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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bob Carlisle

*29-09-1956 Los Angeles, CA
by Praguefrank
also member of The Allies
1993 Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle
001 MIND, BODY, HEART AND SOUL Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
002 EVERY STEP I TAKE Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
003 USE ME Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
004 CHANCE I HAVE TO TAKE Sparrow 51370-2
005 GETTING STRONGER Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
006 LOVE TAKE HOLD Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
007 WE ARE THE PEOPLE Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
008 BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO HEARTS Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
009 A STORY YET TO TELL Sparrow 51370-2
010 I'M GIVING YOU THE REST OF MY LIFE Sparrow 51370-2 Chordant 51665-2
1994 Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle
011 WALKIN' UP THE STEPS OF FAITH Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
012 REAL LOVE Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
013 THE REST OF ALL TIME Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
014 MAN OF NO REPUTATION Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
015 WHEN A GROWN MAN CRIES Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
016 ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR BROKEN HEART Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
017 SOMEWHERE ON THE OTHER SIDE Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
018 HOLD ON Sparrow 51425-2
019 TAKE ME AS I AM Sparrow 51425-2 Chordant 51665-2
020 LAST TRAIN TO GLORY Sparrow 51425-2
1996 High Pass, Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle (Bob Carlisle [vcl/gt/mandolin/bck vcl], Bryan Duncan [vcl], Glenn Pearce [gt/sitar], Regie Hamm [piano/organ/keyboards/drums], Dennis Patton/Scott Sheriff [piano/organ/keyboards], Lesley Glassford, Linda Elias, Rebecca Palmer [bck vcl])
021 ON MY WAY TO PARADISE Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
022 BUTTERFLY KISSES Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2 Diadem 0640-2 [radio promo] Jive 78595 [country mix] 78595
023 I'M GONNA BE READY Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
024 LIVING WATER Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2 Diadem 0640-2
025 ONE MAN REVIVAL Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
026 YOU MUST HAVE BEEN AN ANGEL Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
027 MAN OF HIS WORD Tribute 39691 41613-2 Diadem 0640-2
028 IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
029 ON MY KNEES Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2
030 MIGHTY LOVE Tribute 39691 Jive 41613-2 Diadem 0640-2
1997 Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle
031 TICK TOCK TIMES Benson 0407-2
032 ROCK-A-BYE BABY Benson 0407-2
033 BUTTERFLY KISSES Benson 0407-2
034 HUSH-A-BYE Benson 0407-2
035 EDELWEISS Benson 0407-2
036 WHAT CHILD IS THIS Benson 0407-2
037 MOZART’S LULLABY Benson 0407-2
038 YOUR LOVE HAS MADE ME REAL Benson 0407-2
039 GO TO SLEEP Benson 0407-2
040 ANGELS ARE ALL AROUND Benson 0407-2
042 BEFORE I KNEW YOUR NAME Benson 0407-2
043 JESUS LOVES ME Benson 0407-2
045 GOODNIGHT Benson 0407-2
1998 Starstruck Studios 40 Music Sq. West, Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle (Bob Carlisle [vcl/gt], Tom Howard [arranger/piano/bck vcl], Kathy Mattea, Randy Thomas, Karthi Masters, Sueli Molles E Silva, Alex Chan, Jacob Wang, Morten Nielsen, Adrienne Cates [vcl], Glenn Pierce [gt] Mark Baldwin [gt], Mark Hill [bass], Brian Fullen [drums/percussion], John Hammond [drums], Dennis Patton [piano/Hammond B-3 organ/ Clavinet/keyboards/programming], Tom Hemby [programming] + Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ, American Festival Orchestra + Big Motor Horns)
046 WE FALL DOWN Diadem 2312-2 0640-2
047 I WILL SHELTER YOU Diadem 2312-2
048 FATHER'S LOVE Diadem 2312-2 0640-2
049 INTERNATIONAL Diadem 2312-2
050 MY DESIRE Diadem 2312-2
052 POWER OF LOVE Diadem 2312-2
053 SOMEWHERE Diadem 2312-2
054 TRUE BELIEVER Diadem 2312-2
055 ALL OF ME Diadem 2312-2
056 IN THE HANDS OF JESUS Diadem 2312-2
000 FATHER'S LOVE [orchestral version] Diadem 2312-2
ca 1998-1999 [overdub sessions] unknown – Bob Carlisle (dubbed on original by Patsy Cline)
1999 Sidekick Studio, Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle
058 JESUS IS AWAKE Benson 2383-2
059 SWEDISH LULLABY Benson 2383-2
061 SWEET DREAMS Benson 2383-2
062 ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT Benson 2383-2
063 LALA LULLABY Benson 2383-2
064 SAIL AWAY Benson 2383-2
066 LULLABY Benson 2383-2
067 LITTLE BOY BLUE Benson 2383-2
068 GOLDEN SLUMBERS Benson 2383-2
071 SLEEP BABY, SLEEP Benson 2383-2
072 LAND OF GOODNIGHT Benson 2383-2 –
2000 Bulldog Studios, Franklin, TN/Darkhorse Studios, Franklin, TN/RMS, Las Vegas, NV/Smokehouse, Franklin, TN/Velvet Elvis, Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle (Bob Carlisle, Bryan Duncan [vcl], Gary Byrnette [gt], David Luther Cleveland [gt], Matt Pierson [bass], Greg Harrington/Scott Williamson [drums], Ken Lewis [percussion], The Nashville String Machine, Regie Hamm [pian/drums/percussion/programming], Kirk "Jellyroll" Johnson [harmonica], Kent Hooper [keyboards/programming], Jeffrey Roach/Byron Hagen [keyboards], Mike Haynes/Mark Douthit/Chris McDonald [horns], Tom Hemby/Dennis Patton [programming], Yolanda Montijo Hamm [samples], Dan Mukula [loops], Kim Keyes, Tabitha Fair, Leanne Palmore, Darwin Hobbs, Melodie Crittenden, Rebecca Brown [bck vcl])
073 FORGIVENESS Diadem 0510-2 0640-2
074 LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME Diadem 0510-2
075 HEAVEN Diadem 0510-2
076 FIRST, LAST & ALWAYS Diadem 0510-2
077 THE TRUTH Diadem 0510-2 0640-2
078 RIVER OF PEACE Diadem 0510-2
079 LOVE IS THE ANSWER Diadem 0510-2
080 WATCHED BY AN ANGEL Diadem 0510-2
081 BABY BABY Diadem 0510-2
082 I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU Diadem 0510-2
083 AFTER ALL Diadem 0510-2
1990s Nashville, TN – Bob Carlisle
084 ABBA FATHER Diadem 0640-2
085 YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL Diadem 0640-2
086 I WILL FOLLOW CHRIST Diadem 0640-2
087 MY TESTIMONY Diadem 0640-2

Sparrow CDP 0777-51370-2 Bob Carlisle: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul; Every Step I Take; Use Me; Chance I Have to Take; Getting Stronger; Love Take Hold; We Are the People; Bridge Between Two Hearts; A Story Yet to Tell; I'm Giving You the Rest of My Life - 15-06-93
Sparrow 7243-8-51425-2-9 The Hope of a Man: Walkin' up the Steps of Faith; Real Love; The Rest of All Time; Man of No Reputation; When a Grown Man Cries; One Step Closer to Your Broken Heart; Somewhere on the Other Side; Hold On; Take Me as I Am; Last Train to Glory - 15-11-94
Tribute 39691 Shades Of Grace: On My Way to Paradise; Butterfly Kisses; I'm Gonna Be Ready; Living Water; One Man Revival; You Must Have Been an Angel; Man of His Word; It Is Well With My Soul; On My Knees; Mighty Love - 01-04-96 (reissued in July 1997 as Diadem/Jive 01241-41613-2 Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace))
Benson 83061-0407-2 Bob Carlisle Presents Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers: Tick Tock Times; Rock-A-Bye Baby; Butterfly Kisses; Hush-A-Bye; Edelweiss; What Child Is This; Mozart’s Lullaby; Your Love Has Made Me Real; Go To Sleep; Angels Are All Around; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/Baa Baa Black Sheep; Before I Knew Your Name; Jesus Loves Me; Slumber Song (Brahms’ Lullaby); Goodnight - 97
Chordant 7243-8-51665-2-5 Collection By Bob Carlisle: Walkin' Up the Steps of Faith; Real Love; Mind, Body, Heart and Soul; Giving You the Rest of My Life; Use Me; Bridge Between Two Hearts; Every Step I Take; When a Grown Man Cries; Getting Stronger; Man of No Reputation; One Step Closer to Your Broken Heart; We Are the People; Love Take Hold; The Rest of All Time; Take Me as I Am; Somewhere on the Other Side - 29-07-97
Diadem/Benson 84418-2312-2 Stories from the Heart: We Fall Down; I Will Shelter You; Father's Love; International; My Desire; Lately (Dreamin' About Babies); Power of Love; Somewhere; True Believer; All of Me; In the Hands of Jesus; Father's Love - (Orchestral version, bonus track) - 29-09-98
Benson 84418-2383-2 Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers. Vol. II Presented By Bob Carlisle: Jesus Is Awake; Swedish Lullaby; All The Pretty, Little Horses; Sweet Dreams; All Through The Night; Lala Lullaby; Sail Away; Butterfly Kisses (Prelude)/Father’s Love Medley; Lullaby; Little Boy Blue; Golden Slumbers; Starry Skies And Sleepy Eyes; Jesus Loves The Little Children; Sleep Baby, Sleep; Land Of Goodnight – 99
Diadem 83061-0510-2 Nothing But the Truth: Forgiveness; Lay Your Hands on Me; Heaven; First, Last & Always; The Truth; River of Peace; Love Is the Answer;Watched by an Angel; Baby Baby; I Still Believe in You; After All - 22-08-00
Diadem 83061-0640-2 The Best of Bob Carlisle: Butterly Kisses: Abba Father; You're Beautiful; Forgiveness; Butterfly Kisses; Mighty Love; I Will Follow Christ; We Fall Down;Father's Love; Living Water; The Truth (La Verdad); Man of His Word; My Testimony - 24-05-02
Provident 84418-0274-2 Simply Bob Carlisle: I Will Shelter You; Butterfly Kisses; In the Hands of Jesus; Mighty Love;Father's Love; Man of His Word; You Must Have Been an Angel; I'm Gonna Be Ready – 28-06-05 (sampler)
Sony Music Special A-27150 True Believer: Butterfly Kisses; Father's Love; It Is Well with My Soul; Mighty Love;True Believer; You Must Have Been an Angel; Somewhere; Forgiveness; Heaven; River of Peace – 01-12-05 (sampler)

32 78595 Butterfly Kisses (radio promo) / Butterfly Kisses (country mix) - 97

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