celebrate This Christmas; White Christmas; Hark The Herald Angels Sing; Mary Did You Know; The First Noel; Lets Fall In Love This Christmas; Children Go – 05
Clear Sky ? Those Were The Days:
Those Were The Days; Somethin', Something'; We Were There; The Balloon Song; Day And Night; If That Ain't Love; Just Married; You Still Own Me A Woman Like You; Fools Lullaby – 06
Clear Sky CS 1106 Hits:
Kiss Me In The Car; You And Only You; Your Love Amazes Me; A Mind Of Her Own; She's Taken A Shine; Change My Mind; Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye; I Will, If You Will; What's In It For Me; I Think About It All The Time; If I Had Any Pride Left At All; When A Man Loves A Woman  - 01-05-07                                        
Capitol 59933-2 Better Than A Biscuit:
Better Than A Biscuit; Over My Shoulder; I Got To Know; Somebody Cares; I Don’t Know; Right Behind The Rain; In The Eyes Of A Woman;  Mr. Jones;  Crazy For The Girl; We Can’t Unmake Love; I’d Do That – 12-01-08 (unissued 1998 album)
Clear Sky ? Made In America:
City of New Orleans;  Longing for Home; Celebrate Me Home; Right Behind the Rain;  Give Me Back My America; Heart of Gold I Know That You Know;  Poncho and Lefty; Poncho and Lefty- Reprise;  Lonely Heart – 08-09-08
Clear Sky ? Kalamazoo Live Christmas Hits: 
O Come All Ye Faithful; Joy to the World;  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen;  Let It Snow; The Christmas Song;  Winter Wonderland; Story- John's Kids; Christmas Morning; Introduction of Band; Children Go; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; Story-- Snowed In; Snowed In; My Heart Is Bethlehem; Mary Did You Know; Story-- Little Drummer Boy; The Little Drummer Boy;  We Three Kings; Story-- Christmas Eve at the Berry's;  O Holy Night; Plan of Salvation;  Love Is A Cross – 11-09-08 (rec. 01-12-07 at The Kalamazoo State Theatre)
Clear Sky ? Live Kalamazoo Hits:
Kiss Me In The Car;  She's Taken a Shine;  We Were There; Your Love Amazes Me;  Standing On The Edge of Goodbye; Story-- Balloon Song; The Balloon Song; Story-- George Jones; If I Had Any Pride Left At All; Story-- John's Favorite Song; Those Were the Days; I Think About It All the Time; Power Windows; When a Man Loves a Woman
Daywind ? Real Man Real Life Real God: I Worship You;   Real Man; Blessed Assurance;  I Go To You;  Straight Down Rain;  Hard To Sing The Blues;  It's Got To Be Love; Return To Me; Love Is A Cross;  Lord Is My Shepherd – 23-01-12
JB Music ? What I Love The Most:
She's Mine; You're My Sunshine; What a Woman Wants; Every Time; There Could Never Be Another Love; Gotta Lotta Love; She Don't Need Me; I Get That All the Time; I've Seen It All; When Is Enough Enough – 03-06-16
Mansion 5610 John Berry Christmas:
Let Us Be;  This Christmas Night;  Blue Christmas; Do Not Be Afraid;  My Heart Is Bethlehem; You Raise Me Up;  I Don’t Want To Rush This Christmas;  Mary Did You Know;  Joseph’s Lullaby;  O Holy Night – 18-11-16
Gaither 849491 Find My Joy:
Great Is Thy Faithfulness; I Surrender All; Find My Joy;
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus; It Is Well With My Soul; Something Bigger Than Me; How Great Thou Art; Blessings; Blessed Assurance; Live Like You – 25-03-22 (rec. (Dorffmeister Studio, Sound Stage, Masterfonics, Nashville, TN; Producer: Steve Dorff)


Liberty (1993-1994) / Patriot (1995) / Capitol Nashville (1995-1998)
S7-17518 Kiss Me In The Car / More Than Just A Little - 08-93
S7-18022 What's In It For Me / Your Love Amazes Me - 06-94
S7-18137 You And Only You / More Sorry Than You'll Ever Know - 09-94
S7-18401 Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye / Ninety Miles An Hour - 02-95
S7-18843 If I Had Any Pride Left At All / What Are We Fightinhg For  - 09-95                             
S7-18910 O Holy Night / O Come Emmanuel - 11-95
S7-19251 Change My Mind / Time To Be A Man - 06-96
S7-19451 She's Taken A Shine / Time To Be A Man - 10-96
S7-19511 I Will If You Will / Love Is Everything - 04-97
S7-19724 Stone / Livin' On Love - 08-97
S7-19975 Over My Shoulder / I Got To Know - 04-98
58707 Better Than A Biscuit / Mr. Jones - 07-98

Jackie Phelps

Claude Jackson Phelps, Jr. *25-10-1925, +22-04-1990

By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti

ca. November 1963 Starday Sound Studio, 3557 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN - Jackie Phelps  (Jackie Phelps [gt], Jerry Shook [gt], Joe Zinkan [bass], Harold Weekley [drums], Jimmie Riddle [harmonica]. Producer: Tommy Hill)
001 OLD HICKORY  Starday SLP-265 
002 FUNCTION AT THE JUNCTION  Starday SEP 225/SLP-265                    
003 GUITAR CANNONBALL  Starday SLP-265  NLP-2091
004 COTTONFIELD BLUES  Starday SLP-265 NLP-2091
005 Y'ALL COME  Starday SLP-265  NLP-2091
006 KENTUCKY RAG  Starday SEP 225/SLP-265 
007 MILK COW BLUES  Starday SLP-265 NLP-2091
008 SUGARFOOT GUITAR  Starday SLP-265 NLP-2091
009 TENNESSEE TRAVELER  Starday SEP 225/SLP-265 
010 HAM AND BISCUITS  Starday SEP 225/SLP-265 
012 DIXIE JUBILEE  Starday SLP-265 
013 CATFISH AND HUSHPUPPIES Starday SEP 225/SLP-265                     
014 ALABAM  Starday SEP 225/SLP-265 
1983 Nashville, TN – Jackie Phelps
015 GUITAR RAG Edna E.P. 101
017 SUFARFOOT RAG Edna E.P. 101
018 LAST DATE Edna E.P. 101

Starday SLP-265 Ten Talented Fingers Of Guitar Star Jackie Phelps:
  Old Hickory; Function At The Junction; Guitar Cannonball; Cottonfield Blues; Y'all Come; Kentucky Rag; Milk Cow Blues; Sugarfoot Guitar; Tennessee Traveler;  Ham And Biscuits; Tennessee Strings; Dixie Jubilee;  Catfish And Hushpuppies;  Alabam - 64      
Nashville NLP-2091 Nashville Guitars Faturing Joe Maphis and Jackie Phelps: [Joe Maphis:] A Little Bit Of Travis; Bonaparte’s Retreat; Wildwood Flower; Fire On The Strings; Hot Rod Guitar; [Jackie Phelps:] Guitar Cannonball; Sugarfoot Guitar; Milkcow Blues; Cotonfield Blues; Y‘ All Come – 10-70 Joe Maphis, Jackie Phelps
Gusto GT 0556-2 Stars Of Hee Haw And The Grand Ole Opry: Function At The Junction [1]; Huntin' Blues [2]; Sweet Temptation [1];  Mockingbird [2];  Instrumental Medley [1]; Fox Chase [2];  Sitting On Top Of The World [1];  Maple On The Hill [2];  Guitar Rag [1]; Under The Double Eagle [2]; 9 Pound Hammer [1];  Jessie Polka [2] – 08-02-05 Jackie Phelps [1], Jimmie Riddle [2] (live)

SEP 225 Catfish And Hish Puppies; Tnnessee Traveler; Ham And Biscuits / Function At The Junction; Kentucky Rag; Alabam – 64?         
Edna (1983)
E.P. 101 Both Sides Of Jackie Phelps: Guitar Rag; Sittin‘ On Top Of The World; Sugarfoot Rag / Last Date; Nine Pond Hammer - 83

Summer Wages

by Praguefrank

1983 unknown – Summer Wages (Barry Berrier [ld vcl/gt], Rick Allred [bari vcl/mandolin], Garland Carter [tnr vcl/bass], Kenneth Berrier [Rigaud resophonic gt], Craig Smith [banjo])
002 YOUR MEMORY Rebel REB-1617 
005 SHE NEVER KNEW ME Rebel REB-1617 
007 I'LL TAKE THE BLAME Rebel REB-1617 
009 THE RACE IS ON Rebel REB-1617
010 ONLY TIME CAN TELL Rebel REB-1617 
20/21 March 1984 Bias Recording, 5400 Carolina Place, Springfield, VA – Summer Wages (Barry Berrier [ld vcl/gt], Rick Allred [bari vcl/mandolin], Garland Carter [tnr vcl/bass], Kenneth Berrier [dobro])
013 LADY DOWN ON LOVE Rebel REB-1629  
014 JAMBOREE Rebel REB-1629  
015 YOU'RE A PART OF ME Rebel REB-1629 
017 MILWAUKEE Rebel REB-1629 
018 A DROP IN THE BUCKET Rebel REB-1629 
019 FOOLIN' Rebel REB-1629 
020 IN DESPAIR Rebel REB-1629 
021 DANIEL Rebel REB-1629  
1987 unknown – Summer Wages (Barry Berrier [ld vcl/gt], Rick Allred [bari vcl/mandolin], Garland Carter [tnr vcl/bass], Jim Mills [banjo/fiddle])
022 SHE'S NO ANGEL Rebel REB-1659 
023 MY HEART Rebel REB-1659
025 HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN Rebel REB-1659 
026 GARDEN IN THE SKY Rebel REB-1659 
027 IF I LOSE Rebel REB-1659
029 HOUSE ON THE HILL Rebel REB-1659
032 THE LAST SONG  Rebel REB-1659

Rebel REB-1617 Summer Wages: Chattanooga Dog; Your Memory; My Soul's Been Satisfied; A Hundred Years From Now; She Never Knew Me; When Johnny Comes Marching Home; I'll Take The Blame; When I Cared For You; The Race Is On; Only Time Can Tell; Girl I'm Through With You - 83
Rebel REB-1629 Reflections: Highway Headin' South;  Lady Down On Love;  Jamboree;  You're A Part Of Me;  Carolina Calling Me;  Milwaukee;  A Drop In The Bucket; Foolin';  In Despair;  Daniel  - 84
Rebel REB-1659 Can’t Stop Now: She's No Angel;  My Heart; Raining In Kentucky;  How Long Has It Been;  Garden In The Sky;  If I Lose; Legend Of The Highway; House On The Hill; Blue-Eyed Darling; The Land We're Living In;  The Last Song  - 87


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