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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three Tobacco Tags

by Praguefrank (according to Tony Russell - A Country Discography 1921-1942)
29 May 1931 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Three Tobacco Tags (Reid Summey [vcl/gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], George Wade [vcl/mandolin])
001 BVE-69382 SHARON SCHOOL TEACHER unissued
002 BVE-69383 GET YOUR HEAD IN HERE Victor 23571 Bluebird B-5941/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
003 BVE-69384 AIN‘T GONNA DO IT NO MORE Victor 23571/BACM CD D 131
13 October 1936 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Three Tobacco Tags (Reid Summey [vcl/gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], George Wade [vcl/mandolin])
004 BS-02555 I'M SORRY, THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY B-6790 Montgomery Ward M-7163
005 BS-02556 WHY SHOULD IT END THIS WAY B-6790 Montgomery Ward M-7163/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
006 BS-02557 MOTHER'S TORN AND FADED BIBLE B-6668 Montgomery Ward M-7095/OHCS-156
007 BS-02558 WE'LL KNOW EACH OTHER UP THERE B-6668 Montgomery Ward M-7095/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
008 BS-02559 V-8 BLUES B-6730 Montgomery Ward M-7097/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
009 BS-02560 COURTIN' (HILLBILLY TRIO) B- 6730 Montgomery Ward M-7097/BACM CD D 131
15 February 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Three Tobacco Tags (Reid Summey [vcl/gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], George Wade [vcl/mandolin])
010 BS-07000 MY REDEEMER B-7044 Montgomery Ward M-7167
011 BS-07001 NOAH'S WARNING B-7044 Montgomery Ward M-7167
012 BS-07002 YOU NEVER TRUSTED ME B-6948 Montgomery Ward M-7166
013 BS-07003 ROSES B-6948 Montgomery Ward M-7166
014 BS-07004 TALL AND HANDSOME COWBOY B-6853 Montgomery Ward M-7164/BACM CD D 131
015 BS-07007 I'M NOBODY'S DARLING BUT MINE B-6853 Montgomery Ward M-7164
016 BS-07008 MOTHER'S OLD ROCKIN' CHAIR B-6902 Montgomery Ward M-7165
017 BS-07009 TO BRING YOU BACK TO ME B-6999 Montgomery Ward M-7168
018 BS-07010 MY GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST B-6902 Montgomery Ward M-7165
019 BS-07011 HEART BREAKING BLUES B- 6999 Montgomery Ward M-7168/BACM CD D 131
3 August 1937 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Three Tobacco Tags (Reid Summey [vcl/gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], George Wade [vcl/mandolin])
020 BS-011859 RAINDROP WALTZ B-7250 Montgomery Ward M-7328
021 BS-011860 THERE, OUR LOVE WON'T END THIS WAY B-7250 Montgomery Ward M-7328
022 BS-011861 YOU'D BETTER LAY OFF OF LOVE B-7400 Montgomery Ward M-7329
023 BS-011862 I'M STARVING TO DEATH FOR LOVE B-7211 Montgomery Ward M-7329
024 BS-011863 RENO BLUES B-7361 Montgomery Ward M-7330/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
025 BS-011864 THAT'S WHY WE'VE GOT RENO NOW B-7163 Montgomery Ward M-7330
026 BS-011865 RIDIN' THE RAILS B-7361 Montgomery Ward M-7331/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
027 BS-011866 SHE'S NOT MY CURLY HEADED BABY B-7211 Montgomery Ward M-7331
028 BS-011867 HOTTEST GAL IN TOWN B-7163 Montgomery Ward M-7332 BACM CD D 131
029 BS-011868 DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE LONELY? B-7312 Montgomery Ward M-7332
030 BS-011869 RAINBOW TRAIL B-7400 Montgomery Ward M-7333
031 BS-011870 THERE'S AN OLD FASHIONED LAMP B-7312 Montgomery Ward M-7333
032 BS-011871 ONCE I WAS YOUNG AND PRETTY B-7130 Montgomery Ward M-7334
033 BS-011872 YES! MY DARLING DAUGHTER B- 7130 Montgomery Ward M-7334
25 January 1938 Hotel Charlotte, 237 West Trade St., Charlotte, NC - Three Tobacco Tags (Bob Hartsell [vcl/gt], Reid Summey [vcl/gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], George Wade [vcl/mandolin])
034 BS-018691 DOWN BY THE OLD MILL STREAM B-7777 Montgomery Ward M-7929/BACM CD D 131
035 BS-018692 I LOVE YOU BEST OF ALL B-7777 Montgomery Ward M-7929
037 BS-018694 I HAVE A LITTLE HOME B-7692 Montgomery Ward M-7931
040 BS-018697 GOOD GAL REMEMBER ME B-7482 Montgomery Ward M-7933
041 BS-018698 I WAS ONLY TEASING YOU B-7715 Montgomery Ward M-7930
042 BS-018699 NEVER WAS A MARRIED MAN B-7533 Montgomery Ward M-7932/OHCS-156
043 BS-018700 HOW CAN I KEEP MY MIND ON DRIVING? B-7533 Montgomery Ward M-7932/OHCS-156
044 BS-018701 BE GOOD BABY B-7482 Montgomery Ward M-7933/BACM CD D 131
045 BS-018702 I’M AFRAID IT’S LOVE B-7715 Montgomery Ward M-7930
046 BS-018703 LADY TWINKLEPUSS B-7692 Montgomery Ward M-7931
047 BS-018704 WITH A PAL LIKE YOU B-8572
25 September 1938 Andrew Jackson Hotel, Rock Hill, SC - Three Tobacco Tags (Bob Hartsell [vcl/gt], Red Summey [gt], Luther Baucom [vcl/mandolin], Harvey Ellington [fiddle])
048 BS-026937 DARLING, THE ANSWER IS IN THIS SONG B-7877 Montgomery Ward M-7569/BACM CD D 131
049 BS-026938 HONEY, WHERE YOU BEEN SO LONG? B-7912 Montgomery Ward M-7699/OHCS-156
050 BS-026939 DE WAY TO SPELL CHICKEN B-7973 Montgomery Ward M-7699/BACM CD D 131
051 BS-026940 WHEN YOU GO COURTIN‘ B-7973 Montgomery Ward M-7571/BACM CD D 131
052 BS-026941 MISS A MISS FROM TENNSSEE B-8135 Montgomery Ward M-7700
053 BS-026942 DO YOU THINK OF ME B-8135 Montgomery Ward M-7700
054 BS-026943 MIDNIGHT ON THE STORMY DEEP B-8603 Montgomery Ward M-7569
055 BS-026944 HAWAIIAN MELODY B-8603 Montgomery Ward M-7701
056 BS-026945 JUST PLAIN FOLKS B-8647 Montgomery Ward M-7570
057 BS-026946 THE RED PATCH B-7912 Montgomery Ward M-7571/OHCS-156
058 BS-026947 I SAW YOUR FACE IN THE MOON B-8647 Montgomery Ward M-7701
059 BS-026948 IF I ONLY HAD A HOME SWEET HOME B-7877 Montgomery Ward M-7570/BACM CD D 131
5 February 1939 Andrew Jackson Hotel, Rock Hill, SC - Three Tobacco Tags (Red Summey [gt], Harvey Ellington [mandolin], Luther Baucom [mandolin], Sam Pridgin [bass])
061 BS-032660 JUST AN OLD LADY B-8072 Montgomery Ward M-7928
062 BS-032661 TINY BLUE SHOE B-8208/BACM CD D 131
064 BS-032664 YODELING MULE B-8225/BACM CD D 131
065 BS-032666 IT CAN'T BE DONE B-8089 Montgomery Ward M-7927/BACM CD D 131
066 BS-032667 I'M LONGING FOR MY CAROLINA HOME B-8072 Montgomery Ward M-7928
067 BS-032668 JERSEY BULL BLUES B-8089 Montgomery Ward M-7927/OHCS-156 BACM CD D 131
21 August 1939 Atlanta, GA - Three Tobacco Tags (Red Summey [gt], Harvey Ellington [mandolin], Luther Baucom [mandolin], Sam Pridgin [bass])
068 BS-041294 WOULD YOU CARE? B-8336
069 BS-041295 MY MOTHER'S PRAYERS B-8336
071 BS-041297 WHO'S SORRY NOW? B-8365/OHCS-156
072 BS-041298 WILD BILL JONES B-8365/BACM CD D 131
073 BS-041299 DON'T FORGET MOTHER B-8351/BACM CD D 131
074 BS-041300 MY GYPSY DREAM GIRL B-8321
075 BS-041301 THE MISSOURI WALTZ B-8321
8 February 1940 Atlanta, GA - Three Tobacco Tags (Red Summey [gt], Harvey Ellington [mandolin], Luther Baucom [mandolin], Sam Pridgin [bass])
076 BS-047607 I'LL GET A PARDON IN HEAVEN B-8396 Mongomery Ward M-8748
077 BS-047608 MY OWN IONA B-8420 Mongomery Ward M-8749
078 BS-047609 SUNSET ON THE PRAIRIE B-8396 Mongomery Ward M-8748
079 BS-047610 SWEETHEARTS FOREVER B-8496 Mongomery Ward M-8749
080 BS-047611 I'M SORRY IT ENDED THIS WAY B-8420 Mongomery Ward M-8749
081 BS-047612 PAGAN LOVE SONG B-8496 Mongomery Ward M-8750
082 BS-047613 LET US ALL STAY AT HOME B-8538 Mongomery Ward M-8751
083 BS-047614 A PAPER OF PINS B-8538 Mongomery Ward M-8751
1 October 1941 Atlanta, GA - Three Tobacco Tags (Red Summey [gt], Harvey Ellington [mandolin], Luther Baucom [mandolin], Sam Pridgin [bass], Harold Hensley [fiddle])
084 BS-071056 THE BEST GIRL OF ALL B-8855
085 BS-071057 THE LITTLE RED PIGGY B-8995
086 BS-071058 THE GYPSWY'S WARNING B-8942
087 BS-071059 ANNA FROM INDIANA B-8942
089 BS-071061 YOU DIDN'T MEAN IT DARLIN¢ B-8855

Old Homestead OHCS-156 Songs Of The Tobacco Tags, vol.1: Get Your Head in Here; Crawling and Creeping [Asa Martin]; Mountaineer's Courtship [Ernest Stoneman];. V-8 Blues; Reno Blues; Ridin' the Rails; All Night Long [?];. Never Was a Married Man; How Can I Keep My Mind on Driving;Red Patch;. Who's Sorry Now; We'll Know Each Other Up There; Why Should It End this Way?;. Honey Where You Been So Long; Mother's Torn and Faded Bible; Mississippi Sawyer [?]; Jersey Cow Blues - 84
BACM [UK] CD D 131 Get Your Head In Here: Get Your Head In Here; Ain’t Gonna Do It No More; Why Should It End This Way; We’ll Know Each Other Up There; V8 Blues; Courtin’; Tall And Handsome Comedy; Heart Breaking Blues; Reno Blues; Ridin’ The Rails; The Hottest Gal In Town; Down By The Old Mill Stream; Be Good, Baby; Darling, The Answer Is In This Song; De Way To Spell Chicken; When You Go A-Courtin’; If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home; I Love To Ramble In The Roses; Tiny Blue Shoes; Yodeling Mule; It Can’t Be Done; Jersey Bull Blues; Wild Bill Jones; Don’t Forget Mother - 10-02-06

23571 Get Your Head In Here / Ain¢t Gonna Do It No More - 08-31
Bluebird / * Montgomery Ward
B-5941 Get Your Head In Here / [Frank Luther - 05-35
B-6668 Mother's Torn And Faded Bible / We'll Know Each Other Up There - 11-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7095)
B-6730 V-8 Blues / Courtin' (Hillbilly Trio) - 12-36 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7097)
B-6790 I'm Sorry, That's All I Can Say / Why Should It End This Way - 01-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7163)
B-6853 Tall And Handsome Cowboy / I'm Nobody's Darling But Mine - 03-7 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7164)
B-6902 Mother's Old Rockin' Chair / My Girl Of The Golden West - 04-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7165)
B-6948 You Never Trusted Me / Roses - 04-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7166)
B-6999 To Bring You Back To Me / Heart Breaking Blues - 05-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7168)
B-7044 My Redeemer / Noah's Warning - (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7167)
B-7130 Once I Was Young And Pretty / Yes! My Darling Daughter - 07-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7334 )
B-7163 That's Why We've Got Reno Now / Hottest Gal In Town - 09-37
B-7211 I'm Starving To Death For Love / She's Not My Curly Headed Baby - 10-37
B-7250 Raindrop Waltz / There, Our Love Won't End This Way - 11-37 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7328 )
B-7312 Do You Know What It Means To Be Lonely? / There's An Old Fashioned Lamp - 12-37
B-7361 Reno Blues / Ridin' The Rails - 01-38
*M-7329 I'm Starving To Death For Love / You'd Better Lay Off Of Love - 38
*M-7330 That's Why We've Got Reno Now/ Reno Blues - 38
*M-7331 She's Not My Curly Headed Baby / Ridin' The Rails - 38
*M-7332 Do You Know What It Means To Be Lonely? / Hottest Gal In Town - 38
*M-7333 Rainbow Trail / There's An Old Fashioned Lamp - 38
B-7400 You'd Better Lay Off Of Love / Rainbow Trail - 02-38
B-7448 The Teacher¢s Hair Was Red / My Frazzle Headed Baby - 03-38
B-7482 Good Gal Remember Me / Be Good Baby - 04-48 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7933)
B-7533 Never Was A Married Man / How Can I Keep My Mind On Driving? - 05-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7932)
B-7692 I Have A Little Home / Lady Twinklepuss - 08-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7931)
B-7715 I Was Only Teasing You / I’m Afraid It’s Love - 08-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7930)
B-7777 Down By The Old Mill Stream / I Love You Best Of All - 09-38 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7929)
B-7877 Darling, The Answer Is In This Song / If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home - 11-38
B-7912 Honey, Where You Been So Long? / The Red Patch - 11-38
B-7973 De Way To Spell Chicken / When You Go Courtin‘ - 01-39
*M-7569 Midnight On The Stormy Deep / Darling, The Answer Is In This Song - 39
*M-7570 If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home / Just Plain Folks - 39
*M-7571 The Red Patch / When You Go Courtin' - 39
B-8072 Just An Old Lady / I¢m Longing For My Carolina Home - 03-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7928)
B-8089 It Can¢t Be Done / Jersey Bull Blues - 04-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7927)
B-8135 Miss A Miss From Tennssee / Do You Think Of Me - 05-39 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-7700)
*M-7699 De Way To Spell Chicken / Honey, Where You Been So Long? - 39
*M-7701 Hawaiian Melody / I Saw Your Face In The Moon - 39
B-8208 I Love To Ramble In The Roses / Tiny Blue Shoe - 07-39
B-8225 Don¢t Forget The Sailor Lad /Yodeling Mule - 08-39
B-8321 My Gypsy Dream Girl / The Missouri Waltz - 11-39
B-8336 Would You Care? / My Mother¢s Prayers - ca 12-39
B-8351 My Love Is Following You / Don‘t Forget Mother - 12-39
B-8365 Who‘s Sorry Now? / Wild Bill Jones - ca 01-40
B-8396 I‘ll Get A Pardon In Heaven / Sunset On The Prairie - 02-40 (reissued on Montgomery Ward M-8748)
B-8420 My Own Iona / I‘m Sorry It Ended This Way - 03-40
B-8496 Sweethearts Forever / Pagan Love Song - 07-40
B-8538 Let Us All Stay At Home / A Paper Of Pins - 09-40 (reissued on Mongomery Ward M-8751)
*M-8749 Sweethearts Forever / My Own Iona - 40
*M-8750 I'm Sorry It Ended This Way / Pagan Love Song - 40
B-8572 Rock Me To Sleep In An Old Rocking Chair / With A Pal Like You - 11-40
B-8603 Midnight On The Stormy Deep / Hawaiian Melody - 12-40
B-8647 Just Plain Folks / I Saw Your Face In The Moon - 02-41
B-8855 The Best Girl Of All / You Didn‘t Mean It Darlin¢ - 10-41
B-8942 The Gypsy‘s Warning / Anna From Indiana - 03-42
B-8995 The Little Red Piggy / Little Rose Covered Garden - 05-42


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