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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lawrence Loy

Lawrence Vernel Loy, *14-12-1907 Bancroft, KS, +10-03-1955
by Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli
17 February 1941 Columbia Recording Studio, 55W, 16th St., New York City - Carson Robison Oldtimers (+ Lawrence Loy [caller], John Cali [banjo], ? [fiddle]. Producer: Art Satherley)
001 CO 29743 FIRST TWO LADIES CROSS OVER 36018 C 47 /CL-6029 CL 2551
002 CO 29744 BUFFALO BOY GO’ROUND THE OUTSIDE 36019 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
003 CO 29745 DARLING NELLIE GRAY 36018 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
004 CO 29746 SQUARE DANCE unissued
005 CO 29747 OH SUSANNA 36019 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
006 CO 29748 DIVE FOR THE OYSTER 36020 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
007 CO 29749 DIVE FOR THE OYSTER PT.2 36020 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
008 CO 29750 LITTLE BROWN JUG 36021 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
009 CO 29751 POSSUM IN THE SIMMON TREE 36021 C 47/CL-6029 CL 2551
January 1946 RCA Victor Studio, 155 E, 24th St., Manhattan, New York City - Carson Robison and His Buckaroos (Lawrence Loy [caller])
009 D6-VB-1591 SOLOMON LEVI 20-1831 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
010 D6-VB-1592 GOLDEN SLIPPERS 20-1833 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
011 D6-VB-1593 JUNGLE BELLS 20-1832 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
012 D6-VB-1594 PADDY DEAR 20-1832 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
013 D6-VB-1595 SPANISH CAVALIERO 20-1830 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
014 D6-VB-1596 TURKEY IN THE STRAW 20-1833 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
015 D6-VB-1597 SHE’LL BE COMIN‘ ROUND THE MOUNTAIN 20-1831 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
016 D6-VB-1598 IRISH WASHERWOMAN 20-1830 P 155/LPM-3030 LPM-1238
28 April 1947 [10:00-13:00] WOR Radio Station Studio, New York City - Carson Robison and his Buckaroos (Lawrence Loy [calls])
017 47-S-137 HOOK AND A WHIRL MGM 10051/E-557 E-3258
018 47-S-138 HEADS COUPLE SEPARATE 10051/E-557 E-3258
019 47-S-139 LADY ROUND THE LADY 10052/E-557 E-3258
020 47-S-140 THE DEVIL'S BRITCHES 10052/E-557 E-3258
021 47-S-141 BOB'S FAVORITE 10053/E-557 E-3258
022 47-S-142 THE MAVERICK 10053/E-557 E-3258
023 47-S-143 WHEN THE WORK'S ALL DONE THIS ALL 10054/E-557 E-3258
024 47-S-144 POKERBERRY PROMENADE 10054/E-557 E-3258
30 September 1949 Columbia Recording Studio, 55W, 16th St., New York City – Lawrence Loy with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders (Lawrence Loy [caller], Wilbur Waite [bass fiddle], Fred Sears [fiddle], Tony ? [accordion])
025 CO 41767 JUST BECAUSE 20636 H 11/HL-9014
026 CO 41768 GOUR LEAF CLOVER 20639 H 11/HL-9014
027 CO 41769 WAIT FOR THE WAGON 20636 H 11/HL-9014
028 CO 41770 SAN ANTONIO ROSE 20637 H 11/HL-9014
029 CO 41771 YANKEE DOODLE 20638 H 11/HL-9014
030 CO 41772 LISTEN TO MOCKING BIRD 20639 H 11/HL-9014
031 CO 41773 HINKY DINKY 20638 H 11/HL-9014
032 CO 41774 GEORGIA PEACH 20637 H 11/HL-9014
4 April 1951 Columbia Recording Studio, 30th St., New York City – Lawrence Loy with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders
033 CO 45642 MASSACHUSETTS MIXTURE 4-20820 H 14/HL 9018
034 CO 45643 CHAIN DOWN THE LINE 4-20818 H 14/HL 9018
035 CO 45644 THREE’S A CROWD 4-20819 H 14/HL 9018
036 CO 45645 WABASH WAGON WHEEL 4-20819 H 14/HL 9018
037 CO 45646 EAST MEETS WEST 4-20817 H 14/HL 9018
038 CO 45647 NEOPHYLE DELIGHT 4-20820 H 14/HL 9018
039 CO 45648 ZIG ZAG TRAIL 4-20817 H 14/HL 9018
040 CO 45649 COUNTRY STYLE 4-20818 H 14/HL 9018
3 March 1953 Columbia Recording Studio, 30th St., New York City – Lawrence Loy with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders
041 CO 49067 SUGARLOAF SHUFFLE 21105 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
042 CO 49068 HAYMAKER’S JIG 21104 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
043 CO 49069 MAKIN‘ HAY 21104 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
044 CO 49070 FRED’S FAVORITE 21106 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
045 CO 49071 BEANTOWN BREAKDOWN 21107 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
046 CO 49072 SAMMY’S CHAIN 21106 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
047 CO 49073 NINEPIN 21105 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024
048 CO 49074 PROMENADE AND SING 21107 H 20 H4-20/HL 9024

Columbia CL-6029 Square Dances: The First Two Ladies Cross Over; Darling Nellie Gray; Buffalo Boy Go 'Round The Outside; Oh Susanna; Dive For The Oyster; Little Brown Jug; Possum In The 'Simmon Tree - 48 Carson Robinson and His Old Timers, Lawrence Loy, caller (10“ LP, reissued on CL 2551)
Columbia HL-9014 Square Dances, Vol. 2: Just Because; Wait For The Wagon; San Antonio Rose; Georgia Peach; Yankee Doodle; Hinkey Dinkey Parlez-Vous; The Four Leaf Clover; Listen To The Mocking Bird – 14-11-49 with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders (10“ LP)
MGM E-557 Carson Robison And His Square Dance Music: When Work's All Done This Fall; Pokeberry Promenade; Bob's Favorite; The Maverick; Lady Round The Lady; The Devil's Britches;Hook And A Whirl; Head Couples Separates - 51 (10“ LP)
Columbia HL-9018 Square Dances, Vol. 3:East Meets West (Portland Fancy); The Zig Zag Trail (McNamara's Band); Country Style (I Like Mountain Music); Chain Down The Line (It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning); Three's A Crowd (Golden Slippers); Wabash Wagon Wheel (Wabash Cannon Ball); Massachusetts Mixture (Jingle Bells); Neophyte's Delight (I Only Want A Buddy, Not A Sweetheart) – 51 with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders (10“ LP)
RCA Victor LPM-3030 Square Dances: Spanish Cavaliers; Irish Washerwoman; Solomon Levi; Comin' Round The Mountain; Jingle Bells; Paddy Dear;Turkey In The Straw; Golden Slippers - 52 (10“ LP) Carson Robison and His Buckaroos
Columbia HL-9024 Square Dances, Vol. 4: Makin' Hay; Sugarloaf Shuffle; Fred's Favorite; Beantown Breakdown; Promenade And Sing; Sammy's Chain; Ninepin; Haymaker's Jig – 53 with Wilbur Waite and His Pokeberry Promenaders (10“ LP)

Columbia (1941)
36018 Darling Nellie Gray / First Two Ladies Cross Over – 41 w. Carson Robison
36019 Oh Sisanna / Buffalo Boy Go 'Round The Outside – 41 w. Carson Robison
36020 Dive For The Oyster / Dive For The Oyster, pt. 2 – 41 w. Carson Robison
36021 'Possum In The 'Simmon Tree / Little Brown Jug - 41 w. Carson Robison
(singles above issued on album 78 RPM album C 47 and CL 6029)
RCA Victor (1946)
20-1830 Spanish Cavaliero / Irish Washerwoman - 03-46 w. Carson Robison
20-1831 Coming Round The Mountain / Solomon Levi - 03-46 w. Carson Robison
20-1832 Paddy Dear / Jingle Bells - 03-46 w. Carson Robison
20-1833 Golden Slippers / Turkey In The Straw - 03-46 w. Carson Robison
(tracks above issued on 78 RPM album P 155, reissued on LPM 3030)
MGM (1947)
10051 Hook And A Whirl / Head Couples Seperate - 07-47 w. Carson Robison
10052 Lady 'Round The Lady / The Devil's Britches - 07-47 w. Carson Robison
10053 Bob's Favorite / The Maverick - 07-47 w. Carson Robison
10054 When The Work's All Done This Fall / Pokeberry Promenade - 07-47 w. Carson Robison
(tracks above issued on 78 RPM album MGM-5 and reissued on E 557)
Columbia (1949-53)
20636 Wait For The Wagon / Just Because – 14-11-49 w. Wilbur Waite
20637 Georgia Peach / San Antonio Rose – 14-11-49 w. Wilbur Waite
20638 Yankee Doodle / Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous – 14-11-49 w. Wilbur Waite
20639 Four Leaf Clover / Listen To Mocking Bird – 14-11-49 w. Wilbur Waite
(singles above issued on 78 RPM album H 11 and HL 9014)
4-20817 East Meets Wes / Zig Zag Trail – 05-51 w. Wilbur Waite
4-20818 Country Style / Chain Down The Line – 05-51 w. Wilbur Waite
4-20819 Three's A Crowd / Wabash Wagon Wheel - 05-51 w. Wilbur Waite
4-20820 Massachusetts Mixture / Neophyte Delight – 05-51 w. Wilbur Waite
(singles above issued on 78 RPM album H 14 and HL 9018)
4-21104 Haymaker's Jig / Makin' Hay – 05-53 w. Wilbur Waite
4-21105 Sugarloaf Shuffle / Ninepin – 05-53 w. Wilbur Waite
4-21106 Sammy's Chain / Fred's Favorite – 05-53 w. Wilbur Waite
4-21107 Beantown Breakdown / Promenade And Sing – 05-53 w. Wilbur Waite
(singles above issued on 78 RPM album H 20, double EP H4-20 and HL 9024)

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