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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doc Hopkins

17 July 1931 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (solo vcl/gt)
001 TC-7907 SWEET BETSY FROM PIKE unissued
002 TC-7908 SUGAR BABE unissued
ca. November 1931 Grafton, WI – Doc Hopkins (solo vcl/gt)
003 L-1218 SUGAR BABE Broadway 8306
004 L-1219 SWEET BETSY FROM PIKE Broadway 8306
005 L-1220 BARBARA ALLEN Broadway 8307
007 L-1222 GOOSEBERRY PIE Broadway 8307
008 L-1224 DOWN ON THE OLD PLANTATION Broadway 8305
ca. April 1932 Grafton, WI – Doc Hopkins (solo vcl/gt)
009 L-1461 TWENTY ONE YEARS Paramount 577
010 L-1462 OLD JOE CLARK Paramount 577
011 L-1466 LITTLE JOE Broadway 8337
012 L-1471 METHODIST PIE Broadway 8337
ca. April 1932 Grafton, WI – Little George Porgie Breakfast Food Baby of The Air (George Savage [vcl, Doc Hopkins [gt])
013 L-1458 MEDLEY OF KIDDIE RHYMES Paramount 573
014 L-1460 THE RING SONG Paramount 573
016 L-1468 BOYHOOD DAYS DOWN ON THE FARM Paramount 572
20 January 1936 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (? [steel], ? [bass], Slim Miller [fiddle]. Producer: Art Satherley)
017 C 1201 OLD FIDDLER JOE unissued
018 C 1204 DUCKY DADDY unissued
019 C 1206 EMPTY CRADLE unissued
020 C 1207 THE RANGE IN THE SKY unissued
022 C 1209 ON THE HILLS OVER THERE unissued
023 C 1210 THE OLD CROSS ROADS unissued
4 March 1936 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (unknown musicians. Producer: Art Satherley)
024 C 1289 NOBODY'S DARLING BUT MINE unissued
025 C 1290 THE CABIN JUST OVER THE HILL unissued
9 October 1936 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (solo vcl/gt)
026 C 1546 THE CHURCH OF LONG AGO Conqueror 8749
027 C 1547 THE RANGE IN THE SKY unissued
028 C 1548 THE PLUSH COVERED ALBUM unissued
029 C 1549 THE PAL THAT IS ALWAYS TRUE Conqueeor 8748
030 C 1550 THE BLACK SHEEP unissued
031 C 1551 ASLEEP IN THE BRINY DEEP unissued
032 C 1552 MOTHER, QUEEN OF MY HEART Conqueror 8748
033 C 1553 CABIN JUST OVER THE HILL unissued
034 C 1554 THE GREAT JUDGEMENT MORNING Conqueror 8749
25 January 1937 Furniture Mart Building, 666 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (Karl Davis [vcl/mandolin], Harty Taylor [vcl/gt].. Producer: Art Satherley)
035 C 1766 THE OLD CHAIN GANG unissued
036 C 1767 THE HOUND DOG BLUES unissued
5 March 1941 Chicago, IL – Doc Hopkins (solo vcl/gt)
037 C 93546 BAD COMPANION Decca 5983
038 C 93547 WRECK OF THE OLD 31 Decca 6039
040 C 93549 KITTY WELLS Decca 5983
042 C 93551 MY LITTLE GEORGIA ROSE Decca 5945
Doc Hopkins recorded after 1942, info not available
Source: Tony Russell, Country Music Discography 1921-42

ALBUMS Birch 1945 Doc Hopkins: Free Little Bird; Trouble at the Coal Creek Mines; Titanic; Wreck of the Titanic; Fate of the Battleship Maine; Wild Bill Jones; Poor Ellen Smith; My Last Old Dollar; John Henry; Pearl Bryant; Jesse James; Death of J. B. Markham; Engine One-Forty Three - 71
Cattle Compact [GER] CCD 335 Doc Hopkins And His Country Boys In The 1940s: Get Out Of Here Joe; No Place To Pillow My Head; It's Time To Say Aloha; There's No Other Love For Me; Cabin Just Over The Hill; From A Cabin In Kentucky; Homecoming In Heaven; Poor Old Hard Luck Joe; I'll Be Thinking Of You Little Gal; Some Of These Days And It Won't Be Long; Way Down Yonder Where I Come From; Let's Go Up On The Ferris Wheel; My Old Hound; The Ship That Never Returned; The Code Of The Mountains; Sourwood Mountain; Hold Fast To The Right; Sally Git Your Hoe Cake Done; Curly Joe; 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered; Goodbye My Lover Goodbye; Mary Wore Three Links Of Chain; 'T Was Midnight On The Stormy Deep; A Girl In Tennessee; Katy Brown And Charley Frye - ca 06 (transcriptions)
BACM [UK] CD D 088 Doc Hopkins & His Country Boys Vol. 1: I Was Born 4000 Years Ago; Great Speckled Bird; The Old Chain Gang; Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight; You’re A Flower Blooming In The Wildwood; Asleep In The Briney Deep; Polly Wolly Doodle; Hush A By Baby Don’t Cry; Barbara Allen; Letter Edged In Black; Little Girl Dressed In Blue; Code Of The Mountains; Ship That Never Returned; I Believe In The Good Old Bible; Get On Board Little Children; Days Of The Blue And Grey; Give My Love To Nell; They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around; I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen; Dying Cowboy; Get Out Of Here Joe; Spanish Cavalier; Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister?; When The Curtains Of Night; Asleep At The Switch; Bring Back To Me My Wandering Boy; Church In The Wildwood; Born To The Saddle; Golden Slippers; Bury Me Out On The Prairie – 05 (M. M. COLE radio transcriptions recorded in Chicago in 1944)
BACM [UK] CD D 091 Doc Hopkins & His Country Boys Vol. 2: Going To Little Creek; Honeysuckle Time; Little Old Log Cabin; My Old Kentucky Home; Sally Get Your Hoe Cakes Done; Johnson Boys; Home On The Range; Hold Fast To The Right; Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me; Grandfather's Clock; Little Red Caboose Behind The Train; I'll Give You A Paper Of Pins; Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground; Put My Little Shoes Away; Froggie Went A Courting; Where Has My Little Dog Gone; Whispering Hope; We'll Have A Little Dance Tonight; There – 05 (M. M. COLE radio transcriptions recorded in Chicago in 1944)

Paramount (1931)
8305 The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane / Down On The Old Plantation - 32
8306 Sugar Babe / Sweet Betsy From Pike - 32
8307 Barbara Allen / Gooseberry Pie – 32
8337 Little Joe / Methodist Pie
572 The Cross Eyed Roy And School Days / Boyhood Days Down On The Farm - 32
573 Medley Of Kiddie Rhymes / The Ring Song – 32
577 Twenty One Years / Old Joe Clark - 32
ARC (1936-37)
8748 The Pal That Is Always True / Mother, Queen Of My Heart – ca 08-37
8749 The Church Of Long Ago / The Great Judgement Morning – ca 08-37
Decca (1941)
5945 Fate Of The Battleship Maine / My Little Georgia Rose – 05-41
5983 Bad Companion / Kitty Wells – 09-41
6039 Wreck Of The Old 31 / Wreck Between New Hope And Gethsemane – 05-42

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