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Monday, July 5, 2010

Geronimo Trevino

By Lillies Ohlsson, Lennart Gustavsson

1963 Fort Knox, KY – Hermanos Treviño (Geronimo ”Bebe” Treviño Jr [vcl,/gt], Gilberto ”Beto” Treviño [gt]) [overdub session: February 17, 2000 Eagle Music (Tanner N Texas), San Antonio, TX: Santiago Jimenez Jr [accordion/accordion bass])
001 AMOR DE GLORIA  Half Breed 106
002 MI DESTINO FUE  Half Breed 106
003 POR FIN JOVENCITA  Half Breed 106
004 ALMA ANGELINA  Half Breed 106
005 LA PALAMITA  Half Breed 106
006 TRES VINDAS   Hlf Breed 106
008 CORRIDO DELAREDO  Half Breed 106
1964 Tanner N Texas Studios, San Antonio, TX – Hermanos Treviño (Geronimo ”Bebe” Treviño Jr, [vcl], Gilberto ”Beto” Treviño [vcl], Flaco Jimenez [button accordion], Jesse Campos [bajo sexto])
009 LA RAFAELITA  Half Breed 106
010 EL ALAZAN Y EL ROSILLO  Half Breed 106
011 EL CABALLO BAYO  Half Breed 106
012 VALENTE QUINTERO  Half Breed 106
1989 Sound Masters, Houston, TX – Geronimo Trevino (Producer: A. V. Mittelstedt)
012a HALF OF ME MS 957
1989 Toby Torres’ Custom Studios, ? – Hermanos Treviño (Geronimo Treviño [vcl], Geronimo ”Bebe” Treviño Jr [ac gt/hmny vcl], Jackie King [spanish gt], Sergio Lara [mandolin], Mark Stevens  [steel], Jim Beal Jr [bass], David Jimenez [drums], Flaco Jimenez [button accordion]. Producer Geronimo Treviño III)
013 RENUNCIACION  Half Breed 106
014 OTRA VEZ  Half Breed 106
1992 Firestation Studios, San Marcos, TX – Hermanos Treviño (Geronimos Treviño [vcl/ac gt],  Geronimo ”Bebe” Treviño Jr [hmny vcl], Charlie Wood [spanish gt], Denny Mathis [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass gt], Johnny Arrendondo [drums], Roger Arocho [accordion], James Bennent [bajo sexto].  Producer: Geronimo Treviño III)
015 ESTOY SENTADO AQUI  Half Breed 106
1994 Pedernales Studio, Spicewood, TX – Hermanos Treviño (Geronimo Treviño [vcl/ac gt], Geronimo ”Bebe” Treviño Jr [hmny vcl], Charlie Wood [gt], Greg Holland [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass gtr], Miriam Williams [drums]. Producer Geronimo Treviño III)
016 SOY DE SAN LUIS  Half Breed 106

1995 House Of David, 1205 16th Ave. South, Nashville,  TN – Geronimo Treviño III (Geronimo Treviño [vcl], John Willis [gt], Emmons [steel], Roy Husky Jr [bass], Steve Turner [drums], Buddy Vassar Clements [fiddle],  Gary Smith [piano], Mickey Raphael [harmonica], David Briggs [synthesizer], Craig Dillingham [bck vcl*], John Kevin Mulkey [bck vcl]. Producer Grant Boatwright)

017 I NEVER CARED FOR YOU  Half Breed 51009
018 TRAIN BACK TO TEXAS*  Half Breed 51009
019 CHEROKEE ROSE   Half Breed 51009
020  OKLAHOMA WIND  Half Breed 51009
1995 Comanche Sound, Nashville, TN – Geronimo Treviño III (Geronimo Treviño [vcl/gt], Jeff Williams [vcl/gt], Jim Vest [steel],  Chris Ethridge [bass], Davis Russell [fiddle], Scott Walker [harmonica], Boo Boo Mc Afee [drums] Jeff Armstrong [keyboads], Spooner Oldham [keyboards]. Producer Hank Cochran)
021 IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING  Half Breed 51009
023 HONKY TONK TEXAS,  U. S. A.  Half Breed 51009
024 BUY ME A HONKY TONK   Half Breed 51009
1995 Sound Masters, Houston, TX – Geronimo Treviño III (Geronimo
Treviño [vcl],  Randy Cornor [gt/mandolin/bck vcl**], A.V. Mittelstedt [gt/bck vcl], Jeff Peterson [steel], Jake Willemian [bass], Dick Gay [drums], John Permenter [fiddle], Buzz Smith [piano, synthesizer], Warren Wimberley, Jr. [bck vcl*], Susan Smith [bck vcl**]. Producer A.V. Mittelstedt)
026 WRONG SIDE OF LAREDO*  Half Breed 51009
027 HALF OF ME**  Half Breed 51009
    ca Mid 1990s Sound Master Studios, Houston, TX – Sons Of San Antone Rose Band (Geronimo Treviño [vcl], Randy Cornor [ld gt],  A.V. Mittlestedt [ac gt,/bck vcl], Jake Willemain [bass], Dick Gay [drums], Steve Snow [fiddle], Buzzy Smith [piano*, W. Wimberly [bck vcl]. Producer A.V. Mittlestedt)
S01 SON OF SAN ANTONE ROSE  Half Breed 1095
S02 HEARTBUSTER*  Halfbreed 1095
S03 WHEN YOU TOOK MY HEART  Halfbreed 1095
29 March 1997 [live] Kendalia Halle, Kendalia, TX – The Geronimo Band (Geronimo Treviño [vcl/ac gt], Tom Strauch [lead gt/ac gt/keyboards/bck vcl], Greg Holland [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass, bck vcl], Larry Goff [drums], Ron Knuth [fiddle/accordion]. Producer Geronimo Treviño III)
02701 OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL – Half Breed 1095
02702 PLAYING HARD TO FORGET – Half Breed 1095
02703 FOLSOM PRISON BLUES – Half Breed 1095
02704 MILK COW BLUES  - Half Breed 1095
02705 WALKING THE FLOOR OVER YOU  - Half Breed 1095
02706 MACHO MAN FROM TACO LAND  Half Breed 1095
02707 THE WILD SIDE OF LIFE  Half Breed 1095
1997* [live] Kendalia Halle, Kendalia, Texas – The Geronimo Band
(Geronimo Treviño [vcl/ac gt], Tom Strauch [lead gt/ac gt/keyboards/bck vcl], Greg Holland [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass, bck vcl], Larry Goff [drums], Ron Knuth [fiddle]. Producer Geronimo Treviño III)
02708  CRAZY ARMS  Half Breed 1093
02709  EL PASO  Half Breed 1093
02710  HANK WILLIAMS MEDLEY  Half Breed 1093
02711  LITTLE RED HEADED STRANGER  Half Breed 1093
02712  LA VIDA  Half Breed 1093
02713  I LUV ME TRUCKA  Half Breed 1093
02714  HANGIN´ TREE  Half Breed 1093
02715  WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS  Half Breed 1093
02716  DADDY´S HONKY TONK  Half Breed 1093
02717  CHEROKEE ROSE  Half Breed 1093
02718  KAW-LIGA  Half Breed 1093
02719  WARMTH OF MEXICO  Half Breed 1093
02720  FRAULEIN  Half Breed 1093
02721  DUST OF THE CHASE  Half Breed 1093
02722  I LOVE YOU BECAUSE  Half Breed 1093
02723 COLD COLD WAR Half Breed 1093
*possibly same date as above
1999 C.A.M. Recording Studios, Bulverde, TX – Geronimo Treviño Band (Geronimo Treviño [vcl], Johnny Rodriguez [vcl/hmny vcl], Tom Strauch [spanish gt], Greg Holland [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass gtr/hmny vcl],  Byron Zipp [fiddle]. Producer Clay Meyers)
028 MIRA LAS PALOMAS  Half Breed 106
Late 1999 C.A.M. Recording Studios, Bulverde, TX – The Geronimo Band (Geronimo Treviño [vcl/gt], Tom Strauch [lead gt/piano/bck vcl], Greg Holland [steel], Jeff Simonson [bass/bck vcl], Larry Goff [drums], Clay Meyers [drums*], Byron Zipp [fiddle]. Producer Clay Meyers)
029 THE PRICE I DID NOT WANT TO PAY  Half Breed 1095
030 MYSTERY TO ME*  Half Breed 1095
2004 Bittersweet Studios, San Antonio, TX – The Geronimo Band (Geronimo Treviño [lead vcl/ac gt], Jeff Simonson [bass/bck vcl/lead vcl*], Tom Strauch [ac and lead gt/piano/hmny vcl/lead vcl **], Denny Mathis [pedal steel], Henry Witek [pedal steel], Ricky Bobkowski [drums], Dick Walker [fiddle, piano, mandolin], Byron Zipp [fiddle****],  Dude Strauch [harmonica ***]. Produced Geronimo Treviño III)
031 HOLDIN´ ON  Half Breed no#
032 LAND OF THE NAVAJO  Half Breed no#
033 SOMEPLACE FAR AWAY  Half Breed no#
034 LOVE LOST AND FOUND  Half Breed no#
035 FAMILY JEWELS**  Half Breed no#
036 WARMTH OF MEXICO Half Breed no#
037 WEST TEXAS GIRLS*  Half Breed no#
038 MIRA LAS PALOMAS****  Half Breed no#
039 WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME***  Half Breed no#
040 I´M STILL NOT OVER YOU   Half Breed no#
041 I STILL MISS SOMEONE  Half Breed no#
042 MAIDEN´S PRAYER – instr. - Half Breed no#

Half Breed 51009 My Heroes Have Always Killed  Cowboys:  I Never Cared For You; Train Back To Texas; Cherokee Rose; Oklahoma Wind; It Goes Without Saying; You´re Playing Hard To Forget; Wrong Side of Laredo; Half Of Me; Honky Tonk Texas U.S.A.; Buy Me A Honky Tonk; Before You Think You´re An Indian  - 95
Half Breed HB 1093 Live From Kendalia Halle:  Crazy Arms; El Paso; Hank Williams Medley; Little Red Headed Stranger; La Vida; I Luv Me Trucka; Hangin´ Tree; Waltz Across Texas; Daddy´s Honky Tonk;Cherokee Rose; Kaw-Liga; Warmth Of Mexico; Fraulein; Dust Of The Chase; I Love You Because; Cold Cold War   - 97
Half Breed DLP 106 Hermanos Treviño Conjunto Con Padres: La Rafaelita; El Alazan Y El Rosillo; El Caballo Bayo; Valente Quintero; Amor De Gloria; Mi Destino Fue; Por Fin Jovencita; Alma Angelina; La Palamita; Tres Vindas; Cuando Escuches Este Vals; Corrido De Laredo; Estoy Sentado Aqui; Renunciacion; Soy De San Luis; Otra Vez; Mira Las Palomas  - 00
Half Breed  HB 1095 Trying To Break The Honky-Tonk Fever: Son Of San Antone Rose; Heartbuster; When You Took My Heart; Drinking My Last Shot Away; Other Side Of The Hill; Playing Hard To Forget; Folsom Prison Blues; Milk Cow Blues; Walking The Floor Over You; Macho Man From Taco Land; The Wild Side Of Life; The Price I Did Not Want To Pay; Mystery To Me – 00
Half Breed no# Geronimo Treviño III and The Geronimo Band Loves’ Lost and Found:  Holdin´ On; Land Of The Navajo; Someplace Far Away; Love Lost And Found; Family Jewels; Warmth Of Mexico; West Texas Girls; Mira Las Palomas; When Is The Right Time?; I´m Still Not Over You; I Still Miss Someone; Maiden´s Prayer  - 04  

A.V. Mittelstedt
MS 957 Half Of Me / Heart Busters - 89

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